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AS T HE SANDS BURN ......................................................................................................... 1
Characters ................................................................................................................................................. 3
Episode 1 ................................................................................................................................................. 10
Episode 2 ................................................................................................................................................. 13
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Episode 12............................................................................................................................................... 67
Episode 13............................................................................................................................................... 83
Episode 14............................................................................................................................................... 88
Episode 15............................................................................................................................................... 95
Episode 16............................................................................................................................................. 105
Episode 17............................................................................................................................................. 113
Episode 18............................................................................................................................................. 118
Episode 19............................................................................................................................................. 125
Episode 20............................................................................................................................................. 130
Episode 21............................................................................................................................................. 143
Episode 22............................................................................................................................................. 149
Episode 23............................................................................................................................................. 152
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Episode 24............................................................................................................................................. 157
Episode 25............................................................................................................................................. 163
Episode 26............................................................................................................................................. 175
Episode 27............................................................................................................................................. 182
Episode 28............................................................................................................................................. 190
Episode 29............................................................................................................................................. 198
Episode 30............................................................................................................................................. 206
Episode 31............................................................................................................................................. 214
Episode 32............................................................................................................................................. 221
Episode 33............................................................................................................................................. 227
Episode 34............................................................................................................................................. 234
Episode 35............................................................................................................................................. 242
Episode 36............................................................................................................................................. 252
Episode 37............................................................................................................................................. 259
Episode 38............................................................................................................................................. 266
Episode 39............................................................................................................................................. 275
Episode 40............................................................................................................................................. 283
Episode 41............................................................................................................................................. 294
Episode 42............................................................................................................................................. 303
Episode 43............................................................................................................................................. 314
Episode 44............................................................................................................................................. 326
Episode 45............................................................................................................................................. 334
Episode 46............................................................................................................................................. 343
Episode 47............................................................................................................................................. 356
Episode 48............................................................................................................................................. 366
Episode 49............................................................................................................................................. 375
Episode 50............................................................................................................................................. 386
SEASON FINALE... ...................................................................................................................................... 403

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As The Sands Burn - Characters
APRIL - Junior, prophyte member of Alpha Kappa Alpha. PJ's roommate. Likes XAVIER but
doesn't know that he has feelings for her soror SHAREESA. Has dated DERRICK and has
been involved with KATRICE.
OCTAVIA - Senior, prophyte member of Alpha Kappa Alpha. APRIL's line sister. Is very
serious about grades and wants to be a physician. Is now dating DONTE, who has graduated
from Ahpla University after being in college for six years.
PRESJINA (PJ) - Neophyte member of Alpha Kappa Alpha. APRIL's roommate. Previously
dated GREGG but didn't know that he had a girlfriend and that she is an AKA. Wants her
friend JAHANNA to pledge AKA. Hates MONA.
JUNE - Neophyte member of Alpha Kappa Alpha. Is a history buff and can recite any history
of the sorority. DERRICK is her ex-boyfriend. They separated while she was pledging
because he was not supportive. Now she is dating BUCK, who plays for the Amgis College
basketball team and is DERRICK's sports rival. BUCK is a member of Omega Psi Phi
KATRICE - Neophyte member of Alpha Kappa Alpha. Hides the secret that she is a lesbian.
Has had a romantic encounter with APRIL. Voted against JAHANNA being chosen for line
because JAHANNA beat up MONA.
GINA - Transfer member of Alpha Kappa Alpha. Previously dated MIRI then dated JERREL,
and now is in Africa with MIRI.
SYLVIA - Prophyte member of Alpha Kappa Alpha and basilius of the chapter. Good friends
with SALEEMA and does not get along with WILLIE. Is a Muslim.
SHAREESA - Prophyte member of Alpha Kappa Alpha and is a graduate of Ahpla University.
Was Kappa Alpha Psi member GREGG's girlfriend but has a crush on his fraternity brother
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XAVIER. Now dating AHMAD, new member of Phi Beta Sigma at Amgis College. Works for
Woolfolk Enterprises, a marketing firm.
MONA - Neophyte member of Alpha Kappa Alpha and is daughter of MELINDA FERGUSON.
MONA did not earn her letters but proudly wears them. Extremely obnoxious and was given
the line name Paper Wait because she only signed a "paper" to become a member and she
should have "waited" to try and pledge. Previously dated MIRI. Conniving and causes most
of the controversy on campus.
SOROR MELINDA FERGUSON - Member of the charter line of Alpha Kappa Alpha at Ahpla
University. Mother of MONA. Wants the members of the chapter to handle chapter activity
strictly by the books. Overlooks MONA's ways at times.
WILLEMINA (WILLIE) - Junior, prophyte member of Delta Sigma Theta. President of the
Ahpla University student assembly. Dating Alpha Phi Alpha member JASON but may still
have feelings for ex boyfriend DEXTER of Omega Psi Phi fraternity.
CHRISTIAN - Prophyte member of Delta Sigma Theta. Previously liked NINO, therefore
doesn't like CANDACE. Previously dated Dr. ALEX JEFFERSON, therefore didn't like
BREANNA. Good friends with MONA. Conniving and always tries to get her way.
ROBIN - Senior prophyte member of Delta Sigma Theta. Is known for hazing pledgees.
Takes the sisterly bond of Delta very seriously.
THERESA - Neophyte member of Delta Sigma Theta. Began the process of pledging Delta
initially to get ex boyfriend JASON back from WILLIE but grew a love of the sisterhood while
on line.
BREANNA - Neophyte member of Delta Sigma Theta. Dated her teacher ALEX JEFFERSON
but didn't know that he was married to STACIE JEFFERSON, the advisor for the chapter.
STACIE JEFFERSON - Prophyte member of Delta Sigma Theta. Ahpla University graduate
and was former advisor to the chapter. Wife of Dr. ALEX JEFFERSON. Mother of twin babies.
Resigned from her position as advisor upon realizing that her husband ALEX was sleeping
with a candidate of the sorority.
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SALEEMA - Prophyte member of Zeta Phi Beta and basilius of the chapter. Good friends with
SYLVIA. Is a Muslim.
SHARONDA - Senior, prophyte member of Zeta Phi Beta. Cousin of MONA FERGUSON, Alpha
Kappa Alpha member. Wants MONA's little sister MIYA to pledge Zeta instead of AKA.
DENICE - Neophyte member of Zeta Phi Beta. Grew up with BRANDON and BRENDON. Has
been in love with Phi Beta Sigma member BRANDON since high school and now they are
dating. Previously dated GREGG of Kappa Alpha Psi.
TONYA - Neophyte member of Zeta Phi Beta. Putting herself through school and is the
mother of 3-year-old daughter Kaiya.
CANDACE - Transfer student from Southern University. Came to Ahpla only to be closer to
NINO, her fiancee. Doesn't like CHRISTIAN, who she has had several confrontations with.
PAULA - Neophyte member of Sigma Gamma Rho. Thinks ALEXIS is a good candidate for
membership into Sigma Gamma Rho but dated Alpha Phi Alpha member BOBBY, ALEXIS' ex
JENNIFER - Neophyte member of Sigma Gamma Rho. Amgis College student.
ROSALIND - Neophyte member of Sigma Gamma Rho. Amgis College student.
ANGELIQUE - Neophyte member of Sigma Gamma Rho. Amgis College student.
ALEXIS - Currently pledging Sigma Gamma Rho sorority. Dating Alpha Phi Alpha member
QUINTON. Previously dated Alpha Phi Alpha member BOBBY. Is having a hard time being
pledged by her friend CANDACE.
BOBBY - Junior, president of the Alpha Phi Alpha chapter for the second term. Dates many
women. Previously was the boyfriend of ALEXIS, but has since dated Sigma Gamma Rho
member PAULA. Has a son, Lil' Derrick, with CARYN who he may try to gain custody of.
JASON - Neophyte member of Alpha Phi Alpha. Is now dating WILLIE but previously dated
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QUINTON - Neophyte member of Alpha Phi Alpha. Wanted to be chapter president but lost
to BOBBY by one vote. Now is dating BOBBY's ex-girlfriend, ALEXIS. Has had confrontations
with BOBBY.
LARRY - Neophyte member of Alpha Phi Alpha. Practical joker and funny man of the
chapter. Loves to step. Learned many steps from NINO, who is now deceased.
REGGIE - BOBBY's line brother and the dean of QUINTON, LARRY, and JASON.
GREGG - Prophyte member of Kappa Alpha Psi and ex boyfriend of Alpha Kappa Alpha
member SHAREESA. Has been known to be a dog, as he has cheated with PJ, DENICE, and
CARYN. Is the dean of the newest Kappa brother, MIKE. Was the roommate of NINO, who is
now deceased.
XAVIER - Prophyte member of Kappa Alpha Psi and writer for the school newspaper, The
Sands. Is very religious and has never had sex. Has deep feelings for SHAREESA as he
knows that GREGG treated her bad. Knows that APRIL wants to be with him. Previously
dated DONNA.
MIKE - Neophyte member of Kappa Alpha Psi. Pledged by himself and is now overzealous
and arrogant.
RONNIE - Junior, prophyte member of Omega Psi Phi. Hates BOBBY. Previously tried to date
ALEXIS while BOBBY was with her. Now dates TRINA because BOBBY used to be with her as
DEXTER - Prophyte member of Omega Psi Phi. From New Orleans and went to high school
with NINO, who is now deceased. Used to date Delta Sigma Theta member WILLIE but
seperated after they both crossed. He was said to have spent too much time with his new
frat brothers and not enough quality time with her. He now wants her back.
DRE - Senior, prophyte member of Omega Psi Phi. Is the dean of Omega's newest brother,
7 | P a g e

TY - Neophyte member of Omega Psi Phi. Wanted to pledge Omega for all the wrong
reasons...for the girls and for the publicity. Has been humbled and learned a lot through his
pledge process.
BUCK - Prophyte member of the Amgis College chapter. Star basketball player for Amgis
College. Basketball rival was DERRICK who used to play for Ahpla University and date Alpha
Kappa Alpha member JUNE. BUCK is now dating JUNE.
HAYDEN - Fall 1991 initiate of Xi Alpha chapter, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Baruch, N.Y.
Came to Ahpla University as a guest to organize the brothers to start a chapter there. Was
successful with the newest line with Ahpla students MIRI and BRANDON. Spoken word poet.
COREY - Fall 1991 initiate of Xi Alpha chapter, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Baruch, N.Y.
Makes guest appearance and was dean of the Crescent line of Ahpla University and
neighboring Amgis College.
BRANDON - Neophyte member of Phi Beta Sigma. Ahpla student who pledged at Amgis
College. Has a twin brother, BRENDON, who wants to be a member of Kappa Alpha Psi
Fraternity. He is trying to pursuade BRENDON toward Sigma. He is dating Zeta Phi Beta
member DENICE.
MIRI - Neophyte member of Phi Beta Sigma. Ahpla student who pledged at Amgis College.
Previously hated all fraternities and sororities. Upon research however, deeply wanted to be
a member of Sigma. Dating Alpha Kappa Alpha member GINA is in Africa with her now. Has
also dated her soror, MONA. Excellent poet. His first book of poetry is called My Passion, My
People, My Pen and is available for purchase.
CALVIN - Neophyte member of Phi Beta Sigma. Amgis student. The first White member
initiated into Sigma at Amgis College. Had issues with MIRI over his feelings toward White
members of Black Greek letter organizations.
AHMAD - Neophyte member of Phi Beta Sigma. Amgis student. Was previously on line for
Kappa Alpha Psi at Ahpla University. Is now dating Alpha Kappa Alpha member SHAREESA.
SETH - Neophyte member of Phi Beta Sigma. Amgis College student.
8 | P a g e

SAIFA - Helps to initiate a chapter of Iota Phi Theta at Ahpla University by starting with
SEAN - Neophyte member of Iota Phi Theta. His father and grandfather are members of
Alpha Phi Alpha. His father was very much against his pledging anything other than Alpha.
Sean had expressed interest in Kappa Alpha Psi, Omega Psi Phi, Phi Beta Sigma and finally
Iota Phi Theta. Has had an altercation with RONNIE of Omega Psi Phi.
DR. COLIN MWATSUMI - Neophyte member of Iota Phi Theta. Ahpla University African
American studies professor. Advisor and mentor to SEAN.
SAM - Prophyte member. Was very hard on SEAN and DR. MWATSUMI while they were
RAY - Prophyte member.
BRENDON - Wants to be a member of Kappa Alpha Psi. Was not chosen for line and doesn't
know why. Goes through a time of depression about not being selected. His twin brother
BRANDON is a new member of Phi Beta Sigma and is possibly considering that fraternity.
Grew up with DENICE.
DERRICK - Left Ahpla University to pursue a career in the NBA with the Portland
Trailblazers. Previously dated Alpha Kappa Alpha member JUNE but is now dating CARYN.
Takes care of CARYN'S son, Lil' Derrick, who is actually BOBBY's child. Hates Omega Psi Phi
member BUCK who is now dating JUNE.
CARYN - Ahpla University cheerleader. Very flirtatious. Mother of Lil' Derrick, who she
thought was DERRICK's but found out is BOBBY's. Is now dating DERRICK because he has
money from his career as a professional basketball player. Has also dated GREGG. Is afraid
of losing her son to his biological father BOBBY.
TRINA - Dating RONNIE and previously dated BOBBY. When dating BOBBY, she knew that
he already had a girlfriend, but dated him anyway. Is now dating RONNIE because she
doesn't like BOBBY anymore.
DONNA - Previously dated Kappa Alpha Psi member XAVIER and is bisexual and has had
relations with Alpha Kappa Alpha member KATRICE.
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JAHANNA - Friends with PJ and is very interested in Alpha Kappa Alpha. Did not make line
last year because she beat up Alpha Kappa Alpha member MONA.
Ahpla University Administration and Faculty
PRESIDENT DR. BRYCE - Phi Beta Sigma member and President of Ahpla University.
DR. ALEX JEFFERSON - Ahpla University psychology professor. Husband of Delta Sigma
Theta member STACIE but has cheated with both CHRISTIAN and BREANNA.
JERREL - Works in Ahpla administration building. Very attractive brother. Dated Alpha
Kappa Alpha member GINA but tried to pursue Sigma Gamma Rho member CANDAE at the
same time. Initially perpetrated being a member of both Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity and
Omega Psi Phi fraternity, all in a plot to get MONA expelled from campus.

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Episode 1
Our story begins on the campus of Ahpla University, a well known and accredited Historical
Black College. It is mid-August and the campus is beginning to buzz with new faces of
incoming freshman and old faces returning of upper classmen. Registration is ready to begin
for many students and it is a busy time for all on campus. Many studentsuse this early time
to get into gear, as our story begins in the Tandy Hall dormitory.
GREGG and NINO's dorm room.
GREGG - Yo Nino, where you goin'?
NINO - Step practice.
GREGG - Why yall steppin' so early in the year? It's only August 20?
NINO - Maybe that's why we keep beatin' yall's sorry asses!
GREGG - (laughs) Yeah whatever nigga. I'll holla at you later.
NINO - Peace out. Oh if Candace calls me, tell her to just page me because I'll probably be
out with the Bros tonight.
GREGG - And she is supposed to believe that?
NINO - (laughs) Yeah cuz she knows that I aint like you!
GREGG jokingly throws a miniature football at NINO but it hits the door as NINO slams it
behind him.
Miri at the microphone in Pharoahs, a local hot spot.
MIRI - So who are you? ...What's really in a name? ...Do you grow and adjust to your
parent's role, that they labeled you before one day old? ...And what if that name doesn't fit
when you're grown? ...Do you adjust and call it your own? ...Should you adjust? ...Should
you feel shame? ...No. Your parents collaborated and gave you your name. But is this who
you are?
(takes a pull on a lit cigarette)
So then, who are you? ...Are you defined by a name? Your last name was passed from your
father with pride. ...Or maybe yours comes from your maternal side. Your father's father
got it with honor and grace. But to his grandfather's father, it's a slap in the face. Because
for him it's not printed on a certificate. It was printed on his back by the sting of a whip.
Should you adjust? Let it go as you grow? Yes? No? Maybe so? Or do you not know? If you
11 | P a g e

don't, do you know who you are?
Thank You
(audience applauds his piece)
GINA - Excuse me. That was beautiful. What was your name again?
MIRI - Oh thank you very much. My name is Miri Bakhan. And who might you be, do you
know who you are? (smiling)
GINA - Oh see, how you gonna try to play me? (smiling back)
MIRI - Naw sister, I'm just playin'. It's just that you are definitely a new face. I see the
same people in and out of here. Especially right before school starts.
GINA - My name is Gina, I transferred here from Mission College.
MIRI - Word? My cousin went to Mission College, Dap Dunlap. Did you know him? Actually, I
guess it was a few years ago.
GINA - I have heard his name though. He was kind of revolutionary right?
MIRI - Yeah, just like me.
GINA - Will the revolution be televised?
MIRI laughs.
(Miri, you have a phone call bra)
MIRI - Excuse me sister.
GINA - No problem.
(Telephone rings in SYLVIA's apartment)
SYLVIA - Good evening.
ASHANTE - Hey Soror.
SYLVIA - Hey girl what's goin' on?
ASHANTE - Nothin much. I called to see what's going on with you. I need to sit down with
you and Max so we can get a schedule of what the chapter is doing for the semester.
SYLVIA - Oh cool! I got mad ideas of some stuff that I want us to do. And I also think that
we should get a head start and throw the first party this year. And of course I'm trying to
win my last step show before graduation. Homecoming is going to be off the hook!
ASHANTE - You just make sure that your graduation is off the hook.
SYLVIA (laughs) - Girl you crazy! Let me see if I can get Max on the three-way. Hold on.
(Telephone rings in MAX's apartment)
12 | P a g e

MAX - Hold on Daddy...Hello?
SYLVIA -What's up Soror! What's the deal? I got Ashante on the phone too.
ASHANTE - Hey what's up?
MAX - Hey! I'm on the other line with my dad.
SYLVIA - Word? Is he trippin'?
MAX - You know he is. He always is.
ASHANTE - Trippin' off what? What yall talkin' about?
MAX - Long story. But the Cliff Note version is he wants me to come home for Thanksgiving
so we can discuss my after-graduation plans. I was like, Daddy it's August. Thanksgiving is
in November. Let's get past trick-or-treat first. But of course, he has no sense of humor.
MAX - Well anyway, let me get back to him. I'll talk to yall later.
SYLVIA - Cool.
MAX- Hello Daddy?
MR. SHENSON - Yeah baby I'm here.
MAX- Sorry about that. That was Sylvia.
MR. SHENSON - Oh really, how is she doing?
MAX- She's fine.
MR. SHENSON - Maybe you should invite her for Thanksgiving as well.
MAX- Daddy!

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Episode 2
We pick up our story in the IVY Tower Dormitory... in APRIL and PJ's room.
(telephone rings)
PJ - Hello.
MONA - Good evening, is April available?
PJ - No she isn't may I take a message?
PJ - Yeah who is this?
MONA - What's up soror, this is Mona.
PJ - Girl are you crazy? What did you call me?
MONA - (laughingly) I called you soror. What's the matter? You don't think you gonna make
line this year either? You need some confidence like me! Cause you know I'm down!
PJ - OK first of all, you need to check yourself talkin' that way. Because don't nobody know
nothin'. Trust me on that. Secondly, with the way that April has been acting since she
crossed, she probably has this phone tapped and the conversations going right to the AKA
National Headquarters or something. So quit using that word until you are one.
MONA - PJ please! My mom basically founded the chapter here at Ahpla. So how they gonna
turn me down? Mommy told me the deal.
PJ - Mona...forget it. I see your going to learn the hard way. (laughing)
MONA - Well don't tell April that I called. I don't want it to seem like I am pressed or
anything, leaving a million messages. You know?
PJ - Unfortunately girl, I do.
Changing scenes, we are now in the gymnasium of Amgis College where The Amgis Blue
Devils are playing The Ahpla Angels in basketball. It is the fourth quarter and The Blue
Devils are leading The Angels by 2 points. There are 7 seconds left in the game.
COACH JOHNSON - All right guys, here is the play. DERRICK, you come off the screen left
and you should be open for the jumper.
DERRICK - But COACH, I can back it up and hit the 3 pointer for the win. I'm feelin' hot and
I know I can sink it.
14 | P a g e

COACH JOHNSON - Listen son, if you always play to win, you sometimes play to lose. Now
you listen to me. Sink the 2 point basket, and we can beat these guys in overtime. Now
ready.... Break!
(Referee blows the whistle. The ball is put in play.)
DERRICK - I'm off the screen! Hit me!
(The ball is passed to DERRICK. The clock is down to 4...3...DERRICK takes 1 second to
back up behind the 3-point line...2...DERRICK shoots...buzzer!)
ANNOUNCER - And that ends our game folks! Your Amgis Blue Devils defeat The Ahpla
Angels by a final score of 80 - 78! What a game! Congratulations to our true blue home
(DERRICK stands there just looking at the basket. CARYN approaches)
CARYN - I guess you don't make'em all huh? I think it was a good shot though.
(DERRICK is silent)
CARYN - Listen, I know the bus doesn't leave here until the morning. So what's say you and
I hang out and I can make you feel better. I know you are feeling down and from the look
on COACH JOHNSON's face, you're gonna be feelin' worse pretty soon.
DERRICK - Don't you know about JUNE?
CARYN - I don't see no rings on your fingers! Besides, I just want to make you feel better.
Maybe a nice massage. Here is my room number, 1906. You'd better go now.
DERRICK - Yeah, I gotta go.
(Phone rings in WIL's apartment. TREY is there.)
WIL - Hold on sands, let me answer this phone.
TREY - Aight Bruh.
WIL - Hello?
QUINTON - Uh, good evening. Um is WILLIAM TOUHMAN available?
WIL - Who is this?
QUINTON - This is QUINTON PARKER. I am a sophomore majoring in...
15 | P a g e

WIL - Did I ask you what your major was? Why are you calling me? Who are you? What is
this call about?
TREY - Yo Bruh, who is that?
(WIL covers the phone)
WIL - Some perspective guy calling about the frat!
TREY - Oh yeah! Ha Ha!
WIL - Well answer me!
QUINTON - I'm sorry sir...Uh I was just... I mean I didn't mean to... I mean...
WIL - What? What do you mean? Can you complete a sentence? Are you calling about the
fraternity? If so, then just say that man!
TREY- Ha Ha! Ha Ha HA!!
QUINTON - Yes sir, that was what I was calling about. I was calling to see if we could
possibly meet sometime and discuss your fraternity.
WIL - First of all, stop calling me sir! This aint no military regiment! And do you know my
sands Trey Donald? Why not? Before you meet me, you'd better know all about him!
QUINTON - I know that TREY DONALD is from Virginia.
WIL - No fool, I'm from Virginia and TREY is from Seattle. Look get your act together and
call back when you are truly about the business of this fraternity!
TREY - Ha Ha! Ha HA! HA HA HA!!!
(WIL hangs up on QUINTON)
TREY - Yo, that was mad funny.
WIL - Yeah but was I too hard on him?
TREY - Naw, he deserved it. Like I'm from whack-ass Virginia! Anyway, you ready to go to
step practice? NINO must be there by now.
WIL -Naw I aint going. I need to do some stuff here.
TREY - What? How you gonna yell at perspectives about being about the business of the frat
and you aint going to meet up with Bros? You know how important this is and you know
how NINO is.
WIL - Man, whatever! Get out my face with all that! I've paid my dues. Now I got other
things to do.
TREY - That is bullshit. You don't pledge this frat and then do your 1 or 2 years and that's it!
16 | P a g e

You pledge this for life my brother! Or at least some of us do.
WIL - Yo kid, don't tell me about how I pledged aight! Just go 'head to your step practice.
TREY - Yeah sands. I just might do that. Step!

17 | P a g e

Episode 3
It is a beautiful Friday morning on the campus of Ahpla. Students are casually walking
across the yard to and fro. We pick up our story here, as APRIL and OCTAVIA are
APRIL - Yeah Sands, I heard that SYLVIA is trying to throw the first party this year. That
would be off the hook. We need to be out there first since we are the first and the finest!
OCTAVIA - I hear that. But let us not get this semester started on the wrong foot. You know
we had a talk about your grades. Now did you get all of your classes in order?
APRIL - Shit, you're worst than my mom! But I guess that is why I love you sands! Yeah
everything is straight with my classes. I got a damn 8:00 class on Wednesday and Friday
though. That shit is gonna be a killer!
OCTAVIA - Yeah, well do what you gotta do!
REGGIE - What's up sands!
APRIL - Nothin' hun. What's up with you?
REGGIE - Nothin. Just spreadin' the word. We're steppin' on the yard at 1 o clock.
OCTAVIA - Word! Today?
REGGIE - Yeah. Can yall come out and support the Bros?
APRIL - You know it Frat! We'll be there! Because the rest just perpetrate!
REGGIE - Thanks Sorors!
(REGGIE walks away)
OCTAVIA - Now you know you got class at 1!
18 | P a g e

Our scene changes to the Green Center for the Arts on campus where MIRI spots GINA in
the hallway...
MIRI - Hello sister!
GINA - MIRI! How are you? I thought you forgot about me when you left Pharoahs so
MIRI - Oh never that. I had a phone call with an agent that lasted pretty long. The next
thing you know, you were gone and I didn't even get a chance to ask you for you number.
(MIRI smiles)
GINA - Oh I see. Tell me anything!
MIRI - Aw see, now you gonna play me! I hear ya!
(MIRI laughs)
GINA - I'm just playing. Where are you headed?
MIRI - Well I just got out of a class and I have a break. So I was going to walk down the hill
to this Jamaican place. Would you care to join me?
GINA - Actually I would. I have a class in this building as well and it lets out about 1:30. But
since today is the first real day of class, she let us go early. What time is it anyway?
MIRI - Just about 1 o'clock.
GINA - Cool, then let's head out now.
MIRI - Yeah and it's a nice day too. Let's walk across campus.
(MIRI holds the door for GINA to exit Green Center and they begin to walk across the yard)
(From across the yard, they see a crowd forming and hear male voices chanting...Calling All
Brothers To The Floor! Oooh ALPHA, We Got Some Here But We Need Some More!........)
MIRI - Oh shit. The Alphas.
GINA - And what is wrong with the Alphas?
MIRI - Nothin', it's just that this kid BOBBY is givin' me some slack on this production that
I'm trying to do and I don't appreciate that.
GINA - What production? And who is BOBBY? Remember I transferred here so I don't know
anybody yet.
19 | P a g e

NINO - I said my Brothers!
NINO - I said my Ice Cold Brothers!
NINO - I think it's time we break it down on 'em, '06 style! Deep In My Heart... I Love My A
Phi! I Love My A Phi A!....
(NINO begins the step and the Brothers join in afterward. The crowd cheers)
MONA - Damn KATRICE! That Alpha that is leading the steps is fine! What you think girl?
KATRICE - Yeah he is a cutey.
(KATRICE thinks...I think that the Soror in the pink jacket is much cuter though)
BROTHERS IN UNISON - We're the Alpha Brothers for Heaven's sake, we're the
Granddaddy's makin' no mistakes!...
APRIL - SkeeeeePhiiiiii! Frat! Do that shit REGGIE! Go NINO!
OCTAVIA - SkeeeeeWeeeeee! You know I'm lettin' you slide this time sands, but your ass
aint missin' no more classes.
(OCTAVIA and APRIL smile at each other)
APRIL - I love you sands! GO TREY!
ALEXIS - Break it down BOBBY!
(ALEXIS thinks...I would tell BOBBY how good he steps, but he'd get a big head about
himself. Maybe that's why I love him.)
(TRINA thinks...I would tell BOBBY how good he steps, but he'd get a big head about
himself. Maybe that's why I love him.)
BROTHERS IN UNISON - Ice Ice Baby! Too Cold Too Cold! Ice Ice Baby! The Black and Old
(The Brothers finish the last step and the crowd cheers)
20 | P a g e

TREY - NINO, good job Frat! You did good with the practices. We looked pretty sharp.
NINO - Thanks Bruh, just doin' what I gotta do.
QUINTON - Excuse me, I was wondering if I could talk to you Brothers about the
membership intake process.
(NINO and TREY look at each other and laugh)

21 | P a g e

Episode 4
Our story opens this week in ALEXIS's apartment.
DARRYL on Radio - Wassup! Wassup! All my brown peeps this is 'D ROCK' comin' at cha live
on WAPA Radio! This next cut is hot, it's hot and I like it a lot! Brandy and Monica with "The
Boy is Mine" right here on the only station for the Ahpla nation, we keep if so off the hizzy
it'll make ya dizzy! WAPA Radio!
..."you need to give it up, had about enough! It's not hard to see, The Boy Is Mine!".....
(ALEXIS typing instant messages online)
ALX@aol.com - Hi Mommy! I'm home tonight, I am cooking a surprise dinner for Bobby.
Lord knows the brother loves to eat!
SMITHE1@aol.com - I know that's right baby. Keep 'em fed! How do you think I landed your
father? :-)
ALX@aol.com - Ha Ha. Mommy I have a question. When you and dad dated, times were
different and it was ok to marry your high school sweetheart. But it just seems like
nowadays people are getting married so much older, and I am already almost done with
college. Well, I just want to be with Bobby forever, but how do you know? You know? How
do you know that they'll still be there? I'm sorry I'm typing so much.
SMITHE1@aol.com - Lexi, you don't know unless you know. Sometimes you have to be
quiet and let the little voice inside of you speak to you. With no interruptions and no
distractions. The same voice that told you not to mess with my makeup when you were 8,
but you did it anyway.
ALX@aol.com - :-) Sorry about that!
SMITHE1@aol.com - But that voice is the voice of God. You'll know the way to go because it
is inside of you. Baby, the Lord won't steer you wrong. Like my grandmother used to say,
"Hush chile, jus lissen!"
ALX@aol.com - Mommy, I love him so much!
SMITH1@aol.com - I know Lexi.
22 | P a g e

TRINA's Apartment
DARRYL on Radio Wassup! Wassup! All my brown peeps this is 'D ROCK' comin' at cha live
on WAPA Radio! This next cut is hot, it's hot and I like it a lot! Brandy and Monica with "The
Boy is Mine" right here on the only station for the Ahpla nation, we keep it so off the hizzy
it'll make ya dizzy! WAPA Radio!
..."you need to give it up, had about enough! It's not hard to see, The Boy Is Mine!".....
TRINA - They're playing your song.
BOBBY - Yeah ok (laughingly). Whatever you say.
TRINA - Well what I say is, I aint the dumb one. Your here with me now.
BOBBY - Yeah but I go home to her.
TRINA - You aint goin' home to her tonight.
BOBBY - Ok, you got me on that one. Come here.
(TRINA moves closer to BOBBY and they kiss)
BOBBY - I do want to stay. I love spending time with you.
TRINA - I love spending time with you too BOBBY. But we need to spend more time
BOBBY - Well uuuhhhh...
TRINA - No explanation needed. Just shut up and let's go do what you do best.
BOBBY - Word, because you know I got skills between the sheets!
TRINA - Nigga I was talking about stepping. That is what you do best.(laughing)
(BOBBY laughs out loud as they walk into TRINA's bedroom). ----------------------------------
Our scene changes to QUINTON's room in Tandy Hall where QUINTON, LARRY AND JASON
are talking.
LARRY LAR - So we gotta know all the dates for the fraternity as far as the founding date,
the founders' names and everything?
QUINTON - Yeah, you gotta know it all.
LARRY LAR - So all the Alphas had to study all this stuff? It seems like a lot of them just
mack to babes all the time. They don't seem like the history buffs to me.
JASON - Believe me, they had to know it. History is mad important, especially for
fraternities and sororities.
23 | P a g e

QUINTON - So let's start studying some stuff now.
JASON - Ok, where do we start?
(Telephone rings)
QUINTON - Hello?
DONTE - Yeah let me speak to QUINTON.
QUINTON - This is Quinton, may I ask who is speaking?
DONTE - No you may not ask who is speaking! I ask the questions! Now what the hell is
wrong with you approaching my frat brothers on the middle of the yard and asking about
QUINTON - Oh ...I didn't know that...uh ...it was a problem.
DONTE - Hell yeah that is a problem! You'd better learn about discretion! As a matter of
fact, maybe I should be the one to teach you about discretion! How would you like to visit
my house and ask me some stupid shit like that?
QUINTON - I am not sure who I am speaking with, so I would not know who to visit.
DONTE - Well you find out who Crazy Hazy is and you get to my house at 7:06!
(DONTE hangs up on QUINTON)
QUINTON - Could one of you guys check our list and find out whose line name is Crazy
Hazy? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
We now enter the IVY Tower in PJ and APRIL's room. MONA, JUNE AND KATRICE have come
to visit PJ.
(Knock on the door. PJ opens it)
PJ- MONA, what are you doing here? What are all of you doing here?
MONA- We wanted to start studying some AKA history and we thought of who better to
teach us than you.
PJ- Are you crazy? Don't you know that APRIL lives here too? What if she was home?
MONA-Quit worrying. I know that she is in class. I check on the sorors schedules all the
time. I know them like clockwork. Now relax.
(The three girls enter the room)
24 | P a g e

PJ- What makes you think that I am going to teach you anything. I don't even know if I am
going to go out again. Plus, I still think that it is a stupid idea to meet over here.
JUNE-You seem like a leader. Right now, we are not sure what to do. I have never done
anything like this before. And my mom is not a member like MONA's mom.
(MONA smiles)
JUNE - So basically, I need...or should I say, we need your help.
KATRICE - Yeah, really we do. And hopefully through this, we can all become sisters.
(A key turns the knob and APRIL enters the room)
(PJ thinks...Oh shit!)
(KATRICE thinks...Oh shit! The cute soror in the pink jacket!)
APRIL- Oh PJ, you have company?
PJ- Uh...yeah. They were just...
(MONA interrupts PJ)
MONA-Hi APRIL, my name is MONA FERGUSON, daughter of Melinda Ferguson, your chapter
founder and this is JUNE HILL and KATRICE SAUNDERS.
(There is a second of dead silence...)
APRIL- Ok, first of all...
(PJ thinks...Damn!)
APRIL-Stop with the corny introductions. And I hope you didn't tell me that your last name
is Ferguson so you can get some props trying to come up in the chapter. Oh hell no, I think
that you got some lessons to learn, and why the hell would yall want to meet in my room?
You know, the more I think about this...get out!
MONA-Oh I apologize...I certainly didn't mean to offend...
APRIL-Why are yall still here? When yall learn the correct way to go about business, be
(JUNE says quickly...)
JUNE-Yes we have taken up too much of your time already. We will definitely heed your
advise and be getting in contact with you at a later date. Thank you so much for your time.
Good bye.
25 | P a g e

(The three hurry out and close the door)
APRIL-PEEJ, what's up with that?
(PJ shrugs her shoulders)
PJ-Aren't you supposed to be in class?
APRIL- Please! With this nice weather out here? I'll check that class next week!

