Republic of the Philippines

Quezon City
First Regular Session

Intro#u$e# %& A'BA(AN Re)resentati*es +al#en F. Bello an#
'a,a -.


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the
Philippines in Congress assembled:

SECTION . Short title. - This Act shall be known as the
Students’ Rihts and !elfa"e Act of #$$%.

SECTION 2. Declaration of Policy. & The State'
(a) *n acco"dance with se+e"al inte"national hu,an "ihts
a"ee,ents- includin the *nte"national Con+ention on Ci+il and
Political Rihts- *nte"national Con+ention on .cono,ic and Social
Rihts- the /ni+e"sal 0ecla"ation on 1u,an Rihts- *nte"national
Con+ention on the Rihts of the Child- Con+ention on the .li,ination of
All 2o",s of 0isc"i,ination Aainst !o,en- decla"es its co,,it,ent
to p"otect and p"o,ote the "ihts and welfa"e of 2ilipino students3
(b) Reconizes that education is a "iht and as such it can only
be e4e"cised and en5oyed fully in a cli,ate whe"e the "ihts and
welfa"e of students and youn 2ilipinos a"e p"o,oted and p"otected3
(c) Acknowledes that education is an i,po"tant institution in
ensu"in that all 2ilipinos a"e able to pa"ticipate fully in nation-buildin
and the society and in inculcatin pat"iotis, and nationalis,- c"itical
and c"eati+e thinkin- and +alues necessa"y to p"o,ote ci+il libe"ties-
hu,an "ihts and funda,ental f"eedo,s3
(d) Affi",s that students ha+e the "iht to ,eaninful
pa"ticipation in decision-,akin p"ocesses inside and outside
educational institutions- especially in the c"aftin and fo",ulation of
policies affectin students- and the p"o,otion of this "iht is an
inte"al pa"t of the nation’s de,oc"atic p"ocesses3
(e) Affi",s that the funda,ental "iht to e4p"ession of students-
and such "iht shall be unab"ided and autono,ous f"o, the
influences of educational institutions3
(f) Affi",s the students’ "iht to o"anize- which enco,passes
the "iht to establish student o"anizations- student unions- and
student councils and o+e"n,ents.
SECTION 1. Definition of Terms. As used in this Act the
followin shall ,ean'
(a) Student - any pe"son en"olled in the seconda"y- post
seconda"y te"tia"y- "aduate and post "aduate le+els- includin those
en"olled in +ocational and technical education.
(b) School - any p"i+ate- public o" o+e"n,ent-"un and funded
acade,ic educational institution offe"in any o" all cou"ses in the
abo+e-,entioned le+els.
(c) School campus - the totality of all contiuous o" p"o4i,ate
buildins- "ounds- and othe" facilities desinated by the school
autho"ities as a"eas o" facilities fo" the use of thei" students.
(d) Governing Board - the hihest policy ,akin body of the
school such as' 6oa"d of 0i"ecto"s- T"ustees o" Reents.
(e) Student Council or Government - the body "ep"esentin the
whole student population in one school o" school ca,pus whose
office"s a"e annually elected at la"e by the whole student population
pu"suant to its cha"te" o" constitution. This definition shall include
student councils o" o+e"n,ents at the le+el of collees- ca,puses-
(f) Council of eaders - the body co,posed of the heads of
+a"ious student o"anizations chai"ed by the P"esident o" Chai"pe"son
of the Student Council o" by any student duly elected by the student
() Tuition - the fee "ep"esentin di"ect costs of inst"uction-
t"ainin and othe" "elated acti+ities- and the use of school facilities.
The te", othe" school fees "efe"s to fees which co+e" othe" necessa"y
costs suppo"ti+e of inst"uction- includin but not li,ited to ,edical and
dental- athletic- lib"a"y - labo"ato"y- and 7STP fees.
