Devan Patel

Chapter 3
Into the Jungle

1. What was the “glimpse” that Bates had “of how nature manufactures
her species?
Bates saw different species of moths and butterflies and also saw how they
all inherited specific traits
2. What evidence did Bates assemble to argue that mimicry was due to
natural selection and not mere coincidence?
Bates argued that many species used camouflage against there predators,
since the species were tasty to the predators the prey decides to follow the
not so tasty appearance (camouflage) so that the predators would avoid
consuming them.
3. Why was Darwin so delighted by Bates’ discovery of mimicry?
Darwin admired Bates for his studies on how mimicry could easily
manipulate the predators around them. Also that short glimpse introduced
him as “Batesian Mimicry”