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Definition of Environmental Problem

It is the death of a stranded sea turtle in toledo city because of a head wound.
They said that it is the second time in three months that an injured turtle was
found and died.
2. Causes
The causes of the death sea turtle is the wound in the head. And base on my
research the caused of the first death sea turtle is a four gunshot wound.
3. a. Effects to People
The extinction of sea turtle affects the people because beaches and dumes
needs nutrients that a sea turtle can give by laying their eggs in the beach.
All the unhatched nests, eggs and trapped hatchlings are very good source of
b. Effects to Environment
Sea turtle eat sea grass. Just like the normal lawn grass needs to be cut off so
that the lawn or the soils to be healthy just like in the ocean and Sea turtle
helps this sea grass help to maintain the sea grass bed.
4. Actions undertaken by the government
Dr. Eddie Llamedo, spokesperson of the regional DENR office said they
conduct a necropsy to a turtle and Isabelo Montejo, DENR regional director,
has ordered an investigation so that persons responsible for this brazen act
will be dealt with accordingly.
5. Possible personal solution to the problem.
My possible personal solution to the problem is to protect their environment
in simple ways I know for a fact that one of the reason of their near to
extinction is the destroy of their natural habitat throwing garbage to the
bodies of the ocean can affect them so it is better to keep my trash to save