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Content vs process

Person designing course should be SME in instructional design

Adult learning principles: Assumptions made about adults (e.g. internal
motivation, learner-centric Vs trainer centric vs content centric, change o
behaviour etc,
!earning e"perience: Environment#situation $here one gains %no$ledge, $here it
is sae to ma%e mista%es and diversit& o opinions are encouraged.
-(h& do training in the )rst place*
- A lot o training ocused on %no$ledge, but $or%place ocuses on perormance
-+i,erence bet$een training and learning
E,ective learning is helping people reali-e things that the& %no$ and don.t
A++/E 0 Anal&sis (o learners, needs etc1, +esign (creative $or% here1, +evelop
(nitt& gritt&1, /mplement (do it1, Evaluate (2 levels: learners eedbac%,
Assessment, Change in behaviour, impact on organi-ation1 3 level 4: 5eturn on
Audience, 6ehavior, Condition, +egree
5elationship bet$een di7cult& and motivation levels#e,ort
(hat is ethics*
+iscuss $hat are some o the issues that could e"ist in real lie $.r.t
8. 9raining something &ou don.t believe in#agree $ith
:. !earning disabilities
;. 6ull&ing cases (children*1
2. 6osses
Ethical dilemmas: