Project Management Plan

Presented to: VOk
August 10, 2014
Stephanie A. Barbee
Instructional Designer
8/10/2014 Stephanie A. Barbee 2
Statement of Purpose

Project Objectives

Project Status

Project Resources

Schedule of Tasks










8/10/2014 Stephanie A. Barbee 3

This presentation outlines a plan for completing the
instructional design project for this course.

In order to complete the full development of the course,
the instructional designer requires additional actions and

The instructional designer may face challenges during
implementation, and recommendations to address these
challenges need to be incorporated in order for this project
to succeed in meeting objectives.

The benefits to be gained outweigh the costs, resources,
time, and challenges for course development and

8/10/2014 Stephanie A. Barbee 4
A recent evaluation found that VOk offers fewer
elective courses to high school seniors than
surrounding traditional school districts.

Also, more and more seniors are entering college with
no clear idea of a major to pursue, and many will
change their major more than once after enrolling.

This online course project addresses both concerns,
and will provide high school seniors with a severe
weather course that them to a more specialized area
of meteorology.
8/10/2014 Stephanie A. Barbee 5
Work Completed
Tasks Needed to Complete the Project
Context Analysis
Learning Design
Finalize Course Modules/Additional Content
From Experts
Integrate Course into Desire2Learn LMS
Evaluate Course with Test Subjects/ Update
Course Based on Feedback
8/10/2014 Stephanie A. Barbee 6
Resource Purpose
Matter/Course Expert
Learning Management
System (Desire2Learn)
Graphic Designer
Instructional Designer
Technical Expert
Test Subjects
Provide quality content and
additional modules
Course delivery platform
Provides visual and artistic
elements for content materials
Develops/implements modules on
new LMS, evaluates feedback
Offers technical expertise/ assists
with audio and visual elements
Participates in “dry-run” of course
for evaluative/feedback purposes
8/10/2014 Stephanie A. Barbee 7
Create Course
Implement on
Conduct Formative
Update Course
Deliver Course
Task Resources Start Complete
Prepare permanent LMS for course
Instructional designer Week 1 Week 4
Create course content for modules 1-7 Instructional designer, subject matter and
course experts
Week 5 Week 11
Prepare course content for upload to LMS Instructional designers, technological
experts, graphic designers
Week 12 Week 14
Identify test subjects Instructional designers Week 15 Week 15
Conduct formative evaluation and review
evaluation feedback
Instructional designer, test subjects,
subject matter and course experts
Week 16 Week 19
Update course according to feedback Instructional designer Week 20 Week 21
Deliver course to client Instructional designer Week 22 Week 22
8/10/2014 Stephanie A. Barbee 8
Technical Challenges
Integrating adequate online support services
Issues with user-interface and compatibility
LMS compatibility with all design elements
Difficulties defining student needs and how
to address those needs with support services
Difficulties ensuring course is compatible with LMS,
and that students can navigate course with ease
Text, audio, and video files must be in
accessible formats; must address potential
student preferences/impairments
8/10/2014 Stephanie A. Barbee 9
Course Completion Challenges
Ensure course and subject matter experts are
able to incorporate material into module content
The development of a comprehensive formative
Ensure compliance with budget and is delivered
to client on time
Course and subject matter experts must integrate
content seamlessly into comprehensive modules
Remaining on time and within budget is vital to
quality assurance and client satisfaction
Before launching course, all elements of the course
must be evaluated to ensure client and students are
given a quality product; instructional designer will
evaluate test subject feedback
8/10/2014 Stephanie A. Barbee 10
Integrating adequate online support services
• Needed support services should be addressed in the
evaluation to define the services needed in the course
• This is the best alternative because the instructional designer
will receive feedback directly from target audience test
Issues with user-interface
LMS compatibility with all design elements
• Instructional designer and technical expert must ensure
students are able to navigate course without delays or
• This is the best alternative because it helps with student
satisfaction and their overall ease of use

• Provide course materials in multiple formats
• Ensure all elements are accessible without delay
• This is the best alternative because it
addresses/accommodates learner preferences and
8/10/2014 Stephanie A. Barbee 11
Ensure course and subject matter experts are able to
incorporate material into module content
Ensure compliance with budget and is delivered to
client on time
The development of a comprehensive formative
• Course and subject matter experts must work together
closely for seamless integration of material from both
• This is the best alternative because it ensures students
are presented with well-organized content
• Instructional designer must comply with budget and roll-
out plan as closely as possible
• This is the best alternative because it addresses client
satisfaction and company reputation
• Gather test subjects representative of target audience
• Use faculty as additional test subjects
• A variety of test subjects, including knowledgeable faculty,
ensures expert feedback and serves “train the trainer”
8/10/2014 Stephanie A. Barbee 12
The purpose of this presentation was to outline a plan to
bring the SWX 410 course to completion.
This project addresses the institution’s need for additional elective
courses and the student’s need for more specialized courses.

With the context analysis, learning design and storyboard complete, the
design team still needs to finalize course modules, integrate course into
Desire2Learn and complete the comprehensive formative evaluation.

The project resources and schedule of tasks outline what is needed,
why it’s needed and how long it will take.

While there are certainly challenges as the completion date closes in,
recommendations to address these challenges are identified to ensure
the course is completed on time and within budget.
8/10/2014 Stephanie A. Barbee 13
• Feedback is necessary: A formative evaluation is
necessary to obtain feedback from target population and
subject experts. This feedback ensures a quality product
that reflects the client’s needs and desired guiding principles.
• Support is necessary: Support is key to the
success of this project; support from client, from design team
members and from resources necessary to complete the
project. Overall support, like feedback, will ensure a quality
product that offers students a superb online learning
• Addressing Challenges is necessary: All
projects include challenges to overcome. This project is no
different, and acknowledging challenges and offering
proactive solutions helps the design team stay on target with