26 | P a g e

Episode 5
Our story picks up late afternoon, outside of the Ahpla Dome. Basketball practice has just
ended and JUNE meets DERRICK outside.
JUNE - Hey Baby!
DERRICK - Hey what's up?
(They hug and begin to walk)
JUNE - You seem to be in a bad mood. What's wrong.
DERRICK - I got mad heat from JOHNSON for that shot I took. So now I got benched for 2
games. I've been running laps all practice.
JUNE - Damn! I guess we both in bad moods then.
DERRICK - Why you moody? Because I got benched?
JUNE - No, I got caught up with one of the AKA's and she almost went off on me and a few
other girls. But luckily, we made it out fast.
DERRICK-Wait, I'm lost. Why would an AKA go off on you?
JUNE - Well apparently, when you are interested, they nag to see if you are quality
material. You know, they see what you are made of and if you fit in well with them.
DERRICK - Well what's that got to do with you? I know you aint tryin to pledge no sorority!
JUNE - And why not?
(DERRICK raises his tone)
DERRICK - Are you serious? I don't want you doin' that shit! Frats and sororities aint about
nothing but profiling and that's straight garbage!
JUNE - Wait, first of all, I don't know who you are raising your voice at. And I don't know
what fraternities and sororities you been checkin' out but all the chapters here at Ahpla
have been on point for years. The histories and the legacies here are phat. What are you
talking about?
DERRICK - Naw, so many of my boys pledged and then changed. You know Ronnie the Que.
That was my nigga, and now look at him. He acts mad stupid with the rest of the Ques
every time them niggas are on the yard.
JUNE - Then he was mad stupid to begin with. You sayin' that I'm gonna change.
DERRICK - I'm not saying that. And I apologize for raising my voice. All I'm saying is I don't
27 | P a g e

think that these organizations are about anything deep. They claim to be, but they are just
excuses for people to beat other people up and then mack honeys or get niggas. And I can't
see you as a part of that. They're whack in my eyes and I don't want you doing it.
JUNE - Well I can't speak for other organizations and other campuses. But Alpha Kappa
Alpha Sorority Inc. is a sisterhood of women that do community service. But beyond that it
is a huge networking pool world wide so I'll never be alone. And knowing that some of the
greatest women of our time have come through the same doors is mind blowing to me. I
want to have a sisterly bond with greatness and that is what Alpha Kappa Alpha is to me. If
I am so fortunate to make line, I am doing this. I just hope that when it is all said and done,
you are there for me.
We join the ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha in Slowe Hall where they conduct their chapter
meeting. SYLVIA is presiding, MAX is present as well as APRIL and ASHANTE.
SYLVIA - So it is set then. The party will be October 3rd, $10 and $8 for Greeks.
APRIL - Should it be free for the Bros?
SYLVIA - Oh no doubt. They always look out for us, so the First Family discount is on.
(OCTAVIA comes in the room with GINA)
OCTAVIA - Hey Sorors, sorry I am late. This is a transfer soror from Mission.
GINA - Hello Sorors!
EVERYONE - Hello Soror!
ASHANTE - Welcome Soror, what is your name?
GINA - I'm GINA, I'm a political science major.
(They both sit down next to APRIL)
MAX - Ok sorors, the next order of business is.............
APRIL - (whispers) Why you late sands?
OCTAVIA - My Bio lab ran late. My experiments weren't finished incubating yet.
APRIL - Yeah but what is more important? (smiling)
OCTAVIA - Graduating!
MAX - So at this point, the interested ladies can call us and meet with us, but that is it. No
28 | P a g e

personal favors from them to us. Is that understood? It is too soon for that kind of stuff.
APRIL - What about the fact that I came home last week and there were 2 or 3 of them in
my room with PJ! And one of them was on some ol' my mom pledged here so you need to
know me!
APRIL - Yeah, her mom is Soror Melinda Ferguson.
ASHANTE - Ok, we definitely don't want Soror Ferguson bringing any kind of drama. So be
careful with her.
APRIL - Yeah but she is full of it. You should have heard the way that she said her name to
SYLVIA - Nonetheless, ASHANTE is right. Look out for her and just be careful.
OCTAVIA - (whispers) What's up with PJ? Is she trying again or what?
We join NINO and GREGG in their room in Tandy Hall.
GREGG - I'm tellin' you yo, these babes be on you man! I can't see why you don't be
messin' with some of them. Some of them are fine as shit. I saw them watchin' you when
yall were stepping.
NINO - Yeah right. You should have been watching how good we are.
GREGG - Oh yall got a little something, but yall aint as hot as the Nupes! Yo Yo!
NINO - (laughing) Yeah whatever. But this is the reason I aint messin' around like you.
(NINO picks up a picture of his girl)
GREGG - I hear that bra. She is all that. But I'm sayin'. She is there and you are here. What
you think she is doing down there. With all those fine brothers at Southern, sshhhiittt....with
all those fine Nupes down there!
NINO - (laughing)- She is doing the exact same thing that I am doing here. Nothing. I love
my girl and she loves me.
GREGG - Well that nothing from you is about to change. I met this girl on the yard when
yall were actin' like yall could step. Anyway, she is coming over with her roommate.
NINO - What!
GREGG - Yeah man, she is a cutey and she is a freshman. And I looked out for you and told
29 | P a g e

her to bring her roommate.
NINO - Man, you didn't look out for me! You disrespected me, because you know the deal. I
aint with that.
GREGG - Come on man, we're just gonna chill over here and get into a movie or
NINO - Yeah right, well you have fun.
(NINO puts on his jacket)
GREGG - So you gonna leave?
NINO - Hell yeah. I'll be back later.
GREGG - Aight son. But you don't know what you are missing.
(NINO leaves. 15 minutes later there is a knock on the door. GREGG opens the door)
CARYN - Hey GREGG, this is my roommate CYNTHIA.
GREGG - Hey ladies, come on in.
CARYN - (smiling) - You gonna do a Kappa step for us?
GREGG - (smiling) - Only if you do an Ahpla cheer for me.

30 | P a g e

Episode 6
This week's story brings us to the yard of Ahpla. It is Friday afternoon and there are many
students on campus. MIRI and GINA are sitting at a bench on the yard talking.
MIRI - I'm just so excited about this project because I feel that it truly hits home, you
know? I mean the relevance of our people and what we have lost, and then gained and then
lost all over again is just deep.
GINA - Well let's see it, you got me all excited to read it now.
(MIRI pulls a large manuscript out of his shoulder bag. It is bound by large spirals and on
the cover in bold print reads the title "TO PLEDGE A SLAVE: TODAY'S GREEKS ON
GINA - To pledge a slave, today's greeks on yesterday's plantation huh? I can see why
Bobby doesn't like it.
MIRI - That's because he is a so-called greek and he, like the rest of them are of that
GINA - But everyone that pledges doesn't fall into that mind set.
MIRI - Show me one who isn't.
(GINA hesitates)
GINA - Let me just read this.
Opening Scene: Lights come up. Overture fades.
Act I: Outside in the field, evening time. Character 1 is Dean and Pledgees are assembled in
line facing him.Dean is in white face and other fraternity members are in white face.
Dean: Pledge Class! Attention! It's time for you to get on point! Say my Greeting and I want
no mistakes!
Pledge No 1: Dean, weeze powerful tired Sir, may we just rest a spell? Lord knows it was a
hot day today massa.
Dean steps toward Pledge Line
Dean: Would you like for me to show you what powerful really is Pledge?
Pledge Class: No Sir!
31 | P a g e

Dean: Then do what you are told and do it now!
Pledge Class: Yessir!
(GINA closes manuscript)
MIRI - I see the concern in your face. I love that my work causes the thought process. That
is my thing, I want Black people to start to think. I write because I want to encourage
reading, our youth need to read. I stir shit up because shit aint been stirred in a while.
These backward ass negroes don't know what time it is and they talking about I pledged so
I'm helping my community. And honestly, that is what I dig about you GINA, I knew when I
met you that you were different. I got a vibe from you that won't quit and I knew that you
were someone that I had to get to know because you can appreciate me for who I am and
what I am trying to say.
GINA - MIRI, I do dig you, I like you a lot. Your work is beautiful, you are full of poems just
waiting to come out. But this piece is a little disrespectful, don't you think? I mean come on,
you are comparing well educated brothers and sisters to modern day slaves.
MIRI - Well honestly,.....
GINA - MIRI before you say that, I have something to tell you.
MIRI - Well before you tell me that, (smiling) what are you doing Saturday night?
GINA - Actually, I'm busy. There's a party on campus on Saturday and I'm going.
(WILLIE and THERESA are walking across the yard toward MIRI and GINA)
WILLIE - Oh look girl, there's MIRI. He's trying to put on some play dissin Delta and the rest
of the frats and sororities on campus.
THERESA - So what. Yall need to get dissed! Yall aint about nothing. (smiling)
WILLIE - Let me find out I'm about to slap you. (smiling back) But on the real, that aint
goin' down like that. I'm about to pull him up on that shit for real.
THERESA - Well who is the girl with him?
WILLIE - Probably some girl in the play, but if she got something to say, she can bring it
32 | P a g e

We next are at the front door of Donte's House, a brownstone which serves as the frat
house on Ahpla Row. QUINTON, JASON and LARRY LAR knock on the front door. DONTE
answers the door.
DONTE - What's up?
QUINTON - Yes we are here to see DONTE.
DONTE - I thought I asked to see one of you.
QUINTON - We are trying to be a unified body, so we thought it would be better if....
DONTE - Get in here!
(The three enter)
DONTE - Sit on the floor. Now tell me, which one of you idiots is Quinton?
QUINTON - I am sir.
DONTE - Why the hell did you call me sir? Look, I see I have to school you idiots from the
very basic. Have you ever heard anywhere that a humble man will learn?
DONTE - Well!
LARRY LAR - No I have never heard that.
DONTE - There is no I in Alpha! I thought that yall were a unified body! What is your name
LARRY LAR - My name is Larry.
DONTE - So Larry, why do you want to be an Alpha?
LARRY LAR - Well honestly, I see yall on the yard and I saw the line pledge last year. A lot
of girls be on yall, especially the brothers who step. I saw that kid Nino and Reggie. So I am
tryin' to study the history so I can be down.
(QUINTON drops his head. DONTE is silent)
DONTE - I'll be right back.
(Phone rings in WIL's apartment)
WIL - Hello?
DONTE - Bruh, you got come over here right now!
WIL - What?
33 | P a g e

DONTE - I got some p-boys in the house and things are about to get ugly. I need some bros
WIL - Are you crazy? We haven't even had an interest meeting yet, how you gonna have
boys over already?
DONTE - I have my ways. Remember how I got your ass over here back in the day.
WIL - Yeah and back in the day we almost got snatched because of your ass.
DONTE - Anyway, you comin' over or not.
WIL - Naw man, I got things to do. Call Reggie or somebody else. I'm busy.
DONTE - You seem to be real busy when it comes to frat stuff lately. I didn't see you on the
yard when we were steppin' either. And did you go to the chapter meeting?
WIL - Naw I have just been busy. Just call Reg or Trey.
DONTE - Aight whatever.
(Phone rings at REGGIE's)
REGGIE - Hello?
DONTE - Yo frat, what's up this is Donte.
REGGIE - Oh what's up?
DONTE - I got some boys over here and I'm about to get my haze on. You down?
REGGIE - What? Hell yeah! Who else is there?
DONTE - Just me. Call Trey and Nino.
REGGIE - Cool! What about Wil?
DONTE - That nigga aint with frat shit anymore seems like. Don't call Bobby either. He is
always on some ol' suspension shit.
REGGIE - Cool, I'm on my way.
Our story shifts to ALEXIS's apartment where ALEXIS and BOBBY are talking.
BOBBY - Baby, had I known you were cooking, I would have been here. But I'm telling you
that I had no idea. You said yourself that it was a surprise.
ALEXIS - That is not my beef Bobby. I'm wondering why you never called me all that night
and why didn't you return any of my pages?
BOBBY - Oh, because the battery in my pager died. I even asked any Bros if they had an
34 | P a g e

extra battery but nobody had one. And I was just caught up in some stuff with the chapter,
so I just never got a chance to call. I'm sorry.
ALEXIS - You and the brothers have more meetings than the UN. Gosh, what are yall
meeting about now? I never see you.
BOBBY - Come on baby, I'm up for brother of the year and the chapter could get chapter of
the year. That is mad important. That is why we were at the frat house all night.
ALEXIS - The frat house? I called there and Donte said that you weren't there.
(BOBBY thinks "Oh shit!")
BOBBY - Not that frat house, I mean Wil's house. You know any brothers house is the frat
house because frat lives there. You know? (smile)
BOBBY - But anyway, let me make it up to you. You want to go to the AKA party tomorrow
night with me?
ALEXIS - Sure but you'll probably be steppin' with the bros all night.
BOBBY - I tell you what, I won't step at the party at all. I'll give the whole evening to you. I
won't leave your side.
ALEXIS - Deal, that is how I like it.
(They kiss)
ALEXIS - Why not start right now and give this whole evening to me? Let's go in my room
and do what you do best.
(BOBBY smiles to himself)
BOBBY - Baby, I would love to but I got to head over to the frat house. I mean the official
frat house where Donte lives. I gotta pick up my paperwork.
ALEXIS - You gotta leave right now?
BOBBY - How about if I run right there and then come right back.
ALEXIS - How long you gonna take?
BOBBY - I'll be back here in half an hour. Promise.
ALEXIS - Make it 25 minutes...
(ALEXIS unbuttons her shirt)
35 | P a g e

ALEXIS - ...and I'll make it worth the hurry!
BOBBY - I'll be back in 20 so I can use the extra 5 minutes!
(BOBBY is in his car and driving to the frat house. He thinks "Damn Donte almost fucked my
shit up. I guess he didn't know though. Let me hurry up and get over there so I can get
back." He begins to drive faster to the frat house.)

36 | P a g e

Episode 7
We pick up our story at the apartment of GREGG and NINO where we left GREGG the Kappa
with the two freshman women, CARYN and CYNTHIA.
CYNTHIA - I thought you said your roommate was going to be here. The Alpha from the
yard. Where is he?
GREGG - Oh Nino, well, uhh, he left a little while ago. He had an errand to run. But you can
stay out here and watch cable while Caryn and I go in the back.
CYNTHIA - Is he coming back? I don't want to be the third wheel and I definitely don't want
to be stuck out here while you two love birds are nesting. I'll just go back to the dorm.
(CYNTHIA thinks "Damn, Nino was fine as hell too!")
CARYN - Are you sure Cyn? You really don't have to go because there will be no nesting
going on here. (Gives GREGG the evil eye) You can watch BET or something.
CYNTHIA - I'm sure. You two have fun. I'll find something to do. See you tonight Caryn.
(Cynthia walks toward the door)
CARYN - You know you will girl. See ya. (Turns towards Gregg) What are you talking about
"while we go in the back." Have you lost your mind?
GREGG - (Playfully grabs Caryn) Girl, you know I was just playing.Get over here...
Door slams
(While walking down the steps, CYNTHIA drops her purse and all its contents
fall out. As she is picking everything up someone bends down to help her.
Without looking she says thanks and gets up to find it was NINO helping her.)
CYNTHIA- Nino, I didn't think you would be back so soon. Gregg said you were out running
an errand.
NINO - Oh yeah, well...I had to get some air. You must be the young lady he met on the
yard. Are you leaving?
CYNTHIA - Yeah, I'm Cynthia. I left because I didn't want to be the oddball. Do you want to
go out and do something?
NINO - No, I have to catch up on some reading. Maybe some other time.
37 | P a g e

CYNTHIA - OK. Well, I'll see you around. Bye.
NINO - Bye.
(Walks to room and opens door. Sees Gregg and Caryn on the couch kissing.)
NINO thinks "Man, why can't they take that in the back."
(NINO looks back toward steps and then back at the peep show. Shuts the door. Yells at
NINO -Hey, wait up what did you have in mind?
CYNTHIA thinks "Yes, yes, yes!"
(As Cynthia walks back toward room, Nino hears the phone ring.)
NINO - Wait right here, I'll be right back.
(NINO goes inside to answer the phone)
NINO - Hello.
CANDACE- Hi boo.
NINO- Hi baby! How you doin'?
CANDACE-Actually I am running out but I just wanted to call and say that I miss you.
(Nino looks at her picture on his desk)
NINO - I miss you too baby. Wait, hold on I got a call coming in. (click over) Hello.
REGGIE-Nino, wassup this is Reg, Donte has a set over at the house. You down?
NINO- A set? With who?
REGGIE-Some p-boys. It is about that time you know? So what's up, you comin'?
NINO-Yeah it's on! I'll meet you there. Peace. (click over) Candace?
CANDACE-Yeah boo I'm here. I gotta run out, but I love you Nino.
NINO- I love you too baby, bye.
Our story changes and finds MONA on the phone with her mother SOROR FERGUSON.
SOROR FERGUSON - Of course I will pin you dear. That won't be a problem at all. I actually
have saved many of my AKA things from when I was at Ahpla to pass on to you. This will be
38 | P a g e

a special time for both of us.
MONA - I know, I can't wait. Did I tell you that I met one of the neos last week?
MONA - Her name is April. She seems cool but she got a little attitude with me just because
I tried to introduce myself.
MONA - Yeah, her roommate is probably going to be on line as well. Her name is Presjina
and she is really cool. She should have made it last year but you know how politics can be.
SOROR FERGUSON - But back to this Soror April. Why does she have an attitude?
MONA - I don't know. I guess cuz she is a soror. I mean, I expect it. But I'm not trying to
deal with no mess. I know what they can and cannot do. You taught me well mom.
SOROR FERGUSON - You just keep me informed of what takes place.
MONA - SkeeWee future soror!
SOROR FERGUSON - All right now Mona, let's not push it! I'll be your big sister first, let's
take one step at a time.
MONA - Just kiddin' mom.
(Phone rings in PJ and APRIL's apartment)
PJ - Hello?
MONA - Hey PJ.
PJ - What's up girl?
MONA - Nothin' much. You going to the AKA party this weekend?
PJ - I haven't decided yet.
MONA - What you waitin' for, an invite? Come on PJ, you know you have to go.
PJ - That is the thing though. If I go, that is me saying to myself and to them that I am
trying out again. And that is what I really have not decided yet. I don't think I can go
through all the motions and then settle for the disappointment all over again.
MONA - Trust me, you have nothing to worry about. If anybody needs to make it, it is you.
PJ - Thanks. I take it you'll be there.
MONA - (laughingly) I would be deejaying if I could.
PJ - (laughs) Girl you crazy. Honestly, it is really in my heart. I love what they have and I
want a part of that so bad I can taste it. And at the same time, I have seen sides of April
that I don't like. I don't want myself to ever get there either.
39 | P a g e

MONA - Like I said, you are your own person.You can make this sisterhood whatever you
deem it to be. I have got major plans for what I want to do once I get my pearls, and
nothing is stopping me.
PJ - I thought I told you to stop talking that way.
MONA - Oh yeah, sorry. So you coming or not?
We next find DERRICK and RONNIE talking in the cafeteria.
RONNIE - So what you doin' this weekend playa?
DERRICK - I'm going to this campus party with June. She is dragging me along.
RONNIE - June wants to be down with the pink and green?
DERRICK - Yeah I know, crazy right?
RONNIE - I hope she don't change on you.
DERRICK - (laughingly) Yeah nigga like you did?
RONNIE - Aw man, you always my boy even though you aint Omegarized yet.
DERRICK - Yeah... ok.
RONNIE - Naw but really though. Some of these cats that pledge aint cool and I would hate
to see you caught up in some mess with some of these niggas.
DERRICK - What do you mean?
RONNIE - Well like this Alpha, Bobby. You know he goes with Alexis right?
RONNIE - Well he's messin' around with that other girl. What's her name...Trina.
DERRICK - So what? Who aint cheatin' at Ahpla?
RONNIE - Yeah but you know when you got a good woman, you kind of settle down. You
know how it is. Like you and June. Well Alexis is crazy cool, and she deserves better than
DERRICK - Sounds to me like you hatin' a little.
RONNIE - Naw, I like Alexis, she is a good girl. Some girls you just don't do that way. If I
was really hatin', I'd tell her about Bobby and Trina.
DERRICK - Why don't you? You think she would believe you?
RONNIE - I aint got no reason to lie to her.
DERRICK - How the hell would you tell her some shit like that anyway?
40 | P a g e

RONNIE - Yo, at the AKA jam!
DERRICK - What? Nigga are you crazy? Here you go startin' some shit.
RONNIE - I know they're gonna be there. Bobby will be with the Alphas and she don't let
him out of her sight for no party. And if Trina is there, he will probably leave her alone for at
least a few minutes...and boom there I step in. I let her know the deal and fireworks fly.
DERRICK - And what do you get out of all this?
RONNIE - Nothing. Just a possible future with me and Alexis. After she gets her cry on, she
will need a strong brother like myself to help heal her wounds.
DERRICK - (laughing) Well you are one crazy nigga if you think that stupid shit is going to
RONNIE - Watch it work!

41 | P a g e

Episode 8
We pick up our story on the Ahpla yard where we left GINA and MIRI talking on a bench.
MIRI - You mean that AKA sorority party? Why would you be going to that? You want to mix
and mingle with them?
GINA - Miri, that is what I have been trying to tell you and that is why I may have taken
your writing the wrong way. I pledged at Mission College. I'm an AKA.
MIRI - What!
(WILLIE and THERESA approach the bench where GINA and MIRI are talking.)
WILLIE - Excuse me Miri, but can I talk to you for a minute?
MIRI - (ignores Willie) You're kidding right? Don't tell me your a damn AKA?
GINA - See Miri, that's what I'm talking about. You are so disrespectful! Don't you ever use
profanity when you talk about my sisterhood!
MIRI - (raises his voice) Naw fuck that! How you gonna play me? You could have told me all
this time that you was an AKA from the giddyup!
WILLIE - Wait a minute. Sister I don't know you, but Miri you aint gonna be calling no black
woman out on the yard! You better check yourself on that!
MIRI - No, you need to mind your business, this aint got nothin' to do with you. This is
between me and Miss Pink and Green here.
GINA - You know what Miri, I knew I shouldn't have dealt with your tired ass in the first
place. You claim to be so self righteous and then you gonna try and trip on me out here in
front of all these people on the yard. You and your play are both disrespectful and I don't
ever want to see you again!
WILLIE - You a punk Miri! How you gonna talk out two sides of your neck bout how you
down for the cause and then turn around and disrespect sisters?
(GINA puts down the manuscript and begins to walk away).
MIRI - Wait! How am I the bad guy? You were the one who lied to me and wasn't up front
with me! Why didn't you tell me that day that we were on the yard and we saw the Alphas
stepping? That was the perfect time to tell me. Here I am telling you all this shit about
Greeks and my play and you just strollin' along.
42 | P a g e

(GINA stops)
GINA - Maybe I wasn't ready to tell you yet. But you just got finished telling me how you
dig me and now that you know I am an AKA you aint feelin' me like that anymore? Then
disrespect me by cursing at me?
THERESA - Willie, maybe we should be going.
MIRI - You disrespected me by not telling me! I can't believe this shit!
(still silence)
(MIRI picks up his manuscript and his bag and gathers his things. GINA turns and begins to
walk away again. WILLIE looks at THERESA)
WILLIE - Miri I aint got no more words for you!
(MIRI packs his bag and walks away).
Our story resumes in the Alpha Phi Alpha frat house. DONTE has finished talking to REGGIE
on the phone. He walks back into the room where QUINTON, LARRY LAR and JASON are.
DONTE - Do ya'll have any idea what it means to be on line?
LARRY - I know you go through some hell but in the end it's all worth it because you get
mad respect plus you get to do the same thing to some other boys the next semester.
QUINTON - I know it's important to learn history, but I thought the new term was
membership intake.
DONTE - I guess you think you are not going to take wood either?
QUINTON - You mean getting paddled? Well, according to the national web page that type
stuff doesn't happen anymore. It says that's not what being an Alpha is all about.
LARRY - I say if it's going to make me popular I don't care.
DONTE - (raises his voice) So that is what you think this is about? Are you all fuckin' crazy!
I know you guys don't have a clue, but some things you should know! No damn wannabees
are gonna be skatin' up in this chapter! We are about serious business and I will let this
chapter die before I let niggas in that don't care about shit and aint down to take some shit!
43 | P a g e

JASON - Excuse me sir, I don't think I...I mean we, understand what you want us to do.
DONTE- Ok, let me make it plain. Stand up!
(The three stand up)
DONTE - Extend you arms palms facing down and bend your knees like you are sitting
down! This is called the chair. Now get in the chair!
(The three do it. Doorbell rings. DONTE opens the door and TREY and REGGIE come in
TREY - What's up frat? '06!
DONTE - What's the deal?
REGGIE - Damn, I see you got started without us.
DONTE - Yeah I had to bruh. These idiots are the worse I have ever seen!
(DONTE slaps the top of QUINTON's hand very hard. QUINTON looks shocked)
REGGIE - What! You got a problem? Do you want to be an Alpha?
REGGIE - Then you better suck this shit up! This aint nothin' yet. Many brothers fought and
sacrificed hard so you are gonna work hard (slap) as (slap) hell (slap) too (slap)!
TREY - (grabs JASON) You gonna just sit there and watch your boy get slapped around?
Show some brotherhood and help him stupid!
(JASON places his hands over QUINTON's hands just before DONTE slaps down hard again)
DONTE - You still want to be popular Larry? If you can't get the ladies now, these letters
aint gonna help you one bit. So get that stupid shit out your head right (slap) now (slap)!
(Doorbell rings. By this time the three are sweating)
DONTE - Stand up and look relaxed!
(DONTE opens the door and grips NINO).
NINO - Aaaaawwww shit!
DONTE - Get back in the chair! And now we will have a little history lesson.
44 | P a g e

(The slapping continues. QUINTON feels tears swelling up in his eyes. There is a key in the
door and BOBBY walks in)
BOBBY - What the hell is going on in here?
DONTE - Yo um...we just having a meeting, with some interested gentlemen.
BOBBY - Ok you three come here.
(BOBBY walks the three outside of the house)
BOBBY - Listen, go home. Here is my phone number, I am Bobby and I am president of the
chapter. I want each of you to call me tomorrow night at 7:06, 8:06 and 9:06 respectively.
JASON - Yes.
(BOBBY returns inside)
DONTE - Yo bruh, don't even trip. We was just playin' a little.
BOBBY - (raising his voice) Playin' a little? Are you stupid or something? That shit could get
us suspended! Did you check them out, are any of there father's Alphas? How about any
uncles or relatives?
DONTE - I don't know.
BOBBY - Yeah I didn't think you knew. And you are the oldest bro here, you should know
better. Matter of fact, you must be the oldest bro in this region! Why the fuck don't you quit
hazin' niggas and graduate?
(REGGIE snickers)
DONTE - Who you think you talkin' to young brother?
BOBBY - I think I am talkin' to you! I am the damn president and if none of you bros have
any sense, I'll think for yall! And you know what, Donte you are suspended. We are too
close to chapter of the year for you to fuck us up!
It is Saturday night and the AKA party is packed! DJ D-Rock is on the wheels and
everyone's has their hands up as he mixes "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See". The
45 | P a g e

bass sounds as a heavy 'Dum Dum Dum Dum....Dum Dum....clack...Dum Dum Dum
Dum...Dum Dum...clack!'
DERRICK - This party is actually kinda phat! Look at all these people and D-Rock is goin' for
his on the turntables!
JUNE - Yeah but I gotta stay pressed. Actually, let me go and speak to this AKA near us.
Baby I'll be right back.
DERRICK - Aight.
(JUNE walks and begins talking to MAX, they both walk into hallway)
CARYN - Hey mister.
DERRICK - Oh what's up?
CARYN - Nothin' much. You look good tonight.
DERRICK - Thanks.
CARYN - Where is your girl?
DERRICK - Out there. (he points to the hallway).
CARYN - So can I sneak in a dance with you or what? You still owe me from when we was at
DERRICK - How do I owe you anything?
CARYN - You came by the room and then you were quicker than that shot that you missed.
DERRICK - I was tired and I wasn't in the mood.
CARYN - Well you owe me another night.
DERRICK - Well not tonight because June is here.
JUNE - I wanted to know if we could meet sometime and discuss your organization at a time
that is convenient for you.
MAX - Are you sure you are ready for this type of commitment? Alpha Kappa Alpha women
are hard workers and we don't need any dead weight. What are your grades like?
JUNE - My overall G.P.A. is 3.65 and my major is chemistry.
MAX - Well then I want you to get to know Octavia. Her major is in the sciences too and she
has good grades. I want you to learn all you can about her before this party is over and get
back to me with what you have learned. I don't want to ask a question about Octavia that
you can't answer.
"I Don't Want to be a Playa No More, I'm Not a Play I Just Crush Alot..."
46 | P a g e

BOBBY - Aaaawww that is my cut right there!
(BOBBY spins around as ALEXIS grabs his waist from behind. He sees Trina across the floor.
He turns back around)
BOBBY - Did I tell you that I suspended Donte?
ALEXIS - Yeah you told me how he jeopardized a lot of stuff with the chapter.
BOBBY - Yeah, but you know, I kinda feel bad about that now. Listen, give me a minute and
let me say something to him. I'll be right back.
ALEXIS - Ok but hurry back.
BOBBY - Hey Baby!
TRINA - Bobby! What's up sweetie!
BOBBY - Come here baby, wow you look great!
(They walk out into the hallway and head for a secluded area. They kiss)
TRINA - So where is your better half?
BOBBY - Alexis is in the party.
"Where My Dogs At? I'm Right Here Dog! Where My Dogs At? I'm Right Here Dog!"
RONNIE - All by yourself?
ALEXIS - Hey Ronnie, what's going on?
RONNIE - They playin' my anthum so I just stepped your way, since your man left you
ALEXIS - Oh he'll be right back. He is talking to one of his frat brothers.
RONNIE - Oh really? That's funny because all of the Alphas are over there getting ready to
step. I don't see him, and I thought I saw him in the hall talking to a girl. I thought maybe
it was one of your friends.
ALEXIS - A girl? Where?
RONNIE - (smiling) Right out there.
(ALEXIS begins to walk out)
ALEXIS - Reggie have you seen Bobby? Ronnie said he saw him leave with some girl.
REGGIE thinks "Oh shit!" Yeah he went to go page Wil because he aint here. But you stay
here and I will send him right back in.
ALEXIS - Thanks.
47 | P a g e

(REGGIE runs to find BOBBY).
REGGIE thinks "That motherfucker Ronnie is hatin' like shit! Aight it's on!"
"If You Like to Have Sex Put Your Hands Up! Put Your Hands Up! Put Your Hands Up!"
(JASON and THERESA put there hands up together and grab hands in the air)
THERESA - J, what happened to your hands? They look all swollen.
JASON - Uh yeah, that came from playin' ball today.
THERESA - Your hands got all swollen like this from playing basketball?
JASON - Yeah, you know how local niggas are on the court. They always just swingin' for
the ball and hackin' you. Slapping you all around.
THERESA - Oh, damn!
"I'm Just Tryin' To Be Me and Do What I Gotta Do. But People Think That I'm Sittin' on Top
of the World!"
MONA - That's my song girl because I am sitting on top of the world!
PJ - Well can you come down off your world and look more pressed. Here comes April
April - PJ, I see you made it.
PJ - Yes, I wanted to start the semester off right and begin my journey with this event.
Which by the way is wonderful, great turn out.
MONA - April I have a question for you.
APRIL - I wasn't talking to you.
MONA - See that is my question. Why you always got an attitude with me?
APRIL - An attitude with you? I come home from school and you and some other heffas are
in my room! Then you tell me that your mother is my soror like that is supposed to
guarantee you something! Now you step to me and question a soror. I think you need some
time, like a few years to figure out how to do this!
PJ - April let me talk to her. I will let her know what...
MONA - No I don't agree. If I need to ask a question, I don't think that there is anything
wrong with that. It is only so that I will know what I have to know. What is your problem?
PJ - Mona shut up!
APRIL - What is my problem? Bitch do you know who you are talking to?
"I Get So Lonely, Can't Let Just Anybody Hold Me,"
48 | P a g e

OCTAVIA - What's the matter Gina. You look so sad.
GINA - I'm sorry soror. I don't want you here worrying about me. You should be having
OCTAVIA - Not if one of my sorors is hurting. Now what's up?
GINA - It's just this song, I just ended things with a guy I was kinda diggin'. I think.
OCTAVIA - Sorry to hear that. You want to talk about it?
JUNE - Excuse me, is there any way I could talk to you for just a few minutes Octavia?
"I Should Make A Move But I Won't.....I Want To Get Down But Not The First Night"
KATRICE thinks "Damn that April is fine. I have got to talk to her. Even if it is AKA business,
I just need to get a little closer to her.