SECTION 2. Right against discrimination in educational
institutions & 7o student shall be denied ad,ission- e4pelled f"o, an
educational institution- punished with disciplina"y action- includin
,andato"y counselin- o" denied welfa"e se"+ices- schola"ships and
othe" p"i+ilees on the basis of his8he" physical handicap- socio-
econo,ic status- political and "eliious beliefs- se4ual o"ientation- o"
,e,be"ship in student o"anizations. P"enant students- ce"tified
"efo",ed d"u abuse"s- and students with 1*98A*0S shall not be
disc"i,inated aainst.
SECTION 3. Right to competent instruction and relevant !uality
education. & .+e"y student shall ha+e the "iht to co,petent
inst"uction and :uality education "ele+ant to his8he" pe"sonal and
cultu"al de+elop,ent and that of the nation. To achie+e this oal-
schools and educational institutions a"e "e:ui"ed to enfo"ce a w"itten
e+aluation of the pe"fo",ance of teache"s by students at the end of
the school te",.
SECTION 4. Right to organi"e. & (a) The "iht of students to
fo",- assist- o" 5oin o"anizations- alliance- o" fede"ations alon thei"
physical- intellectual- ,o"al- cultu"al- ci+ic- spi"itual- and political
inte"ests shall not be ab"ided.
(a) The ;ffice of Student Affai"s- in coo"dination with the student
council o" o+e"n,ent- shall take cha"e in the acc"editation of
student o"anizations. The uidelines fo" acc"editation of student
o"anizations shall be fo",ulated by the student council and the heads
of all student o"anizations.
(b) The ;ffice of Student Affai"s shall ha+e the ,andate to
i,ple,ent the uidelines and ,ediate in conflicts e,e"in f"o, the
acc"editation p"ocess. Acc"editation of student o"anizations shall be
"anted upon the sub,ission of a fo",al lette" of application fo"
acc"editation- constitution- list of acti+ities- and list of office"s. The
;ffice of Student Affai"s ,ay i,pose sanctions on inacti+e
(c) The ;ffice of Student Affai"s shall coo"dinate on and off
ca,pus acti+ities of student o"anizations.
(d) The school ad,inist"ation shall endea+o" to p"o+ide- f"ee of
cha"e- a hall o" buildin to house the offices of student o"anizations
within the p"e,ises of the school. 2u"the",o"e- whene+e" possible- the
school ad,inist"ation shall allow student o"anizations to use school
facilities f"ee of cha"e3
(e) Acts that i,pai" the "iht of students to o"anize a"e
1. Sinin of wai+e"s o" si,ila" docu,ents that use ,e,be"ship
to any o"anization as a basis fo" ad,ission to o" e4pulsion
f"o, schools- includin the i,position of disciplina"y actions3
2. *,position of un"easonable "e:ui"e,ents on student
o"anizations seekin "econition3
3. 0isc"i,inato"y policies in the assin,ent of school facilities
and in "antin othe" p"i+ilees to student o"anizations3
4. .4cessi+e cha"es fo" the use of school facilities3
5. .4cessi+e fees i,posed by student o"anizations to ,e,be"s-
6. *,position of unnecessa"y "e:ui"e,ents fo" ad,ission and
continued ,e,be"ship to a student o"anization includin-
but not li,ited to- hazin o" othe" acts p"ohibited unde" RA
<$=>- o" the Anti-hazin law.
SECTION 5. Right to establish a student council or government.
& (a) The"e shall be one (?) uni+e"sity student council o" o+e"n,ent
fo" each school- collee- o" uni+e"sity ca,pus that shall be "econized
by the schools- collees and uni+e"sities conce"ned. *t shall ha+e its
own set of office"s elected in annual popula" elections.
(b) The"e shall be a Constitution o" Cha"te" of the Student
Council o" @o+e"n,ent c"afted by the head o" "ep"esentati+es of all
student o"anizations in a school and "atified th"ouh a two-thi"ds (#8A)
+ote by the student body that shall lay down the o"anization-
functions- and "esponsibilities of the student council o" o+e"n,ent.
Rep"esentation fo" uno"anized students shall be ensu"ed fo" the
c"aftin of the d"aft constitution o" cha"te".
