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The Club of Rome 'the Dossiers' 1965-1984

The Club of Rome 'the Dossiers' 1965-1984

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Club of Rome Malthusian Policy making papers 1965-1984
Club of Rome Malthusian Policy making papers 1965-1984

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Published by: Quibus_Licet on Dec 04, 2009
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The papers of the Club of Rome, here called the “dossiers”, outline the launch and activity of the
Club from 1965 to 1984. As originally agreed upon with Aurelio Peccei some key papers were
collected for the Helsinki conference July, 1984 and distributed to the participants as a special issue
of the Futura journal of the Finnish Society for Futures Studies. The edition in 1984 was well
received and regarded as valuable information, notably even more so when Aurelio Peccei, the
instigator of the Club and its first President, died suddenly just a couple of months before the
Helsinki conference.The present “dossiers” collection is a re-edition of the 1984 issue with some
additions to and omissions from the previous material as agreed upon with Alexander King, the co-
founder of the Club.
The first dossier in the collection, ‘The Challenge of 1970s for the world of today’, is written by
Aurelio Peccei and it stems from the times of pre-existence of the Club (1965); it triggered the
original impetus that led Aurelio Peccei, Alexander King and Jermen Gvishiani to come together
and start discussions about the predicament of humankind, from which the Club then emerged. The
dossier, ‘The New Threshold’, is an “unofficial” document of the Club, i.e. a statement by the
Executive Committee (1973). In the paper ‘A Case Study of Institutional Innovation’ Alexander
King gives a glimpse of the early history of the Club up to 1978. These three articles are reprinted
from the 1984 edition.
In 1972 the first report to the Club of Rome ‘The Limits to Growth’ was made public; it became
most influential worldwide as a longterm futures appraisal, and its message of warnings and
recommendations penetrated all social and economic strata and even the West-East or North-South
ideological barriers in the world; the results, updated by the authors, are still vividly debated thirty
years later. The ‘Commentary to The Limits to Growth’ by the Executive Committee (1972) is
made available here as valuable information. Permission to reprint the Commentary chapter of the
report has been kindly granted by Dennis Meadows.
Peccei’s death on March 14, 1984, just before the conference and after almost two years of
preparations for it, was a shocking end to the pioneering epoch of the Club of Rome. The “dossiers”
includes a reprint from the 1984 issue, ‘Agenda for the end of the century’, which Peccei wrote in
the hospital only a few days before his passing away. The meeting in Helsinki became exceptionally
significant for the future of the Club. The Executive Committee decided to continue activities with
Alexander King as the new President. The paper ‘Reaffirmation of a mission’ is a statement by
Alexander King (1984) as President of the Club following the Helsinki meeting, kindly submitted
by him for this edition.
In the Annex there are two papers. In ‘The Launch of a Club’ Alexander King elaborated the Club’s
activities and role while in office. The other paper, ‘A Rebellion against Ignorance’ by Pentti
Malaska, is a commemoration of the life's work of Aurelio Peccei reprinted from the 1984 edition.
We wish to express our thanks to Alexander King for the authorization to publish the “Dossiers”
and for the documents he made available for it. We thank Dennis Meadows for his kind cooperation
and permission to publish the material from the LG. The assistance in editorial work provided by
Tapio S. Linna, member of the FinCoR, is also highly appreciated. We thank Thomas Schauer
(European Support Centre of the Club of Rome) for the layout and production of this edition.
We hope that the”Dossiers” will serve as a piece of first hand information for understanding the
Club of Rome. Any comments are welcome.

15th September, 2005

Pentti Malaska Matti Vapaavuori

Editor of the “Dossiers” Editor of the “Dossiers”
Honorary member of CoR Member of FICOR


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