From Quantity to Quality

CPA: Policies for Social
Gender Equality
Imrana Jalal , RSGS/RSDD
Gender Specialists Workshop, 4-8August 2014

SUMMARY – Gender Equality
(1-6 rating system)
BIGGEST DISPARITIES -----------------smallest disparities
lowest rating----------------------------------------------HIGHEST RATING

A: Human Development - Education (enrollment & completion); health (delivery,
family planning, adolescent fertility); policies and laws conducive to equity in
education/health e.g., any Temporary Special Measures (TSM)? Country specific
information outside guideposts? Give 1-6 rating
B: Productive & Economic Resources –Labor force participation, business ownership,
land rights, property ownership, inheritance, laws & policies to promote these ,
any TSM? Country specific information ?Give 1-6 rating
C: Equality under the law – Equal legal rights in family law (divorce, child custody,
child support, maintenance, matrimonial property), GBV/VAW, equal political
participation, laws and policies have TSM to promote legal equality? Country
specific information ? Give 1-6 rating

CPA tips & lessons learned
 Go beyond guideposts to country specific
contexts - missing girls, skewed birth rates,
stoning, honor killing, witch burning,
 Avoid pressure to over-state rating (need
to hold the standard high not low, work
with us to hold the goalpost high)
 Provide data to backup any analytical
statement or state if data not available
 Analyze impacts/implementation of new
policy or legislation before assuming that a
higher rating is justified
 Cross-reference different data/information
 Impact of too high a rating?
 Strive for accuracy, not higher

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