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The Best Cancer Care Center In Las Vegas

Dr. Navneet Sharda, one of the leading cancer treatment expert in Las Vegas. He is a researcher who is
specializing in the development of innovative and effective ways that can be sed as new techni!es
for cring cancer patient. Dr. Navneet has given varios presentation at varios places.
They are as follows:
Navneet N. Sharda, "hin#$ang %ang, &imothy 'insella and David (oothman in )ct. *++,, on -. gene
prodct modlates apoptosis and enhances radioresistance.
Linda '. (roc/. Navneet N. Sharda, (hdat 0aliwal and 0al Harari in )ct. *++, on $otine se of
1#D cstom compensator improves the !ality of head and nec/ radiotherapy, 2S&$)
)r Health "enter offers varios cancer treatment services which inclde3
Cancer Screening3
"ancer screening is a process of reglar se of certain chec/ps or tests on people who are not having
any /ind of symptoms, bt are at edge to get affected.
Breast Cancer : breast cancer is noting other than ncontrolled growth of breast cells.
Wilms Tumor : &he other name of 4illms &mor is nephroblastoma, which is the most common type
of /idney cancer that affects children.
Testicular Cancer : it is a type of cancer that develops inside the testes.
Skin Cancer: the cancer that develops in the s/in tisses is /nown as s/in cancer.
)ral "ancer, Non#Hodg/in5s disease, Liver "ancer, Le/emia, Hodg/in6s Disease, (one "ancer ,
(ladder "ancer , 0rostate "ancer, 7terine "ancer , )varian "ancer, 8astric cancer, -sophageal "ancer
Dr. Navneet Sharda s !aking " Difference#
Contact Address:
Cancer Care Center
3509 E. Hamon, Las Vegas, NV 89129
Ph: 702-547-2273
Fax: 702-547-6818