Email: CLASS WEBSITE: www.sciencemccoy.weebly.


Makeup Work: You are allowed 1 day for each day you’re absent, after that the grade will be entered as a 0/40%.

Guidelines for
Classroom Rules
Responsible and
Active Learner
 Arrive on time with all materials.
 Work during all work times.
 Follow directions immediately.
 Keep all electronics put away at all times.
 No food or drink.
Respectful and
Manage Conflict
 Use appropriate voice, words, and
Safe  Walk in class. No horseplay. Keep hands,
feet and objects to yourself. Do not throw
any items. Follow all lab and class rules.

3 prong folder for
Interactive Science Notebook (ISN)
ISN, Paper and Pencil everyday!

Grade Averages
Interactive Science Notebook/Class
Class Projects/ Tests/ Assessments - 35%
Home Learning - 10%

90-100% - A 80-89% - B 70-79% - C
60-69% - D 0/40% - F
Materials for the interactive science notebook
are necessary to be successful!

Guidelines For Success
(GFS)-Highlander Way
 Be Respectful
 Be Responsible
 Manage
 Be an Active
General Consequence Flow Chart 1
Students…I will always give you a verbal warning first and review the expectation that you are not meeting so
that YOU can make a CHOICE to change your behavior.
Interventions are determined by teacher and sometimes team(parent, counselor, team teachers, admin, etc).
Record 2
Apply Intervention
Contact Parent
Record 3
Apply intervention Contact
Record 4
Referral Form
Hi my name is Ms. McCoy and I teach 8
Grade science. I am pleased that your child will be a student in my classroom,
and I am sure you’re as committed as I am to seeing that your child gets off to a good start. For that reason, I am sending
a copy of my classroom rules, my expectations, and a description of what will be covered this year.
This year’s students will be learning about the Nature of Science, and they will actually be completing a science fair
project for the District science fair. This project is usually due around the beginning of January. First we will be learning
about Life science including the carbon cycle, photosynthesis and cellular respiration. Following the Life science units we
will begin Physical Science and learn about matter and properties of matter. Physical and chemical changes, atoms,
elements, compounds, and the periodic table will also be discussed. Students will complete a project at the end of the
physical science unit. Lastly we will begin our Space Science unit where we will learn about what makes up the
universe, our sun and other stars, the planets and how they were formed, distances in space and how they are
measured, the earth-moon-sun system and the universal law of gravitation. The final project for this unit is a Design
your own Planet Project. After these three major units are complete, we will prepare for the FCAT Grade 8 Science Test
Lastly,we will begin our final Inquiry Project which will be a major part of their final grade at the end of the year. That is
a total of 4 projects.
I have very clear rules, procedures and expectations that I explain explicitly to students the first few weeks of school,
and they are revisited throughout the year. I care about student success and successful students need to have their
teachers’ and parents’ support. As students go through school, there are typically some bumps in the road. If we stay in
contact and communicate, we can usually iron out these bumps before they become “real problems”, and get students
pointed in the right direction. If you have a concern, please check PORTAL weekly and email me. I typically have all
grades in portal within 1 week so students can track their progress. If I have a concern I would like to be able to contact
you so please fill out and return the info below. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to working with your
student and ensuring their success. If there are any concerns or other issues (academic, behavior, accommodations,
medical, etc.) that I need to be aware of, please tell me directly or email me: All information is kept
confidential, so please feel free to communicate with me any concerns that you may have.
Best Regards,
Ms. F. C. McCoy
Please return this entire portion for credit and documentation
Parent Email and Phone for communication. Parent Name:______________________________________________

Student Name:________________________________________________________________
Parent Signtaure__________________________________________Date:_________________