(c) .+e"y student council o" o+e"n,ent shall ha+e the "iht to
dete",ine its policies and p"o"a,s on student acti+ities sub5ect to the
Student Council o" @o+e"n,ent cha"te" o" constitution and to school
"ules and "eulations p"o+ided that the latte" does not inf"ine on basic
"ihts and f"eedo,s of students3
(d) The"e shall be an independent Co,,ission on .lections
(C;B.C.C) that shall o+e"see the honest- o"de"ly- and peaceful
conduct of election of office"s of the student council o" o+e"n,ent.
The C;B.C.C shall be chosen f"o, a list of no,inees p"o+ided by the
heads of student o"anizations. The school ,ust p"o+ide sufficient
funds to the C;B.C.C to ensu"e that it is able to function.
(e) The"e shall a fee to be collected f"o, students to finance the
ope"ations of the student council o" o+e"n,ent- the a,ount of which
shall be dete",ined by the student council o" o+e"n,ent in
consultation with the student body. The school ad,inist"ation shall
facilitate the collection of the student council o" o+e"n,ent fee and
shall tu"n o+e" the collected a,ount to the student council o"
o+e"n,ent within fifteen (?D) days afte" the sta"t of the se,este" o"
school pe"iod. The student council o" o+e"n,ent shall issue to the
student body a financial "epo"t at the end of its te",. To take effect- a
p"oposal to inc"ease the student council o" o+e"n,ent fee shall
"e:ui"e a +ote of si,ple ,a5o"ity by the student body.
(f) 7o policy "est"ictin the "iht of student councils o"
o+e"n,ents to 5oin fede"ations o" alliances of student councils o"
o+e"n,ents shall be i,posed by the school ad,inist"ation.
SECTION 6. Right to publish a student ne#spaper and other
similar publications. & (a) *n acco"dance with RA %$%> o" the Ca,pus
Eou"nalis, Act of ?>>?- students shall ha+e the "iht to publish student
newspape" and othe" si,ila" publications.
(b) The edito"ial staff of the student pape" shall be co,p"ised of
students. 7o pe"son who is not a ,e,be" of the publication shall
dete",ine its content. The "ole of the faculty ad+ise" in the student
pape" shall be li,ited to technical assistance.
(c) The selection of the student .dito"-in-Chief and the ,e,be"s
of the edito"ial boa"d shall be conducted annually th"ouh a fai" and
co,petiti+e e4a,ination to be ad,iniste"ed by an i,pa"tial 6oa"d of
Eudes- which shall be co,p"ised of p"ofessional 5ou"nalists-
"ep"esentati+es f"o, the faculty- the student body.
(d) .thics in 5ou"nalis, shall be obse"+ed by the edito"ial staff. *t
shall be the "esponsibility of the edito"ial staff to ensu"e that the
student pape" is not used fo" pu"poses cont"a"y to law.
(e) /nless soone" "e,o+ed fo" cause and with due p"ocess- the
.dito"-in-Chief and edito"ial staff shall be assu"ed of secu"ity of tenu"e
fo" the du"ation of his8he" p"esc"ibed te",3
(f) The student publication shall be financially autono,ous f"o,
the school ad,inist"ation. A fee fo" student publication shall be
collected f"o, students and shall be held in t"ust by the school
ad,inist"ation. 7o policy shall be i,posed by the school ad,inist"ation
to ha,pe" the access of the edito"ial boa"d to the student publication
fund- sub5ect to e4istin "eulation in the disbu"se,ent of funds. The
school ad,inist"ation shall also be p"ohibited f"o, usin the
afo"e,entioned fund. At the end of each te",- the edito"ial boa"d shall
publish a financial state,ent.