49 | P a g e

Episode 9
We resume our story in the AKA party, Reggie finally spots Bobby and Trina in
the hall kissing...
"Girls you know you better...watch out! Some guys...some guys are
only...about!!! That thing! That thing! That thiiiiiiinnnggg! That thing! That
thing! That thiiiiiiinnnggg!
REGGIE: Bobby, I need to talk to you for just one second.
BOBBY: Aight, but in a minute.
TRINA: Hey Reggie.
REGGIE: Hi Trina. Bruh, I need to talk to you now.
(BOBBY turns around and faces REGGIE)
BOBBY: Aight bruh, I said in a minute. I'll be right there.
(REGGIE gives BOBBY a cold look and turns to walk back into the party)
TRINA: I guess the Alpha patrol is on, he was probably warning you about your
wife in the party.
BOBBY: I don't see no ring on my fingers.
TRINA: And if you had one on, it would be from me right?
(TRINA pulls out BOBBY's shirt and places her hands on his chest. She then
plays with his nipples with her fingers)
TRINA: It would be my ring right?
BOBBY: You can have whatever you want if you keep doing that! Let me go before
you get something started.
TRINA: Well am I going to see you tonight?
BOBBY: No doubt, let me work that out.
"I never knew there was a...love like this before...Never had someone show me
a love...love like this before..."
50 | P a g e

REGGIE thinks: Damn! There is Alexis and she's walking to the hall. I gotta
grab her.
NINO: Reg! We bout to step, line up nigga!
(NINO grabs REGGIE's arm and lines him up for the Alpha party stroll as ALEXIS
walks toward door)
NINO: A Phi!!!!!
(ALEXIS turns and sees the Alpha party stroll beginning just as BOBBY runs in
and joins the end of the line)
ALEXIS thinks: Oh there is my baby. I knew he wouldn't miss the steppin'. I
wonder why his shirt is out though if he was just on the phone.
"OOOOOHHH It aint my fault!...you can't stop us!...don't try!...It aint my
fault!...we true soldiers!...we don't die!...It aint my fault!..."
MONA: Did you call me a bitch?
(PJ quickly places her arm around MONA and turns her around.)
PJ: Girl let's go, please trust me you don't want to get into it with her. Now
come on!
(PJ turns back around)
PJ: April, give me some time with her.
APRIL: Get her out of my face right now!
(Before MONA can say anything else, PJ rushes her away. And before APRIL can
calm down, KATRICE approaches)
KATRICE: Hi April. You mind if I talk to you for a minute?
APRIL: Oh God! I can't stay away from yall! What do you want?
KATRICE: I just wanted to know when would be a good time for us to sit down
and talk. I really wanted to get a chance to get to know you better. And I
didn't want to start out on the wrong foot with the incident in your room.
APRIL: Well I don't have much time. I got a mid-term in calculus that I'm
51 | P a g e

getting ready for.
KATRICE: Math is my major, I tutor all of the high division cal and
trigonometry courses. Do you need any help? She thinks: Please say yes! Please
say yes!
APRIL: Be at my room Tuesday at 6:08. Now be out.
"You wanna bumble with the bee huh?...BZZZZZZT Throw a hex on the whole
CARYN: So what's up? You gonna ditch your girl and come check me or what?
DERRICK: What? Hell no! I aint dissin' my girl for your ass!
CARYN: Nigga you wasn't sayin' that shit a few weeks ago! And don't try and
call me out Mr. Limp Dick! Don't let me put out a bad dick report!
DERRICK: Girl you better go head with all that! (playfully pushes her) If I
was in the mood, you'd be feenin' for some more.
CARYN: Yeah but you aint got me open like that. I was being nice and giving
your sorry ass another try. (she sees GREGG across the room with the Kappas).
But maybe since you aint Greek, you aint holdin' it down like that.
(CARYN turns and walks up to GREGG and tries to kiss him. GREGG plays it off
and turns it into a regular hug)
GREGG: Hey Caryn, what's up?
CARYN: Nothin' much, you look nice.
GREGG: Actually so nice, you can say it twice.
CARYN: You aint trying to give me a kiss though? What's up with that?
GREGG: I only kiss in private boo.
CARYN: Well I think you aint tryin' to kiss me because we at a party and that
is some bullshit. Now come here.
(GREGG twirls his cane and puts it between his legs)
GREGG: Naw baby, you know the rules. I only cum in private too! (smiling) But
seriously, I would kick it with you but we gettin' ready to step. Right Nupes?
52 | P a g e

Other Kappas: Uh...yeah.
CARYN: Yeah right!
"You make me wanna leave the one I'm with...and start a new
relationship...with you...this is what you do..."
OCTAVIA: And who are you?
JUNE: My name is June and I am a chemistry major. I just wanted to talk to you
OCTAVIA: A chemistry major? Did I ask you what you are attending Ahpla for?
Why are you approaching me? Can't you see that I am talking to my soror?
JUNE: Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know she was a soro...I mean...a member of Alpha
Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.
GINA: You aint the only one.
OCTAVIA: I know you weren't about to call her a soror. Look, let me tell
GINA: Soror, don't sweat it. Let me leave and that way you can talk to her in
OCTAVIA: You sure you're ok soror?
GINA: Yeah I'll be all right.
OCTAVIA: So June, what do you want?
JUNE: I am very interested in becoming a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
Inc. So I think that it is extremely important for me to get to know you
better, especially since our majors are in the same field.
OCTAVIA: How do you know what my major is?
JUNE: I studied it. I know that you are a biology major. I also know that you
pledged the sorority last year and that April is your line sister. I know that
you are from Chicago and you are a junior.
OCTAVIA: I see you have done your homework.
JUNE: Yes I am serious about pursuing your great sisterhood. However, there
are some other things that I would like to ask you. I need to know all that I
53 | P a g e

"What! What! What! What! What! What!.....What!...What! What! What! What! What!
What!.....What! A yo we light a candle, run laps around the English
(REGGIE approaches RONNIE right after the Alphas finish stepping.)
REGGIE: Yo man, what the fuck is up with you? Why you hatin' on my man with
his girl?
RONNIE: If your man was a real man, his girl wouldn't have to keep runnin' to
REGGIE: What? Aint nobody runnin' up to your bitch ass but I tell you what,
you better check yourself or somebody is gonna be runnin' up on ya.
RONNIE: Who you? Nigga bring it, you aint sayin' shit, punk motherfucka! What!
REGGIE thinks: Damn, I aint tryin' to start no shit in my soror's party. Yo
nigga, I'll see your ass again, and it aint gonna be at no party.
DJ D-ROCK: This is your last chance to dance so get your groove on like Stella
as I play some Roc-A-Fella!
"It's a hard knock life for us...It's a hard knock life for us...instead of
treated we get tricked...instead of kisses we get kicked...it's a hard knock
MAX: So June, I got one question for you before you leave my party. What two
high schools did Octavia go to?
JUNE: Well she attended Kenwood Academy for one year and Whitney Young high
school for three.

54 | P a g e

Episode 10
We pick up our story this week in the IVY Tower where KATRICE is tutoring APRIL in
KATRICE - I really appreciate the fact that you let me speak to you openly while we study
and not like a prospective for your organization.
APRIL - Well I thought that it would be a better learning environment that way and you
could get to know the real me if you weren't nervous or anything.
KATRICE - Well I can't say that I am not nervous at all.
APRIL - It's ok, really. All I know is this trig stuff aint happenin' for me and I have been
neglecting my grades all semester. Now it is finals time and I need like a high B just to pass
the class. I haven't gotten a high B all semester. I hate this shit. I knew I should've...
KATRICE - Wait hold on, don't start getting frustrated. You can't understand the way that
these numbers and equations work if you are all edgy. Just calm down.
APRIL - Honestly I don't know if I can. Octavia has been telling me to pay better attention
to my classes and I didn't listen. So have Max and Sylvia. My mother is going to kill me if I
(KATRICE stands up and walks behind where APRIL is sitting.)
KATRICE - Just calm down ok.
(KATRICE places her hands on APRIL's shoulders and rubs hard one time.)
KATRICE - Wow, you are really tense. (I can't believe I am doing this.)
APRIL - Yeah oooh. That makes it feel better though.
KATRICE - Well let's take a fifteen minute break. Just put your head down for a minute.
(APRIL puts her head down and KATRICE massages APRIL's shoulders.)
KATRICE - You aren't going to sleep on me are you?
APRIL - No not at all. That feels great. Can you get my upper back as well?
KATRICE - Sure no problem. (Hell yeah!)
(KATRICE places her hands up the back of APRIL's shirt and begins to rub her upper back.)
55 | P a g e

KATRICE - How is that?
APRIL - Good but can you push harder?
KATRICE - Sure, but wait. Lie down, that would make it easier.
(APRIL moves to the bed and lies face down. KATRICE straddles her back and pulls up
APRIL's shirt. She pull it right over APRIL's head.)
KATRICE - Is that better? (Oh my God, I am about to go crazy)
APRIL- Yeah that is much better. Let me know when fifteen minutes is up. If you don't, I'll
lay here all night. I haven't had a good back rub in a long time.
KATRICE - Sure. No problem. (All night is really no problem.)
APRIL - So tell me about yourself.
KATRICE jokingly - I thought this was a friendly visit.
APRIL - No, it is. I mean in general. Not prospective answers. Like what are you about?
KATRICE - Well I love math, obviously. (If you only knew what I was about.) And actually I
have really been focusing on your sisterhood. But this is a friendly visit so I won't go into
that. I do study hard though and I have dreams of being a mathematician. Like Archimedes,
you know?
APRIL - Archie who?
KATRICE - Archimedes. Famous mathematician from back in the day. Like way back in the
APRIL - Oh. Oooh that feels good. Is fifteen minutes up, I hope not.
KATRICE - (Damn, it is.) Actually it is, how do you feel?
APRIL - Let me find out this is the best massage I have ever gotten.
KATRICE - Well good. Turn over.
(APRIL turns over and closes her eyes as KATRICE strokes her shoulders. KATRICE moves
APRIL's bra straps out of the way and APRIL brings her arms through. KATRICE notices that
APRIL's eyes are closed and moves her face closer. She massages her upper arms and neck
toward her chest.)
KATRICE - How is that? Nice?
APRIL - Very nice.
(APRIL raises her arms above her head and her bra moves up. KATRICE moves her hands
down the length of APRIL's arms and to her chest, down her chest and to her breasts
56 | P a g e

lightly. KATRICE removes APRIL's bra and hopes that APRIL doesn't stop her. APRIL
We are next in GINA's apartment where she is on the phone with MAX.
GINA - Yeah soror, it looks like we both did have terrible Thanksgiving experiences.
MAX - Well at least you were home and were with family. That should have gotten your
mind off Miri.
GINA - Yeah but honestly it didn't. I was mad when it all first went down but now I really
would have liked to have heard from him. I mean, maybe I was wrong for not telling him I
was a soror. But I was afraid that this very thing may happen.
MAX - I can understand what you are saying, but in my mind it isn't your fault. You should
not have to feel ashamed or our sorority at any time and for no man. If he can't respect you
for who you are, the AKA that you are...
GINA - But that is it. I think he does...or can respect me. I know he can. It is just that he is
hung up on the greek thing and he was hurt when he found out. Especially the way that I
told him, I could see that he was hurt in his eyes.
MAX - The only eyes that I have been looking into were my dad's. And that aint pretty the
way he stares me down. I knew I shouldn't have gone home. It was drama from the
GINA - Oh yeah, Sylvia was telling me about that situation. He wants you to join his firm or
MAX - Yeah but I got a second interview that he doesn't know about with another
architectural firm. V. Woodson Tandy International.
GINA - Is that your dad's competition?
MAX - Yeah but it isn't like I would be competing with my dad over any bids. Not me
GINA - But wouldn't you be helping the company grow that is competing with your dad over
MAX - I just know my dad and I don't want to work for him. And Tandy International is
talking about a great package to get me to come.
57 | P a g e

GINA jokingly - Yeah because they know they got the enemy's daughter.
MAX - Ha ha, yeah right.
(GINA's doorbell rings.)
GINA - I wish I had something to laugh about. Hold on, someone is at my door. Who is it?
Oh my gosh, sign here? Ok thank you. Hello Max, Oh my goodness, I just received a florist
of roses!
MAX - What? Miri?
GINA - It has to be, only he knows where I stay, oh wait, here is a note.
EVENTHOUGH I love to dream I hate going to sleep.
For moments we shared in my dreams are moments I can't keep.
EVENTHOUGH you lie next to me we're separated by much.
For in my sleep I don't recognize the magic in your touch.
EVENTHOUGH I love waking up to the sunrise in your eyes,
I hate the fact that even today exhaustion will arise.
EVENTHOUGH I love the feel of your warm slumber against my skin,
I pray that GOD would rush the morn' so I can kiss your lips again.
AND NOW this trance is my enemy for when I try to sleep,
all I do is think of you or write poems while I weep.
AND NOW I lay in question. Is the night always this long?
I never knew how in love I was 'til the first night you were gone.
AND NOW I understand the eve and so my heart is torn.
I know now that I slept, only to appreciate you in the morn'.
AND NOW I've learned the hardest lesson engraved upon my heart.
That eventhough sleep was hard when we were together, it's worse now that we're apart.
I am not sure I understand or will ever understand all that you are about, but your mystery
keeps me and holds me and I yearn to learn. Sister maybe if we can just talk, you can make
me understand. I apologize for the way that I said the things that I said. That was uncalled
for and disrespectful. I would never speak to my mother that way and you deserve no less.
Can you meet me a Pharoahs tonight?
58 | P a g e

MAX- Damn! Gina, what do you think?
GINA - I aint thinking nothin', I'm getting dressed!
Our scenes change to the Alpha house where we find BOBBY, REGGIE, NINO, DONTE, WIL
and TREY talking.
BOBBY- It has been 92 years brothers and this great fraternity is still going strong.
DONTE- True that, I can't wait for the year 2006!
TREY- Why, is that when you graduate?
(All the brothers laugh.)
DONTE- Very funny motherfucka! I see you got jokes.
TREY-Ha ha ha, I'm just playin' bruh. Ha ha, but why are you even here? Ha ha, didn't
Bobby suspend your old ass?
DONTE-Whatever! You think I'm payin' attention to his ass? He knows good and well he
can't suspend me.
BOBBY- Legally I can't, but on the real, you need to check how you treatin' these p-boys.
And you need to start thinking before you just go and start doin' shit.
REGGIE-You need to take your own advice on that bruh.
BOBBY- Excuse me?
REGGIE- Nigga you heard me. You need to check how you treatin' your girl. You got me
runnin' around like an ass trying to find you and you hugged up on Trina. Then almost get
me in a fight with Ronnie over this shit.
BOBBY- Hey what I do with my girl is none of yall niggas' business. I appreciate you coming
to get me though, don't get me wrong.
DONTE-Yeah Bobby, how you gonna talk about me? You talking out two sides of your neck.
You know that Alpha men are men of distinction. You need to come correct with your girl.
BOBBY-Alpha men are also of scholarship so you need to graduate.
WIL- I think he has a point Bobby. If a brother aint doin' right, it is the responsibility of the
brotherhood to pull him up.
BOBBY- And who are you to talk? I aint seen your ass since the frat was founded. And you
know we can't possibly win chapter of the year without your help. You are the damn chapter
59 | P a g e

historian. How you gonna leave us hangin' and then show up for one meeting trying to pull
anybody up?
(Telephone rings)
DONTE- Hello? What? Who is this? Ok you got 30 minutes to get over here with a pizza.
Sausage and pepperoni. Heinekens too. Wait, hold on a minute...
(DONTE cover the phone and looks back at BOBBY and the rest of the brothers.)
BOBBY-Ok...but when they get here, I call the shots. No nonesense.
DONTE- You got 29 minutes left, bye.
NINO-Word! It's on.
BOBBY- But like I said...
(BOBBY's pager goes off.)
Hey baby, this is Trina. Come over now, I got a surprise for you.

60 | P a g e

Episode 11
This week's episode begins in JASON's dorm room which is in Burke Campus. JASON has
just returned from a movie with THERESA.
THERESA - I'm tellin' you, Will Smith needs to get an academy for that one. I was feelin him
this time.
JASON - You feel Will Smith all the time.
THERESA - Naw, not all the time, shut up. Like in Independence Day. That whole save the
world bullshit, I aint into that.
JASON - But you're into the entire United States government having a guy so tapped that
they know his every move down to the wire taps in his shoes? (JASON turns on his CD
THERESA - Yeah, you know what I mean. That could be true you know. I just thought it was
his best movie. But I hope you aint puttin' his CD in though. That brotha should stick to his
daytime job, acting.
JASON - Well personally I like his album, you know I like to get jiggy with it. (smiling). But
that isn't the mood I would like to create.
THERESA - Oh really, and just what type of mood do you want to create?
JASON presses play on his remote.
"Sweet lady, won't you be mine..Sweet love for, a lifetime...I'll be there, when you need
me...just call and, receive me...Sweet lady, won't you be mine..."
THERESA - Oooh, I love that song.
JASON - Good, would you care to dance sweet lady?
THERESA and JASON begin to dance slowly, She places her arms around his neck and rests
her head on his shoulder. He pulls her close by her waist. They seem to dance forever until
the CD goes into the next track.
THERESA pulls her head back and begins to kiss JASON.
JASON thinks - Ok, just take it slow.
The telephone rings.
61 | P a g e

THERESA - Don't get that.
JASON - I wasn't going to. Nothing can interrupt us baby. (Not when I'm finally going to hit
THERESA - Good, I just want you to hold me.
THERESA sits on the bed and JASON sits next to her. As they kiss passionately, he slowly
touches her stomach under her sweater. Since she doesn't stop him, he moves his hand up.
THERESA leans back, inviting his hand further up. JASON touches her breasts.
The telephone rings.
THERESA stops and looks at JASON. JASON goes to the wall and unplugs his phone.
THERESA takes off her sweater.
JASON - Nice bra. (Oh my God!)
THERESA - Victoria Secret's Angel's collection.
JASON tries to remain cool.
JASON - Yeah, that is real pretty. But it's you that makes it look beautiful.
THERESA - Come here.
THERESA lays back and JASON lays on top of her. They begin to kiss very heavily. With one
hand JASON massages THERESA's breast, with the other hand he tugs at his own sweater
to get it off. JASON pulls his sweater over his head and throws it on the floor. THERESA's
nipples are now hard. He kisses her neck.
THERESA - Oh Jason, I want you. I've wanted you so bad!
JASON thinks - You have?
JASON's pager goes off in his pants pocket. He leans up off THERESA and pulls his pager
off. As he is trying to throw the pager down, he can't help but notice that it is a text
message sent with urgent status. It reads:
"Jason I've been trying to call your room for the last 10 minutes but you haven't answered!
We've got 15 minutes to get to the Alpha house with food! Larry and I already have the
food, but every brother in the chapter is there! Please, please, please call me if you get this
message!! I will wait here at my place for 5 minutes to hear from you then we're out! We
will meet you at the Alpha house and all go in together! Quinton."
62 | P a g e

Our scenes change to MONA's room where she is on the phone with her mother, SOROR
FERGUSON. PJ is there also.
SOROR FERGUSON - I don't care if times have changed, there is absolutely no reason for a
soror to speak to an interest like that.
MONA - I just don't understand her mommy. I thought it was ok for me, I mean us, to ask
questions. Especially me because I'm a legacy.
SOROR FERGUSON - Well legacy or not. This April is not going to be just speaking to people
any way that she feels like it. I think I may need to have a talk with this soror.
PJ - Mona?
MONA - Hold on mommy. (MONA covers the phone) Yeah PJ?
PJ - I told you to kill all that legacy talk. You shouldn't even be thinking like that. And let me
find out you got your mom dragged into this. I told you not to call her.
MONA - But who else was I supposed to turn to?
PJ - Me! Are you going to let me help you or not?
MONA - I'm sorry mommy, Presjina is here. That is the girl I was telling you about, PJ. I
think she understands this whole process much better than I do.
PJ thinks - Good grief!
MONA - Oh ok mom, hold on. She wants to talk to you PJ.
PJ gives MONA a stern look.
PJ - Hello.
SOROR FERGUSON - Hello Presjina, this is Mrs. Ferguson.
PJ - Hello Maam, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
SOROR FERGUSON - Presjina, what types of things are going on with sorors at Ahpla? Is
what my daughter telling me true? I will not have my daughter disrespected by young
sorors. Not while I pay for her to go to Ahpla and since I founded that chapter.
PJ - I don't think you need to concern yourself maam. It's just a struggle to learn all that we
have to learn and get to know all of the members of the chapter on the campus. But it
really isn't that bad.
SOROR FERGUSON - What about this April using the b word at an Alpha Kappa Alpha
63 | P a g e

function? That is not right PJ.
PJ - No maam, you are right.
SOROR FERGUSON - Someone needs to straighten this situation out and if you two don't, I
most definitely will.
PJ gives MONA another stern look.
PJ - Maam, there is really no need for your involvement. I am sure that we can handle this
by simply talking it out. April is my roommate and Mona and I were just going to walk over
there to talk to her. I am sure we can handle this.
SOROR FERGUSON - I trust you will PJ. I would like a phone call after your discussion. But if
you cannot handle this situation, I will.
PJ - Yes maam, good bye.
PJ hangs the phone up.
PJ - Girl are you out of your mind? If your mother gets involved, she can have the chapter
snatched and then we are all ass out.
MONA - I never thought about it that way.
PJ- Well you need to think about it. Stop being so concerned with yourself and start thinking
of the rest of us. I've busted my ass for this for two years now and I aint about to let you
ruin this.
MONA begins to cry.
MONA - I'm sorry PJ. I want this bad too. I'm sorry, I don't want to hurt you or Katrice or
June. I want to be your line sister one day.
PJ - Well look, fix your face because we need to rush over to my crib. I know April is home
now because she has a big trig final she is getting ready for. If we hurry, maybe we can
catch her while she is taking a break or something.
MONA - Ok, come on, let's go.
We next join GINA in her room preparing to meet MIRI at Pharoahs.
GINA thinks - I can't believe this. I am so happy. Miri wants to see me and he is sorry. I
think. I mean he sounded like he is sorry. But what if he isn't? I can't be playing myself.
64 | P a g e

GINA looks in the mirror to apply some foundation.
GINA thinks - That was messed up what he did on the yard. I may not ever forget that.
What if he can't get over the fact that I am a soror? What if he flips out again in the future?
But that poem was so nice. Oh my God. He has to be sincere.
GINA puts on eye shadow.
GINA thinks - But he is a poet by nature. He may be just writing some stuff to get me back.
That may have been an old poem. He may have written that to someone else. What if that
was for somebody else? Naw, it couldn't have been. It was so personal. It really described
how I feel as well. Why am I sounding so crazy?
GINA fixes her hair.
GINA thinks - I know I aint in love with this brother after just meeting him a few months
ago. But gosh, why do I sound like this? I am just trippin'. I need to snap out of this and
come back down to earth for real! It's getting late, what time is...Oh my gosh, I gotta
GINA quickly applies her lipstick.
GINA thinks - He'd better be sincere. I am going through a lot of trouble over this. He'd
better be sincere. I know I am. But I aint in love. I just agonized over this brother all of
Thanksgiving. Oh God, am I in love? But how? So fast. What time is it?
GINA gets up and walks to the closet. She grabs her coat and her purse.
GINA thinks - I can't wait to see him. Maybe he will do a poem for me on-stage. But maybe
not. I don't know. It will be good to see him. But I will not play myself. I have to act cool,
like I aint too excited, even though I am. Eventhough and now. (giggle)
GINA walks out of her apartment, turns and locks both locks on her door. She turns and
begins to walk down the hall toward the elevator.
GINA thinks - He really didn't say what time to meet him and I don't want to look anxious.
What if he isn't even there yet? Maybe I should have asked Max to go with me. That way, I
could play it off better. Damn, it's too late now. And she probably needed to get out. Oh
well, I am on my way now, and I really don't know what to expect.
65 | P a g e

GINA quickly turns the corner at the end of the hall to get to the elevator.
GINA thinks - I have no idea where this is going to...Ouch! Shit! Ouch!
GINA looks up and the person who just walked into her. He turned the corner at the same
time and knocked her over. Now he is looking down with an outreached hand to help her
back up.
GREGG - Are you ok? I'm so sorry, are you all right?
GINA - Yeah, just a little shocked I guess.
GREGG - Here, let me fix your coat. You seem to be in an awful hurry.
GINA - Yeah, I am heading out to an appointment and I am running late.
GREGG - Better late than never, I always say. But even better than that is to get there in
one piece. Oh, by the way, my name is Gregg and it was great bumping into you.
GINA (laughing) - Hi, I'm Gina.
GREGG - You're not hurt or anything are you?
GINA - Naw, I'll be all right.
GREGG - Well I don't want no lawsuits coming up later on so why don't you let me make it
up to you some kind of way. Maybe dinner. If you like it, I can probably cook it.
GINA thinks (Oh gosh) - I don't think that will be necessary.
GREGG - Aw come on, what's a pretty guy gotta do to cook for a pretty lady like yourself?
GINA - A pretty guy? What are you a Kappa?
GREGG - You can't tell baby? Phi Nu Pi till the day I die.
GINA - I was supposed to know that?
GREGG - You can just look and tell.
GINA - Ok, then what am I?
GREGG - Oh you're greek too huh? I don't remember seeing you on anybody's line.
GINA - I transferred to Ahpla.
GREGG - Oh cool. Ok, let me guess. I love red and white so you must be a Delta.
GINA begins to walk away.
GREGG - No wait! AKA, huh? I was just kidding babe. I knew you were an AKA. So gracious
lady, you gonna let this debonair brotha cook for you or what? Well here, at least take my
66 | P a g e

GREGG whips out a business card and hands it to GINA.
GINA - A business card? What do you do?
GREGG - I just like to use it for networking purposes. I am polemarch for the chapter and it
comes in handy in my travels. You never know when you're gonna run into somebody. Case
in point.
GINA's next door neighbor opens her door and looks down the hall at GINA and GREGG.
CARYN - Damn, I can't leave you alone for a minute! You already on the prowl!You
supposed to be comin' to see me!
GINA looks at CARYN and then back at GREGG.
GINA turns the corner - I was wondering why you were in an all female dorm. Handle your

67 | P a g e

Episode 12
This week's story begins as PJ and MONA walk to APRIL's room to talk to her.
PJ - You look really upset. Are you OK?
MONA - I'm just stressed out like crazy. I just feel so bad about not considering everyone
else's views and just my own. And now April hates me.
PJ - She doesn't hate you. But you will definitely have to kiss up and come correct.
MONA - Damn.
PJ - Well I've been trying to tell you ever since the beginning.
MONA - But that is the thing. I have been wanting to be an AKA ever since I was a little girl.
I went to the boules and the conventions with my mom. She told me all along not to take
any nonsense from any sorors. Especially because of all the rules with intake.
PJ - Yeah but that is what gets you in trouble with the sisters. Look at it this way, why
would you want to piss off the same sorors that are going to pledge you and more
importantly, run the chapter with you? You'd be shooting yourself in the foot.
MONA - I guess you're right. But wouldn't my mother know what she is talking about? I
mean there has to be some kind of advantage to having a mother who is a soror as well as
a chapter founder.
PJ - Well I have heard April talk about that like it is a negative thing. If it were me, I
wouldn't even admit it.
MONA - I guess it is too late for...
SYLVIA - Hello PJ.
PJ (nervously) - Oh, hi Sylvia, I didn't even see you walking there. How are you?
SYLVIA - The question is, how are you?
PJ - Uh, Sylvia, this is Mona Ferguson. Mona this is Sylvia Muhammad.
MONA - Oh, hello.
SYLVIA (smiling) - Mona Ferguson, oh yes, I think I need to talk to you.
MONA - Sure, what time would be good for you to...
SYLVIA - No better time than the present.
PJ - Actually Sylvia, with all due respect, we have to rush over and meet with April and talk
over a few things with her.
SYLVIA - Oh don't worry PJ, this won't take long. As a matter of fact, why don't you go on
ahead and meet with April and Mona will be right along.
68 | P a g e

PJ - Uh...we kinda need to meet with April together.
SYLVIA - I wasn't asking you PJ.
(PJ gives MONA a look of encouragement)
PJ - OK, I'll see you in a few Mona. It was good seeing you Sylvia.
SYLVIA - uh huh.
(PJ walks away and tries not to look back)
PJ thinks - Oh God, I hope she will be OK. I don't know if Sylvia knows about Mrs. Ferguson
or not. Dammit.
(PJ hurries into the lobby of the IVY Tower.)
PJ thinks - Shit! I hope Mona doesn't say anything stupid. I need to really work with these
(PJ pushes the up button on the elevator. She notices that both elevators are already going
PJ thinks - Damn, the one day that I am in a hurry and I can't get an elevator. And why the
hell are both elevators going up anyway? That's stupid.
(PJ waits until finally one elevator comes down and stops in the lobby. She steps forward.
The door seems to take longer to open. It opens and PJ begins to rush in, only to back away
as the people inside are trying to exit. PJ finally enters the elevator.)
PJ thinks - Damn, this just isn't my day.
(PJ pushes for floor 7, another person pushes for floor 4 and yet another pushes for floor 6.)
PJ thinks - Shit!
(The elevator arrives at 7. PJ rushes out. She lightly jogs to her room while getting her keys
PJ thinks - OK this is it. I hope April is in a good mood.
(PJ takes a deep breath and in one motion, opens the door and walks in.)
69 | P a g e

We change scenes and are at the Alpha house where we find BOBBY, REGGIE, NINO,
BOBBY thinks - Shit, Trina. She's got a surprise for me? I wonder what that could be.
REGGIE - So Mr. President, what are the rules? What can we do and what can't we do?
BOBBY - Huh?
REGGIE - I said, what are the rules? Hello? McFly, are you there McFly?
(Brothers laugh)
BOBBY - Uh yeah, I just got a page from Brother Mickens.
NINO - The regional director?
BOBBY - Yeah, he is saying that he needs to speak to me, now.
DONTE - Well here is the phone, call him back.
TREY - Yeah we gotta stay on his good side. So call him back right away.
BOBBY - But he is saying that he wants to talk to me in person. I gotta run over there.
TREY - That sounds serious. You want me to go with you?
BOBBY - Uh no, no. I am sure it is nothing. It probably has to do with my brother of the
year paperwork.
TREY - Oh yeah, I forgot about that.
DONTE - Well what about these prospective cats coming over here?
BOBBY - Oh...just be sensible. Wil, you're in charge. I'll head back as fast as I can.
DONTE thinks - Oh it's about to be on up in here!
(BOBBY quickly puts on his coat and walks out the door. As he is pulling away
in his car, he doesn't notice another car behind him driven by a female. This
car follows BOBBY.)
BOBBY thinks ? The last time Trina had a surprise for me, she knocked me out cold and I
slept until Saturday afternoon.
(The female continues to follow BOBBY and she wonders where he is going.)
BOBBY thinks ? This time I gotta cover my bases. I'll call Brother Mickens just to strike up
some conversation. That way, if the Bros speak to him, he can say that we spoke and my
70 | P a g e

story will stick. I just gotta make sure Alexis doesn't talk to Bros and they almost fuck me
up again.
(The female has figured out that BOBBY is not going to his house and decides to follow him
until he stops.)
BOBBY thinks ? Damn, I wish I had some gum. Breath is kinda tart.
(BOBBY pulls into the driveway at TRINA's complex. The female follows behind. As BOBBY
parks and gets out of his car, she speaks.)
WILLIE ? Hey Bobby, what's up?
BOBBY (surprised) ? Oh hey girl, what are you doing here?
WILLIE ? Well I saw you coming out of the Alpha house and I wanted to talk to you but you
didn't see me. So I decided to follow you and wait until you pulled over. What are you doing
BOBBY ? Oh uh�I have a classmate that lives in here and we are going to read some
notes and shit. What did you need to talk to me about?
WILLIE ? Oh yeah, I know you know Miri and I know you don't care for him too much.
BOBBY ? Yeah.
WILLIE ? Well I saw him on the yard cursing out one of your sorors.
BOBBY ? What!
WILLIE ? Yeah, she must be a transfer because she didn't pledge at Ahpla, but that is some
punk shit to curse out a girl. And on the yard too.
BOBBY ? Do you know her name?
WILLIE ? No because she walked away. But I wanted to tell you because someone needs to
handle his ass. I know he goes to Pharoahs a lot. I think you need to step to his ass.
BOBBY ? Oh no doubt. As a matter of fact, after I leave here today, maybe I'll head to
We pick up our scene between APRIL and KATRICE with the massage.
(KATRICE looks at APRIL's breasts.)
71 | P a g e

KATRICE thinks - Oooh these are nice, but I can't stop. If I break the flow, April will stop
me. Damn these look good!
(KATRICE rubs over APRIL's breasts to test APRIL's reaction. The only reaction is APRIL's
breath quickening. KATRICE places both her hands on APRIL's breasts and her thumbs on
APRIL's nipples and begins to rub.)
KATRICE - Relaxing definitely helps me study better.
APRIL - mmm hmmm.
KATRICE thinks - Damn, I shouldn't mention studying, uh...where is her...oh there it is.
(KATRICE leans over with her left hand to the dresser and squirts Lubriderm into her palm.
She continues to massage with her right hand. She stops only to share the lotion equally
between her two hands. She then places her hands back on APRIL's breasts and rubs.
KATRICE rubs harder now, but it doesn't feel as hard because of the lotion.)
APRIL - Oh that feels good.
KATRICE - ssshhhh. You just relax and let me take care of the rest.
(KATRICE circles around APRIL's breasts, and then just the nipples. Each time a pattern is
formed, it is changed to another routine. APRIL has not opened her eyes but she is
breathing heavy. KATRICE begins to feel the pleasure and pain of her own body throbbing,
but she maintains to keep the moment.)
KATRICE thinks - Oh this shit feels good. I can't hold out much longer. She is so pretty, I
gotta see the rest of her, it's killing me.
(KATRICE begins to remove as much lotion from APRIL's right breast as she can with her
hand. After a good portion is gone and her breast feels dry, KATRICE leans over and gently
kisses APRIL's right nipple. She waits a second and kisses it again to make sure that APRIL
knows what she just did. She licks it. She begins to suck it. She tastes lotion, but
APRIL - Oh shit, oh shit. Oh I like it just like that.
(APRIL arches her back and KATRICE uses both arms to support APRIL in the air. As APRIL
gently falls back to the bed, KATRICE brings her arms around APRIL's waist to begin to tug
at her pants buckle. APRIL doesn't protest, but she doesn't help either.)
72 | P a g e

KATRICE thinks - Yes! I'm bout to turn her out! She's never felt what she is about to feel
now! Can't no man go down the way a real girl can!
(KATRICE continues to suck and doesn't miss a beat. She undoes APRIL's pants and APRIL
arches up to help KATRICE slide them off. KATRICE touches APRIL's panties and can't take
it anymore. She quickly goes to remove them.)
APRIL - Wow, that was kinda fast and sudden don't you think? Wait, wait, I aint sure about
this. I've never done this before.
(APRIL grabs the sides of her underwear in order to keep them on.)
KATRICE - Trust me, let me show you this and I guarantee you will enjoy it. Don't break this
groove now, just hold my hand and let me show you something like nothing else you have
ever experienced. I know what you like because it is exactly what I like. And no one does it
(KATRICE removes APRIL's hands and moves her panties down.)
KATRICE - Trust me.
(KATRICE removes them and opens APRIL's legs. She quickly moves inner before APRIL
changes her mind.)
KATRICE thinks - Oooh she reminds me of Alicia from home. I do miss her.
(APRIL begins to moan and arch her back left and right. KATRICE folds her arms under and
around APRIL's legs to hold her in position. She performs quickly in one spot, never
breaking her motion. With every passing wave, APRIL feels that she truly cannot take
anymore, but then she does. Until KATRICE lets her down by slowing down immediately
almost to a stop.)
APRIL exhaling heavily - Oh my God! You are driving me crazy.
(KATRICE doesn't say anything. She keeps the slow motion going and notices that
whenever she passes the higher spots, APRIL jumps. KATRICE then takes the higher areas
heavily now and sucks hard. Not hard to where it hurts, but to the point where APRIL moans
loud and grabs the pillows.)
(The door flies open and in one motion PJ walks in.)
73 | P a g e

Rejoining JASON and THERESA in Burke Campus, in JASON's apartment.
(JASON is looking down at his pager.)
JASON - Shit!
THERESA - What? What is the matter?
JASON - Oh nothing, nothing. I'm sorry. Where were we?
THERESA - Wait a minute, who is that paging you? You didn't respond too happy.
(JASON quickly erases the message.)
JASON - It's just a guy that I am in a study group with. I told him to page me if the group
was getting together. I didn't think it would be tonight though.
THERESA - So do you need to leave?
JASON thinks - Hell yeah, I need to. But damn! Damn! Damn!
(JASON looks at THERSA's body. He puts his hand on THERESA's head and strokes her
JASON - I told you, no interruptions. This is our night. And nobody is going to mess this up.
THERESA - Are you sure? I mean, I understand if you have to go.
JASON thinks - Yeah right.
JASON - Naw baby, it's cool. Really. The study group meets a lot and if I miss one meeting,
I'm sure I can catch up on whatever happens to the group.
THERESA - Good, because I really didn't want you to go.
JASON - I aint going nowhere.
JASON thinks - Damn, this is fucked up. I'm leaving my boys hanging for a piece of ass. But
damn, I've waited for this for a long time. And there will be other meetings. I'll just say that
I didn't get the page.
THERESA - Jason, what is wrong?
JASON - What?
THERESA - You are kissing me with your eyes wide open. Are you ok?
74 | P a g e

JASON - Well how did you know that I was looking at you if you weren't looking at me too.
JASON thinks - Oh God I sound stupid.
THERESA - I just briefly opened them and there you are wide as a crying baby.
JASON - I'm sorry, come here.
(JASON begins to kiss her neck, and they begin again)
JASON thinks - Ok calm down. Don't say anything else stupid. Just relax and kiss. Her body
is slammin' and she kisses real nice too. I know those guys will be ok. We all studied like
hell and know all that we have to know. We know all the founders of the fraternity. Jewel
Henry Arthur Callis, Jewel Charles Henry Chapman, Jewel...
THERESA - Oh Jason baby, what are you thinking of right now?
JASON - Jewel Eugene Kinkle Jones.
THERESA - Jewel who? Who the hell is Jewel?
JASON - Huh?
THERESA - You just mentioned some girl named Jewel? Who the hell is Jewel? Are you
seeing someone else? Let me find out you're talking to somebody else!
JASON thinks - Think fast.
JASON - I'm sorry, my mind drifted. There was a beautiful Black actress in the fifties named
Jewel Jones who did those old movies. You know, the black and white ones. Well anyway,
she was gorgeous and just looking at you and being close to you the way that I am, made
me think of her.
THERESA - Well can you keep your mind in the nineties please?
JASON - Sure, no problem.
(JASON kisses her again and she kisses him back.)
THERESA - So what are you thinking of now?
JASON - Just you Theresa.
(THERESA smiles and lays back down.)
We return to the Alpha House where QUINTON and LARRY have just arrived with the food.
JASON is not there.
75 | P a g e

