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.""Ignorance causes the ruin of the world.

Envy and selfshness break of friendships.

Hatred is the most violent fever,
and the Buddha is the best physician."
....Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of
GOD is the most righteous of you Quran49:13
the cure for ignorance is to question. Islam

We Are One....
Before being
"A word spoken in wrath is the sharpest sword;
Patience is an invulnerable armor;
wisdom is the best weapon."
"Blessing! Neither fre, nor moisture,nor wind can
destroy the blessing of a good deed, and blessings
reform the whole world Buddhism
Human beings, all, are as head, arms, trunk, and legs
unto one another - The Vedas
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be known
as the Children of God. Bible Mt5:9
God hath made of one blood all nations that dwell
upon the face of the Earth Bible Acts 17:16
Woe to those who make unjust laws,to those who issue
oppressive decrees Isaiah 10:1
.. make not Allah an obstacle to your doing good and
guarding against evil and making peace between men...
... Stand out frmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah, even
as against yourselves,or your parents, or your kin,and
whether it be against rich or poor: for Allah can best
protect both- Q2:224 & Q4:135
Allah is never unjust in the least degree...
Killing one person unjustly is like killing the whole of
mankind- Q4:40 & Q5:32