SECTION !. Right to ade!uate #elfare services and academic
facilities. 0enial of access to ade:uate welfa"e se"+ices and acade,ic
facilities shall be p"ohibited. These se"+ices and facilities shall include'
(a)2"ee annual physical check-up to the students3
(b)Ceal assistance in cases in+ol+in the e4e"cise and
en5oy,ent of "ihts and f"eedo,s stipulated in this Act3
(c) Counselin3
(d)Ade:uate labo"ato"y- lib"a"y- "esea"ch- "ec"eation and
physical education facilities3
(e)Co,,unications syste, to ensu"e that students a"e p"o,ptly
notified of lette"s and othe" "ele+ant info",ation- and3
(f) Ade:uate- safe and clean housin facilities- such as
do",ito"ies- fo" students inside ca,puses. *n case the school
has no in-ca,pus do",ito"ies o" housin facilities- the school
ad,inist"ation and the student council o" o+e"n,ent shall be
"e:ui"ed to acc"edit out-of-ca,pus do",ito"ies. Students shall
be encou"aed to stay in the acc"edited do",ito"ies.
SECTION ". Representation in the school$s highest policy%
ma&ing body. & The"e shall be a student "ep"esentati+e in the hihest
policy-,akin body of the school. 1e o" she shall be chosen th"ouh a
selection p"ocess fo",ulated and c"afted by the student council and
o+e"n,ent and shall ha+e the sa,e "ihts as that of the "eula"
,e,be"s of the sa,e body. P"o+ided- howe+e"- that his o" he"
p"i+ilees shall be li,ited to the actual e4penses incu""ed in attendin
,eetins of the afo"e,entioned body. P"o+ided- fu"the"- that the
afo"e,entioned student "ep"esentati+e is p"ohibited f"o, takin any
othe" position in public offices o" student council o" o+e"n,ent.
SECTION . Right to information. & The "iht of students to
info",ation on ,atte"s affectin thei" welfa"e shall be "econized.
The"efo"e- students shall ha+e access to the school’s official acts-
t"ansactions o" decisions "elatin to students’ "ihts and welfa"e
sub5ect only to "easonable "eulations.
SECTION 2. Right to freedom of e'pression. & (a) Students
shall ha+e the "iht to f"eely e4p"ess thei" +iews and opinions. They
shall ha+e the "iht to peaceably asse,ble and petition the
o+e"n,ent and school autho"ities fo" the "ed"ess of thei" "ie+ances.
7o school "eulation shall be i,posed +iolatin o" ab"idin the
student’s "iht to asse,bly.
(b) Student shall ha+e access to p"int and b"oadcast ,edia in
thei" info",ation acti+ities. They shall also ha+e the "iht to p"int-
ci"culate and8o" ,ount leaflets- newslette"s- poste"s- wall news-
petitions and such othe" ,ate"ials. School autho"ities shall ensu"e the
p"o+ision of facilities such as bulletin boa"ds fo" the ,ountin of the
afo"e,entioned ,ate"ials.
(c) School autho"ities a"e "e:ui"ed to desinate a ce"tain a"ea
within school p"e,ises whe"e students can e4p"ess thei" "ie+ances o"
o"anize acti+ities.
SECTION 1. (cademic freedom. & Students’ acade,ic f"eedo,
shall consist of- but not li,ited to- the followin'
(a)To conduct "esea"ches in connection with acade,ic wo"k- and
to f"eely discuss and publish thei" findins and
(b)To conduct in:ui"y within the ca,pus in cu""icula" and e4t"a-
cu""icula" acti+ities3
(c) To choose a field of study and to pu"sue the :uest fo" t"uth3 to
e4p"ess thei" opinion on any sub5ect o" public o" ene"al
conce"n which di"ectly o" indi"ectly affects the students of the
educational syste,3
(d)To in+ite off-ca,pus speake"s o" "esou"ce pe"sons to student-
sponso"ed asse,blies- fo"a- sy,posia- and othe" si,ila"
(e)To e4p"ess cont"a"y inte"p"etations o" dissentin opinions
inside and outside the class"oo,3
(f) To pa"ticipate in the d"aftin of a new cu""iculu, and in the
"e+iew o" "e+ision of the old3
()To pa"ticipate in the d"aftin and8o" "e+isin of the student
handbook which shall include the school "ules and "eulations-
a copy of which shall be fu"nished the students upon
ad,ission to the school3 and
(h)To be f"ee f"o, any fo", of indoct"ination leadin to i,posed
ideoloical hee,ony.
