Name of course: English Language
Development 2
Course code: 1
Hour: Period 1
Hour: Period 2
Department: English Grade levels: 6 - 8
Course lengt: One semester
!" Course Descr#pt#on
ELD 2 is a one-semester, two-period ourse !or middle shool English Learners that
develops listening, spea"ing, reading, and writing s"ills# $he ourse is the seond in a
se%uene o! ourses designed to move students who are new to English into regular
English language arts instrution within a three-&ear period#
$" Course Goals
ELD 2 provides students with instrution in listening, spea"ing, reading, and writing#
'ourse ontent ena(les students to master low earl& intermediate level ELD standards#
)tudents develop (asi interpersonal ommuniation s"ills in this ourse as well as
!oundational s"ills that promote the later development o! aademi language and litera&#
*& the end o! ELD 2, students will (e a(le to+
 ommuniate in ever&da& situations, e,pressing a growing range o! needs, wants,
and intentions-
 understand most onrete lessons and ativities, inluding teaher demonstrations,
e,planations, and language related to lassroom proedures and diretions-
 interat with peers a(out !amiliar topis in strutured situations-
 read !amiliar words, short sentenes, and simple te,t with ontrolled language
with some independene-
 organi.e and onnet ideas to produe simple writing#
%OUNG O&' 'I( &C&DE(%
a Los &ngeles Un#f#ed Scool D#str#ct (#ddle Scool
)ome of te Dragons
(ater#als *+ou (UST ,r#ng tese ever+da+-.
/English 0ote(oo" 12 ring (inder with dividers3
/Paper 1loose-lea! or ollege-ruled3
/'omposition note(oo"
/2 penils, sharpened
/2 pens, (lue4(la",
/5genda4student planner
Grad#ng Scale
67-177 8 & 87-86 8 / 97-96 8 C 67-66 8 D :6 and (elow 8 0
Percentage /rea1do2n of 0#nal Grade3
1. Summative Assessments: presentation4per!ormane assessments,
unit tests, pro;ets, ma;or essa&s 1!inal opies3 :7<
2. Formative Assessments: lass wor", %ui..es, homewor", note(oo"
he"s, in!ormal essa&s 1and rough dra!ts3, in!ormal presentations =7<
3. Class Participation 17<
Total !445
Late 6or1 Pol#c+
$here will (e a 17-point dedution !or eah da& an assignment is turned in late# 5!ter two
da&s, the assignment will not (e aepted#
/atroom Pol#c+
)tudents an get a (athroom pass onl+ once a mont and a!ter signing their name on the
(athroom pass log#
&ttendance 7 Tard#ness
)tudents are to (e seated a!ter the (ell rings and wor"ing on the dail& warm-up# Passing
time means instrutional time that &ou use to sharpen penils, prepare &our materials and
get read&# )tudents not read& to go 1as"ing !or paper, penils, et#3 when passing time is
over will lose warm-up redit#
Classroom Rules and E8pectat#ons: Te 9 P:s
1# Prompt
2# Prepared
2# Produtive
=# Polite
:# Patient
• >er(al warning
• One-on-one disussion a!ter lesson
• 'all home4parent?s wor" or re!erral to dean
• Parent4teaher on!erene