LARRY - What should we do? We only have 1 more minute and Jason isn't here.
QUINTON - Dag! I hate to go in without him. That isn't showing any brotherhood. But I
know he is on his way. Maybe we should just go in and try to stall until he gets here. And if
he doesn't show up, he must not have gotten the message.
LARRY - Yeah, ok.
QUINTON- Well nonetheless, it is time now. So let's ring the bell.
(Inside the house)
DONTE - Ok, the three guys are here. Is everybody ready?
NINO - Yeah and I'm hungry too.
DONTE - Go open the door Wil, since you are in charge now.
Wil - Yeah aight.
(WIL opens the door.)
QUINTON - Good Afternoon Wil Touhman.
WIL - Yeah, yeah, yeah, get in here. Give Nino the pizza and speak to all brothers present in
the house.
LARRY - Hello Nino, Hello Donte, Hello Reggie.
DONTE - Wait a fuckin' minute! Weren't there three of yall? Where is the other guy? Jason?
QUINTON - Uh...he was not able to be reached.
DONTE - Not fuckin' able to be fuckin' reached? What kind of brotherhood is that? Why
didn't yall go over to his house and get his ass?
LARRY - Well we didn't have enough time and we did try to call.
REGGIE - Let me teach you something. Excuses are tools of the incompetent. They build
monuments of nothing and bridges to nowhere. And those who excel in them amount to
very little. Now repeat that.
QUINTON - Excuses are tools of the incompetent, they build monuments to nowhere and
excel in them.
LARRY - Excuses are tools of the incompetent, they build bridges of...um...and accept them
who are very little.
DONTE - Get in the fucin' chair!
(QUINTON and LARRY get in the chair position. REGGIE leans on QUINTON's arm while
eating a piece of pizza.)
76 | P a g e

DONTE - And yall are going to pay for Jason not being here!
QUINTON thinks - I hope Jason has a good reason.
LARRY thinks - I hope Jason has a good reason.
REGGIE - I want you two to think about Jason as this day continues. For every punishment
that you get, you get it twice as bad because of him not being here.
TREY - Yeah, do think you guys are ready to go on line? Yall don't know the first thing about
DONTE - Well I am going to show them brotherhood right now.
(DONTE leaves the room.)
WIL thinks - I hope he isn't doing what I think he is doing.
(REGGIE and NINO look at each other, and then look at TREY and WIL. DONTE returns.)
DONTE - Gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to a little brotherhood.
(From around his back, he pulls out a wooden paddle with the word "Brotherhood" engraved
in it.)
DONTE - And every time you forget what brotherhood is about, I will gladly reacquaint you.
WIL thinks - I know Donte aint trying to give wood to niggas that aint even on line yet. Is
he crazy? This cat is worse than I thought.
QUINTON thinks - I really really hope that Jason has a good reason.
As the elevator encloses on GINA, she thinks - Silly Kappas.
(GREGG begins to walk down the hall toward CARYN's room.)
GREGG - Why you all loud? Maybe I don't want everybody in the dorm all up in my
CARYN - What you ashamed of? You scared that if other females know that you and me are
messin' around, that they won't give you no more? Or is it the fact that I am a freshman
and I got you open.
GREGG - What? You aint got nobody open.
77 | P a g e

(GREGG enters her room.)
CARYN - Oh yeah, well why you keep comin' back for more?
GREGG - Don't flatter yourself little girl. I can have any girl on this campus that I want.
CARYN - Yeah, whatever.
(GREGG playfully smacks her on the butt.)
GREGG - I turned you out didn't I?
CARYN - Nigga please, I was singing Queen B long before I met you. "I used to be scared of
the dick, now I throw lips to the shit, and handle it like a real bitch!"
(GREGG unbuttons his pants.)
GREGG laughing - Oh yeah, you think you can handle this?
CARYN - You aint said nothin' but a word. You aint had better than me, I'll have you up in
here calling for your mama.
(CARYN and GREGG on one side of the campus and THERESA and JASON on the other,
begin the same thing at the same time.)
GREGG - Oh shit.
JASON - Oh shit.
GREGG - Faster.
JASON - Slower.
GREGG - Harder.
JASON - Not so hard.
GREGG - Oh my...
JASON - ...God!
GREGG - Uuuhh that was good!
JASON - Uuuhh that was good!
GREGG - Wow look at the time, I gotta run.
JASON - Baby, I am so glad I stayed, I want to be with you all night long.
CARYN - Nigga your ass aint goin' nowhere! You better get ready to return this favor!
GREGG thinks - Damn!
78 | P a g e

As the elevator encloses on GINA, she thinks - Silly Kappas.
GINA thinks - Now I really can't wait to see Miri.
(GINA drives up to Pharoahs where she notices that no one is in line to go in.)
GINA thinks - Wow, that is strange. This spot is usually standing room only. Am I that
early? I am going to look very eager. That is not cool. I don't see any cars here either.
Maybe they are not open this evening and Miri wanted me here tomorrow night.
(GINA walks up to the door. As she reaches for the door, it is opened for her by a host in a
HOST - Gina, welcome. Let me show you to your table.
GINA smiling - How did you know my name? What is going on?
(As GINA enters Pharoahs, she notices there is only one table in the middle of the floor.
There are usually many. There is one rose in the middle of the table in a vase.)
GINA - Oh my gosh! What is going on?
(The HOST seats her.)
HOST - Your guest will be accompanying you in a second.
GINA - OK, thank you.
GINA thinks - This is crazy, how much did this all cost? He rented out the entire place?
(The lights drop and a spotlight shines on the stage. There is a single microphone stand
with a mic there. Music comes in over the sound system. It is Anita Baker.)
...Whatever it takes to make you happy baby. Whatever it takes to make you happy...
GINA - Oh my goodness! That used to be my song!
(MIRI at the microphone.)
MIRI - I did a little research on Alpha Kappa Alpha. Seems you have this thing for mirrors.
(GINA smiles.)
MIRI -When I look at mirrors,
do I see through because I see you?
79 | P a g e

Even when I wipe them clearer,
your reflection moves when I do.
Clockwise to counterclockwise,
your motion coincides with mine.
An African staring at African eyes,
same heritage yet redefined.
A mirror, but I see your image.
A scientist would disagree.
It caused me to be quite timid
watching you watch me.
Yet you are my perfect compliment
and it draws my heart nearer,
when I renew love's commitment
by staring in my mirror.
I know you never planned to be
my person but it's true.
I see you as I see me,
and for this I love you.
(As pink balloons fall from the ceiling, GINA looks up at them through tear filled eyes.)
The telephone rings in ALEXIS's apartment.
ALEXIS - Hello.
RONNIE - Hey Alexis, this is Ronnie.
ALEXIS - Hey Ronnie, what's goin' on?
RONNIE - Everything and nothing. What's up with you?
ALEXIS - Nothin much, just getting into some studying.
RONNIE - Oh is this a bad time?
ALEXIS - No, no, I can use a break.
RONNIE - Well I just wanted to let you know a few things. And at first, I wasn't going to say
anything, but I consider myself a true friend to you and I think you should know these
80 | P a g e

ALEXIS - What's wrong?
RONNIE - Well it's about Bobby.
(ALEXIS's heart skips a beat.)
ALEXIS - Bobby? What about him?
RONNIE - You gotta promise me that you won't say anything, not even to him.
ALEXIS - Ok I promise.
RONNIE - No I'm serious. Promise me.
(ALEXIS's heart is beating harder now.)
ALEXIS - Yes, yes I promise.
RONNIE - Well Bobby is seeing someone else.
(ALEXIS doesn't feel her heart pumping anymore.)
ALEXIS - What?
RONNIE - Bobby is seeing someone else.
ALEXIS - How do you know that? Who?
(ALEXIS hasn't felt her heart beat yet.)
RONNIE - Everybody knows. He is seeing Trina Thompson. She is a junior. Do you know
ALEXIS - No but how do you know this? I don't believe you.
RONNIE - I wouldn't call you and tell you this just to upset you unless it were true.
ALEXIS - Well I don't believe you. Who is this Trina person?
RONNIE - Alexis, I really like you a lot. I always have. I have tried to tell you before. About
how much I like you and about Bobby as well. But it has been hard.
ALEXIS - What are you talking about? You call me to tell me that my man is seeing
someone else? Now you are talking about how you like me? Ronnie I thought we were cool,
but not anymore! Don't call me anymore!
RONNIE - You don't have to believe me. But everyone knows. Talk to your so called man
and find out for yourself.
(ALEXIS hangs up on RONNIE.)
81 | P a g e

Our story changes scenes and we find ourselves amidst a telephone conversation between
JUNE - Yes, I really appreciate you taking the time to discuss a few of my problems with
me. I wanted to talk to someone and I didn't know who. I just appreciate how you are
willing to listen.
OCTAVIA - That is what we are here for. Granted, you are not a part of my sisterhood, but
you are my sister. If you have problems in your attempt to gain access into the sisterhood,
I need to know so that maybe I can help. Now what's up?
JUNE - Well, it's my man Derrick. He really doesn't understand the Greek letter organization
process and he doesn't seem willling to learn. Well actually, I shouldn't say that because he
did accompany me to the party that the ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha sponsored. But I know
that he didn't want to be there and it hurts me. I don't know what I should do because I
care for him a lot but I want to be a part of this sisterhood more than anything else in the
OCTAVIA - You have to learn to make your own decisions. You can't let family, friends or
men live your life for you. If Alpha Kappa Alpha is in your heart, then you need to pursue
that. If you don't, you will feel regret for the rest of your life.
JUNE - It is in my heart.
OCTAVIA - You may have to also learn the real meaning of sacrifice. And that is very
difficult to learn. But our founders sacrificed and worked extremely hard so that we could
enjoy the beauty of this sisterhood and be able to pass on the legacy that they passed down
to us.
JUNE - Let me ask you a question. If you were in love, would you let your man go? I mean,
knowing what you know now about the sorority. Do you think it would have been wise for
you, had you been in this situation, to cut your losses and pledge?
OCTAVIA - I'm going to answer you honestly. I thank God Almighty for Alpha Kappa Alpha.
In my short life as a soror, I have met hundreds of positive sisters doing an amazing variety
of things. I have been able to travel to regional and national events and I am just in awe of
the powerful women that have blazed this trail before me. And to think that I may have a
chance to be a trailblazer myself, just in the profession of medicine that I have chosen for
82 | P a g e

my life is inspirational to say the least. When I wrap all that up and compare it, I would let a
man go. There are plenty of men. But there is only one AKA. If this is your chance, and this
is your place, then this is your time.
JUNE - Wow, that touches my heart. You don't know how good it is to really talk to you.
Sometimes it is hard to get to know some of the other members on campus because they
brush me off.
OCTAVIA - Well, you need to work hard for what you want. I am just being me right now. I
said that you could get a chance to know me, and this is the best way to do that. I may not
always be this nice. I am a stickler for hard work, discipline and respect.
JUNE - I understand, and I understand what I may have to do in my own personal life if it
comes down to that.
OCTAVIA - Yeah, it is a very hard thing to swallow. But life is difficult sometimes.
JUNE - I understand, oh could you hold on a moment, I have another phone call coming in.
JUNE - Hello.
DERRICK - Hey baby, what's up?

83 | P a g e

Episode 13
We pick up our story with the conversation between BOBBY and WILLIE in the parking area
of TRINA's apartment.
WILLIE - Yeah, Miri probably will be there tonight so if you go over there, you can handle
BOBBY - Thanks for the info.
WILLIE - No problem. I don't want to hold you up from where you have to go.
BOBBY - Oh no it's cool.
WILLIE - Well let me know how it turns out, ok.
BOBBY - No doubt.
(BOBBY watches as WILLIE gets into her car and pulls away. He begins to walk inside the
complex and toward the stairs to TRINA's apartment.)
BOBBY thinks - Damn, that shit is fucked up. How that nigga gonna call out a soror like
that, or any black woman for that matter. That nigga is gonna get his.
(BOBBY reaches the second floor where TRINA's apartment is.)
BOBBY thinks - It's a shame that there aren't more brothers out there that respect our
sisters. Damn, am I the only one?
(BOBBY knocks on TRINA's door.)
BOBBY thinks - Oooohh that shit pisses me off the more I think about it. When I leave here
I'm gonna...
BOBBY - Hey girl.
(TRINA looks up at BOBBY and hugs him. As she backs away from the hug, BOBBY can tell
that TRINA has been crying.)
BOBBY - What's the matter?
(TRINA immediately starts to cry.)
BOBBY thinks - Oh shit, I wonder if Alexis somehow found out who Trina is and called here
or something.
84 | P a g e

BOBBY - Trina, you gotta talk to me, what is the matter?
TRINA - Just hold me Bobby.
(BOBBY hugs TRINA and looks at the ceiling.)
BOBBY thinks - Damn, some shit happened! I am screwed! Change the subject!
BOBBY - Hey, hey, hey Trina, I thought you had a surprise for me. I thought it was a
pleasant surprise and I come over and you are crying. Come over here and sit down and tell
me what is wrong.
(BOBBY and TRINA sit down.)
TRINA sniffling - Well it is a surprise, quite a surprise. But I really don't know why I am so
BOBBY - I'm confused.
TRINA - That page that I sent you was not a happy message. I have some news to tell you.
BOBBY - What is it? You can tell me anything.
(BOBBY's pager goes off.)
BOBBY chuckling - Wow, my pager has been really blowing up today huh?
(TRINA doesn't laugh. BOBBY looks down at his pager. It reads, Bobby this is Alexis, I need
to speak to you right now! This is urgent! Call me at home asap! Very very important!
BOBBY thinks - Shit!
(BOBBY puts his pager away.)
BOBBY - Sorry for the interruption, please continue. What could possibly have you so upset
and crying so much?
TRINA - Bobby I'm pregnant.
We return to the Alpha House where QUINTON and LARRY ponder where JASON is and
DONTE has brought out the Brotherhood.
(WIL runs over and grabs DONTE and whispers in his ear.)
85 | P a g e

WIL - Yo man, what the fuck are you doin'? These guys aren't even on line yet and you
showin' them wood?
DONTE - Yeah that's right. We bringing this back like how we used to do it in the old
WIL - Man you need to chill, I aint lettin' you do this.
DONTE - What? you gonna suspend me too?
WIL - No but I aint got nothing to do with this shit. I aint taking the fall for this, I am out of
(WIL heads for the closet to get his coat.)
DONTE - So you down to just let niggas skate on up into the frat huh? You gonna let niggas
just MIP up in here huh?
(WIL puts on his coat.)
WIL - No I aint saying that either. But these niggas aint even got voted on yet. Just having
them here in the house with food for us is enough to get us snatched and you pull some
stupid shit like bringing out some wood? I aint got no parts to that shit. If the chapter goes
down, just know that it is all your fault.
DONTE - Fuck you! I love this frat and aint nobody going down.
(WIL looks at DONTE just before he closes the door behind him. DONTE enters the room
and can see the fear in the eyes of QUINTON and LARRY.)
DONTE - Brothers, why don't we show these gentlemen the proper position to get a little
brotherhood so they can understand how important it was for Jason to be here.
(Nobody moves.)
DONTE - Brothers! Let's do it!
(REGGIE slowly goes over and shows QUINTON the position to take wood. NINO follows and
shows LARRY. TREY just watches. They all look uneasy. DONTE sizes them up.)
DONTE - Now, I want you to say, Jason is my brother.
86 | P a g e

REGGIE thinks - I really don't like the looks of this.
We rejoin SYLVIA who is getting acquainted with MONA.
SYLVIA - So you are Mona Ferguson. I have heard a lot about you.
MONA nervously - Have you?
SYLVIA - Why yes, all the sorors seem to know who you are. Your mother is an integral part
of our beloved chapter here at Ahpla.
MONA - Yes, and I would like to follow in her legacy.
SYLVIA - Funny you should use that terminology. I don't like that word too much. People
think because they are legacy, they don't have to work hard to be a part of this sisterhood.
They use legacy as an easy way in.
MONA with an attitude - Well I didn't say all that. It's just that I have admired Alpha Kappa
Alpha all my life and that influence was because of my mother. I wanted to come to Ahpla
because of her and I want to be an AKA because of her.
SYLVIA with an attitude - You should want to be an AKA because it is in your heart. Not
because it is in your mother's heart. My mother is a Zeta. That is because Zeta Phi Beta is
what was in her heart when she decided to pledge. Zeta Phi Beta was not in my heart
though. But if I thought like you, I would blindly follow my mother and be a Zeta.
MONA - I'm not blindly following anybody! I have researched your organization thoroughly
and have come to my own decisions.
SYLVIA - Well you seem to have never researched how to speak to a soror!
MONA - I speak to a soror every time I call home, I know how to speak to a soror.
SYLVIA angrily - Well you don't know how to speak to me! I am the president of this
chapter and I'll let the chapter get suspended before I'll let any soror be disrespected by
someone on the outside looking in!
MONA thinks - Wait, I didn't want this conversation to go there. This is just what PJ was
MONA - Wait, Sylvia, I didn't mean any disrespect.
87 | P a g e

SYLVIA - You didn't mean any disrespect? You come at me with this attitude like I am
supposed to let you in? Girl please! You need to check that shit at the door!
MONA humbly - I'm sorry, I didn't mean it that way.
(SYLVIA turns and begins to walk away.)
MONA - Wait, I'm sorry, can we just start over? Can I call you?
(SYLVIA walks.)
MONA thinks - Dammit!
(MONA begins to run to APRIL's dorm as the tears begin to well up in her eyes.)

88 | P a g e

Episode 14
This week's story begins in the room of PJ and APRIL, where PJ has just walked in on APRIL
PJ screams - Oh my God!
(APRIL turns and looks PJ in the eye. She quickly jumps up and pulls the pillows she
grabbed and tries to cover herself.)
APRIL screams - AAAAHHH!...PJ!
(KATRICE is startled and picks her head up to look. APRIL quickly scoots her body up and
begins to look for her clothes. She is still holding the pillows close to her body.)
KATRICE thinks - Damn! Damn!
PJ - I think I'd better leave.
APRIL - No PJ wait, please.
(APRIL pulls on her pants quickly. She hasn't put on her underwear because she can't find
them. KATRICE stands and starts to collect her books.)
KATRICE - I think I am the one who should be going. PJ I'll give you a call, ok?
(PJ looks at KATRICE but doesn't answer right away.)
PJ - Uh...yeah, ok sure.
(KATRICE walks out of the room and closes the door behind her. PJ stares at the door, then
looks back at APRIL. APRIL is just getting a shirt over her head, then she sits on the bed.)
PJ - April, what you do with whomever is none of my business...but, ...are you a lesbian?
APRIL - No PJ, I'm not. I have never had anything like this happen before. I have never
even thought about it before. I don't know what happened. One minute we were studying,
the next minute...
89 | P a g e

PJ - I don't know what to say. Are you ok?
(A tear falls down APRIL's cheek.)
APRIL - I don't know.
PJ - Um...do you want to talk about it or would you rather be alone.
APRIL - Please stay. I don't want to be alone. I have all these things coming into my mind
now. Things I hadn't thought about before this...happened. Like consequences.
PJ - What do you mean?
APRIL - I have never looked at a woman before in my life. How could this have happened to
me? And it's not as if I looked at her that way either. It just...happened. Does that make a
person gay? And I may have put my chapter in jeopardy over this. What if she tries to use
this as leverage to get voted in?
(APRIL begins to cry now.)
PJ - Don't cry, it'll be all right. I'm sure she would never do that, she doesn't seem like the
type. I have gotten to know her pretty well by now, well almost pretty well.
(PJ starts to choke up but tries to hold it in.)
APRIL crying - What the hell just happened here? PJ you can't tell anybody about this. You
are my closest friend and I trust you. Please.
(PJ can no longer hold her tears back.)
PJ crying - I got your back girl, always.
(PJ sits on the bed next to APRIL and they begin to share in a good cry.)
PJ chuckling through tears - We did have a rule to leave a message on the door if we had
company, that way the other one would know.
APRIL smiles - I dare to consider this company.
PJ - Can I ask you something? Personal? I guess we can't get more personal than where we
are right now.
APRIL - I know what you are going to ask.
PJ smiling - We always ask each other anyway, so I just figured I'd ask now. Now that the
initial shock and the cry are over.
APRIL - Go ahead, ask.
90 | P a g e

PJ - What's it like? Was it...
APRIL - Good?
PJ - Yeah, I guess.
APRIL - Honestly...
(There is a knock at the door.)
PJ - Wow, I guess Katrice came back, maybe she wishes to talk too.
APRIL - I don't mind talking to her, but not right now, ok?
PJ - That's cool, I'll tell her.
(PJ walks over and opens the door. MONA is standing there wiping away her own tears.)
MONA - PJ wants wrong? You've been crying?
We rejoin ALEXIS who has been told by RONNIE about BOBBY and TRINA.
ALEXIS thinks - I can't believe this! This can't be true. How in the world could he find the
time to be with someone else? There aren't enough hours in the day. I know where he is at
all times. If Bobby isn't with me, he is with the Alphas.
(ALEXIS looks down at her watch.)
ALEXIS thinks - It's been twenty minutes since I paged him, he hasn't called back yet. And I
said it was important. I know he is in a meeting now at the house, but he needs to call me
(ALEXIS picks up the phone to page BOBBY again.)
Message reads: Bobby, I need you to stop whatever you are doing and call me ASAP! This is
a real emergency and it is important. Alexis.
(no telephone ring.)
(ALEXIS picks up the phone and dials.)
NINO - hello.
ALEXIS - Is Bobby there?
91 | P a g e

NINO - No, can I ask who is calling?
ALEXIS - This is Alexis, who else would it be?
NINO - Oh hey girl. He left a little while ago.
ALEXIS - I thought you guys had a meeting there.
NINO - Yeah we do but Bobby got a page and had to leave. He'll probably be back soon.
ALEXIS - Please tell him to call me as soon as he gets in. It's important.
NINO - Will do.
ALEXIS thinks - He isn't at the Alpha house? That is not like him at all. This is shady as shit!
(ALEXIS checks the clock on the wall. She then glances at her watch to make sure that the
clock on the wall isn't fast. Another ten minutes have gone by.)
ALEXIS - I don't believe this!
ALEXIS thinks - I am going to go crazy, I am talking to myself! My baby is with someone
(ALEXIS begins to sadden and tears begin to well in her eyes.)
ALEXIS - No fuck that! I aint goin' out like that! I aint cryin' over his ass. If he hasn't called
me, then I need to take it to the next level!
(ALEXIS picks up the phone and dials.)
RONNIE - Hello?
ALEXIS - Ronnie, this is Alexis.
RONNIE - Hi, I was just trying to call you back.
ALEXIS - Ronnie talk to me. Are you one hundred percent positive that this is true.
RONNIE - Alexis, I wish it weren't. I don't want to see you hurt but that brother aint doin'
you right.
ALEXIS - And this would have nothing to do with the fact that you like me?
RONNIE - Absolutely nothing.
ALEXIS - Where does this female live?
RONNIE - Now wait a minute, I aint tryin' to start up no fights. I don't think you should be
going over to her crib.
RONNIE thinks - Yes! Yes! Go!
ALEXIS - You know that aint my speed. I need to confront her on some respect women
92 | P a g e

RONNIE - I don't know Alexis. That may not be a good idea. Maybe I shouldn't have told
you after all.
RONNIE thinks - I am so glad I told her!
ALEXIS - If you are truly my friend, then you can feel what I am feeling right now, and you
know in your heart that this is something I have to do.
RONNIE - Trina lives in the Old Gold Manor complex on the far side of town. Her apartment
number is 7.
ALEXIS - Thank you Ronnie, I won't forget this. Even if you are wrong.
RONNIE - Like I said, I wish I was.
RONNIE thinks - I am in now!
(ALEXIS hangs up and runs out the door.)
We rejoin the crowd of Brothers and potential Brothers at the Alpha house.
DONTE - Don't stop now, we just gettin' warmed up!
(REGGIE looks at TREY. TREY looks back at REGGIE.)
NINO thinks - I gotta stop this shit. This has already gone too far.
(The doorbell rings. Everyone looks around at each other.)
DONTE - Stand up and sit down over there.
QUINTON thinks - Thank God.
93 | P a g e

LARRY whispers - Yo Quinton, this shit aint cool man. Where the fuck is Jason? I can't take
this shit man!
QUINTON whispers - I don't know man. But I'm sure he has a good reason.
DONTE - Everybody be cool. I'll get the door.
(DONTE opens the door.)
JASON - Hello Donte, sorry I am late. I ran into some problems on the way. Can I still come
DONTE - You most certainly can! Bros! Speak of the devil, look who decided to drop us a
NINO - Oh my God!
TREY - Get his ass in here.
TREY thinks - Thank God, this may have gotten ugly if he didn't show up.
QUINTON - Yes Jason! I knew he would come through.
(DONTE closes the door behind JASON.)
DONTE - Well, well, well. If it isn't Jason. Better late than never, huh Jason?
JASON - I apologize for being late.
REGGIE - Do you know what excuses are?
JASON - Uh no I don't.
DONTE - Well let me show you how we feel about excuses!
(DONTE grabs JASON by his jacket and swings him left and right.)
DONTE - Take this shit off!
(JASON quickly unzips and throws off his jacket. DONTE grabs JASON by his shirt and flings
him to the floor, tearing his shirt. JASON springs to his feet.)
NINO - You two just gonna sit there?
(QUINTON and LARRY jump up and stand next to JASON.)
DONTE - Oh no, I want the late one with the excuses.
(DONTE grabs JASON and tears his entire shirt off.)
94 | P a g e

DONTE - Bros! Do my eyes deceive me? Is that what I think it is?
TREY - What?
DONTE - This dude has hickeys all over his neck. And these were just done.
NINO - What? Let me see.
JASON - Uh no, I have had those bumps for a while.
NINO - No you haven't! These were just done! You can tell.
REGGIE - And look at his back! He got scratches on his back.....(sniff, sniff)....and what the
(QUINTON looks at LARRY. LARRY is still looking at JASON's back and neck.)
TREY - I don't believe this shit. Your boys are getting mad heat for you and you somewhere
getting some pussy?
JASON - No, no. It isn't like that at all.
DONTE - Then why don't you turn around and let your boys see your neck as you explain to
all of us why you are late.

95 | P a g e

Episode 15
We rejoin Miri and Gina at Pharoahs.
(MIRI finishes reading his piece and steps down from the stage. He walks toward GINA who
is sitting at the lone table, as balloons continue to fall from the ceiling.)
MIRI - Hello queen.
(GINA gets up, hugs and kisses MIRI before he can say another word.)
GINA - This is so nice, thank you so much. You didn't have to go through all this trouble, I
mean the flowers, the poems, the balloons, and did you rent out this·
MIRI -Shhhhhh. I did this for you because I feel terrible about what happened between us
on the yard. I totally disrespected you and your organization and I should not have done
GINA - Miri, you are a wonderful man. A lot of men cannot admit that they were wrong and
say I am sorry.
MIRI - Well I aint a lot of men. I was wrong Gina, and I am sorry. I will never disrespect
you again. I hope and pray that you can forgive me.
(Gina and Miri hug again.)
GINA - I just feel so special right now, I don't know what to say. This is all so beautiful. How
did you write that poem about my sorority?
MIRI - Basically, I thought about you and it just flowed. You are my muse now, all I have to
do is think of you and words come out in sequence.
(Gina smiles)
GINA - Really?
MIRI - Here, let me show you.
(MIRI steps back and looks at GINA, up and down.)
MIRI - Just from taking one glance at you, I thought of this.
Our eyes met a few short months ago, but we never dreamed of,
a glance, a second's stolen moment, would one day mean true love.
96 | P a g e

Our minds met some time afterward. Our agendas weren't the same.
So how were we to know one day we'd hope to share one name.
Our hearts met and we didn't know, what love two hearts had just begun.
But now it rings sweet to our ears when two hearts beat as one.
What we do know is our souls have met. God introduced us in the womb.
Since then our lives were forever destined, to one day meet as bride and groom.
(Tears roll down GINA's face.)
MIRI - Gosh baby, don't cry.
GINA - That was beautiful.
MIRI - You are my inspiration and my feeling. I only write now because you are my rhyme
and my reason. I wake up to write to you, I go to bed to write to you. I just hope that your
heart is open to hear what it is that I am saying.
GINA - Yes·yes it is.
MIRI - I love you Gina.
GINA - I love you too Miri.
We rejoin JUNE who is on the phone with OCTAVIA. She just clicked to the other line and it
is DERRICK calling.
JUNE - Hey D, what's up?
DERRICK - Nothin' much, what you doing?
JUNE - Actually, I am on an important call. Can I call you back?
DERRICK - Sure, who are you talking to?
JUNE - Octavia, one of the AKA's.
DERRICK - What? That is what you consider an important call? More important than talking
to me? That is some bullshit. I thought you had someone really important on the phone.
JUNE - This is really important to me, I can't believe you just said that and are feeling this
DERRICK - Well don't bother calling me back.
JUNE - I won't!
97 | P a g e

JUNE - Hello?
OCTAVIA - Word of advice, don't keep a soror on hold.
JUNE - I'm sorry, but speak of the devil. That was my so called man just now.
OCTAVIA - So called?
JUNE - See, this is my exact point. He got mad because I chose to talk to you over talking
to him.
OCTAVIA - I see. Maybe this isn't for you right now. Maybe you should get things in order in
your life and then pursue the sorority.
JUNE - No no, please. I want this sisterhood with all my heart. I can get another man.
OCTAVIA - Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Well hopefully it won't come to that. Well look, handle
your business ok?
JUNE - Thank you so much for your time.
OCTAVIA - If you need anything, call me.
JUNE - I certainly will. Good bye.
(Phone rings in Derrick's apartment.)
DERRICK - Hello.
JUNE - Hey.
DERRICK - I thought I said don't bother calling me. I aint playing second fiddle to your little
JUNE - Derrick, if you supposed to be my man, or better yet, my friend, then you should
have my back in the things that I try to do with my life.
DERRICK - Those are your fake ass friends. A true friend will tell you when they think you
are making a mistake. And then you gonna call me after you hang up with her? If I'm
supposed to be your man, I should come first. Unless it is your mom or pops on the phone,
you should be hanging up with other people to talk to me.
JUNE - I would have your back if you tried to do something like this.
DERRICK - I wouldn't try to do something like that.
JUNE - But whatever you tried to do, I got you one hundred percent.
DERRICK - That is bullshit. If I tried to do something that you thought would tear us apart
or hurt me, you would be the first one to stand in my way and not allow me to do it.
JUNE - But how is becoming a member of this sorority going to hurt me or hurt us?
DERRICK - Because first of all, you are not becoming a member you are pledging. People
98 | P a g e

die pledging every single year! People change after they pledge. I told you about my boy
Ronnie! You think you aint got time for me now because of a simple phone call, wait until
you are in the sorority. You wouldn't even know me then!
JUNE - That is not true Derrick, I love you.
DERRICK - No you don't, because if you did, you wouldn't be hurting me like this.
JUNE - That isn't fair!
DERRICK - Fuck fair! If you love me, don't pledge!
In our next scene, MONA has just knocked on PJ and APRIL's door where PJ and APRIL were
MONA - What's the matter PJ?
PJ - Oh nothing, I'm ok. I·uh·just had some personal issues come up. But everything is fine.
You can go home now.
MONA - But I thought you wanted us to talk to April together? I need to talk to you about
Sylvia also. I think I screwed up, and now she hates me.
PJ - Well this is kinda a bad time.
MONA - PJ, why are you brushing me off?
PJ - I'm not Mona. Like I said, some extremely personal things came up that I have to tend
to right away. Don't worry, I will call you and we will reschedule with April and maybe go
and sit down with Sylvia.
MONA - (with an attitude) Well can I at least talk to April now, by myself since you have
these personal problems?
PJ - No, you can't. She is busy.
MONA - Fine, well you call me whenever you don't have issues.
(MONA turns and walks away.)
PJ - (thinks) That little bitch.
APRIL - Who was that?
PJ - Uh·one of my study partners. I told her that I had to catch up with her later.
PJ (thinks) - Damn, and now I am defending her after she caught an attitude with me? Aint
that some shit.
APRIL - I don't mean to get in the way of your study time. Lord knows I should be studying.
99 | P a g e

But my mind is really elsewhere right now.
PJ - No, don't worry about it girl. If you need someone to talk to, you know I am here.
APRIL - Thank you, but you know, I feel like I want to take a shower.
PJ - That's cool. Do what you gotta do.
(APRIL gets up, quickly grabs her towel and her robe and heads for the bathroom. PJ stares
at the bathroom door, then hears the water run. She lays on her own bed on her back.)
PJ (thinks) - Oh my God, what happened here. My roommate is a lesbian and I gotta live
here. And I want her to pledge me.
(PJ glances at APRIL's bed, then looks away.)
PJ (thinks) - No wait, she isn't gay. Just like she said, it just happened. I guess. I think she
is telling the truth. I hope she isn't scarred.
(PJ actually visualizes KATRICE and APRIL engaged in the act, the way that she witnessed
it. She then looks down between her own legs and imagines KATRICE staring up at her.)
PJ - Oh God that is disgusting!
APRIL - What did you say?
PJ - Oh nothing.
(APRIL has been standing under the water since she stepped in the shower. She can't stop
her body from shaking.)
APRIL (thinks) - Oh my goodness, that was amazing. Ooooh, my leg won't stop shaking·I
hope PJ didn't notice.
(APRIL grabs the bar of soap but drops it because she can't get a firm grip on it. She tries to
bend over but can't.)
APRIL - Why am I open like this? This is crazy? I can't even bend over and pick up this soap
because my body won't stop shaking.
(APRIL turns off the water.)
APRIL - Fuck this shit, this shit is crazy.
100 | P a g e

(APRIL gets out of the shower and dries off, quickly. She goes out in her towel and leaves
the robe in the bathroom. She starts to get dressed.)
PJ - Are you finished in the bathroom?
APRIL - Yeah, I'm done.
(PJ enters the bathroom and closes the door, moreso because she didn't want to see APRIL
getting dressed.)
PJ - Oh shit, April left her robe in here. What's up with that?
(APRIL gets dressed.)
APRIL - PJ, I'm going out for a minute, just to walk around. I'll be back.
PJ - Ok.
(PJ hears the door close. She waits and listens a second, then re-enters the room. She lies
on her bed and stares at the ceiling.)
TRINA has just dropped a bomb on BOBBY.
BOBBY - Excuse me?
TRINA - I'm pregnant.
(Tears begin to fall from TRINA's eyes.)
BOBBY (thinks) - Damn! Damn! Damn! Shit!'
BOBBY - Are you sure? Sometimes those home pregnancy things are not accurate.
TRINA - I went to the doctor.
BOBBY - And you are one hundred percent sure?
BOBBY - (thinks ) I can't believe this shit is happening!
TRINA - Bobby, I am pregnant and that is that. I wouldn't make this up.
BOBBY - I'm not saying that you would make it up, all I was asking was if you were sure,
positively sure.
TRINA - Damnit Bobby, I'm sure ok·Two hundred percent sure!
BOBBY - Ok, ok, I understand that you are sure that you are pregnant. But are you sure
that it is mine?
101 | P a g e

