1. What is threshold voltage?
2. What is the range of threshold voltage for PMOS & NMOS?
3. What is DC, Tran, C anal!sis?
". What is the advantage in trans#ission gate over n#os &$#os?
%. What is the de#erit in trans#ission gate?
&. What is $ass transistor?
'. What is (o##on so)r(e a#$li*er?
+. What is (o##on drain a#$li*er?
,. What are the di-erent regions of o$eration in CMOS inverter?
1.. What is the di-eren(e /et0een verilog & vhdl?
11. What is s0it(h level #odel?
12. What is di-erential a#$li*er?
13. What is sle0 rate?
1". What is CM11?
1%. What is o$2a#$?
1&. What are the ideal (onditions for an O$2a#$?
1'. 3ive the e4a#$les for high s$eed DC?
1+. 3ive the e4a#$le for lo0 s$eed DC?
1,. 3ive the e4a#$le for #edi)# s$eed DC?
2.. Whi(h DC 0ill have feed /a(5?
21. What is f)ll s(ale val)e for DC?
22. What 6s DN7, 6N7, o-set error, 3ain error for DC & DC
23. What are the se(ond order e-e(ts?
2". What is #eant /! te(hnolog!?
2%. What is la#/da /ased r)le?
2&. What is D1C & 78S?
2'. What is di-eren(e /et0een serial adder & $arallel adder?
2+. What is di-eren(e /et0een lat(h & 9i$29o$?
2,. Conversion of 9i$ 9o$, D to :;, D to T, et(..,
3.. What is sti(5 diagra#?
31. What are the di-erent t!$es of (onta(t )sed in la!o)t?
32. What are the vario)s la!ers in CMOS?
33. 3ive the fa/ri(ation 9o0 of CMOS, PMOS, NMOS
3". What is the di-eren(e /et0een (o#/inational & se<)ential
3%. 3ive the o$eration of serial adder
3&. What is as$e(t ratio?
3'. What is s(aling?
3+. What is s)/#i(ron?
3,. Dra0 the transfer (hara(teristi( ()rve for (#os inverter,
nMOS, and $MOS?
".. What is the )se of 87S6?
"1. What is the )se of =D7?
"2. Write the s!nta4 for (ase?
"3. What is the di-eren(e /et0een al0a!s & initial?
"". What is the di-eren(e /et0een reg & 0ire, $ara#eter &
"%. What are the di-erent data t!$es in =D7?
"&. What are the o$erators in =D7?
"'. Whi(h o$erator is having highest $riorit!?
"+. What are the tools )sed in Caden(e?
",. What is #eant /! si#)lation & ela/oration?
%.. What is s!nthesi>ing?
%1. What is sensitivit! list?
%2. What is the di-eren(e /et0een $ro(ed)re & f)n(tion, tas5 &
%3. What is the di-eren(e /et0een signal & varia/le?
%". What is lat(h2)$?
%%. =o0 do !o) avoid lat(h )$?
%&. What is rising ti#e, falling ti#e, $ro$agation dela!?
%'. What is the di-eren(e /et0een MOS?@T & A:T?
%+. 3iven onl! t0o BO1 gates one #)st f)n(tion as /)-er and
another as inverter.
%,. What is S6C & ?P3?
&.. What is set)$ & =old ti#e?
&1. What is delta si#)lation ti#e?
&2. What is se#i ()sto# &f)ll ()sto# design?
&3. What are the fast adders?