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Decerebrate posturing is the extension of the extremities after a stimulus which can occur with upper

brain stem injury.

The most frequent side effects of laxatives are abdominal cramps and nausea
Hypotension may indicate shock or hemorrhage
Protamine sulfate- used to control bleeding
Endocarditis can be caused by dental procedures/care
Myoclonic seizure- experience a seizure and then have uncontrollable jerking movements
Raynauds disease- vasospasms of the small arteries that supply the fingers and toes
Osmosis- area of lesser concentration to a greater concentration (ALBUMIN)
Ascites is caused by increased pressure in the portal vein
GERD- sit up after eating
Hepatic obstruction- clay colored stools
Streptomycin is an aminoglycoside and can damage the 8
cranial nerve. Ototoxicity is a complication of
Most peptic ulcers are caused by H.pylori which is a gram negative bacteria
Complications of acute appendicitis includes peritonitis, perforation, and abscess development
Acute pancreatitis can cause respiratory complications
Excess bilirubin causes sclera and skin to turn yellow
Steroids prevent inflammation
Lumbar pain is a sign of blood transfusion reaction
Used to diagnose HIV-
Elevation of uremic waste causes irritation of the nerves