TRINA - What?!
BOBBY - Well, I gotta ask. I mean, I aint your man and you may have some stuff happening
on the side with whoever.
TRINA (crying) - Bobby, what the fuck are you talking about? I can't believe you said that
shit! You are the only man I have been with!
BOBBY - Well I didn't know that? And why the hell did you page me with some ol "I got a
surprise for you?" What kind of bullshit is that? I'm thinking you cooked dinner or some shit.
TRINA - Well this is a surprise. I don't know, I thought it would get you here faster. It did.
BOBBY - Trina that is bullshit! You gonna page me just to get me over here on the premise
that it is some good news and then drop this on me? What the fuck?
TRINA - Well what difference does it make now? You are here and this is the news.
BOBBY - No I am not here, I'm out. I can't believe you told me like this.
TRINA - Stop trying to change the bottom line here. The fact is, we are having a baby so we
gotta deal with it.
BOBBY - No the fact is, you are having a baby so you gotta deal with it.
(TRINA's mouth opens in disbelief as she sees BOBBY turn and walk toward the door.)
TRINA - Bobby, come back! You are not gonna leave me like this!
(BOBBY opens the door.)
TRINA - Ok, so it's like that? Well fuck you!
(BOBBY slams the door behind him.)
BOBBY (thinks) - Damn, I shouldn't have done that. That was ill. But I need some air, let
me walk around the block and then I'll come back.
TRINA (thinks)- I can't believe this. I can't believe this.
(TRINA opens the door and looks down the hall just to make sure BOBBY really left. There is
no on in the hall. She goes back inside.)
TRINA (thinks)- I know Bobby better than this. He'll probably call me. I was kind of foul the
way that I told him. Damnit, I probably fucked this all up.
102 | P a g e

(TRINA goes into her bedroom and stares in the mirror. She then goes to the bathroom to
wash her face. As she splashes her face, she thinks that she hears a knock on the door. She
turns off the faucet to hear better·it is a knock on the door.)
TRINA (thinks)- Good!
(TRINA opens the door.)
ALEXIS - Are you Trina?
BOBBY (thinks)- I really screwed up big time. I can't afford to have her pregnant right now.
I got too many things going on. School, the chapter, brother of the year, it is just too many
things happening.
(BOBBY gets to the corner and stops.)
BOBBY (thinks)- Damn, pregnant. How could I have been so stupid?
(BOBBY walks.)
BOBBY (thinks) - And to top it all off, I go off on her. Shit, I am an idiot. I gotta fix this shit.
(BOBBY walks and walks and walks until finally he reaches his destination. He then knocks
on TRINA's door.)
We last left the brothers at the frat house with the prospective gentlemen. JASON has just
been told to explain to everyone in the house why he has marks on his neck and scratches
on his back.
JASON - I was late because I didn't receive the pages from the guys. I was in Pearl Library,
up in the stacks section. And sometimes in there, my pager does not have a strong signal.
JASON (thinks) - I hope they believe this.
JASON - So when I walked outside to take a study break, my pager starts blowing up with
all these messages about this meeting. I ran right over. I even left my books and papers in
the library.
NINO - And what about the marks on your neck and back?
JASON - That was there before. It didn't happen today.
DONTE - So how long did it take you to get here from the library?
103 | P a g e

JASON- I ran over, so maybe 5 minutes.
DONTE - Ok, cool. So if it only took you 5 minutes to get here from the library, then your
books are still in Pearl?
JASON (thinks) - Oh shit.
JASON - I guess so.
DONTE - Are they there or not?
JASON - Yes.
DONTE - Reggie, you feel like making a quick run?
REGGIE - Sure what's up?
REGGIE (thinks) - Anything to get out of this house with this crazy nigga.
DONTE - Why don't you run over to Pearl and pick up Jason's books. We wouldn't want his
shit to get stolen.
REGGIE (laughing) - Aight, cool.
DONTE - And who says Alphas don't care?
JASON (thinks) - Oh damn! I should tell the truth. I should tell the truth. I should tell the·
DONTE - Jason, where exactly were you sitting?
JASON - Uh·Pearl 20·on the left side.
REGGIE - I'll be right back.
DONTE - And we are going to all sit here and have a nice chat until Reggie gets back. If
Reggie gets back with Jason's shit, then I'll let you guys go home. But if there are no books
to be found·I fell sorry for yall!
NINO (thinks) - I hope that nigga is telling the truth.
TREY (thinks) - I hope that nigga is telling the truth.
Quinton (thinks) - I hope that nigga is telling the truth.
Larry (thinks) - I hope that nigga is telling the truth.
Donte (thinks) - I hope that nigga is lying.
KATRICE is sitting by herself in the yard of the Ivy Tower.
KATRICE (thinks) - I should not have pressed up so hard. She is going to resent this whole
thing, and now I have no chance of making line.
(KATRICE looks around as if someone could hear her thoughts.)
104 | P a g e

KATRICE (thinks) - Damn, I shouldn't have done that. But damn, it was good. I wish I knew
if she was with it. If she was down, all I need is more time.
(KATRICE slides to the end of the bench so she can lean on the arm rest. She props her face
on her hand and closes her eyes.)
KATRICE (thinks) - I really want to be in the sorority though, and I may have just messed
up my chances, for real. I wonder what PJ is thinking. Damn, I just screwed up with her too.
If I could just find out what they are thinking, then I would be a lot better off. I would know
what to do.
APRIL - Excuse me.
(KATRICE opens her eyes and sees APRIL standing there.)
APRIL - I think we need to talk.

105 | P a g e

Episode 16
REGGIE (thinks) - I really hope I turn the corner and see some notes and books and shit. I
really like this guy Jason, maybe he would be a good choice to be my spec.
REGGIE walks in the front door of Pearl. He walks to the elevator.
REGGIE (thinks) - The moment of truth.
WIL - Whatâs up frat?
REGGIE - Yo whatâs up oh six!
WIL - What you doing in here? Gettingâ some studying done?
REGGIE - Actually bruh, youâre not gonna believe this shit. We got
the interests at the house and this one dude comes in real late right?
WIL - Uh huh?
REGGIE - So he has hickies all over his neck and shit, like he just got finished gettingâ
WIL - Oh shit.
REGGIE - But he tells Bros that he was in here, in the stacks studying. But he left his books
and his notes here. So Donte sends me over here to get his stuff. If itâs here, they get to
leave. If it aint here, hell is gonna break loose in the house.
WIL - What?
REGGIE - This nigga Donte is already swinging wood on these cats!
(The elevator comes.)
WIL - Well Iâm dying to see if his shit is here now. Iâm gonna come with you.
REGGIE - Thatâs cool.
(They both enter the elevator and REGGIE presses S for the stacks section.)
WIL - Donte is crazy man, he wonât be satisfied until we aint got a chapter to call home.
106 | P a g e

REGGIE - I know man. By the way, where have you been? I havenât seen you since you
WIL - Ha ha ha. I have been busting my ass trying to get into Stanford. You know how that
is bruh.
REGGIE - Wow, thatâs great. Good luck.
WIL - Yeah but Bobby is on my case because without me, he is saying that we have no shot
at chapter of the year.
REGGIE - Well you are the chapter historian.
WIL - Yeah but unlike Donte, I will be an ahpla alum.
REGGIE - Ha ha ha ha ha ha.
(The elevator rings as it reaches the stacks section.)
REGGIE - Ok, he said he was sitting in section 20, on the left I think.
WIL- Letâs check it out.
(REGGIE and WIL walk past section 16, 17, 18, 19 and approach 20.)
REGGIE - Section 20. Here we are.
WIL - Any sign of any books?
REGGIE - Nope, I was afraid of that. But let me walk around one last time. Hold on.
REGGIE (thinks) - Damn, Jason was lying.
WIL - Well?
REGGIE - Naw frat. Nothing. But you know what, I aint lettinâ this kid go out like that.
(REGGIE looks through the shelf of books, and picks one out.)
REGGIE - This is about to be Jasonâs study material.
WIL - Youâre gonna lie for an interest?
REGGIE - Yeah, to save him and us from Donte.
107 | P a g e

WIL - First of all, you should not side with them. Even though Donte is extreme, he is frat
and frat should come first.
REGGIE - Bruh how you gonna say that when you aint putting frat first in your list of
priorities? I canât give that any merit. And secondly?
WIL - Secondly, smart ass, you may want to pick a book other than The Quantum Guide to
Astro Physics.
REGGIE - Oh·thanks.
We join SYLVIA who is in her apartment on the phone.
WYDELL - Hello?
SYLVIA - Hey Wydell, this is Sylvia.
WYDELL - Hey, how you doing?
SYLVIA - Good, and yourself?
WYDELL - Good. Let me get Ashante for you. Ashante!
ASHANTE - Hello?
SYLVIA - Hey Soror.
ASHANTE - Hey Sylvia, whatâs up?
SYLVIA - I wanted to find out from you what our schedule should be as far as intake. I think
we need to meet and start finalizing what is going to be happening with that.
ASHANTE - Actually, itâs funny that you should call. I just got some information from the
regional director. We are in good standing and are allowed to proceed. So whenever you are
SYLVIA - Great, then I want us to meet next Thursday. We need to get going. Plus we need
to seriously talk about this legacy girl that is coming out.
108 | P a g e

ASHANTE - Oh yeah, Soror Fergusonâs daughter.
SYLVIA - Yeah, I met her and talked with her.
ASHANTE - What was your impression?
SYLVIA - Well, she is rude, ignorant, and doesnât recognize how to speak to a Soror.
ASHANTE - That is bad. She may have no problems bringing her mom into this then. That is
SYLVIA - That is why I hate this legacy clause shit. There are so many girls coming in to the
sorority every year, based on the simple fact that their mom or grandmom or godmom is
active. But what about them and what they are about? What about what they are doing in
the community? What about someone like Mona who is so arrogant? I hate this.
ASHANTE - Yeah but we donât have a choice here. If she meets the requirements, she is in.
Besides the fact that we donât want to deal with Soror Ferguson. If she got involved, we
would have to take her daughter and still lose the chapter.
SYLVIA - What we should do is put her down and then haze the shit out of her until she
ASHANTE (laughing) - Now Soror, letâs not go there.
SYLVIA - I understand. Let me call Sorors and let them know about the meeting.
ASHANTE - Ok girl, Iâll see you there.
SYLVIA (thinks) - That hazing idea isnât a bad idea.
(SYLVIA calls MAX)
MAXâs answering machine - Iâm sorry that I am not in to take your call right now. Please
leave your name and number after the tone, and I will be sure to get back to you at my
earliest convenience. Have a blessed day.
SYLVIA - Hey girl, I am calling a meeting for next Thursday concerning our interests and
proceeding with intake. Same time, same place. Call me when you get a chance.
109 | P a g e

OCTAVIA - Hello?
SYLVIA - Hey Soror.
OCTAVIA - Hey Soror, whatâs up?
SYLVIA - Iâm calling a meeting for next Thursday so we can discuss our interests for line
and decide how we are going to handle things.
OCTAVIA - Cool. I am so excited about this. Alpha Kappa Alpha is a beautiful thing to pass
on. I canât wait.
SYLVIA - I know girl, itâs just that you donât want to always pass it on to some people.
OCTAVIA - Well thatâs true. Some donât deserve it.
SYLVIA - You got that right. Let me call the other Sorors. So I will see you there?
OCTAVIA - Wouldnât miss it. Bye.
PJ - Hello?
SYLVIA - Well hello Presjina. Just the interest that I want to talk to.
Scenes change and we re-connect with MIRI and GINA.
MIRI - So how did you get here? Did you drive?
GINA - Yes, my car is in the parking lot.
MIRI - Ok, well I gotta lock up the club. So why donât you follow me when we leave here.
We can go chill at my place.
GINA - That sounds cool. Iâll go wait in my car.
(MIRI walks GINA to her car, he gives her another kiss before she gets in.)
110 | P a g e

MIRI - Iâll be right back.
GINA - Ok.
GINA (thinks) - Wow, Miri is really special. I canât believe he said he loves me. I havenât
known him for that long. I canât believe I said I love you too.
(GINA sees MIRI come back out and walk to his car. He starts the car and she follows him.)
GINA (thinks) - I wonder what he plans to happen at his place.
MIRI (thinks) - I wonder what she plans to happen at the crib.
GINA (thinks) - I am ready. I could make love to him tonight. I hope it wonât seem too
MIRI (thinks) - I am ready. But I hope she doesnât think I would be rushing her.
GINA (thinks) - I will just follow the flow of the evening. Weâll see where it goes.
MIRI (thinks) - Iâll just see where the vibe of the evening takes us.
(There is a big parking spot in front of MIRIâs place. They both park and go inside.)
MIRI - Can I get you anything? Something to drink?
GINA - Water would be fine.
MIRI - Would you care for natural evian tap from the rocky mountain faucet, or pelligrino on
the rocks straight up?
GINA (laughing) - Youâre silly.
MIRI - Well make yourself comfortable. Iâll get the water.
(GINA sits down. MIRI enters and puts on some music.)
"Fortunate to have you girl·Iâm so glad youâre in my world·Just as sure as the sky is blue·I
bless the day that I found you·"
(MIRI sits down and puts GINAâs glass down. They look at each other and kiss.)
MIRI (thinks) - I could kiss her all night.
111 | P a g e

(As they draw closer, it is awkward because they are sitting side by side. MIRI puts his
hands on GINAâs waist to turn her toward him.)
GINA (thinks) - It feels so good when he touches me.
(MIRI rubs her waist and GINA moves along with the movement of his hands.)
MIRI (whispers) - I love the way that you feel.
GINA ( whispers) - I love the way that you touch me.
(MIRIâs lips leave GINAâs face and move to her neck. GINA feels MIRIâs warm lips on her
neck and she cringes because it tickles. But she allows him to kiss her there. She closes her
GINA - Oh Miri.
(MIRIâs hands move up and very lightly caress GINAâs breasts. GINAâs back arches and
she leans back. It really tickles and MIRI does it again. Each time though, very light.)
GINA (thinks) - Oh my God, that tickles and feels so good.
(With GINA leaning back, MIRI moves his hands up as his face down. He lifts her shirt just
enough so he can kiss her belly button.)
MIRI (thinks) - She smells so good.
(MIRI lightly kisses Ginaâs stomach and places his tongue lightly in her belly button. GINA
squirms and touches MIRIâs head. His tongue feels warm but the lightness of it tickles.)
GINA - Oh that feels good.
GINA (thinks) - His fingers are killing me.
(MIRI uses his fingertips to draw circles along GINAâs sides. It tickles her like crazy. He
moves up to her breasts. He doesnât squeeze though, he just circles her nipples through
her bra with his fingertips.)
GINA - Ooooh.
112 | P a g e

(GINA presses MIRIâs body against hers in hopes that he would squeeze her. She is aching
to be squeezed from all the tickling. But MIRI resists and lightly kisses and touches. GINA
canât hold it in any longer.)
GINA - Oh Miri, I want you, I want you so bad.
MIRI - No, not yet.

113 | P a g e

Episode 17
The AKA meeting is about to start.
SYLVIA - Ok, I want to start this meeting by saying I don't like none of these girls!
(Laughter breaks out in the room.)
SULVIA -Naw, I'm just kidding. I know sorors have been able to talk to them individually
and I just want to find out what is the mentality of the group. I have only talked to two of
them personally.
OCTAVIA - Well why don't you start. Who were the two that you spoke to and what was
your impression?
SYLVIA - I spoke to Presjina and Mona. First PJ. I like her. I liked her last year. She is
respectful and seems to be the leader of the group.
MAX - Yeah, I like PJ too.
OCTAVIA - PJ is my girl. We became real cool last year, but I remember her saying last year
that if she didn't make it, she would never again try.
ASHANTE - Alot of people say that.
OCTAVIA - I just want to make sure she wants it as bad this year as she did last year.
That's all.
SYLVIA - Good point, why don't you check that out with her.
SYLVIA - As far as Mona, let's discuss her last.
ASHANTE - I agree.
OCTAVIA - Ok, let's talk about June. I have had a chance to talk to her. She has a deep
passion for the sorority and she has alot of respect. She is having issues with her man who
doesn't want her to pledge, but she confided in me. I felt very comfortable talking with her
about it. She wants this bad.
MAX - I talked to her too. She studies alot. She knows alot of history. I tried to throw
questions at her and she knew her stuff.
ASHANTE - She sounds legit.
SYLVIA - Octavia, you need to keep us posted on her status with her man though. I don't
want her to go one way and then change directions on us.
114 | P a g e

MAX - Has anyone talked to Katrice?
OCTAVIA - April has. I know she had a study session with Katrice.
ASHANTE - How did it go?
OCTAVIA - I don't know, I haven't spoken to her. Where is April anyway?
SYLVIA - I called her but she wasn't there. That is when I spoke to PJ. I had her tell me her
views of the other interests. Of course, she spoke well of everyone.
MAX - Yeah, she isn't going to talk down another interest, even if she doesn't like her.
SYLVIA - Of course not.
ASHANTE - So we need to find out from April how her meeting with Katrice went.
SYLVIA - Yeah, I'll check back with April and find out how Katrice was. And now comes
ASHANTE - Sorors, I'm gonna be straight up honest. This is a big problem. Mona is legacy.
Her mother is active and is one of our chapter founders.
SYLVIA - That means she can be as disrespectful and arrogant as she wants, she will still
make line and become a soror. There is nothing that we can do about it.
MAX - That legacy crap is so whack! I hate it!
SYLVIA - You don't realize how much I hate this, this girl got such an attitude with me. Like
I wasn't a soror, let alone president of the chapter! I would have never pulled a stunt like
that when I was an interest. I just want to get her on line and haze her until she drops!
ASHANTE - Well we aint doing that.
MAX - How about if we get her on line and don't pay any attention to her?
OCTAVIA - I hate to be the devil's advocate here...
SYLVIA - Don't tell me you like Mona?
OCTAVIA - No, not at all. But I know that line will change a person, it definitely changed
me. Yall had me and April doing shit I never dreamed I would do. Maybe under those types
of situations, she will change and be all about the business at hand. I am just giving her the
benefit of the doubt, for all we know, she may be sitting at home trying to think of a better
way to approach you Sylvia.
We join MONA who is in her dorm room trying on AKA paraphanelia.
115 | P a g e

MONA thinks - How is PJ gonna just play me? I went over there to talk to April, who I know
hates me, and she isn't going to let me in? What kind of shit is that?
(MONA puts on an AKA sweatshirt and looks in the mirror.)
MONA thinks - This is phat! This looks so good on me! Pink is definitely my color.
(MONA throws up her pinky and leans back in a pose.)
MONA thinks - I am going to be the flyest soror on this campus!
(MONA takes off that sweater and opens up a trunk with other AKA memorabilia.)
MONA thinks - I'm glad mommy doesn't wear these things often, or she would find them
(MONA puts the sweater back in the trunk and puts on an AKA hat and t-shirt. She walks
back to the mirror.)
MONA thinks - Damn, I usually don't even look good in hats and I am still fly.
(MONA throws up her pinky again and gives the AKA call.)
MONA thinks - Practice makes perfect!
(MONA keeps on the hat and shirt and walks across the room to her computer. She logs
onto www.skeephi.com, and enters the Chat Room as "AKALADE".)
BOBBY is standing outside of TRINA's door. He can hear two voices from inside and they are
BOBBY thinks - What the fuck?
(BOBBY goes to open the door but it is locked. He reaches in his pocket and pulls out his
keys. He uses his key to TRINA's apartment. BOBBY walks in.)
BOBBY thinks - Oh my God!
116 | P a g e

(ALEXIS and TRINA stop arguing to both look at BOBBY walking in.)
BOBBY - What the hell is going on in here?
ALEXIS - You tell me motherfucker! How can you do this to me?
BOBBY - Do what to you? What are you doing here?
ALEXIS - You're supposed to be my man and you seeing this bitch on the side?
TRINA - Who you calling a bitch?
(TRINA reaches across and slaps ALEXIS. ALEXIS is startled for a second but lunges at
BOBBY thinks - Oh shit!
(BOBBY jumps between them but ALEXIS grabs TRINA's hair.)
TRINA - Get off me!
ALEXIS crying and screaming - I hate you bitch! I hate you!
BOBBY - Alexis, let her go! Stop! Let go!
(ALEXIS pulls harder.)
BOBBY - Alexis stop! Stop! She's pregnant!
(ALEXIS stops and looks at BOBBY, and then let's go of TRINA's hair.)
ALEXIS - What?
(TRINA jumps at ALEXIS again but BOBBY grabs her.)
TRINA - Let me go! I'm gonna kill you! Let me go!
BOBBY - Trina stop! Calm down! Stop Trina stop!
(BOBBY holds on to TRINA as ALEXIS is standing there looking bewildered.)
ALEXIS - Bobby, you got her pregnant?
(BOBBY doesn't answer but continues to struggle to keep TRINA off of ALEXIS.)
ALEXIS screams - Bobby I hate you! I never want to see you again!
BOBBY - Alexis wait! Let me take you home! Maybe you shouldn't drive...
(ALEXIS storms out of the door and slams it behind her.)
117 | P a g e

118 | P a g e

Episode 18
Our story begins with GINA and MIRI.
GINA - But Miri, I want you now.
MIRI - Do you want me?
GINA - Yes!
MIRI - Tell me how bad you want me.
GINA - Miri, I want you so bad. Take me!
(MIRI stands up over GINA and takes her by the hand)
MIRI - Come on.
(MIRI leads GINA by the hand upstairs)
MIRI - This is my room, this is where I create my love on paper.
GINA - I like it.
(GINA and MIRI sit on the bed and begin to kiss again)
MIRI thinks - I don't want too move to fast, but I don't want to move too slow. Her body is
(MIRI lifts GINA's shirt again. GINA just pulls it off)
GINA thinks - I hope he doesn't think this is too soon, but I want him.
(GINA leans back on the bed and notices words painted on MIRI's ceiling)
GINA - You have words on your ceiling?
MIRI - Yeah, but don't read it yet.
GINA - Why not?
MIRI - Wait.
(MIRI takes off his shirt and undoes GINA's bra)
MIRI thinks - Damn Gina has some tig ol bitties!
119 | P a g e

MIRI - Now read the ceiling out loud.
GINA - If you are reading
these words above,
then with you
I must be in love.
MIRI - Read it again.
GINA - If you are reading
Aaaah, Oh yes.
these words above,
then...oooh...with you
I must be in love.
How many girls have read that?
MIRI - I only make love to women that I love. And only women that I love read the writing
on the ceiling.
GINA - And how many girls has that been?
MIRI - Gina, you are the second woman to read this poem.
GINA - You have only been with two women?
MIRI - I haven't been with you yet, so as of right now, one.
(GINA begins to kiss MIRI furiously. MIRI caresses GINA's breasts. GINA scratches MIRI's
back softly)
GINA thinks - If you are reading these words above, then with you I must be in love.
MONA logs off of www.skeephi.com.
MONA screams - Oh God, that was close! ha ha ha ha ha
PJ - What was so close?
(MONA turns around startled to find that PJ has entered her room without knocking,)
MONA - Damn Presjina you scared the shit out of me! Don't you ever knock?
PJ - No I don't ever knock but what the fuck do you have on?
(MONA looks down and remembers that she is wearing AKA paraphanelia.)
120 | P a g e

MONA - Oh gosh PJ, I was just...I mean I was only...
PJ - Mona save it alright! I told you about this shit! What the hell is the matter with you?
What if I was coming over here with April so that you two could talk?
MONA - You are so right PJ, I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking, I should have locked my door.
PJ - No no, you are missing the point! You shouldn't have that on at all! That is so
MONA - You're right! You're right! I'll take it off now and never do it again.
PJ - Look Mona, I like you and all, but this stupid stuff has got to stop. I have had
conversation after conversation with you and you just don't seem to get it.
MONA - PJ you're right, and I truly understand all that you have said. It's just that I want to
be an AKA so bad, I couldn't help myself. I had to pose in the mirror. But please please
please keep this between you and me. Don't tell anyone, not even June and Katrice, ok?
PJ- Alright.
PJ thinks - Damn, how many secrets am I gonna have by the time this shit is over?
PJ - If you want to be an AKA badly, that is ok. I do too. But there are smart ways of going
about it, and wearing their sacred letters isn't one of them. Now what you need to do is call
MONA - You think so?
PJ - Yeah, she called my room for April and April wasn't there. So she spoke to me about
the status of us as a group. And the chapter isn't too pleased.
MONA - Really?
MONA thinks - I thought you said that April was in your room but couldn't talk to me, then
you tell Sylvia that April isn't home? Shady shit.
PJ - She wasn't too happy with her meeting with you so maybe you should call her and hook
up another meeting. I know the AKA's had a meeting today, that is why she was calling
April. But it should be over by now, so give her a call.
MONA - I will, thanks PJ.
PJ - Call me after you speak to her. I'm going to see if I can catch up with Katrice.
(PJ leaves. MONA calls SYLVIA)
SYLVIA - Hello.
MONA - Good evening can I please speak to Sylvia Muhammad?
SYLVIA - Who is this?
121 | P a g e

MONA - This is Mona Fergusson.
SYLVIA - Mona Fergusson. To what do I owe this extreme displeasure?
MONA - I'm sorry to disturb your evening and take up any of your time. And I apologize for
not recognizing who you are and what you stand for in your illustrious organization.
SYLVIA - I see you have had some coaching lessons on how to speak to a soror!
MONA - I just needed to sit back and check myself. I apologize. A lot of the procedures for
going about this I just don't know.
SYLVIA - What could you possibly need help with now? Hasn't it already been explained to
MONA - Well I do have one question and I don't know if I am wrong for bringing this up. I
guess it is more so a concern.
SYLVIA - What? Get to the point.
MONA - I am not trying to be a tattletale, but I walked in on PJ and she had on AKA
paraphanelia. She was online on her computer chatting on skeephi.com with the screen
We pick up with KATRICE and APRIL who are talking in the court of the Ivy Tower.
KATRICE - Sure...um...you want to talk here?
APRIL - Actually, no I don't.
KATRICE - Ok, I know where we should go.
(KATRICE and APRIL begin to walk)
APRIL thinks - I knew I wasn't crazy, I am not attracted to Katrice at all. I don't like women,
I'm normal.
KATRICE - How are you? I mean...are you ok?
APRIL - I'm cool.
KATRICE - Listen, I think I need to apologize for what happened. I never meant to...
APRIL - I think I need to say I'm sorry to you. I hope I didn't lead you on. First thing, we
were trying to get this math shit together, and the next thing you know...well you know.
KATRICE - Well, I understand. I take it you have never done anything like this before.
APRIL - Hell no.
KATRICE - Are you against...Or better yet, how did I make you feel?
122 | P a g e

(APRIL looks away)
KATRICE - Don't answer that. Come upstairs so we can sit down and talk.
(KATRICE and APRIL enter Pratt Russell Plaza, where KATRICE lives)
APRIL - I didn't know you stayed in Pratt Russell. I stayed in Pratt Russell my freshman
KATRICE - Yeah, I'm an RA here.
(They arrive at KATRICE's room, and enter)
APRIL - This is a phat room, the way you have it hooked up.
KATRICE - Thanks.
APRIL - I guess I pictured you having pictures of naked women around, on your walls and
KATRICE - Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, naw, it isn't like that at all. Have you ever known a gay
person before?
APRIL - No, I haven't.
KATRICE - You think you haven't. You'd be surprised if everyone decided to all of a sudden
come out of the closet.
APRIL - So how many people know about you?
APRIL thinks - Damn, I bet people think I'm a lesbian because I walked in here with her!
KATRICE - Nobody knows...except you.
APRIL - Why did you choose to stay in the closet?
KATRICE - Because I want to be an AKA. I don't know if everyone in the sorority would feel
that my lifestyle is becoming of a member.
APRIL - That is understandable.
KATRICE - I don't feel that who I choose to date should matter. I have a deep love for my
people, for sisters everywhere, and a longing desire to share in the love of Alpha Kappa
Alpha. That is all that should matter.
APRIL - But what about the fact that we have an image to uphold? This organization is the
greatest organization for women ever formed. You should feel like you would be letting a lot
of women down if you were a soror and lived that lifestyle.
123 | P a g e

KATRICE - As a member of the sorority, I know that I would live up to the ideals of the
organization every day. I would not flaunt my lifestyle. Just like a member who may sleep
around with many men. They are letting themselves down and not upholding a positive
image. But what they do in their beds is their business. Not the sorority's.
APRIL - But what I don't understand is, what would make you like women in the first place?
It just isn't natural.
KATRICE - Well why don't you answer the question I asked you earlier.
APRIL - Ok, I will admit. Honestly, that was the best I ever had. I really didn't know it could
feel like that.
KATRICE - Sit down, let me show you something. Give me your hands.
(APRIL sits and gives KATRICE her hands. KATRICE examines APRIL's hands all over)
KATRICE - One reason I like women is their hands. Women have beautiful hands and they
take care of their hands very well. Men grab, poke, jab, snort, spit, scratch like fucking
neanderthals. But a women's touch is like a baby's. Always soft and delicate. I remember
last year, I would take my friend with me when I got my nails done. As the manicurist was
handling my palms, fingers and nails, I watched my lover squirm. She grew so jealous just
by seeing another woman fondle my hands, the same hands that gently stroked her body.
Everytime we left, she made love to me in a fury.
APRIL - She made love to you? Ill, that doesn't even sound right.
KATRICE - Shhhh. Check this out.
(KATRICE smacks APRIL's arm lightly in the same spot over and over)
APRIL - What are you doing?
KATRICE - Does this hurt?
APRIL - No, but what are you doing?
KATRICE - If I kept smacking this same exact spot for fifteen minutes, would it hurt then?
APRIL - I'm sure it would.
KATRICE - How about for an hour.
APRIL - What is the point?
KATRICE - The point is, this is a man. This is how they think and this is how they make love
to us. They watch pornos and see these studs slamming away at these blonde bimbos or big
booty freaks and think that is how a woman likes to be touched. Give me your other arm.
124 | P a g e

(KATRICE very lightly strokes APRIL's arm)
KATRICE - Now if I do this, the little small hairs on your arm stand up. Because I am
stimulating them and they want you to scratch them. But if I prevent you from scratching,
the sensation builds and builds. Until you can't take it anymore. You are dying to reach over
and releave the sensation of your arm. But I don't let you.
(KATRICE continues to stroke APRIL's arm)
APRIL - All right, I get the point, that itches, stop.
KATRICE - No, imagine you not being able to pull your arm from me. And I keep stroking
you. It tickles like hell but it feels good like you're in heaven. What do you do? You scream,
you close your eyes, you think that you can't take anymore, but I control how long I decide
to torture you. I decide when to let you breathe. I decide when you relax because you only
relax if I scratch you.
(KATRICE is now lightly stroking both of APRIL's arms)
KATRICE - Close your eyes and try not to laugh from the tickling. But think of how good it
feels. Your whole upper body will feel alive, just go with it and don't fight it.
(APRIL closes her eyes. KATRICE strokes APRIL's arms and shoulders)
KATRICE - Vibe off this different shit. No man touches you like this, physically or mentally.
A man won't talk to you and let you know his inner thoughts. I'm saying that we can be
friends and flow like this. Get to know me for who I really am, and I get to know you for
more than just some big sister.
(KATRICE lightly outlines APRIL's eyes and nose with her fingertips)
KATRICE - Has a man ever taken the time to get to know the outline of your face?
KATRICE - That is bad because April, you are so pretty.
(KATRICE and APRIL kiss)

125 | P a g e

Episode 19
This week's episode begins with a telephone conversation between DERRICK and RONNIE.
DERRICK - Yeah dude, I told her. You either forget about that pledging nonesense or forget
about me.
RONNIE - Man, how you gonna tell her that?
DERRICK - No disrespect my nigga.
RONNIE - Naw bruh, on the real. You need to lighten up on the way that you talk about us.
You don't know shit about us and you are constantly putting us down.
DERRICK - I know all I need to know dude. You my boy and all, but come on man. You can't
justify niggas dying, pledging no frat.
RONNIE - You are right about that, absolutely. But that is where niggas take shit too far.
Just like you can't justify niggas dying on line, how you gonna justify niggas dying for this
fucked up country? The men of Omega Psi Phi don't advocate hazing at all. Yes it happens
but we deal with it.
DERRICK - So what the fuck do you say to somebody's mom? Somebody's sister? Or in my
case, somebody's man when they get hurt or maimed for life? What the fuck? I've seen
these AKA's here at Ahpla pledge, remember that one chick? What's that chick's name, April
RONNIE - Yeah.
DERRICK - Yo that chick pledged hard as shit. She was in a class with me. Every day she
came in she fell right to sleep. Her grades dropped she was looking fucked up the whole
time. I am not trying to see my girl like that dude. Fuck that shit.
RONNIE - The point is, you gotta support your woman. She needs you now, if this is
something that is in her heart. You don't want her to not do something because it makes
you uncomfortable. Omega is the best thing I have done, I wouldn't give it up for nobody.
That shit is unfair for you to ask her not to do it.
DERRICK - What about what is fair to me?
RONNIE - Why is it always about you?
DERRICK - Fuck you nigga!
RONNIE - Whateva fool! Fuck you!
DERRICK - But really though. I'm serious man. I love June and I don't want to see her hurt.
I know this is something that she wants but if she goes for it, she will be going for it without
126 | P a g e

RONNIE - Yo D, if you don't want to see her hurt, why are you doing this?
DERRICK - She isn't the one getting hurt here. I am.
RONNIE - That's fucked up. Hold on man, someone is banging on my door like they want to
break it down. Must be some of those Ques!! Rowf!
DERRICK - Yeah, whatever.
(RONNIE begins to sing the chorus to "Where My Dogs At" as he opens his door to find
ALEXIS standing there crying)
Our scenes change and we rejoin TRINA and BOBBY in TRINA's apartment.
TRINA - Let me go Bobby! Get off me!
BOBBY - Not until you calm down! Calm down!
TRINA - Let me go! I'm gonna catch that bitch and kill her!
BOBBY - No you're not, now calm down! What is the matter with you?
TRINA - She slapped me! What the hell do you mean what is the matter with me?
BOBBY - Let me see your face. Are you alright?
(BOBBY focues on her cheek which causes TRINA to forget about chasing after ALEXIS.)
TRINA - Bobby, why have you got me mixed up in all this craziness? I don't deserve to be
treated like this!
(TRINA begins to cry.)
BOBBY - Trina baby, I'm sorry. You know that you are the one that I love. I just could not
figure out a way to get out of my situation. But that is why I came back. I wanted to
apologize for the way that I stormed out of here. That wasn't right and I am sorry for the
things that I said.
TRINA - I knew that it didn't sound like you.
BOBBY - It wasn't me. You know me Trina, and you know that you are the one thing that is
closest to my heart. You are the reason I can do the things that I do. Because I know that
you inspire me to be the best man I can be. To win chapter of the year, and get my
brothers on track. I know that you got my back and you always have.
127 | P a g e

TRINA - I do have your back. I love you.
BOBBY - I know.
TRINA - So does this mean that we are going to be together?
BOBBY - Well first I have some things to take care of, obviously.
TRINA - And you are happy that we are having a baby?
BOBBY thinks - Oh shit! That slipped my mind!
BOBBY - Well let me deal with one thing at a time. Alexis is not a bad person, I owe her at
least an explanation or something.
TRINA - You don't owe her shit!
BOBBY - Come on Trina, that isn't fair.Put yourself in her position. She found out that I
cheated on her and that you are pregnant all in the same day. How would you feel?
TRINA - Well I don't care. If I ever see you speaking to that bitch again, I'll kill you myself!
BOBBY - Just calm down, don't get all worked up again. I think you should check out your
face in the mirror. It is starting to look swollen.
TRINA - Really?
(TRINA leaves the room to go to the bathroom. BOBBY quickly picks up TRINA's phone.)
ALEXIS' answering machine - Hello, I'm not here right now. But if you leave your name,
number and a message, I will call you back. God bless you...beep.
BOBBY - Alexis baby, this is Bobby. Please pick up if you are there...Ok, I know you are
upset, but baby I love you with all my heart. Just give me a chance to explain this whole
thing. I got really confused on things recently and I acted stupid. But my heart is with you
and always will be. I love you Lexi. Please page me when you get this message, at least
hear me out. I love you.
TRINA - Did you say someting Bobby?
(BOBBY quietly hangs the phone up.)
BOBBY - I was just going to ask if you were ok.
TRINA - Yeah I am ok. Just putting some water on my face.
TRINA thinks - It's a good thing I'm not really pregnant yet, with all this confusion! Shit!
128 | P a g e

We rejoin REGGIE and WIL who have arrived at the Alpha House with some books for Jason.
(NINO opens the door.)
NINO - What's up Reg, hey what's up Wil.
WIL - What's up frat?
NINO - Oh shit! That nigga was telling the truth about the books?
REGGIE - Hell yeah, I was shocked too.
(The three enter the room where JASON, LARRY, QUINTON, and DONTE are.)
DONTE - The moment of truth.
JASON thinks - Please God help me.
REGGIE - Hey Jason, I found your stuff. Right where you said it was. But I think someone
may have made off with your notebook. I just found the textbook that you were using.
DONTE - Are you serious? Oh shit!
JASON thinks - Are you serious? Oh shit!
Quinton thinks - Thank you Jesus!
DONTE - Let me see that shit! Jason, is this your shit?
JASON hesitates - Yes.
(REGGIE looks at WIL. WILL looks down.)
NINO - I guess he was telling the truth, huh Donte?
DONTE - Yeah, I guess so. Good shit Jason. First rule of an Alpha man is that we are men of
distinction and character. We should never have to lie to get a point across. We are always
honest and respectful. right bros?
REGGIE - Uh yeah.
DONTE - So you see fellas, if I found out that you were lying, that you make you unworthy
of this glorious fraternity and chapter that we all hold dear to our hearts. So Jason, if indeed
you are lying, this is the time to admit it. So I am going to ask you one more time. IS this
the book that you left in the library?
(REGGIE looks at JASON and nods his head. WIL cracks a smile.)
JASON - Yes it is.
DONTE - You motherfuckers have 06 seconds to get the hell out of here!
129 | P a g e

(QUINTON and LARRY look at each other and then scramble for the door. JASON is still
looking confused but then makes his way to the door as well.)
DONTE - 6...5...4...3...
QUINTON - Thank you for your time today gentlemen.
DONTE - ...2...
(QUINTON and LARRY rush out the door that NINO is holding open. JASON follows but
hesitates to glance at REGGIE. REGGIE looks him in the eye.)
REGGIE - Get the hell out!
(JASON turns to leave.)
DONTE - Jason!
(JASON stops and turns back.)
DONTE - Aren't you forgetting something?
(JASON looks confused.)
JASON - I'm not sure I know what you are referring to.
DONTE - Your books stupid!
(DONTE tosses JASON's books to him.)
JASON - Oh yeah...thank you.