SECTION 2. Right to due process. & The "iht to due p"ocess of
students sub5ected to disciplina"y p"oceedins shall be obse"+ed and
(a) 1e shall ha+e the "iht to defend hi,self- to be hea"d and to
p"esent e+idence on his behalf befo"e an i,pa"tial body.
(b) The"e shall be an independent Student 0isciplina"y 6oa"d to
be co,posed of one (?) "ep"esentati+e f"o, the school ad,inist"ation-
two (#) faculty ,e,be"s and two (#) students to conduct
in+estiations into and decide on cases of student +iolations of
disciplina"y standa"ds. The ,e,be" f"o, the ad,inist"ation shall se"+e
fo" fi+e yea"s- the ,e,be"s f"o, the faculty fo" th"ee yea"s- and the
,e,be"s f"o, the student body fo" one yea". The faculty and student
"ep"esentati+es shall be endo"sed by the student council o"
o+e"n,ent. The Student 0isciplina"y 6oa"d shall fo",ulate the
uidelines fo" the i,position of the disciplina"y p"oceedins.
(c) The blacklistin- e4pulsion- suspension and othe" such
disciplina"y sanctions that ,aybe taken aainst a student shall not be
+alid unless the followin "ihts ha+e been obse"+ed and acco"ded the
?.) The "iht to be info",ed in w"itin of the natu"e and cause of
the accusation aainst hi,8he"3
#.) The "iht to conf"ont witness aainst hi,8he" and to full
access to the e+idence in the case3
A.) The "iht to defend hi,self8he"self and to be defended by a
"ep"esentati+e o" counsel of his8he" choice- ade:uate ti,e
bein i+en to hi,8he" fo" the p"epa"ation of his8he"
=.) The "iht to a hea"in befo"e the Student 0isciplina"y 6oa"d3
D.) The "iht aainst self-inc"i,ination3 and
F.) The "iht to appeal ad+e"se decision of the Student
0isciplina"y 6oa"d to the o+e"nin boa"d and ulti,ately to
the app"op"iate education aencies.
%.) The "iht to confidentiality
(d) The decision in any disciplina"y p"oceedin ,ust be "ende"ed
on the basis of "ele+ant and substantial e+idence p"esented at the
hea"in- o" at the least contained in the "eco"d and disclosed to the
student affected. The decidin body should- in all cont"o+e"sial
:uestions- "ende" its decision in such a ,anne" that the issues
in+ol+ed- and the "easons fo" any decision "ende"ed a"e ,ade clea" to
the student.
(e) Sub5ect to e4istin laws- a decision on a case o" co,plaint
filed befo"e the Student 0isciplina"y T"ibunal shall be "esol+ed within
th"ee (A) ,onths afte" the filin of such a case o" co,plaint.
(f) The ;ffice of the @uidance Counselo" of the "especti+e
schools in consultation with the Student 0isciplina"y 6oa"d shall
publish on a pe"iodic basis acts that a"e dee,ed +iolati+e of the school
"ules and "eulations and the co""espondin disciplina"y sanctions.
P"o+ided- that such "ules and "eulations do not +iolate the "ihts
ua"anteed he"ein and unde" the Constitution.
SECTION 3. Right against illegal searches and sei"ures. &
e4cept fo" the followin instances- any fo", of un"easonable sea"ch
and seizu"e shall be illeal'
a) Sea"ches ,ade at the point of in"ess and e"ess by
autho"ized pe"sonnel of the school3
b) Sea"ches and seizu"e of a"ticles dee,ed illeal unde" e4istin
laws fallin in the plain +iew of duly autho"ized pe"sonnel3
c) Sea"ches and seizu"es of a"ticles that a"e illeal- disco+e"ed
inad+e"tently by duly autho"ized pe"sonnel3
d) Sea"ches ,ade when the student is about to co,,it- is
co,,ittin o" has 5ust co,,itted a c"i,e o" a se"ious
inf"action of the school’s "ules and "eulations3
e) Sea"ches ,ade with a +alid sea"ch wa""ant.
