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Bookstore Shopping

Father: Son, what are you . . .Son: Dad, Dad?

Father:Son. What are you doing here down at the beach? I thought you said you were
going to buy some things for schoo?
Son: We, !h, Dad. I DID buy some things.
Father: We, what did you buy? What do you ha"e in your backpack?
Son: We, et#s see. I ha"e three notebooks, fi"e pencis, an eraser, and oh yeah . . . .
Father: Wait$ %wo smart phones?
Son: We, uh . . .
Father: What, what do you need with two smart phones?
Son: We, I use one to ca you and &om, and the other, I ca my, uh, my teachers. 'eah,
yeah, yeah$ %hat#s it.
Father: (ight.
Son: )nd, uh, yeah.
Father: )nd what ese did you buy?
Son: We, um, yeah. I ha"e a new i*ad.
Father: ) new i*ad? What do you need a new i*ad for?
Son: We, you know. &y birthday is coming up . . .
Father: 'our birthday isn#t unti +une. %hat#s si, months away.
Son: We, &om thought it was a good idea. )nd I ha"e, et#s see, what ese? %wo
cheeseburgers, some fries, and oooh, a meted ice cream.
Father: -ow how did you pay for a that?
Son: We, uh, ooh, uh. %ime is passing. .otta go$ Bye, Dad$
Father: -ey, where#s my credit card? /ome back$$