130 | P a g e

Episode 20
This week, we begin with JASON, QUINTON and LARRY LAR as they are leaving the Alpha
House, very happy to finally be out.
QUINTON - Yo Jason, I knew you would come through man. I knew you wouldn't leave us
JASON - True. I always got your back dude.
LARRY LAR - Yeah man, I was sweatin' bullets and you came in right on time. I am so glad
you were telling the truth about being in the library.
JASON - No doubt. You know up in the stacks my pager was gettin' no signal at all. As soon
as I came down to take a break, my pager starts blowing up and that is when I rushed out.
JASON thinks - Damn, I'm almost convincing myself!
QUINTON - I think what we should do is start to mix each other's schedules so we know
where we all are from now on. That way, we don't have to be guessing and worry about
getting caught up again.
LARRY LAR - Word, I agree.
JASON - Sounds good.
LARRY LAR - I didn't think pledging would be like this. I always heard that it would be hard,
but damn. This is hard as hell.
QUINTON - Pledging Alpha here at Ahpla is no joke dude. I have heard all kinds of stories.
But I have to be mentally ready, we all have to be.
JASON - What kinds of stories have you heard? Do you think they hit us with paddles?
LARRY LAR - What the fuck do you think we were doing while your late ass was in the
JASON - They hit yall with paddles?
QUINTON - Hell yes and that shit hurt like hell!
LARRY LAR - I aint never felt no shit like that before. I was so happy to see you J, I could
have kissed your ugly ass.
JASON - Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, man that is crazy! I am sorry for being late.
JASON thinks - I feel like shit.
JASON - But if they are hitting with paddles now, what the hell happens when the line really
QUINTON - Well I heard it is a lot of mind games too. Like I heard this one thing where they
131 | P a g e

pour salt and pepper on the table in a pile, then they put the salt and pepper shakers on the
table next to the pile. They tell you to separate the salt and the pepper. Most people would
sit there for hours actually separating each piece of salt from each piece of pepper when
they actually want you to see the bigger picture and separate the salt and pepper shaker.
JASON - Oh shit, that is funny.
QUINTON - Not if you spend six hours separating grains of salt!
LARRY LARY - Word, that is crazy!
QUINTON - But I heard that mind games make the mind stronger, which is what you need
to pledge. Especially pledging Alpha.
JASON - Damn.
QUINTON - That is why I am trying to do this so bad. I want to gain a deeper knowledge of
myself and the Black experience, and I want to bond with you guys on a different level. And
I think, actually I know that pledging will do that for me.
LARRY LAR - I hate to be the non deep nigga, but I was doing it for the bitches!
(All three guys laugh loudly.)
JASON - You stupid.
LARRY LAR - But the more I hang with you guys, the more I learn about all this. I am trying
to do it now because Alpha is in my heart and I want to be a brother. I love the way that
the brothers stick together and do their thing. Even today, the way that they all interact.
And what Donte was saying at the end was deep. Just listening to him made all the pain in
my ass go away.
QUINTON - I know what you mean.
JASON - Fellas, I just want to say that I am sorry for taking so long and making you guys
go through all that.
QUINTON - No need to apologize J, you had no idea. You were in the library studying.You
were doing what you had to do. You know the aims of the fraternity are manly deeds,
scholarship and love for all mankind. So scholarship is important to all Alphas. Gotta have
the grades or you can't be down anyway. So I understand.
LARRY LAR - Yeah my nigga, it's not like you were chilling out somewhere and just left us
hanging. Although I was kinda looking at your ass funny when I saw your neck nigga.
Damn, did you fuck a vampire or something? Your neck is fucked up.
JASON - Naw man, I was wondering when those marks were gonna go away. It has been a
132 | P a g e

few days.
JASON thinks - I am so fucked up, I feel like absolute shit.
QUINTON - Yo let's stop by the student union. I want to get a Sprite.
LARRY LAR - Cool. I wish they sold Hennesy right about now.
(The three laugh again.)
(QUINTON, LARRY LAR and JASON enter the H.A. Callis student union and walk toward the
book store to buy sodas.)
QUINTON - So what are you guys doing tonight?
LARRY LAR - I aint doing shit. I may try to find some bitch to massage my big swollen ass!
JASON - You are an idiot.
(JASON turns around first and then QUINTON and LARRY LAR turn around as well when they
hear JASON's name called.)
THERESA - Jason! Jason! Hi baby, you forgot your pager when you rushed out an hour ago.
I hope you didn't need it. I closed the door behind me and let myself out of your place after
you ran out, was that ok? I left the pager on your dresser.
After a beautiful evening together, GINA and MIRI have fallen asleep. We rejoin GINA as
she wakes up.
(GINA opens her eyes and looks next to her to find she is in an empty bed. She looks up
and reads the poem on the ceiling again.)
GINA thinks - If you are reading these words above, then with you I must be in love.
(GINA smiles. She then smells food cooking. GINA gets out of bed and opens MIRI's closet.
There are a few dress shirts and multi-colored African shirts. She puts on one of the African
shirts. GINA walks downstairs.)
GINA - Miri, what are you doing?
MIRI - Hey you woke up. I wanted to surprise you and bring this to you in bed. I just
thought I would cook you a little something.
GINA - Wow, you cook too?
133 | P a g e

MIRI - A little something. I can't burn like my momma, but I gotta eat, so I do ok.
GINA - That is so sweet, you are wonderful.
(GINA and MIRI hug and she gives him a kiss)
GINA - So what are you making me?
MIRI - I hope you like eggs. I made an omelette. I am about to put on some grits too, is
that cool?
GINA - That sounds fine.
MIRI - You know I don't fuck with no pork.
GINA - That is ok, I think I can do without today.
MIRI - Cool, well why don't you go lie down and I will bring it in to you.
GINA - Ok.
(GINA kisses MIRI one more time and walks back into the bedroom.)
GINA thinks - I have hit the jackpot with Miri!
(GINA passes MIRI's desk and sees an open manuscript.)
GINA thinks - I love Miri's poetry. I wonder what this is.
(GINA sits down to read the manuscript. It is the same one that MIRI shared with GINA on
the yard about pledging.)
GINA reads - Scene Nineteen. Setting: The fraternity house after the frat party. Players
disperse. Scene opens with Bobby the fraternity member and Genia the sorority member.
Genia: I feel like I may be sick, I think I drank too much.
Bobby: You know how our frat parties are. Lots of beer. Come lay down with me.
Genia: Can you take me home?
Bobby: I think you should stay here with me. You know what happens after these parties.
So come and get in the bed with me.
Genia: But I don't want you to think bad about me. I don't know you that well.
Bobby: You know me well enough. You know I am in the frat and you are in the sorority. So
we get busy, and that is all there is to it. You know how these things are. Don't ask
Genia: I guess you are right. But you are not gonna tell anybody are you?
134 | P a g e

Bobby: Don't worry about who I tell. Just lay down and relax and take your damn clothes
Genia: Ok, but you won't think bad about me?
Bobby: What difference does it make?
Genia: I guess you're right. That is just how we sorority sisters do.
(MIRI enters the room carrying a tray and a plate of food.)
GINA - Miri, what is this?
MIRI - Oh that is my manuscript, I guess I left it open. I was working on it for a little while.
GINA - I thought you and I decided that you would not be producing this.
MIRI - I never said that. When did you hear me say that?
GINA - You went through this big apology to me after the yard incident.
MIRI - I apologized about the yard and the way that I spoke to you, not about the content
of my work.
GINA - But your characters are named Bobby and Genia. That sounds alot like me and my
frat brother Bobby?
MIRI - It's not you though.
GINA - Bull! Genia? And you make it sound like sorority members are typical whores! That
isn't true.
(MIRI places the tray of food down.)
MIRI - Listen, I know there are exceptions. But my ideas are general ideas. The majority of
people act a certain way and you can't deny that.
GINA - Hell yeah I can! What the hell are you talking about? I thought you said you did
research on Alpha Kappa Alpha when you read me that poem in Pharoahs?
MIRI - I did. I checked how you like mirrors and pink and green. How you like ivies and stuff
like that.
GINA - Well that is real surface. There is so much more to the organization. I thought you
had actually taken the time to get to know what we were about and then changed this
stupid play. But all you did was find out what types of things any AKA would like to hear in a
poem to win me back over and then get me over here to sleep with me!
MIRI - That isn't true and don't call my work stupid!
GINA - It is stupid! How can you think that just because someone is in a greek letter
135 | P a g e

organization that they lose all capacity for rational thought? Do you think I would actually
be in a situation like that character in your play?
MIRI - You wouldn't but how many sorority sisters would?
GINA - None of my sorors that respect themselves! And I think I can speak for Deltas, Zetas
and SGRhos as well! You just wrote some pretty words and got to sleep with me! How could
you! You manipulated me with words because you are a poet. And all the balloons and stuff
was just to get me over here and get me into bed!
MIRI - Gina honey that isn't true. I care about you.
GINA - No you don't, how could you think that about me or my organization? How could a
writer not even know how to research an organization that is the main topic of his project
unless he had a preconceived notion of the organization to begin with? You got me over
here on the premise that you were not going to produce this, and now I see that you are
going on with it full steam ahead! I can't believe you could do this and then have a
character with the name almost like mine! I am out of here!
Our scene changes and we enter Pratt - Russell Hall and enter the room of KATRICE where
she and APRIL have just kissed.
(APRIL pulls back from KATRICE)
APRIL - I can't do this.
KATRICE - Are you uncomfortable?
APRIL - I just can't do this. This isn't me and I feel awkward.
KATRICE - But don't I make you feel good?
KATRICE thinks - Damn, I am losing her.
APRIL - I am just not sure about this whole thing.
KATRICE - Just relax.
APRIL - No I don't want to relax. That is how you got me the first time.
KATRICE - April, I wasn't trying to get you. I will admit that I do like you, but I thought you
were going along with the vibe. I didn't intend on deceiving you and tricking you into
uncomfortable situations.
KATRICE thinks - Talk fast!
APRIL - I know and I don't think it is your fault. But I think I am leading you on. I like men,
136 | P a g e

I always have.
KATRICE - There is nothing wrong with that. I used to like men too. Sometimes I even miss
being with a man. But at the same time I know that women make me feel good and isn't it
all about doing what makes you feel good?
APRIL - What about doing what is right?
KATRICE - Is there really a right or wrong when it comes to making love? Who makes the
rules? What is right as opposed to what feels right?
APRIL - I don't know, I am just confused and I think it would be better if I just left.
KATRICE thinks - Shit!
KATRICE - Like I said, I am not here to make you uncomfortable. If that is the way that you
feel, then by all means, you should be leaving. Maybe what you need is time alone. I don't
want to confuse you at all.
APRIL - Thanks. I'm sorry.
KATRICE - Don't be. It is a very hard thing to become accustomed to. It took me a long
time, but I made the decision to live my life this way. Everyone that has an experience
doesn't make the full transition to this side of the fence. Maybe that is where you stand. But
only you can decide that, and I don't want to confuse you.
APRIL - I appreciate that. If I were to go straight off of physical feeling, it would be a much
harder thing to deal with. When I am honest with myself, physically I felt wonderful. But
something inside of me is saying no and I have to listen to that voice, at least for right now.
KATRICE - That is understandable. Well, can I ask you a question?
APRIL - Sure.
KATRICE - Off the subject, as far as Alpha Kappa Alpha, does this damage my interest with
your organization? And what about PJ?
APRIL - Your secret is safe with me. As far as PJ, you may need to talk to her. I had a talk
with her already but that was just for my own piece of mind. I think you should give her a
KATRICE - Ok, and I will approach you as if none of this had ever happened when it comes
to the sorority.
APRIL - Oh absolutely. If you make line, you are gonna pledge hard as hell like everybody
KATRICE - Gee, thanks.
APRIL - Yeah, well you asked.
137 | P a g e

KATRICE thinks - Damn she is so pretty.
KATRICE - I will call you later and set up a regular meeting with you on sorority business. Is
that ok?
APRIL - That is fine.
KATRICE - Alright, well I will talk to you later.
(APRIL turns to leave.)
KATRICE - I don't get a goodbye kiss? Do what you feel.
(APRIL turns back around, hesitates, and gives KATRICE a peck on the cheek.)
KATRICE - Thanks.
(APRIL leaves.)
APRIL thinks - This shit is so crazy and still unresolved. What the hell am I gonna do?
(APRIL enters the lobby and goes to the soda machine.)
APRIL thinks - Why do I feel like this girl has a power over me? Why did I let her kiss me
again? Am I turning...
PJ - April? What are you doing in Pratt-Russell?
Our scenes change and we pick up with BOBBY and TRINA in TRINA's apartment.
(TRINA comes out of the bathroom with a towel drying her face off.)
BOBBY - Are you ok baby?
TRINA - Yeah, I am starting to feel a little better. I was feeling nauseus at first. But I'm ok.
BOBBY - That's good that you are feeling better. A lot of women feel sick when they are first
TRINA - Yeah, I know.
BOBBY - I don't think it has really hit me yet. Me, a father. It just sounds so weird.
TRINA - I know, it will be a different thing for me too. I never thought of having a baby
while still in undergrad. But now that this has happened, I just want to be the best mother I
138 | P a g e

can be and the best girlfriend to you.
BOBBY thinks - Yeah, ok.
BOBBY - That is understandable.
TRINA - Bobby, you know I care a lot for you.
BOBBY - I care a lot about you too.
TRINA - Bobby, I want you right now.
BOBBY - Huh?
TRINA - Come on, I want you now.
BOBBY - Trina baby, we just had a crazy fight a few minutes ago and emotions are just
crazy right now.
TRINA - But imagine how good it could be, there is no more need for a condom now.
BOBBY - Says who?
TRINA - Well I'm already pregnant.
TRINA thinks - And I need to really get pregnant.
BOBBY - I just need to sit back and think about a few things.
TRINA - You don't want me do you?
(TRINA begins to look sad like she is going to cry.)
BOBBY thinks - Oh God.
BOBBY - Don't cry baby. You know I love you, but I have had a real hectic day and it aint
over. As a matter of fact, good grief look at the time. I was supposed to be at the Alpha
House an hour ago. I am meeting our regional director.
TRINA - Oh, well you better go then. I don't want you to mess that up.
BOBBY thinks - That shit always works.
BOBBY - But I will call you later, ok?
TRINA - Yes, please do.
(BOBBY and TRINA kiss. BOBBY turns and leaves. BOBBY walks slowly out the apartment
complex and to his car because he has the funny feeling that TRINA is still watching him.)
BOBBY thinks - Damn! I gotta hurry up and get over to Alex's house!
139 | P a g e

We catch the phone conversation in progress between SYLVIA and MONA as they discuss PJ
in the chat room.
SYLVIA - What did you say?
MONA - Maybe I should not have said anything.
SYLVIA - No, I asked you what you said. Tell me what you said just now!
MONA - I walked in on PJ. She had paraphanelia on and she was logged into that website.
The one between your sorority and the Alphas.
SYLVIA - Skeephi?
MONA - Yes. I saw that she was in a chat room and she was using the name Akalade. I just
didn't think it was right but I wasn't sure. So I thought I would ask.
SYLVIA - And you are sure you saw this?
MONA - Yes. Did I say something wrong?
SYLVIA - No, no you didn't. Listen Mona, you need to catch me later, I am busy now.
MONA - We can't get a chance to talk?
SYLVIA - Good bye Mona.
(SYLVIA hangs up on MONA and stares at the wall for a moment. She calls APRIL and PJ's
Answering machine - No one is in to take your call, please leave your...
(SYLVIA hangs up and calls MAX.)
MAX - Hello?
SYLVIA - Max, I just found out some shit that you are not going to believe! Ooooh I am mad
as shit!
MAX - What's wrong?
SYLVIA - Do you know that PJ is a perp in the chat room!
MAX - What? On skeephi?
MAX - Are you sure? I can't believe that.
SYLVIA - And she had the nerve to have on paraphanelia!
MAX - What? April's parahanelia?
SYLVIA - I don't know but she had AKA stuff on.
MAX - Sylvia, calm down. How did you find all this out?
140 | P a g e

SYLVIA - Mona told me.
MAX - Mona? Mona Fergusson?
SYLVIA - Yeah.
MAX - Wait a minute, Sylvia, is Mona a reliable source?
SYLVIA - I believe her because she phrased it like a question. She seemed really confused
about walking in on PJ like that and she was asking my advice.
MAX - Ok, hold on. Do you mean to tell me that Mona told you that she walked in on PJ and
PJ had on para and was in the chat room?
MAX - Sylvia, how in the world would Mona walk in on PJ and PJ have on para and PJ lives
with April? So you honestly think that PJ would be that dumb as to wear para in a room
where her roommate is a Soror?
SYLVIA - You know what? Maybe you are right.
MAX - So the question is, why the hell did Mona call you and tell you that?
SYLVIA - I don't know, but I am about to find out. I gotta go.
MAX - Wait, what are you gonna do?
SYLVIA - I'll call you back.
MAX - Sylvia, wait, what are you...
(SYLVIA hangs up and makes one more phone call.)
SYLVIA - Hello, can I speak to Soror Fergusson please?
ALEXIS is standing in the door of RONNIE's apartment in tears.
RONNIE - Alexis, what's the matter? What happened? Come in.
(ALEXIS walks in.)
ALEXIS - You were right Ronnie, he was cheating on me this whole time.
RONNIE - Hold on girl, big D, let me call you back. Ok, go ahead.
ALEXIS - I did what you said and I caught that lying bastard over there! I hate him!
RONNIE thinks - Yes!
RONNIE - Are you alright?
141 | P a g e

ALEXIS - I hate him and her! That's why I slapped the shit out of her!
RONNIE - What? You hit her?
RONNIE thinks - Oh this shit is classic!
ALEXIS - Fuck her!
RONNIE - Alexis, you need to calm down baby. I have never seen you so upset. I have
never heard you even curse before.
ALEXIS - I am just too upset, I can't even think straight. I can't believe he could do this to
me. Why do men cheat? Why can't a man just be a man and be with one woman? What the
hell is the matter with yall?
RONNIE - Well it isn't all of us believe it or not. Not all men are dogs, just the lucky ones
are Que dogs! Rowf!
(ALEXIS doesn't laugh.)
RONNIE -Sorry. As I was saying, not all men are dogs. Some are just young and don't know
what they want. So when they deal with a mature woman like yourself, they don't know
how to act or handle it.
ALEXIS - But if you give a person your all and give to them one hundred percent of you,
what reason would they possibly have to go anywhere else?
(Tears are flowing down ALEXIS's cheecks.)
RONNIE - It isn't that simple sweetie. I wish it were. But guys and girls mature differently.
I'm sure Bobby cares for you, but he doesn't know how to respect you and treat you. You
didn't deserve what he was doing, that is why I looked out for you. You're a good girl and
you deserve much better.
ALEXIS - What am I gonna do Ronnie?
RONNIE - First you're gonna sit down over here and just rest a while.
(RONNIE and ALEXIS sit on the couch together.)
RONNIE - Can I get you want something to drink?
ALEXIS - Yeah, whatever you have is cool.
RONNIE - I'll be right back.
(RONNIE goes into the kitchen.)
RONNIE thinks - Yes! Yes! Yes!
142 | P a g e

(RONNIE pulls out two glasses and opens the fridge. He grabs a jug of juice. Then he stops
and thinks about it.)
RONNIE - Do you want juice or do you want a brew?
ALEXIS - Give me a beer, I don't drink but I could use it.
RONNIE thinks - Yes!
(RONNIE puts the glasses down and grabs two Heinekens. As he enters the room, he
notices that ALEXIS is crying harder and she is on the phone.)
RONNIE - Are you ok?
(ALEXIS hangs up.)
ALEXIS - Thanks for everything Ronnie but I need to go.
RONNIE - Where are you going?
ALEXIS - I need to go home, I got a message from Bobby.

143 | P a g e

Episode 21
We open this week's episode with JASON, QUINTON, LARRY LAR who are all
stunned by the statement that THERESA just made, blowing up JASON's spot.
QUINTON - Excuse me, what did you just say?
THERESA - Huh? About Jason's pager?
QUINTON - No, about him being home with you about an hour ago.
JASON thinks - Oh shit!
THERESA - Oh I'm sorry, were these the guys in your study group Jason?
JASON - Hey guys...
QUINTON - You were fucking lying!
JASON - Wait, Quinton let me tell you the deal.
QUINTON - I can't believe you lied! You left us hanging!
JASON - I'm sorry man, I didn't know.
THERESA - What is going on?
(QUINTON begins to storm off but JASON tries to stop him from walking off.)
QUINTON - I can't believe this bullshit! Here I am feeling sorry for you and
I'm the asshole all along! You don't deserve to pledge with me, brothers
don't do this to each other.
JASON - Quinton, honestly I had no idea what was going on at the house.
HA!.....was it good? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!
(JASON looks at LARRY LAR and turns back to QUINTON)
THERESA - Jason, what's going on?
JASON - Quinton, you know I would do anything for you guys, really. I want
to be your brother.
QUINTON - You don't know the first thing about brotherhood. I am working
144 | P a g e

hard to do this and you aren't taking it seriously at all! I can't fucking
believe this!
LARRY LAR - HA HA HA HA HA! Hey J, so was this the reason for the hickies on
the neck? I hear it bruh! Let me find out you a little neck freak! HA HA HA
JASON - Shut up!
THERESA - Jason, tell me what is going on!
JASON - Theresa, let me call you later ok?
LARRY LAR - HA HA HA HA HA HA! I'll tell you what is going on...you won't
believe this one! This shit is a classic, it's so fucked up it's hilarious!
JASON - Larry please!
QUINTON - I can't believe this!
LARRY LAR - HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!...Wait, how did Reggie get books from
the library then?
JASON - Your gues is as good as mine, and that is the truth!
QUINTON - Ok Larry, since you think this shit is so funny, why don't you
tell Jason's friend here exactly what is so funny so she can get a good
laugh too!
THERESA - No, I think Jason should be the one to tell me, and I want to know
right now!
Our scenes change and we join OCTAVIA and JUNE who are talking in the Green
Arts Center.
OCTAVIA - I'm not trying to come between you and your man, but this is a
decision that you have to make. If this is something that you want to do, it
has to be for certain. You cannot be wishy washy on your intent to pledge.
JUNE - I'm not, I want to pledge. I always have. Derrick will just have to
OCTAVIA - It's a shame that he doesn't want to stay by your side as you go
145 | P a g e

through this.
JUNE - Well I know he cares, he doesn't want me to get hurt. He has heard
about all the horrible pledge stories of people dying on line and getting
hurt and being hospitalized. Or people changing after they cross. So I know
his concern is genuine for me, and I know that he loves me.
OCTAVIA - Do you love him?
JUNE pauses - Yes I do.
OCTAVIA - Then how do you know that this is the right thing for you to do
right now? Maybe Alpha Kappa Alpha is better for you at a different stage in
your life development.
JUNE - No, this has been in my heart. I do love Derrick but my longing has
been for your sisterhood, your bond and your legacy. I know what it feels to
fall in love and to be in love, it is wonderful. But I can't even begin to
describe what it feels like to see your sisters sing your songs and I am
standing on the outside looking in. I know you can relate to this.
OCTAVIA thinks - You got that right!
JUNE - And that is why I have to do this. Plus, I know Derrick and I think
he is bluffing anyway. He has been playing ball all his life, and I have
supported him throughout his career here at Ahpla. So how is it now he is
going to turn on me and not support me.
OCTAVIA - I understand.
JUNE - I just need to continue to talk it over with him and assure him that
this is the right thing for me right now. I want this so bad I can't breathe
at times when I see an AKA walking across the yard. I have prayed for the
day and studied so that can be me.
OCTAVIA - So you think you are ready?
JUNE - Humbly, I know I am.
OCTAVIA - So there should not be a question that I can ask you that you
won't know huh?
JUNE - There isn't.
OCTAVIA - What chapter was founded by Sarah Merriweather Nutter?
JUNE - Nu, West Virgina State College.
OCTAVIA thinks - Damn!
146 | P a g e

(JUNE's pager vibrates and she checks it.)
OCTAVIA - Don't tell me you got someone feeding you answers in your pager!
JUNE smiles - No, this is Derrick actually.
OCTAVIA - Oh, why don't you call him now.
JUNE - Well I didn't want to interrupt our conversation.
OCTAVIA - I have heard all I need to hear. Call me tonight at 12:08.
JUNE - Ok.
(JUNE walks to the pay phone.)
DERRICK - Hello.
JUNE - Hey.
DERRICK - Boo, I need to talk to you. I have been thinking about this whole
situation with you pledging. And I was talking to someone else about it as
well. And the more I think about it, the worse I feel. I just think we need
to separate. You can go and do your thing and let me go my way.
JUNE - What?
DERRICK - You obviously have no regard toward what I am feeling about this
so just go and do your thing.
JUNE - Derrick, I love you. Why are you doing this? Can't we work this out?
(JUNE feels the tears coming.)
DERRICK - Boo, I love you too. So much that I can't stand aside and watch
you do this. I'm sorry.
JUNE - Derrick I can't lose you, I love you. Don't leave me! Please!
DERRICK - I'm not leaving because I want to. You are pushing me away. I want
to stay but you are making it difficult for me. It isn't my fault.
JUNE softly - Ok...you win.
DERRICK - What did you just say?
147 | P a g e

BOBBY is driving to ALEXIS's apartment to try and save his damaged
BOBBY thinks - Ok, I gotta get my game tight to get out of this shit!
(BOBBY turns toward the campus in order to cut through instead of taking the
local streets.)
BOBBY thinks - Damn! How am I gonna get in good with Alexis and then have a
baby on the way! Damn!
(BOBBY looks in his rear view mirror and sees REGGIE and NINO flagging him
down. He slows down and pulls over.)
BOBBY - Get in.
REGGIE - What's up man.
NINO - Yo, we got a story to tell you! You bout to get crunk when you hear
this shit!
BOBBY - Nigga, aint nothing gonna top what I'm about to tell your ass.
REGGIE - Really? Well check this out. We had the fucking p boys at the house
and this one nigga comes in hella late. So he tell bros that he was in the
library the whole time and he left his books in there. We all knew this
nigga was lying because he had hickies all over his neck.
BOBBY - What?
REGGIE - Yeah, so I go to the library to check where he was sitting, and
sure enough, his books were there!
BOBBY - That's it?
NINO - Oh I guess your story is better.
BOBBY - Nigga, your story aint shit! Check this shit out! I go to
motherfuckin' Trina's house and she drops this bomb on me that she is
NINO - What!
REGGIE - Oh shit!
BOBBY - But that aint all!
NINO - What twins?
148 | P a g e

REGGIE - Shut the hell up Nino.
BOBBY - I go for a quick walk and when I come back in Trina's crib, Alexis
is there.
NINO - No way!
BOBBY - Yeah, and then they get into a fist fight. Alexis slapped the shit
out of Trina!
NINO - Oh shit! Are you serious?
BOBBY - Hell yeah and then she stormed out!
REGGIE - Wait a minute, how did Alexis know about Trina and where she lives?
BOBBY - That's what I want to fucking know!
REGGIE - Yo man, I didn't tell you this before but at that AKA party, that
nigga Ronnie was hating like shit!
BOBBY - What? What happened?
REGGIE - He was telling Alexis shit about you. Me and him almost got into
it. I was gonna bust that nigga's ass but we were at a soror function and I
didn't want to start shit.
(BOBBY is silent as his rage begins to set it.)
BOBBY yells - Ooooooohhhhh!
(BOBBY stops the car and begins to make a u turn.)
NINO - What the hell? What are you doing?
BOBBY - Yo, we bout to go over to this nigga Ronnie's house right the fuck

149 | P a g e

Episode 22
JUNE and DERRICK are in the middle of an intense telephone conversation.
JUNE thinks - I want to be an AKA so bad, nothing should get in the way of that. Everytime
I think about Alpha Kappa Alpha, I get nervous and proud. Proud that I am a Black woman
and can one day share in the bond that they have...
JUNE thinks - I think about the woman that were once on Howard's campus and decided to
build the legacy that now embraces so many powerful minds, hearts, souls and bodies. I
can recite the poetry that is Alpha Kappa Alpha, I can sing the songs that are Alpha Kappa
JUNE thinks - One day I am going to go to Howard and stand in the spot where these
powerful sisters stood and overlook a sea of sisters that I can call Sorors. The same way the
founders embraced one another in 1908.
JUNE thinks - I want to make history the same way that the founders did. I will be of the
first pledge line of the new millennium. That is phat. Spring 2000 has a nice ring to it. And I
know my line sisters PJ, Katrice and Mona will agree. Wow that sounds so phat.
JUNE thinks - I can't wait until that day I get my first hug from a Soror. I wonder if it will be
from Octavia. I wonder if she will be my spec. I like her a lot and we seem to talk very well.
She understand me and what my heart is saying about Derrick.
JUNE thinks - I love Derrick so much that I don't know if I will understand the void he is
causing inside me. He has been my best friend since I have been at Ahpla. I remember
freshman year when I first saw him and he would sit on the bench and never get in the
games. I thought he was so cute.
JUNE thinks - Of course when he spoke to me first, I thought he was trying to play me. But
he seemed so innocent and young. I knew he seemed older, because he is so damn tall. But
he is just a little boy sometimes. I remember thinking that when we first went out and he
took me to the movies. He thought it would be cute if we saw Soul Food.
JUNE thinks - He thought I would be the sentimental one and he was the one who teared up
a little. Of course he tried to hide it, but I know. I knew when I put my head on his
shoulder. I could feel the warmth between us. I knew that this was a special brother, not
like dudes that I had been out with before.
JUNE thinks - I remember how sweet my baby was on my birthday, when he bought me
roses. One white rose for the one year that he knew me and eighteen red roses for the
150 | P a g e

years that he hasn't. That was so sweet. Funny coincidence how he picked the two wrong
colors, ooops.
JUNE thinks - I love pink and green. They look so good together. That jacket that April has
is phat! I want to get one too, but only when I am worthy to wear it. I think I will have
paraphanelia on every day! I will want everyone in the world to know that I am a proud
JUNE thinks - I consider it such an honor to carry the sorority with me wherever I go. I can't
wait until I can go with the sorors to the community center down from campus. There are
so many people that I can help that I want to reach out and touch through the sorority.
Lives that I may be able to influence or change. I can't even begin to imagine how many
lives have touched me who have been members of Alpha Kappa Alpha.
JUNE thinks - Ms. Nelson my principal from St. Patrick's, my guidance counselor Mrs.
Dunhum, all the ladies here at Ahpla, especially Octavia and Sylvia. Ahpla has a really tight
chapter, I love this school.
JUNE thinks - Damn, I remember when I first got here like it was just yesterday. Things just
happened so quickly, I never imagined I would be in a relationship. I was so focused on
being a studyaholic. But Derrick really did sweep me off my feet. Funny for a girl who is
JUNE thinks - I can't believe he would let me go this easily. It seems to not bother him at
all. I wonder if he really loves me. How could he let it end just like that? I know he is
concerned, I am too. But this should be a time when we come together and become closer.
He should know that I would never leave him and I would stick by him no matter what he
was going through. Especially if it is something that he wanted deep down in his heart.
Because this is something that I want deep in mine.
JUNE thinks - I want every aspect of AKA too. Maybe I am crazy, but I don't want it if I aint
gotta pledge for it. I want the full experience of being an ivy and working hard in order to
appreciate my pearls. I want to get in the chapter and do work. I want to remain active
after graduation, and I want to be an active soror for the rest of my days.
JUNE thinks - I want my daughter and granddaughter and great granddaughter to be pinned
by me. Speaking of which, I wonder who should pin me. It would be cool if I could get in
touch with Ms. Nelson. She is very active back home. That is just how I am going to be. She
will be so proud when she finds out that I have crossed.
JUNE thinks - Everyone will be proud and happy for me...except the man that means the
151 | P a g e

most to me. The man that I love and that says that he loves me. The man, the only man,
who has touched me in those places. But respected me the whole time. The man who has
walked with me throughout my ups and downs being away from home for the first time.
How am I gonna do this college life thing without him?
JUNE thinks - Maybe he is just saying that though, and when it is all over, he will be there
waiting for me. Maybe once he sees that there is really no danger involved, he will be cool
with it. Maybe once I go over and he sees that I really am not going to change, he will be ok
with me being in the sorority.
JUNE thinks - I really can't see myself changing. Just changing my wardrobe to add just a
tad bit more pink and green. Salmon and candy apple that is. Other than that, I will be the
same June. He should know that I will be the same. I have crazy love for Alpha Kappa Alpha
now and I will have crazier love for Alpha Kappa Alpha then. But that won't change who I
am and what I am about.
JUNE thinks - The bottom line is this, life is full of risks. Good ones and bad ones. But you
never know what hand life will deal you if you aint got the guts to get in the game. I am
getting in the game for AKA. I am putting my heart on the line and trusting the ladies here
at Ahpla to take care of me. I believe in them and I believe in this. This is June's decision
for June. Not for Derrick or anyone else. I love him, yes I do. But if he loved me he would
understand. And my tears will be replaced with tears of joy when I sing the circle songs with
my sorors!
JUNE thinks - So if that is the way he wants it, fine. We will have to separate and go our
separate ways for the time being. And if he can't see past his own insecurities and see that
this is something that I want in my heart, then he will be the one losing out. Not me. So
baby I love you...but you win. I am going forward with my dream of pledging Alpha Kappa
DERRICK - What did you just say?