A"ticles seized in +iolation of the he"einabo+e p"o+ided "ihts
shall not be used as e+idence aainst the student in any disciplina"y
action that ,ay be b"ouht aainst hi,8he".
SECTION 4. (ccess to school records and issuance of official
certificates. - .+e"y student shall ha+e access to his8he" own school
"eco"ds- the confidentiality of which the school shall ,aintain. 1e8She
shall ha+e the "iht to be issued official ce"tificates- diplo,as-
t"ansc"ipts of "eco"ds- "ades- t"ansfe" c"edentials and othe" si,ila"
docu,ents within thi"ty (A$) days f"o, the filin of "e:uest and
acco,plish,ent of all pe"tinent "e:ui"e,ents.
SECTION 5. Right to privacy. - The p"i+acy of co,,unication
and co""espondence of students shall "e,ain in+iolable.
SECTION 6. )irearms ban.- The ca""yin of fi"ea",s o"
e4plosi+es in schools o" ca,puses shall be banned.
SECTION !. School fees and other tariffs.-
(a) All in+olunta"y cont"ibutions shall be p"ohibited.
(b) *n "eleasin docu,ents- acade,ic "eco"ds- and si,ila"
ce"tifications- schools a"e p"ohibited f"o, i,posin fees beyond the
actual cost of "ep"oducin the docu,ents.
(c) Bini,u, standa"ds in consultation shall be st"ictly obse"+ed
in i,posin tuition fee inc"eases. To this end- no tuition o" othe" school
fee inc"ease shall be allowed unless the followin p"ocedu"es a"e
?.) Postin of notice of inc"ease in tuition o" othe" school fees in
conspicuous locations a yea" p"io" to the i,ple,entation of
the p"oposed inc"ease. The heads of student o"anizations
and student council o" o+e"n,ent office"s shall also be
di"ectly notified about the p"oposed inc"ease.
#.) At least one public ,eetin shall be held with students- heads
of student o"anizations and student council o" o+e"n,ent
office"s to discuss the p"oposed inc"ease. This shall be
attended by the P"esident of the school and at least one
,e,be" of the @o+e"nin boa"d. Pa"ents of students shall be
allowed to attend the public ,eetins.
A.) All docu,ents pe"tainin to the p"oposed inc"ease shall be
,ade a+ailable to the student council o" o+e"n,ent.
=.) P"io" to the final app"o+al of the p"oposed inc"ease- the
student body shall be allowed to p"esent thei" position to the
@o+e"nin 6oa"d on the p"oposed inc"ease.
SECTION 2". Rules and Regulation. - the 0epa"t,ent of
.ducation- T.S0A- Co,,ission on 1ihe" .ducation- and Co,,ission
on 1u,an Rihts- toethe" with the "ep"esentati+es of national
student o"anizations- "ep"esentati+es of school ad,inist"ations and
the 7ational Gouth Co,,ission (7GC) shall p"o,ulate the necessa"y
"ules and "eulations to i,ple,ent the p"o+isions of this Act with
ninety (>$) days f"o, the app"o+al of this Act.
SECTION 2. (dministrative sanctions. &The 0epa"t,ent of
.ducation- Co,,ission on 1ihe" .ducation- and T.S0A a"e he"eby
+ested with powe"s necessa"y to in+estiate and i,pose
ad,inist"ati+e penalties to ensu"e the enfo"ce,ent of this Act. Any
student- student council o" o+e"n,ent- o" national o"anization of
student councils- o+e"n,ents- o" o"anizations- ,ay file co,plaints
befo"e the afo"e,entioned aencies.
The app"op"iate education aency shall cause the suspension o"
"e+ocation of the license o" pe",it of any school- collee o" uni+e"sity
found to be uilty of +iolatin "ihts ua"anteed unde" this Act. A fine
not less than two hund"ed thousand pesos (P#$$-$$$.$$) but not ,o"e
than fi+e hund"ed thousand pesos (PD$$-$$$.$$) shall be i,posed on
any school- collee o" uni+e"sity found liable fo" +iolatin this Act.
