Professional Frameworks 1 - Assignments

Photography is…

As students you’ve made a conscious decision to study photography, so we must presume
you have a passion for the medium but what images appeal to you, what areas of
photography, as you considered entering the course, inspired you the most?

What is the power of photography for you? What images do you admire the most?

Is photography about truth, style or imagination?

Assignment One

In preparation for the seminar session that will take place on Thursday 17
October, you are
to think about what photography means to you, using the paragraph above as a starting point,
and be ready to share your thoughts with the group (the year group will be split into two small
groups for the session).

You are to illustrate your point of view with books, photocopies or printouts that show the
work of those photographers or areas of photographic practice that inspire you most; it’s also
acceptable to refer to other art forms in trying to describe your creative interests.

We would suggest you make some notes and come prepared.

The aims of this first seminar are:

 To share opinions and points of view on photography
 Increase confidence in talking about photography in a group setting
 Create discussion or debate and;
 Increase the group’s awareness of other photographers by sharing knowledge.

Professional Frameworks 1 - Assignments

What do you see…?

Stating the obvious, Photography is a visual medium. We make images and then our
audience will look at them; through that process literal imagery and notional ideas will be

As practitioners you need to be aware of what you are trying to communicate, even in the
loosest sense, as well as be aware of how the viewer may or may not ‘see’ things.

Developing an understanding of how images may ‘communicate’ and being able to
communicate some of this verbally yourself, is an important part of your repertoire as a

What do you see within images and can you communicate it?

Assignment Two

Within the session you will be broken down into small groups of 3-4 and given a selection of
images. You are then, within your group, to start de-constructing the images and makes notes
on what you see.

1) As you look at an image, start-off simply, describe it – how is it composed, is there
something significant about its lighting, what about little details you might miss?

2) Next, go on to look at its Denotation, what is the image literally trying to show us? Is it
communicating a news story, a moment from someone’s life or showing us a product we may

3) Once you’ve looked at the literally messages of your image you are to consider its
Connotations; what ideas, feelings or memories might it stir?

Bear in mind that you might not all agree within your groups and that is to be expected, so
have some confidence in your own responses.

4) Once all three aspects of your image(s) have been considered, and notes produced, you’ll
feedback your half of the year group.

Finally, after the session, you should write-up your thoughts and experiences from the
seminar session for your online reflective journal. Also, you can look into others you find
yourself and consider their meaning.

Professional Frameworks 1 - Assignments
Assignment Two – Worksheet

1) Describe your image (literally)

2) What is the basic message of your image (Denotation)?

3) And, what are its Connotations?

Professional Frameworks 1 - Assignments

Your own work – Peer-group presentations

Thursday 12th December

You will present a piece of your own work to the group. This should be one image or if a
series no more than three images.

The image(s) can be any you have made during the course or at any time previously.

The picture should be chosen as if you were selecting for a group exhibition.

You will speak about this image for 6-8 minutes.

Tell the group about your motivations, inspirations, the idea you attempted to articulate. How
the image was made, difficulties, lighting, processing. How would you do things differently in
future or how you would extend the series in future?

E-mail your images to David Eaton by 5pm on Tuesday the 10