152 | P a g e

Episode 23
We begin our episode this week with ALEXIS who is at RONNIE's house and wants to go
home to call BOBBY.
RONNIE - That nigga just paged you and you are ready to run back into his arms?
ALEXIS - No but I need to confront him. He said that he made a terrible mistake and wants
me to hear him out. That is only fair.
RONNIE - Fair? Was that motherfucker being fair when he was screwing Trina?
RONNIE - Look Alexis, sit down for a minute. Let me just say a few things and then if you
still want to leave, I won't stop you ok?
(ALEXIS sits down. RONNIE puts down the beers and gets a very serious look on his face.)
RONNIE- Check this out Alexis, I'm about to get real with you. And it may hurt your feelings
but I care about you and I don't want to see you get played any longer.
ALEXIS - What are you talking about?
RONNIE - I'm talking about Bobby. Now I understand that you do love him and you just
found out some truly crazy news about him. So your emotions are jumping around. But you
have to take a second to think about this. Bobby was playing you because you let him. You
didn't let him do it intentionaly, but you let him do it.
RONNIE - A guy will only go as far as you let him. Any opportunity that a guy can fuck
around, he will. See the thing is, men and women are driven by different things. And young
men can't decipher that yet. So they think that having a bunch of women is a macho thing.
But actually, it is a part of our nature that has been dictated by society.
ALEXIS - A part of your nature? To not be with one woman? That is bullshit!
RONNIE - No, let me finish. Every man was told as a boy that it was not manly to cry. Or
that it was not masculine to show emotions openly. We are told by society or our parents or
older men that we have to be the bread winners. So many men would not even step to a
sister that they knew made more money than they did. That creates this drive in most men,
and I say most men, that takes over our entire being. We are driven by ego. We like to hear
153 | P a g e

that we are the best at whatever it is we are doing. We like our egos to be stroked. Tell me
that I made a good kill on the wildabeast that I brought in for dinner. Even if I didn't, tell
me that I did.
ALEXIS - Ok, that makes sense. So if that is true, what drives women?
RONNIE - Most women could care less about ego. Women have been behind the scenes
supporting men since the beginning of time. Most women are much stronger than most
men. But women don't care about the recognition for their strength. Women instead care
about security. They want to know at the end of the day that all the doors are locked, the
children are all fed and tucked in, and the alarm is on in the house. They want to know for
certain that you are committed to them with a ring or a least a verbal commitment. They
don't care about ego.
ALEXIS - Ok, that makes sense too. But what does this have to do with Bobby and this bitch
he was seeing?
(Tears fall down ALEXIS's cheeks again.)
RONNIE - The point is this. Bobby has an ego problem where he needs attention from too
many places. He was getting it from you and he was getting it from Trina. You need to cut
those ties because he is not truly sorry, he is truly sorry that he got caught. If I hadn't
come to you and told you what I did, he would have never come to you and told you and
you would have been still in the dark about the whole situation. So don't let his nice words
fool you.
ALEXIS - I know what you are saying is true. But I am in so much of a state of shock right
now. I don't know what to think or do. I just want to kick his ass and then have him hold
me again.
RONNIE - Well I can take care of the ass kicking part. Then it needs to be someone else
holding you.
(RONNIE places his hand on ALEXIS' cheek and dries her face.)
ALEXIS - Ronnie, I don't know what to do.
(ALEXIS cries harder and RONNIE and ALEXIS hug.)
Our scenes change to APRIL and PJ who are in the lobby of Pratt-Russell.
154 | P a g e

APRIL - PJ, hey you surprised me.
PJ - What's going on?
APRIL - Nothing.
PJ - What brings you over here?
APRIL - I came over here to talk to Katrice.
PJ - Really?
APRIL - Yeah, we had to put a few things in perspective.
PJ - What do you mean?
APRIL - The bottom line is this. Barring what you saw, there still is a protocall here. I am a
soror and she wants what I have. So do you. So we are going to put things behind us,
including you, and get to the business at hand.
PJ - Ok, so what does that mean.
APRIL - It means this. You and me are tight. You are my girl. But from now on, I am the
soror and you are the prospect. You need to address me as such.
PJ - Ok.
APRIL - You need to get these girls together. Time is approaching and I know you know the
routine. So it's time to get busy. What we talked about is history now so put it behind you.
PJ - That is fine but can you put it behind you?
(APRIL pauses.)
APRIL - That is personal business and I am talking about sorority business. I will handle my
business but I won't let it affect the sorority or the chapter. So as far as you are concerned
as a prospect, drop it.
PJ - What about as far as I am concerned as your friend.
APRIL - As my friend, we will discuss it later. When it is friend time. And that will have to
happen because we do live together. But for the time being, I will dictate when that is.
PJ - Ok.
APRIL - Having that said, what are you doing here?
PJ - I came to see Katrice as well. I agree with you that we need to tighten up in a lot of
areas and I wanted to get moving on that.
APRIL - Cool, well this is what you do. I want a status report on your meeting with her. I
want an updated bio on all four of yall. Name, age, birthplace, parent's names, hobbies,
everything. I want it typed professionally and on my desk in two days.
155 | P a g e

PJ - Ok.
APRIL - Why do I want it in two days?
PJ - Because that is your line number.
APRIL - Correct. You gonna have it done?
PJ - Yeah, I will get right on it.
APRIL - Aight be out.
(PJ turns to leave.)
APRIL - PJ, good luck. Handle your business.
PJ - Thanks, oh and welcome back.
SYLVIA has just contacted SOROR FERGUSON to discuss MONA.
SYLVIA - Hi soror, this is Sylvia Muhammad and I am president of the chapter at Ahpla.
SOROR FERGUSON - Well hello soror. How are you?
SYLVIA - I am fine soror and how are you.
SOROR FERGUSON - Just great. What can I do for you?
SYLVIA thinks - Approach this properly.
SYLVIA - Soror, I am calling about your daughter Mona.
SOROR FERGUSON - Really? What about her?
SYLVIA - I had a chance to speak with her and she is a lovely young lady. After speaking
with her, I just wanted to get acquainted with you, being that you are an active soror and
you have such a rich history involving the chapter here on campus. She may become an
active part of the chapter and I wanted to keep you abreast of all activities involving her
becoming a member.
SOROR FERGUSON - That is wonderful Sylvia. I appreciate that. I plan to play an active part
in her process in any way that I can.
SYLVIA - I wanted to know what your feelings were regarding your participation. Exactly
what role did you plan to take.
SOROR FERGUSON - Pledging AKA was one of the best things I ever did. Even though it was
so long ago, my line sisters and I still speak on occassion and celebrate our AKAversary. I
want Mona to have the same memories and experiences.
SYLVIA thinks - Yes!
156 | P a g e

SYLVIA - Are you saying that you would like Mona to go through a pledge process?
SOROR FERGUSON - Oh no, I didn't say that either.
SYLVIA thinks - Oh shit.
SOROR FERGUSON - When I pledged, times were different. Yes we pledged very hard, I was
on line for six months. But you never heard of people being killed or injured in the least bit.
Nowadays you can't trust what younger members of organizations are going to do. So the
guidelines passed down by our national headquarters are the guidelines that we will follow
with all persons seeking membership.
SYLVIA thinks - Shit, this is some bullshit!
SYLVIA - Soror, I fully agree with what you are saying and I can respect that. You know the
history of the chapter here. We have never hurt anyone, injured anyone or belittled anyone.
We never would. So I would like for you to be at ease with the way that we do things and
know for certain that everything will be ok.
SOROR FERGUSON - It only takes one mistake for serious problems to occur. And that is
what I am guarding against. As much as I love Alpha Kappa Alpha, I love Mona Ferguson
more. This is my only child. If that is taken away from me, it cannot be replaced. The
chapter will go on, the sorority will go on, the members will go on. But me as a mother first,
that is where my concern lies. Either it is done by the book, or it is not done at all.
SYLVIA thinks - I can't believe this bullshit.
SYLVIA - That is fine. We always do things the proper way here at the chapter.
SOROR FERGUSON - That's good.
SYLVIA thinks - Yeah right.
SYLVIA - On another note soror, I did receive a phone call from Mona that disturbed me.

157 | P a g e

Episode 24
This week's episode begins with GINA and MIRI who are arguing in MIRI's apartment.
MIRI - No, wait Gina, don't leave please. Let's talk about this.
GINA - No Miri. We already talked about it and I thought you understood.
MIRI - Look, just hear me out and maybe you can further help me understand.
(GINA stops collecting her things to listen.)
MIRI - My cousin pleged down at Mission where you used to go. From then on, his life has
gone downhill. His grades dropped and his chapter got in big trouble for hurting some
pledgees the following year. I write about what I feel from what I see and experience.
Besides my cousin, I have read about countless stories of people pledging and dying, or
getting drunk somewhere and all kinds of crazy things happening. How can anyone black
want to associate with being greek anyway?
GINA - It has nothing to do with anyone or anybody greek or from greece. And if you did
your research, you would see that that is hardly the case.
MIRI - Well Gina, here is the deal. I never said that I was unwilling to learn. I am a student
of life. If you can prove me otherwise, then by all means I will work on my impression and
behavior toward greeks as a whole. But let me say that I really don't think you can change
my impression. When my cousin changed, it hit me close to my heart.
GINA thinks - How am I going to get him to see things differently? It will take more than me
telling him how great Alpha Kappa Alpha is.
GINA - Miri, it seems that you are unwilling to give anything I say a notion of thought. So
what's the point?
MIRI - If your organization, or any of the other ones is as noteworthy as you say, then it
should not be that hard of a problem for you to change my mind.
GINA - Yeah right.
MIRI - No, Iâm serious. As a matter of fact, you prove me wrong and I will make you a
consultant on the project. I care about you Gina and I don't want to insult you. But you
can't blame me for the way that I feel. Fraternities and sororities have gotten a lot of bad
press over the years and that is a fact. There has to be some truth to it.
GINA - The NAACP gets bad press at times. Minister Farrakhan gets bad press all the time.
Since when did the media dictate what we should and should not think?
158 | P a g e

MIRI - They don't and they shouldn't. But when you hear it over and over, it just sends a
certain signal. I never see anything that these organizations do besides throw parties, fight
or pledge and humiliate each other.
GINA - What about the many service projects that the chapter here does? They post flyers
all over campus of what they do. That is how I found the sorors here at Ahpla. These
women take time out of their college schedules to go into the community and help our
people out there who are hurting and who need us. What about the toys for tots program
that they are doing for the holidays? That brings many toys to kids in the community? Have
you ever known any members of greek organizations? Besides your cousin?
MIRI - No. No one else in my family and no friends of mine have ever pledged. You are the
first AKA that I know personally.
(GINA looks toward MIRI's manuscript again and sees a stack of green fliers on his desk.)
GINA - What are these green things?
MIRI - Oh, one of my good friends is performing at Pharoahs tonight. Her name is Stephanie
Renee. She is the bomb. I met her on the circuit and we hit it off and have been like sister
and brother ever since. She is the Michael Jordan of spoken word. If you think I'm nice, wait
until you hear her. So I was handing out some fliers for her show tonight.
GINA - Really? I think I may have heard of her. Do you know why her fliers are green?
MIRI - I don't know, what difference does that make?
GINA - No reason, I just like green myself, for obvious reasons.
GINA thinks - I got him now!
GINA - I tell you what. Since you will take some time to convince, why don't you give me a
day to get my argument together. That way I can be as on point as possible.
MIRI - Ok, cool. As long as you don't leave mad. I do care about you and I don't want to
hurt you. I just go with how I feel and this is what I have been led to believe. If you can
prove me wrong, then by all means, I will change.
GINA - Cool. So we will table this discussion until later, after we go see Stephanie perform.
If she is as good as you say she is, I want to be front row for her show.
MIRI - Oh no doubt. When I first heard her speak, I was mesmerized. I was supposed to
perform that night. But after her, I didn't want to go on. She brings such a presence to the
mic, if you close your eyes and listen, I swear you will have an outer body experience.
GINA - Wow, sounds like a powerful sister.
159 | P a g e

MIRI - Oh she is. I can't wait for you to meet her. She is really cool. Very deep.
GINA - I am looking forward to it. And I am looking forward to changing your mind mister!
(GINA pushes MIRI's forehead with her finger. MIRI laughs.)
MIRI - Good luck.
GINA - Um hmm. Now go reheat my food.
MIRI - Ha ha ha ha ha ha, no problem.
GINA thinks - Wait until he finds out about Stephanie!
We pick up with BOBBY, REGGIE and NINO who are in BOBBY's car and headed to RONNIE's
NINO - Man are you crazy?
BOBBY - Hell no!
NINO - We can't go over to this nigga's crib.
BOBBY - Why not?
REGGIE - Yeah why not? I say we go over there and fuck him up!
NINO - First of all, how you gonna be so stupid as to step to a nigga in his own crib? We
don't know what kinda shit he could be packin'. Secondly, you aren't even sure if he had
anything to do with this shit.
BOBBY - You defendin' this nigga?
NINO - No not at all. If I was sure, I'd be bout it. But we have to think smart here. You are
running for brother of the year and you are president of our chapter. How is that gonna look
if you get into a fight with some nigga over a girl?
REGGIE - Damn, that's true.
NINO - And I really hate to be this way, but on the real, you brought this shit on yourself.
BOBBY - What?
NINO - How many times have we warned you that you were playing with fire messing
around on Alexis?
BOBBY - Aw nigga whatever, like you don't cheat.
NINO - I don't.
REGGIE - Everybody on this campus is gettin' their freak on though. I wouldn't even use
that as an example. Just because you choose to stay loyal to your girl.
160 | P a g e

NINO - I'm not using it either. But if you choose to cheat, then don't sit around and cry if
you get busted. That's all I'm saying.
BOBBY - Fuck you nigga, aint nobody crying.
NINO - You will when you realize how good of a girl Alexis is.
REGGIE - Oooh, low blow.
BOBBY - He's right though. Alexis is a good girl and I love her.
REGGIE - Nigga, you love yourself, just like I love myself and the rest of these dudes on
this yard love themselves. As long as these girls want to give it to a playa, I aint
NINO - But where does it end bruh? You are hurting feelings and that isn't cool. If you tell a
babe that you are seeing other people, then that's ok. But yall are telling these girls that
they are the only ones and that is where they get hurt. Now you have a really nice girl who
is probably home crying her eyes out over this nigga, and he is dealing with somebody
REGGIE - And got her pregnant at that! Damn Bobby, what you gonna do?
BOBBY - I don't know yet. It really hasn't hit me. My main goal now is to talk to Alexis. If
she could just hear me out, maybe I could smooth things over with her.
NINO - But what about the baby? Trina aint trying to have it is she?
BOBBY - From what she told me, she is.
REGGIE - Damn! That is crazy!
NINO - Well first things first. Let's find Alexis and see if she will at least hear a brotha out.
Where is she?
BOBBY - I guess she went home. She stormed out of Trina's place and sped off. But she
really would have no where else to go but to her place.
REGGIE - Well let's go over there and see what happens. We can deal with Trina and this
nigga Ronnie later.
Our scenes change and we rejoin THERESA who demands to know from JASON what is
going on. QUINTON and LARRY LAR listen for JASONâs response.
JASON - Theresa baby, can we please talk about this at some other time?
THERESA - What is the deal? You are acting mad shady and I don't like it. If you don't talk
to me now, don't plan on talking to me ever again.
161 | P a g e

JASON - I don't mind talking to you, but this is between you and me. Not everyone in the
LARRY LAR - Oh and uh, don't forget us. Moe and Larry over here.
QUINTON - I'm gonna put a stop to this bullshit right now. You played us, now I'm about to
play you.
JASON - No Quinton, you don't understand.
QUINTON - Theresa, my name is Quinton and I am interested in pledging Alpha Phi Alpha.
Jason and I are not in any study group, we are prospects for the fraternity.
QUINTON - Yeah. If Jason wasn't interested in Alpha, I would not even know him.
THERESA - Is that true Jason?
JASON - Theresa...
LARRY LAR - I'm afraid it's true. But that isn't even the worst part. Tell her the rest Q.
THERESA - Yeah, tell me the rest Q.
QUINTON - Well we were supposed to meet the Alphas at the Alpha house earlier today with
food. We get there and we can't find our boy Jason here. We give some excuse that he
must have been busy and we caught hell for it. So Jason shows up in the nick of time and
tells a story of how he was in the library and didn't get any of our pages. Of course the
brothers don't believe him so they send one of the Alphas to the library to retrieve his books
and his notes.
THERESA - How could that be? He wasn't in the library?
LARRY LAR - That is where I am confused to sweetheart. This brother comes back with
books! I was like, oh shit!
JASON - All right! You guys happy now? Iâm sure you have upset Theresa.
THERESA - No you upset me Jason! You didn't tell me that you wanted to pledge Alpha. You
know I don't get down with stuff like that.
JASON - I'm sorry. But I have always wanted to be an Alpha. My god father is an Alpha and
he was influential in raising me. But I thought it was better to be discreet about it.
THERESA - No, you knew what I would say if I had known.
LARRY LAR thinks - Oh no, here it comes.
THERESA - Now that I do know, I am going to say it. Stay the hell away from me! You lied
to me and to your boys, and if you would have been honest with me, we could have worked
it out. Now I can't trust you so I'm out!
162 | P a g e

JASON - Wait, give me another chance.
THERESA - Oh and by the way, I hope pledging gives you some stamina!
(THERESA turns and walks away.)
JASON - Can I call you?
(THERESA keeps walking. LARRY LAR chuckles under his breath.)
JASON - I hope you guys are happy.
QUINTON - Actually I am happy now. I feel so much better that I ruined your game. I think
we are even now.
JASON - I guess. Hey look, you know that wasn't on purpose. I really didn't know that the
situation at the house was like that. Can you forgive me?
LARRY LAR - Give me a paddle, I will forgive you with about ten hits.
JASON - Bro, the way I feel right now, I would let you do it.
(JASON drops his head.)
QUINTON - Look man, if we are going to do this thing, we have to be in this together. All for
one and one for all.
LARRY LAR - Oh god you are corny. But I get your point. So our line name is going to be the
three musketeers now?
QUINTON - Three musketeers it is.
JASON - Thanks guys, from my heart. I may not be able to patch things up with Theresa,
but I appreciate you guys forgiving me.
LARRY LAR - Don't worry, I'm sure I will get it back from you later at some point.
QUINTON - Yeah me too nigga.
JASON - Well for starters, I'm buying the sprites. Come on, let's get the sodas.
(JASON, QUINTON and LARRY LAR turn to walk away. They never noticed the woman in the
store a few feet away with her back turned to them.)
ASHANTE thinks - So this dude pulled a fast one on frat huh? I wonder if my sands Donte
would like to know that this p-boy really wasn't in the library at all today.

163 | P a g e

Episode 25
We open this week's episode with TRINA who is calling CARYN on the phone.
CARYN's answering machine - Sorry, you missed me. But leave a message and I will hit you
TRINA - Caryn girl, this is Trina. Give me a call as soon...
CARYN - Hey? Trina?
TRINA - Hey girl, you screening your calls?
CARYN - Yeah, this Kappa named Greg won't leave me alone. Keeps calling. You know how I
get 'em open!
TRINA - Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, I told you about messin' with those Kappas!
CARYN - Ha ha ha ha I guess you were right! Speaking of messin' with frat boys, what's up
with you and Mr. President?
TRINA - Yo that's why I called you! I just had a confrontation with him and Alexis!
CARYN - What!
TRINA - Yeah girl, and I need your help. I want to set that bitch up!
CARYN - Ok, I'll be right over!
We continue with the telephone conversation between JUNE and DERRICK.
JUNE - I said, you win. If this is the way you want it, fine. Let's go our different directions
because I am doing this.
DERRICK - I can't believe you are about to throw away all that we have!
JUNE - I'm not throwing away anything. I didn't come to you with the notion of breaking up,
you brought it to me.
DERRICK - But I would have never brought it to you if you would not have come to me with
this notion of pledging.
JUNE - You don't want to support me in the things that I want to do. This is important to me
and it is crushing me that you don't have my back with this. It really is. As much as I have
supported you with your athletics. But I will move on with my life with or without you.
DERRICK - So it's like that?
JUNE - I will not let you dictate to me my future. Let it be known that it is not me walking
164 | P a g e

away from you, but it is you walking away from me. At a time when I may need you most.
DERRICK - Don't try to put a guilt trip on me, that's bullshit.
JUNE - You only feel guilty because you should.
DERRICK - Well all I have to say is that I apologize for loving you so much and caring so
much that I don't want to see you fucking hurt, ok? Damn, what do I get for the love I put
out? Nothing! But that's cool, it's all good. I hope you have fun doing the sorority thing and
I hope it brings you fulfillment and happiness. I hope it is all that you hope it to be. Peace!
(DERRICK hangs up.)
JUNE - Hello? Hello?
JUNE thinks - He hung up on me? I can't believe he hung up on me!
(JUNE dials DERRICK's number)
DERRICK's answering machine - Yo I aint here, you know what to do...BEEP!
JUNE - Oh now you aren't home huh? Fine, be a child and don't pick up. But that was really
mature of you to say your last words and hang up without giving me a chance to say
anything. And you know what, I will take your advice and enjoy this sorority. Even though
you didn't mean it. I see what kind of person you really are!
(JUNE hangs up. She stares at the phone expecting it to ring any second. It doesn't. JUNE
begins to cry.)
JUNE thinks - I have to call someone, someone that I can talk to.
(JUNE dials the number.)
JUNE thinks - I just lost my man.
(JUNE starts to cry harder.)
MONA - Hello?
We rejoin CARYN who has just arrived at TRINA's house.
165 | P a g e

(TRINA opens the door.)
CARYN - Tell me the scoop, tell me the scoop!
TRINA - Girl let me tell you. This bitch comes to my front door and starts asking me
questions about Bobby. So I was like, look ho, I don't know you but you need to check your
attitude at the door ok?
CARYN - Yeah...
TRINA - So she gets ready to get in my face and the man of the hour comes in.
CARYN - Bobby just came in?
TRINA - Just walks in the door.
TRINA - Yes girl.
CARYN - So then what happened?
TRINA - Let me tell you. Alexis starts to question Bobby and she calls me a bitch!
CARYN - That bitch called you a bitch?
TRINA - Yeah! So I just pimp slapped her!
CARYN - You are lying!
TRINA - Hell naw. I slapped her so hard she was standing there looking stupid.
CARYN - Ha ha ha ha, so then what happened?
TRINA - So she tries to jump bad with me but Bobby broke it up. Then he told her I was
pregnant and she broke out.
CARYN - He told her you were what?
(TRINA smiles.)
CARYN - Girlfriend spit it out, I know you didn't just say what I thought you said!
TRINA - Bobby and I are going to have a baby!
(TRINA screams out in excitement as she watches the reaction come across CARYN's face.)
CARYN - You little ho, you did that on purpose didn't you?
TRINA smiles - Yep!
CARYN - Genius T. I haven't even made so much as eye contact with Derrick. He is so
sprung out over this bitch June. And now I hear she is trying to go greek, which means that
she will have less time for Derrick and he will have more time for me.
TRINA - Girl, just be persistant and it will happen. Do you think it was easy to snatch Mr
166 | P a g e

Brother of the Year? I can tell you that it wasn't but he is all mine now.
CARYN - What makes you think that because you got pregnant he will leave Alexis
completely alone?
TRINA - Because he loves me, that's why. Plus, that's where you come in.
CARYN - I'm all ears.
TRINA - I want to fuck this bitch up, and you are gonna help me. Now this is what we are
gonna do.
GINA and MIRI arrive at Pharoahs and the place is packed.
GINA - Damn, full house tonight.
MIRI - Yeah, I told you Stephanie is no joke. She is starting to build quite a large following
here. You're gonna love her.
GINA thinks - Yeah, I know!
(MIRI takes GINA to the front of the line and he greets the bouncer. They walk in free.)
GINA - Wow, I'm glad we got inside before the crowd came in. We may not have gotten a
good seat.
MIRI - I know, it pays to be a poet.
(GINA smiles. They take a seat toward the front.)
MIRI - Can I get you something to drink?
GINA - Yes please, a glass of Merlot would be nice.
MIRI - Coming right up.
(MIRI heads toward the bar and Pharoahs quickly begins to fill. GINA stares at the stage
and remembers seeing MIRI stand there and deliver his poem to her.)
MIRI - One Merlot for the lovely lady, and one pineapple juice for me.
GINA - I was just daydreaming about when you were up there.
MIRI - Yeah, I remember the night we met, right here.
( A man takes the stage and begins to speak.)
167 | P a g e

SUIRRAD - Brothers and sisters, welcome to Pharoahs. My name is Suirrad and I have the
honor of presenting our featured artist for the evening. We have a few poets coming up
tonight, so if you could all take your seats we can get started.
(MIRI sits back and crosess his legs. He smiles at GINA.)
SUIRRAD - This sister coming to the stage, a lot of you may know. I had the pleasure of
meeting her a few years ago and have been in love with her work and her spirit ever since.
She is the founder of creator's child productions where they specialize in blessings of verse
and lyrics. She just completed her second cd entitled mozaik with some of her gifted squad.
Her first cd called la boca mocha is still out and still blazin'. She comes from the city of
brotherly love, Philly.
(Someone in the crowd yells, Philly in the house! Everyone laughs.)
SUIRRAD - Oh I see we got Philly in here! That's cool. Brothers and sisters, please help me
welcome to the stage, none other than the incomperable Stephanie Renee!
(Everyone claps, a few stand and a few whistle. STEPHANIE steps on stage and hugs
STEPHANIE RENEE - Thank you, thank you very much. I get so much love from my peeps
here at Pharoahs, I just want to say that I really and truly appreciate all the support my
team and I receive whenever we come here. Now let's get down to business.
(Someone yells, get busy Steph! STEPHANIE smiles.)
STEPHANIE RENEE - In my mind first, is family. I am big on family, especially my sisters
and my brothers. So this piece speaks to my family by speaking to my brothers. For my
how can you look at me
and not see infinity
all that we have been
and ever will be
reflecting in the
brilliant brown of my eyes
168 | P a g e

how could you
touch me
kiss my lips
or caress my cheek
and not feel our antiquity
generations been snatched
out at the root
but the genes still reproduce
in the rough smooth thick full dark
of you and me
my brother
it's impossible
to listen to me
and not hear faint traces
of the lullabies
that used to rock you to sleep
impossible to hear
my sorrowful cries
after one of you has taken
yet another brother's life
impossible not to hear
my passionate moans
floating through the dark
after loving you
under the starlit sky
black man
I be the tail to your comet
the extension of your brilliance
black man
I be the wood beams of your mansion
the foundation upon which you stand
black man
169 | P a g e

I be the e in your alphabet
something silent
but ever present
MIRI whispers - Damn!
a necessity
just like you are to me
how can you look at me
and not see
how could you talk to me
and not hear
how can you touch me
and not feel
how can you
look at me
and not even
converse with me
and not
touch me
and still not
don't you see
170 | P a g e

I am your queen
who rules beside you
and loves you
(GINA grabs MIRI's hand.)
black man
I am your sister
we are family
Thank you.
(Crowd gives thunderous applause.)
GINA - Wow, that was tight!
MIRI - I told you she was all that. It's like she was born to do this, her flow and delivery is
so natural.
GINA - She is powerful, just like you said.
GINA thinks - Ooh I can't wait until I surprise Miri.
STEPHANIE RENEE - Thank you so much. Thank you. This next piece I hope yall vibe with as
well. I had to dig through the corners of my mind for this one. But I pulled it together. Mind
over matter.
can't remove nigga from my name.
it's a cell
we continue to lock me in
guess bitch will be my only claim
till I unearth the queen again.
when I lay to rest
makes no difference
that I can
feel the pea 'neath my
I be the lost princess
massa wouldn't let me take
my throne to my new address
171 | P a g e

(STEPHANIE's arms begin to sway as she finishes each phrase.)
scared and disillusioned
orphaned stranger in a foreign land
I had an appetite for soul food
but somebody messed up my new world order
asked for chitlins and sweet potatoe pie
but they come back with lynchings and stake fries
made me spill blood all over
my birthday suit
GINA - Wow!
under the weight of the world
fragile dreams are deferred and shatterred
but the pressure on this earth made me diamond min(e)d over matter
I could shout my true identity from the go tell it on the mountain peak and hope the echo
will make Miss Liberty do a flat assed hoochie coochie dance with bells on her hips to cause
justice and freedom to ring
(GINA smiles. STEPHANIE closes her eyes.)
but what good would it do if my joyous revelations only whisper in the deaf ears of fallen
angels who have yet to discover their wings
it's hard to find peace when olive branches have never caressed my palm when the dove is
white and bears no resemblance to me
(STEPHANIE opens her eyes and speaks forceful.)
but my truths are gonna break
the chain of apathy
from the psyche of those shaded brown like me
the new rules of the game
are we for we
making deals
or sleeping with the enemy
172 | P a g e

is considered treason
and punishable by mortality
so all smooth criminals
bout how to steal my thunder
best beware of the stroke of my lightning
my brilliance flashes
your shadow tactics forced to recede like hairlines
out of sight
out of mind over matter
and what is the true price of prosperity
when even democracy taxes me
wears me down to the size of fine print
and insignificant
MIRI - Damn!
got to readjust the record on its axis
to make sure I set it straight
the six degrees that separate
until we bring it back to the
power of
one nation under
a groove
raise the voices
of the rainbow children
to put rhythm back in our blues
hip-hop drums
are gonna beat me free
173 | P a g e

from the burdens that make me
sin against me
gonna open my mouth
and holy shout
dance for obatallah
right down heaven's aisle
gonna baptize myself
when I leave these shores
and swin back home
to the river Jordan
wash away my trail of sins in the sea's holy water
gonna be sanctified when I get there
pure mind over matter
(STEPHANIE pauses and looks down.)
so remove nigga from my name
open the cell
you lock me in
you see
bitch is no longer my claim because I unearthed the queen again
can you see
the day of reckoning is dawning
we children of the sun
set thought in motion
words into action
we're gonna hijack the
underground movement
uncross the signals
and make it telepathic
today is
174 | P a g e

that is kiswahili
for new beginning
mind over matter
Thank you.
(Everyone stands and gives STEPHANIE a roaring ovation.There is whistling and screaming.
SUIRRAD comes back on stage and gives STEPHANIE a long hug.)
SUIRRAD - Brothers and sisters, Stephanie Renee!
(The crowd cheers again as STEPHANIE steps off stage. She hugs a girl in the front and
shakes hands with a brother. STEPHANIE notices MIRI.)
STEPHANIE - Hey Honey!
MIRI - Hey lady, you were wonderful! You are off the hook!
STEPHANIE smiling - Aw thanks. Stop it.
MIRI - Stephanie, I want you to meet someone very special to me. Gina, this is Stephanie
GINA - Hi soror!
STEPHANIE - Oh hi soror!
MIRI - Soror?

