School of Arts & Media
Module Information Summary (MIS)
Module title: Professional Frameworks 1
Academic Yr:
Programmes on which offered:

BA (Hons) Photography

24 Weeks
Module Leader Teaching staff Support staff
Moira Lovell David Eaton, Moira Lovell John Boothe
Internal verification complete? Yes/No Internal verifier Natasha Willcocks
External verification complete? Yes/No/NA External verifier Cian Quayle
Risk Assessment:
Date completed Completed by Special instructions
16 September 2013 Course Team
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re General Hazards and Working on
Module aims:

 To introduce study skills and the availability of resources for personal development planning
within an applied photographic and research practice.
 To develop students awareness of professional photographic frameworks.
 To enable students to engage in the development of personal learning goals.
 To develop basic professional communication skills.

Module intended learning outcomes:

Knowledge & Understanding

On successful completion of this module students will be able to:

 Recognise the value of study skills and personal development opportunities available.
 Demonstrate an awareness of professional photographic practices and frameworks within the context
of contemporary image-making and marketing
 Engage in the definition and evaluation of personal learning goals, via a structured reflective practice
 Demonstrate competence in a range of basic professional communication skills (visual, written, verbal
and technical)

Transferrable/Key Skills & other attributes

On completion of this module students will have had the opportunity to:

 Critically evaluate and reflect on contemporary photographic practice
 Be able to identify key issues and trends in photographic communication
 Apply knowledge to self-assess personal development and progress
 Apply new learning to production and photographic practice


Module schedule or scheme of work (content, dates, activities, interim deadlines, lecture programme, etc.):
Professional Frameworks 1 will require students to develop the ability to think and work critically, as well as
necessitate a good degree of independent working.

The maintaining of a Reflective Journal will be central to the evidence required for assessment. This journal,
which will take the form of an online blog, must be maintained throughout the course of study for Level IV.

Semester One


3 Thurs 10 Oct Briefing
4 Thurs 17 Oct Workshop/Seminar
5 Mon 21 Oct
Tue 22 Oct
Thurs 24 Oct
Seminar, Group B
Seminar, Group A
6 No formal session, Independent study, Deadline Photo Skills A
7 TBC Gallery Visit (Tues or Weds, TBC)
8 Mon 11 Nov
Tue 12 Nov
Wed 13 Nov
PM Only – Ind. Tutorials (formative assessment)
Ind. Tutorials (formative assessment)
Ind. Tutorials (formative assessment)
Dates from this point forward are subject to change
9 Wed 20 Nov Seminar/Group Tutorial
10 No formal session, Independent study
11 Wed 4


Seminar/Group Tutorial
12 Wed 11 Dec Seminar/Group Tutorial
Xmas Vacation
13 No formal session, Deadline Exp. Photo Practice
14 Wed 15 Jan ‘14 Seminar/Group Tutorial

Semester Two

The timetable for Semester Two will be issued prior to the Christmas Vacation.

Assignment details (project outline, essay questions, submission information, etc.):

Semester One

There will be a number of seminars run and small assignments issued during Semester One and you will be
expected to respond to each of these in an appropriate manner.

Some will require the production of a photographic outcome, some a visit to a gallery supported by a review
evidenced through your reflective journal; others will require you to research and respond critically or
reflectively to a photographic/design concept. There will also be suggested reading for you to undertake.

Each component will be clearly supported by a briefing/assignment.

Part way through the Semester there will be individual tutorials at which you will be able to review your
reflective journal with a tutor and a formative assessment will take place; this will allow you to assess your
progress, so you can develop on your work in preparation for the final Assessment in Semester Two.

Semester Two

During Semester Two students will take part in further seminars/workshops and alongside this be given the
opportunity to develop a small body of photographic work, informed by their own interests. A more details
briefing will be given at the time.


An extensive online reflective journal (blog)

 Evidence of participation in all seminars.
 Evidence of all photographic exercises, including any developmental work and
final outcomes.
 A minimum of three exhibitions visited and reviewed.
 Evaluations for each of your practical Units (Photo Skills A, Exploring Photographic
Practice, Photo Skills B and Directions within Photographic Communication).

Assessment criteria for module:
1) Creativity
2) Critical judgment and analytical ability
3) Enquiry and use of sources
4) Knowledge and understanding of subject matter
5) Oral communication

6) Team working
7) Technical skills
8) Visual communication
9) Written communication
Summary of assessed components:
Component description Weight Deadline
Submission location
(if excepted from e-submission)
Coursework, as outlined in this MIS
and any accompanying written
100% 09/05/2014 HT013 1-5, 7-9
Information about feedback:
Formative feedback points
within the module
Week of 11th Nov (TBC), via tutorials
Date of return of summative
feedback – component 1
May 2014; within three weeks of submission