/pon final 5ud,ent- the app"op"iate education aency ,ay
"eco,,end to the 0epa"t,ent of Eustice the p"osecution of any
school- collee o" uni+e"sity befo"e a "eula" Cou"t fo" +iolatin the
p"o+isions of this Act.
*f the offende" is a student o" a student o"anization- the school-
collee o" uni+e"sity shall cause- dependin on the "a+ity of the
offense- the suspension o" e4pulsion of the offendin student and8o"
the suspension o" "e+ocation of the acc"editation of the offendin
o"anization- includin othe" ad,inist"ati+e penalties- sub5ect to the
establish,ent of uidelines to be c"afted by the school ad,inist"ation
with the student council o" o+e"n,ent- student o"anizations and the
student body.
SECTION 22. Penal Provisions. &
(a) Any pe"son who shall willfully inte"fe"e with- "est"ain o"
coe"ce any student in the e4e"cise and en5oy,ent of "ihts ua"anteed
by this Act shall- upon con+iction- be punished by a fine of not less
than 2ifty Thousand Pesos (PD$-$$$.$$) but not ,o"e than ;ne
1und"ed Thousand (P?$$-$$$.$$) Pesos o" by i,p"ison,ent fo" not
less than one yea" but not ,o"e than fi+e yea"s- o" both at the
disc"etion of the Cou"t.
(b) *f the offende" is a 5u"idical pe"son- the penalty shall be
i,posed upon the P"esident- T"easu"e"- Sec"eta"y o" any office" o"
pe"son "esponsible fo" the +iolation. *f the offende" is a public office" o"
e,ployee- the Cou"t shall- in addition to the penalties abo+e- o"de" his
o" he" dis,issal f"o, o+e"n,ent se"+ice.
(c) Refusal of any o+e"n,ent official- includin those wo"kin in
state collees and uni+e"sities- whose duty includes in+estiatin o"
actin on any co,plaint fo" a +iolation of this Act to pe"fo", his o" he"
duty shall be conside"ed as "oss nelience on the pa"t of such
official who shall suffe" the app"op"iate penalty unde" ci+il se"+ice
laws- "ules and "eulations.
(d) Any student whose "ihts ha+e been +iolated as stipulated in
this Act ,ay file independent ci+il cases fo" da,aes aainst the
offendin pe"sons- natu"al o" 5u"idical. 1e o" she shall be e4e,pt f"o,
filin fees.
SECTION 21. *versight. &
(a) The 0epa"t,ent of .ducation- T.S0A and Co,,ission on
1ihe" .ducation shall ,onito" the i,ple,entation of this Act. They
shall sub,it an annual "epo"t to the ;ffice of the P"esident and
Con"ess. 2o" this pu"pose- the afo"e,entioned aencies ,ay a+ail the
suppo"t of national student o"anizations.
(b) An ;+e"siht Co,,ittee is he"eby c"eated co,posed of two
(#) ,e,be"s each f"o, the Co,,ittee on 6asic .ducation and two (#)
,e,be"s f"o, the Co,,ittee on 1ihe" .ducation of the Senate and
1ouse of Rep"esentati+es- to be constituted and co-chai"ed by the
head of the co,,ittees to e+aluate and ,onito" the i,ple,entation of
this Act. The ;+e"siht Co,,ittee shall auto,atically conside" the
"epo"ts of the conce"ned o+e"n,ent aencies- student o"anizations-
and student councils and o+e"n,ents.
SECTION 22. Separability Clause. - *f any pa"t o" p"o+ision of
this Act is held unconstitutional o" in+alid- othe" p"o+isions he"eof
which a"e not affected the"eby shall continue to be in full fo"ce and
SECTION 22. Repealing Clause.- All laws- dec"ees- o"de"s- "ules-
and "eulations o" othe" issuances o" pa"ts the"eof- inconsistent with
the p"o+isions of this Act a"e he"eby "epealed o" ,odified acco"dinly.

SECTION 23. +ffectivity. & This Act shall take effect fifteen (?D)
days afte" its co,plete publication in two (#) newspape"s of ene"al