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Word problem, Simplification, Geometry (simple area and volume addition and
subtraction such as concentric circle), Similarity, Trigonometry, simple derivative
Mechanical science
Force system, Lever with fulcrum, tension, equilibrium, manometer, force mass
acceleration, pulley, gear system, Pendulum ( ,) Pi= 3.14
Thermal expansion, what is heat pump, the relation b/n temperature and humidity,
the relation b/n temperature and mass, simple energy balance, Gas mixture, ideal
gas law, Dalton law.
Stoichiometry (mass-mass, mole-mole, mass-volume,), PH, POH, Balancing, AMU
( atomic mass unit).
Aptitude, Vocabulary, Small Passage and Grammar (conversation).
Circuit (voltage current resistance), generator (calculating frequency F=
(N*P)/180, where N equals the number of revolution and P equals the no of poles),
sinusoidal wave, and contactor and relay.

From: Fikir Mulugeta Gebrewold <>
Date: 9 February 2012 07:12
Subject: info
Dear candidates
we would like to inform you that the entrance exam for Maritime academy at BDU-6mp-
4 program will be on Feb 18 and 19 th or Ethiopian calendar 10 and 11 yekatit at six
university you can choose one of the university's which is close to you and send as by
this e-mail only.
Make sure that you put your passport no or Kebele ID with in your response.
At exam time make sure you bring pen, pencil and calculator no any other electronics
devises are not aloud
The exam will be morning 10:00 am or local time 4:00 you have to come up your ID or
passport with you.
1 Adama 18/2012
2 Addis abeba 18/2012
3 Gonder 18/2012
4 Hawasa 19/2012
5 Mekelle 19/2012
6 Bahir dar 19/2012
Thank you for choosing us and good luck on your exam