175 | P a g e

Episode 26
We open this week's episode with the telephone conversation between SYLVIA and MRS.
SYLVIA - Yes, I received a phone call from Mona. She informed me that one of the other
young ladies interested in our sorority was wearing our letters. I thought it was very
strange. It is very unlike this young lady to disrespect our organization like this.
MRS. FERGUSON - Really? Who is this person?
SYLVIA thinks - Yeah right, like you really know her.
SYLVIA - I'm sure you don't know of her. Her name is PJ.
MRS. FERGUSON - Oh Presjina?
SYLVIA thinks - Oh shit.
SYLVIA - You know her?
MRS. FERGUSON - Yes, I have spoken to her on the phone. And I did get a funny feeling
about her when we spoke. I wouldn't be to sure about trusting her.
SYLVIA - I have known PJ for a few years. I would feel comfortable writing her
recommendation letter myself. She has an enormous amount of respect for the sorority and
the sorors here on campus.
MRS. FERGUSON - If she is so upstanding, why was she caught in AKA paraphanelia?
SYLVIA - It's really hard for me to believe that she was. I was more interested in knowing
why Mona would tell me something like that.
MRS. FERGUSON - If Mona told you that, then it must be true. Why would she lie about it?
Besides, this is chapter business. You are basileus of the Ahpla chapter. You need to handle
this. This is certainly not for me to get involved.
SYLVIA thinks - Ok, I see I'm getting nowhere with this.
SYLVIA - You're right soror. I'm sure I can handle this.
MRS. FERGUSON - Good. Keep me posted on the dates for all the events.
SYLVIA - I sure will maam.
MRS. FERGUSON - Good hearing from you soror.
SYLVIA - You too soror, bye.
(SYLVIA hangs up and quickly calls MAX back.)
176 | P a g e

MAX - Hello?
SYLVIA - Hey it's me.
MAX - What happened? What did you do?
SYLVIA - I just spoke to Mona's mother.
MAX - What? You called Soror Ferguson.
SYLVIA - Yes I did.
MAX - What did you do that for?
SYLVIA - I wanted to see what she was about, what she would allow us to do and how
involved she wants to be with our process. Then I wanted to know how she felt about
Mona's character and whether or not Mona would lie about another prospect.
MAX - Well?
SYLVIA - This situation is worse that I thought.
MAX - Really? She's not cool?
SYLVIA - She's terrible. She won't let us do shit. And she thinks that Mona is a goody two
shoes or some shit.
MAX - Alright. I have an idea.
SYLVIA - What's up?
MAX - I spoke to Ashante and told her this idea. She said that if we could pull it off, it may
work. If we post fliers up for rush, we can say it's gonna be in some building on campus.
Give the time and date. Then right before, we change the venue and only notify the people
we want to attend. In other words, everyone except Mona.
SYLVIA - That's right! Because even Mona will be ineligible if she doesn't attend rush!
MAX - Exactly.
SYLVIA - Ok, check it out. You call April. I'll call Octavia and Ashante. We need an
emergency meeting. We need to set the time and place for rush and call Paul over at
designs dot com so he can create the first flier. We need to also make sure we are all in
agreement on which girls we want.
MAX - We can go ahead and vote at the meeting.
SYLVIA - Yeah, that's the deal.
MAX - So the meeting is tonight at eight?
SYLVIA - Eight o' eight!
MAX - Ha ha ha, cool. I'll see you there.
177 | P a g e

We change scenes and find PJ knocking on KATRICE's door.
(KATRICE opens the door.)
PJ - Hi girl.
KATRICE surprised - Hi PJ. Come in. What brings you by?
PJ - I wanted to see if you were home and I wanted to get a chance to talk to you if you
weren't busy.
KATRICE - Sure. As a matter of fact, I was going to call you today. Have a seat.
PJ - Thanks. What were you calling me about?
KATRICE - I thought maybe we needed to talk about what happened. I know you were
shocked and I thought it would be good to clear the air.
PJ - That's cool. But even before that, we have business to discuss.
KATRICE - What's up?
PJ - Now is the time that we need to really get serious as a group about Alpha Kappa Alpha.
They will be voting soon and I don't think that we are tight enough. I'm not sure how much
history you know, or June or Mona. And it is going to be really bad if we aren't ready when
they feel we should be.
KATRICE - So what do you suggest?
PJ - I suggest we meet tonight and have a serious study session to make sure that we are
all on the same page. Whatever one of us knows, we must all know.
KATRICE - I'm all for that. You want to have it over here?
PJ - That would work.
KATRICE - How much information should we know by now?
PJ - By now, we need to know as much information about the founders as we can. Then we
need to know a lot of the history of this chapter. I know a lot of that, and maybe Mona can
dig up some stuff from her mom.
PJ - Then, we need to know everything we can about each other. Which brings me to my
next point.
PJ - Are you a lesbian?
KATRICE - Yes. Eventhough I feel that my sexual orientation and what you walked in on is
none of your business, I will share with you if you like. I am not ashamed of who I am and if
178 | P a g e

you wish to know, I will tell you.
PJ - I can agree that it is none of my business. What you choose to do is your business. I
just think I should know all that there is to know about you if we may be line sisters or
sorors one day.
PJ - But I can't lie and say that the fact that I walked into my own room and saw...
KATRICE - I know. Let me explain that. I was attracted to April when I first saw her.
(PJ gets a weird look on her face.)
KATRICE - I know it sounds crazy, but it's the truth. I am attracted to women.
PJ smiles - I know but it does sound crazy.
KATRICE - Well anyway, I liked her and I came over to help her study. I honestly never
intended on trying anything with her or anything like that. She was having a hard time
catching on to some of the equations so I thought a massage would help her relax.
PJ - A massage?
PJ - If another girl offerred me a massage, I would say hell no!
KATRICE - But there wasn't anything fishy about it. I wasn't even going there. So I guess to
April, it seemed safe. The massage definitely relaxed her and then one thing let to another.
PJ - So do you think April is a lesbian?
KATRICE - I don't think I know her well enough to say. She has never done anything like
that before, that I do know. I think it shook her up a bit. I apologized to her for making her
feel uncomfortable. Does it make you uncomfortable?
PJ - I'm not homophobic or anything. But whenever I think about being on line, I think
about how close everyone is when they line up. I never thought I could have someone up
on me that could like me.
KATRICE - Don't get it twisted. Just because I am a lesbian doesn't mean I like everyone. It
isn't like that.
PJ - I have always thought of it as if it were a guy. If a guy was in a female locker room, he
may not like everyone in there but the view of naked women must turn him on.
KATRICE - It doesn't work like that. That's not how I feel. I don't see you that way at all and
it would not be a problem for us to be in very close proximity like on line.
PJ - What about June or Mona?
179 | P a g e

KATRICE - I don't like any of yall that way. Nor would I make you feel uncomfortable in a
situation like that.
PJ - Did you plan on telling them?
KATRICE - No. Like I said, it isn't anyone's business. It sort of became your business when
you saw what you saw.
PJ - So this is between me, you and April?
KATRICE - Yes and it needs to remain there.
We rejoin RONNIE and ALEXIS who have just hugged.
ALEXIS - Thank you.
RONNIE - What are you thanking me for?
ALEXIS - I know that you are looking out for my best interest and I am not thinking straight
right now. You're right, I don't need to run home to him. Fuck him, let Trina run home to
RONNIE thinks - Yes!
RONNIE - Don't get upset at him though. Just calm down and relax. That is the best thing
for you. Come here and sit back down.
(RONNIE and ALEXIS sit on the couch together.)
RONNIE - Let's just chill out and try and get your mind off of it. Let's see what's on tv.
(ALEXIS puts her head on RONNIE's shoulder.)
RONNIE thinks - Yes!
RONNIE - What's on HBO?
(RONNIE turns on HBO and Jungle Fever is on.)
Flipper - I've never cheated on my wife before...
(ALEXIS closes her eyes.)
RONNIE - Oh sorry. Let's listen to some music instead.
(RONNIE turns off the television and turns on the radio.)
180 | P a g e

ALEXIS - Ronnie?
RONNIE - Yeah?
ALEXIS - What's wrong with me?
RONNIE - What's wrong with you? What do you mean? There isn't anything wrong with
ALEXIS - Why do you think he did it? Why can't I find a real man to love me and only me?
Is it something that I am doing wrong?
RONNIE - Alexis there is nothing that you are doing wrong. You are a wonderful person,
you're smart, attractive and have a lot going for yourself. You just got caught up with a
brother who doesn't know how to handle a mature woman.
(ALEXIS picks her head off of RONNIE's shoulder. RONNIE turns to face ALEXIS.)
RONNIE - Alexis, you are a beautiful girl and I hate to see you hurt like this. You need a real
man to take care of you. Someone who understands mature relationships and is ready for
one. No games, no tricks.
ALEXIS - Is this a plug for yourself?
RONNIE - I do like you, I like you a lot. I have since we first met. But to be honest, since I
have gotten to know you, I just want you to be happy. If you meet another guy that treats
you well and with respect, then I would be happy if you are happy.
RONNIE thinks - I hope this is working.
ALEXIS - That is very sweet.
RONNIE - And it is very true.
(ALEXIS looks at RONNIE with a very sad expression. RONNIE places his hand on ALEXIS'
RONNIE - Don't be sad. It will all work out in the end.
ALEXIS - How are you so sure?
RONNIE - Because my grandmother told me.
RONNIE - My grandmother told me that weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in
the morning.
(ALEXIS smiles.)
181 | P a g e

RONNIE - See there, you are feeling better already. That is the pretty face that I want to
ALEXIS - Thank you so much for your kind words and being here for me.
RONNIE - No need to thank me. I know if I needed you, you'd do the same for me.
(ALEXIS leans over and hugs RONNIE again. When they begin to lean back, ALEXIS kisses
RONNIE on the cheek. RONNIE turns his face to return a kiss to ALEXIS's cheek. They pull
back a little and look at each other. They both lean forward, but both look down when there
foreheads meet. As they raise their faces up, ALEXIS gives RONNIE a small peck on the
NINO - Say bruh, we'll just wait here in the car.
BOBBY - Aight.
(BOBBY uses his key and goes into ALEXIS's apartment.)
BOBBY - Alexis baby, are you home?

182 | P a g e

Episode 27
We begin this week's episode with the telephone conversation between JUNE and MONA.
JUNE crying - Hi Mona.
MONA - Who is this?
JUNE - This is June.
MONA - What's the matter June, what happened?
(JUNE starts to cry harder.)
MONA - June what's wrong?
JUNE - I just need to talk to you Mona. My boyfriend and I just broke up.
MONA - What? Why?
JUNE - He doesn't want me to pledge AKA. He said that if I did it, he would leave me. I told
him that it wasn't fair for him to tell me that.
MONA - So he left you?
JUNE - He made it sound like it was my fault. Like I was leaving him by deciding to pledge.
MONA - You don't think that it is?
JUNE - Is what?
MONA - Your fault.
JUNE - My fault? Of course not.
MONA - Well I hate to be the devil's advocate here, but I can see where he is coming from.
JUNE - What?
MONA - Think about it. Were you the one that came to him and said that you wanted to
JUNE - Yeah.
MONA - Then he didn't wake up one day and decide that he wanted to break up with you.
That was a decision that he made after you came to him first. So if you had not have said
that to him, yall would still be together.
JUNE - Are you serious? What about me doing what I want to do with my life?
MONA - Relationships are give and take. Sometimes it takes meeting halfway for things to
work out. By you going to him, it is placing your wants and needs before the wants and
183 | P a g e

needs of the relationship.
JUNE thinks - I can't believe I am hearing this.
(JUNE stops crying.)
JUNE - Mona, Alpha Kappa Alpha is very important to me. Yes I love Derrick but I have
never wanted something so bad in my life as I want to be an AKA.
MONA - Then why are you crying?
JUNE thinks - What?
JUNE - I am crying because I will miss my friend. But I have to do what is right for June
first. The man that says that he loves me should be willing and able to support the things
that are important to me in my life.
MONA - What if he came home one day and said that it was important to him to rob a bank.
Would you support that?
JUNE - Robbing a bank is against the law, no I would not support that. But if my man came
home and told me that he had aspirations of playing professional basketball, I would
support that whole heartedly. But why are you taking this viewpoint anyway? I thought you
would be supportive of me being that you are trying to pledge too?
MONA - I'm sorry June, I just like to keep it real.
JUNE - So if your boyfriend came to you now and told you that he didn't want you to
pledge, and if you did pledge he would break up with you, you would not go on line?
MONA - If I was in love with him?
JUNE - Yeah.
MONA - And how is the sex?
JUNE - I'm serious.
MONA - Just kidding. If I was truly in love, I would not go on line. The sorority aint going
anywhere. Love may come once in a lifetime.
JUNE - But don't you think AKA is a once in a lifetime opportunity as well? Sure you can
pledge later, but there must be a special experience to go on line at this particular time,
with me and PJ and Katrice. Don't you think that would be special? Even if you went on line
next year, it wouldn't be the same as sharing the bond with us this year.
MONA - There would be other opportunities. I'm sure that the girls that try out next year
are cool too and we would share special experiences as well. Nothing against you or Katrice
or PJ because I like yall and want to pledge with yall. But if I lose my man, that could take
184 | P a g e

an eternity to replace. Most men nowadays are either married, gay or dogs. So if I have one
that is single, straight and respectful, AKA could wait.
As the clock strikes eight oh eight, we find SYLVIA, MAX, ASHANTE, APRIL, and OCTAVIA all
in attendance for this highly anticipated chapter meeting.
MAX - Sorors, I call this meeting to order. As you all know, we have a lot to discuss so let's
get to it. Since this is a special meeting, we will not be reading the minutes from the last
meeting. Sylvia.
SYLVIA - Thank you. Sorors, we have a few orders of business that are of extreme
importance. We have four interested ladies in the chapter. We need to discuss our feelings
on these women and set the date and time for rush. But first, there is a reason why this
meeting was called the way that it was called. As you know, one of the interested women is
Mona Ferguson. I'm sure you all have heard of her by now if you have not met her yet.
Many of you that have spoken to Mona about her interest in the sorority. It has been stated
about her bad attitude and lack of willingness toward the process, in conjunction with her
mother being an active member and one of our chapter founders.
APRIL thinks - Yeah I remember that bitch. Ooh I don't like that girl.
SYLVIA - I received a phone call from Mona and she informed me that she walked in on
another interest wearing our letters and signed into the skeephi chat room as a soror.
APRIL - What interest?
SYLVIA - She told me PJ.
APRIL - PJ? That's crazy! That can't be true!
ASHANTE - And even if it were true, why would Mona tell on another interest like that?
SYLVIA - That's my question. So I took it a step further and called Soror Ferguson. I wanted
to get to the bottom of her feelings toward Mona and our process. The bottom line is, we
won't be able to do much with her mother involved.
APRIL thinks - Damn.
SYLVIA - Max, you want to take it from here?
MAX - Yeah. Sorors, here is what we are going to do. We are going to post fliers up for
rush. Rush will be at seven oh eight in Slowe Hall. A few hours before rush, we are going to
change the venue. We will change it to Pearl. I called and reserved the small auditorium
185 | P a g e

downstairs in Pearl. We will notify those women that we want to attend. Anyone that does
not attend, cannot be considered for membership.
(OCTAVIA raises her hand.)
SYLVIA - The chair recognizes Octavia.
OCTAVIA - Can we do that? Is that legal?
ASHANTE - Yes it is. There are plenty of reasons to change the venue of an event. We will
post the flier for the new venue. Anyone that doesn't see the new flier, it is just tight on
OCTAVIA - Well in that case, I move that we accept and adopt the proposal put forth by
Soror Max and institute it without delay.
MAX - Second.
SYLVIA - It has been moved and properly second that the proposal be accepted and
instituted. All in favor?
(All Sorors raise their hand.)
SYLVIA - Wonderful. Now let us discuss each interested lady one at a time. First is Presjina.
Would anyone like to begin?
APRIL - I would.
SYLVIA - Go ahead April.
APRIL - PJ is a good person and a good friend. She was with Octavia and I last year but did
not see the journey through. I know it is in her heart and I know she is ready. She is very
respecful and diligent. And I know that this bullshit that Mona said about her isn't true.
OCTAVIA - I agree. I back PJ one hundred percent. I think she would be a welcomed
addition to our chapter and work hard toward the chapter goals.
MAX - I move that we close discussion and go straight to vote.
APRIL - Second.
SYLVIA - It has been moved to close discussion and vote on PJ. All in favor of closing
(All Sorors raise their hand.)
SYLVIA - Ok, all in favor of PJ being accepted as a new member of our chapter?
186 | P a g e

(All Sorors raise their hand.)
SYLVIA - Alright. One down, two to go.
(APRIL smiles to herself.)
SYLVIA - Next is June.
OCTAVIA - I have spent many hours with June. I have never met anyone that has
memorized so much history. I would lilke to put her online just so I can see how well the
other girls match up to what she knows!
(Sorors laugh.)
MAX - What about the issue with her boyfriend?
OCTAVIA - I talked to her about it and I think she is going to handle that.
APRIL - Are you sure it won't be an issue?
OCTAVIA - I'm sure.
SYLVIA - I think she is very respectful too, I just don't want a situation where she will
change her mind in the middle of the process.
OCTAVIA - One thing that I have noticed is that she is very strong, just young. I am willing
to put my word up for her. She will make the right decision and she will stick with it.
MAX - Then I move to close discussion.
SYLVIA - All in favor of closing discussion on JUNE?
(All Sorors raise their hand.)
SYLVIA - All in favor of June being accepted as a new member of our chapter?
(All Sorors raise their hand.)
SYLVIA - Now we have Katrice.
MAX - Katrice and I talked, we have a calculus lab together. She is very intelligent and
knows what she wants.
APRIL - I'm not sure if she is ready though.
MAX - She is really on point.
APRIL - She struck me as immature. I don't know if the pressure of line would break her. I
187 | P a g e

think she may need to wait a year.
OCTAVIA - I don't know sands. She seems very tight as far as her mentality. She would be
good with mind games, which could be an overall aid on line.
APRIL thinks - Yeah, she is good with mind games all right.
APRIL - I studied trig with her and we had a lengthy...conversation. She came off as
someone who could be very tight at some point, but not now. Maybe next year.
MAX - I move that we close discussion. We probably will not change each other's minds.
SYLVIA - There is a motion on the floor to end discussion. Do I hear a second?
APRIL - I have a quick question.
SYLVIA - Unreadiness. Ok, what is your question?
APRIL - Two thirds is the requirement for acceptance on line right?
SYLVIA - There is still a motion on the floor.
OCTAVIA - Second.
SYLVIA - It has been moved that discussion cease on Katrice. Anymore unreadiness?
(Sorors look at APRIL.)
SYLVIA - Ok, all in favor of closing discussion on Katrice?
(All Sorors raise their hand.)
SYLVIA - All in favor of Katrice being accepted as a new member of our chapter?
(MAX raises her hand, OCTAVIA raises her hand.)
APRIL thinks - Yes! Two out of four! She didn't make it!
SYLVIA - Ok, that settles it. We have a line of three.
APRIL - A line of three? How? Katrice only got two votes out of four!
SYLVIA - Oh, I'm sorry. I guess I should have raised my hand as well. Since I was counting,
I didn't raise my hand that time. But I voted for Katrice too.
We rejoin MIRI who is in Pharoahs with GINA and STEPHANIE RENEE.
188 | P a g e

MIRI - Stephanie, you're in a sorority?
STEPHANIE RENEE - Yes, you didn't know that?
(GINA smiles.)
MIRI - Since when?
STEPHANIE RENEE - I pledged Alpha Kappa Alpha in spring ninety. I thought you knew that.
(They all sit down. Someone walks over and congratulates STEPHANIE again. She smiles
and shakes their hand. MIRI looks bewildered.)
MIRI - I never knew you were in a sorority.
STEPHANIE RENEE - Yeah man, I pledged Gamma Epsilon chapter, Philadelphia city
GINA - I knew Stephanie was a soror from an e-mail listserv that I am on called the vine.
So when I saw the fliers that she was going to be here and I knew that you knew her, I
couldn't wait for this meeting.
(MIRI looks confused but smiles.)
MIRI - Ok, you got me.
GINA - See Stephanie, here is the deal. Miri is working on a piece, a play. It has to do with
pledging and slavery but I read it and thought it may be a little disrespectful toward our
organizations and processes. He thought that I was the only person that he knew in a
sorority but I found out that he was good friends with you, I thought I would spring it on
him that you are a soror too.
STEPHANIE RENEE - I definitely am a soror. As a matter of fact, there are two other poets
on my team that are sorors as well.
MIRI - Are you serious?
STEPHANIE RENEE - Yeah. Miri you know Zenzele right?
MIRI - Yeah I know her.
STEPHANIE RENEE - She is a soror and so is Tonya Marie.
MIRI - You are kidding me.
STEPHANIE RENEE - Nope. It's the truth. You know L.I.F.E.?
MIRI - Don't tell me he is an AKA too?
STEPHANIE RENEE laughing - No silly, he is a brother of Kappa Alpha Psi.
189 | P a g e

MIRI - What?
STEPHANIE RENEE - Yeah, he pledged spring ninety like me and Ed Smith pledged Que in
spring ninety one.
MIRI - Ed is greek too?
GINA - Miri I knew you knew people in fraternities and sororities. You just didn't know it.
And I know you are not intentionally trying to be disrespectful. But you just need to be
educated to certain things.
STEPHANIE RENEE - Exactly what is your piece about.
MIRI - I'm in so much shock, I almost forgot! It's a stage piece drawing on the correlation
between pledging and being a slave.
STEPHANIE RENEE - Ok, I can see where that can be taken the wrong way. Do you think
that people that pledge are forced into the mentality of slaves?
MIRI - I've seen people on line and I have seen some of the frats bark instructions to them.
I have seen them look like they have been beat, sleepy, all kinds of shit.
STEPHANIE RENEE - Granted, people have to work hard to become members of
organizations. But I was never put in danger for my life, and those people that put pledgees
in those types of situations are totally wrong by the mandates of all of our organizations.
GINA - AKA is one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I wouldn't trade my
experience for the world.
STEPHANIE RENEE - Same here. I have met wonderful sorors and brothers on my travels on
the circuit and just in general. I have been able to perform for my Alpha brothers, for
Kappas, at greek functions, all kinds of stuff. Pledging taught me the true meaning of hard
work. The name of my line is Kaimia which is kiswahili for perserverance. And I have used
what I have learned to work hard with my company, Creator's Child.
MIRI - I never knew so many people that I know personally were greek. Well honey, I guess
you proved your point.
GINA - And you did say that if I did, you would help me to rewrite your project.
MIRI smiles - Yes I did.
GINA - Well I can't write to save my life. But I am sure my soror here could help.
MIRI - Would you Steph?
STEPHANIE RENEE - Sure. It would be my pleasure.

190 | P a g e

Episode 28
This week's episode begins with CARYN who is at TRINA's house. They are scheming on
CARYN - Girl, what you want me to do. I'm all ears.
TRINA - Check this out. I want Bobby to myself and I don't want no interference. I want
Alexis to hate him and never want him back.
TRINA - So here is where you come in. I want you to go to Alexis and tell her that you slept
with Bobby too.
CARYN - What?
TRINA - Yeah, think about it. If Alexis thinks that he just slept with one girl, he may make
her believe that it was a one night stand or some shit. But if she thinks he has been just
boning everybody...
CARYN - Right, she will never want him back.
TRINA - Exactly.
CARYN - Sounds like a plan. I'll do it.
TRINA - Thanks girl, I owe you.
CARYN - I got a question though.
TRINA - What's that?
CARYN - You sure are going through a lot of trouble for this brother. What's the deal? There
are plenty of men on Ahpla's campus. Why you so stuck on trying to go for this one?
TRINA - Girl, let me tell you. That nigga Bobby is good in bed!
CARYN - Word?
TRINA - No, I don't think you heard me. That brother is ridiculous!
CARYN - Seriously?
TRINA - Caryn, I aint lying. His shit is out of control. Bobby is so much better than everone
else that I was ever with it's incredible.
CARYN - Well what does he do?
TRINA - Girl first of all, he went down on me. After that shit, I was through,
CARYN - Aint nothing like a brother who knows how to go downtown.
TRINA - But the thing is, I have had other guys go down. Some were really good. But none
like Bobby. It is something about his technique, I can't put my finger on it. I even asked
191 | P a g e

him but he says it's a secret.
CARYN thinks - Damn.
TRINA - So after he did that for the first time, I was fuckin' addicted.
CARYN - So you get that whenever you want?
TRINA - Girl, whenever I want. He loves doing that shit.
CARYN thinks - Damn.
CARYN - Every guy I ever dealt with acted like they had a problem with it and then wanted
me to do something to them.
TRINA - Not Bobby. He would do that for me, hook me up, give me straight up convulsions
and then roll over and go to sleep if I let him.
CARYN thinks - Damn.
TRINA - And Caryn, you ever had a nigga who knows how to make you...
(CARYN interrupts.)
CARYN - No I haven't so tell me more! Every nigga I'm with gets his and gets up.
TRINA - Bobby may just know my body well or he just knows women well. But the way that
he does it, it's so strong for me. Every time.
CARYN - Every time?
TRINA - Four or five times, every time.
CARYN thinks - Shit!
TRINA - Girl, one time I tried to get up and go to the bathroom afterward and I couldn't
(CARYN laughs)
CARYN - What?
TRINA - Girl my legs were shaking so hard and I was dizzy. I'm tellin' you, it's fuckin'
CARYN- Well maybe you are saying that because you are in love with him.
TRINA - When me and Bobby first did it, I wasn't in love with him. It was damn good, the
first time.
CARYN thinks - Hmmmm.
TRINA - But I kept it real. I don't like to judge anyone on one performance. Just like a
brother can have a bad night, a brother can have a good night too.
192 | P a g e

CARYN - True.
TRINA - But then the second time was better than the first. Then the third and the fourth...
CARYN - I get the picture. Is his shit big or something?
TRINA - No, no more than anybody else. He just knows how to work it. I really thought I
had good sex before I met him. But he has raised the bar so high, I don't think any nigga
will surpass him. Especially that eatin' out shit.
CARYN - Well damn, now I know why you want to get this nigga for yourself.
TRINA - Don't get me wrong, I like his personality too. He is crazy funny.
CARYN - Bitch whatever, if that nigga was tellin' jokes and not hittin' it right, his ass would
be out the door!
(silence. TRINA and CARYN bust out laughing.)
TRINA - You right girl, you right!
We change scenes and find BOBBY who has just found out that ALEXIS is not home. He
walks back out to the car.
BOBBY - She's not here.
NINO - Bruh, really?
REGGIE - Damn, where do you think she could be?
BOBBY - I don't know, maybe at a friend's house. Shit!
NINO - She probably didn't come here because she knew that you would look for her here.
Think about it, she's not stupid.
BOBBY - Yeah I know, she is very smart. I can't imagine what she could be thinking right
REGGIE - Aw nigga, you can imagine it. She is picturing you and Trina doin' the do!
BOBBY - That aint funny.
REGGIE - Man I'm just playin'. But she is sitting somewhere thinking about that shit.
BOBBY - Damn!
NINO - Like I said bruh, she probably picked the last place you would suspect she would go
and she went there.
193 | P a g e

BOBBY - Yeah you're probably right. I think I am going to go back in and leave her a note.
NINO - That's a good idea.
BOBBY - Aight, I'll be right back.
(BOBBY goes back inside.)
REGGIE - Where do you think she is man?
NINO - Say bruh, I don't know. But I knew she wouldn't be here. That's the first place he
would look and I know she aint that dumb.
REGGIE - Yeah, she probably somewhere gettin' her's.
NINO - Shut up man.
(REGGIE's pager goes off.)
REGGIE - Yo, I just got a page from that soror Ashante.
NINO - What she paging you for?
REGGIE - I don't know. Maybe she wants to get down with a brother.
NINO - Yeah right!
REGGIE - You got a phone on you?
NINO - Yeah, here.
REGGIE - Hey Ashante, what's up soror.
ASHANTE - Hey frat. I was wondering if you knew where Donte was.
REGGIE - Oh, I don't know. You tried the house?
ASHANTE - Yeah but he didn't answer. I had something important to tell him and I wanted
to catch up with him.
REGGIE - I can relay a message if you want. I will probably see him before you do.
ASHANTE - I guess that would be ok. This sort of pertains to you too.
REGGIE - What's up?
ASHANTE - I was down in the student union and I saw your guys.
REGGIE - My guys?
ASHANTE - Yeah, the Alpha wannabees.
REGGIE - How did you know who they were.
ASHANTE - Because they were talking and laughing loud as hell and they were telling all of
their business.
194 | P a g e

REGGIE - Really? Up in the student union?
ASHANTE - For all to hear. And get this, I didn't hear all the details, but I heard one of them
talk about being in a library.
REGGIE - Uh huh.
REGGIE thinks - Oh shit!
ASHANTE - Yeah, but get this. He told the brothers that he was in the library when actually
he was getting some butt the whole time.
REGGIE - What?
(NINO looks at REGGIE and asks what the conversation is about. REGGIE holds up one
finger as to indicate, one minute.)
REGGIE - And you heard all this by just standing there?
ASHANTE - Yes frat.
NINO - Heard what?
REGGIE whispers - No big deal, I will tell you in a second.
NINO - Oh ok.
REGGIE thinks - Damnit!
REGGIE - Did you talk to anyone else already?
ASHANTE - I tried to call Donte but I got his machine. I didn't want to leave that type of
message on his answering machine.
REGGIE thinks - Thank God.
ASHANTE - Then I called you.
REGGIE - Well I will be sure to let him know. And we will definitely handle the situation.
Don't tell anyone else though, I don't want this to spread.
REGGIE thinks - Please don't tell anyone else.
ASHANTE - That's cool. I just wanted to let yall know because I didn't want to see frat
getting played like that.
REGGIE - Oh no doubt, and we appreciate it. Thanks a lot.
ASHANTE - No problem, I will talk to ya later.
REGGIE - Cool.
(REGGE disconnects and gives the phone back to NINO.)
195 | P a g e

NINO - What was she calling you for?
REGGIE thinks - Think fast!
REGGIE - Dude, I'm glad she called. She says that she met a bro from somewhere who is
running for brother of the year against Bobby. And she said that his shit is tight. She had
overheard him talking so she asked him if he knew Bobby.
NINO - And what did he say?
REGGIE - He had heard of Bobby trying to run, but they never met. So Ashante just wanted
me to make sure that Bobby was tight with his shit.
NINO - Well we need to get on him because he has been so busy with these women, he has
been slipping in putting together his display and his speech.
(BOBBY comes back to the car.)
BOBBY - Ok I left the note for Alexis, what do you think I should do next?
NINO - I think you need to go home and relax. You have been letting your brother of the
year stuff slip. You need to clear your head from all this bullshit and start thinking straight.
The time will come to fix this, but for now, just go home.
We now join PJ and KATRICE who have put the call out to MONA and JUNE and are awaiting
their arrival.
PJ - How long ago did we call? They should be here by now.
KATRICE - June has farther to travel, so Mona should be here first.
KATRICE - Maybe that's Mona now.
(KATRICE opens the door.)
KATRICE - Oh hey June.
JUNE - Hi Katrice.
(KATRICE and JUNE hug.)
PJ - Hey June.
196 | P a g e

(PJ and JUNE hug.)
PJ - I thought Mona would beat you here. She lives closer.
JUNE - I was actually on the phone with Mona when you called. So I know she is on her
KATRICE - Ok, that's cool. How have you been?
JUNE - Not too good.
PJ - What's the matter?
JUNE - Me and Derrick broke up.
PJ - Really? Why?
JUNE - This whole thing with pledging. He doesn't want me to do it and I don't want him to
run my life. It's just sad though.
PJ - Are you sure you want to go through with this?
JUNE - Without a shadow of a doubt. I am going for this all out.
PJ - Good because I want to see you there with me and we have a lot of work to do.
JUNE - I just want to put the whole thing behind me for now and focus on the task at hand.
But if you could do me a favor, don't bring this up in front of Mona. I asked her for her
opinion and she kind of surprised me by what she said.
KATRICE - What did she say?
JUNE - She thought I should stay with my man and not pledge. That it was my fault that he
was leaving me because...
JUNE - Just don't mention it.
(PJ and KATRICE look at each other. KATRICE opens the door.)
MONA - Wassup Katrice.
KATRICE - Hey Mona, what's going on?
MONA - Chillin'. Ready to get going.
MONA - Hey ladies.
JUNE - Hi.
PJ - What's up?
MONA - Ok, where do we begin?
PJ - All right. Now that we are all here, let me begin. I was talking to April...
197 | P a g e

JUNE thinks - April is so on point!
KATRICE thinks - April is so fine!
MONA thinks - April is such a bitch!
PJ - ...and she says that we are not ready. The problem is that last year at this time, April,
Octavia and I knew more information. About each other and about the sorority. We were
tight as hell and we knew our shit. This year, I don't think we as a group are at the same
mental level as we were last year and that is an issue. For all we know, rush and line can be
any day now. I think as a group our attitude toward doing this has been very laid back. But
AKA is no joke, I'm here to tell yall. It is mad deep.
KATRICE thinks - Damn.
PJ - I have sat in the presence of some of the older sorors from this chapter, some that
graduated like Ashante. Their legacy is so deep. This is not something that should be taken
lightly. They care so deeply for this chapter that they would rather not have a line at all
then to put people on that are not worthy. I know this for a fact. The wealth of information
that they will pour into us through the pledging process is overwhelming. But if we are not
ready to recieve it, then they are pouring water into upside down glasses. None of it is
going to hold.
JUNE thinks - Wow.
PJ - We have to keep in mind the fact that they don't need us. The have what we want and
unless we show that we want it, why would they just give it away? And the way to show
that is by being as tight or even tighter then we were last year. This time last year the heat
was upon us. If I can say nothing good about Octavia, I can say that she knows her stuff.
And it caused me and April to know our stuff, just to keep up. That is what made us so
tight. Last year was another level compared to this year. We were so damn tight.
MONA - I have a question. You keep talking about last year, last year, last year. If yall were
so damn tight, why didn't you make line...last year?

198 | P a g e

Episode 29
We begin this week's episode with the January meeting of the Ahpla Undergraduate Student
Assembly. Willemina is presiding.
WILLIE - I wish to thank you all for coming and welcome you to the first meeting of the
millennium. We have a few things to discuss. Theresa, could you please pass out the
THERESA - sure.
(THERESA begins to pass the agendas out.)
SYLVIA - Hi Theresa.
THERESA - Hey Sylvia, happy new year.
(As THERESA is passing the agendas around the room, she notices JASON sitting in the
back. She walks over to him.)
THERESA whispering - What are you doing here!
JASON whispering - I need to talk to you and you have not answered nor returned any of
my calls.
THERESA whispering - That is because I have nothing to say to you!
JASON whispering - But if you just let me explain...
THERESA whispering - You can't sit in this meeting!
JASON whispering - I am volunteering with the student assembly for the spring semester.
THERESA - Won't you be tied up this semester!
WILLIE - Did you say something Theresa?
THERESA - Uh...no. I was just finishing passing these agendas out.
(THERESA turns and gives JASON a stern look and returns to her seat.)
WILLIE - Ok. As you see, the first thing on our agenda is the annual heart to heart valentine
event. I want to make this the best one yet. So I think we should change a few things.
There is a local singing group, four guys that have agreed to contract with us. What they
will do is go door to door and sing a special valentine song to each person that purchases a
heart to heart package. The person will also get the normal gifts associated with the heart
to heart also.
199 | P a g e

SYLVIA thinks - What?
WILLIE - I think that this will add a very nice flavor to valentines day and give the assembly
great props.
SYLVIA thinks - You mean give yourself great props!
(SYLVIA raises her hand along with another student. WILLIE looks at SYLVIA and then calls
the other student.)
STUDENT - Will this only be available on valentineís day?
WILLIE - Actually it will be three days. Valentine's, the day before and the day after.
SYLVIA - You mentioned that they are going into contract with us. Just how much will this
WILLIE - The second sheet is the proposed budget for the project. If you could all turn to
page two, we can go over that.
(Everyone turns to page two.)
SYLVIA - This is way out of our budget.
WILLIE - It is a little pricey, but worth it. We will make the money back from the many
students that purchase the package.
SYLVIA - But what if not enough students purchase it? We still have to pay the singing
group for services rendered if they only show up.
WILLIE - We never have an issue of students not purchasing the package. Heart to heart is
a widely accepted event on this campus. You know that.
SYLVIA - Yeah but at the same time, you have increased the price of the package because
of the group. That may cancel out some students who now won't be able to afford it and it
may throw us in the hole.
(THERESA looks at WILLIE and SYLVIA. She then looks at JASON who is smiling at her. She
turns away.)
WILLIE thinks - This girl gets on my last nerves!
SYLVIA - I don't think the assembly can afford to lose any money going into a new school
(Students begin to talk amongst themselves. Some in agreement, some not.)
200 | P a g e

WILLIE - Alright, quiet down please. Look, I think this is a good idea, I think that students
will welcome a change, and I think that most students will go for it.
SYLVIA thinks - And you think that you will go down in history as the greatest assembly
president ever.
Changing scenes, we find OCTAVIA and APRIL who are on campus.
OCTAVIA - I'm excited. We're about to have new girls in the chapter. Imagine little sisters.
APRIL - Yeah, that is real cool.
OCTAVIA - And they will be so on point. I can't wait until they come out on the yard.
APRIL - They won't be as on point as we were.
OCTAVIA - Ha ha ha ha, oh no doubt. But we will still have them pretty tight.
APRIL - So where are we gonna hang this flier?
OCTAVIA - Somewhere so it won't get a whole lot of attention. We don't want five thousand
people to show up.
APRIL - True that, we actually only want three to show up.
OCTAVIA - Yeah we definitely don't want four. That Mona girl needs to be taught a lesson.
APRIL - I don't even want to think about her.
APRIL thinks - I don't want to think about Katrice either.
OCTAVIA - Yeah I understand. That situation is really upsetting.
APRIL - Yeah, it really is.
OCTAVIA - Why would someone want to come in the easy way? Especially if their mother
came in the correct way?
APRIL - Your guess is as good as mine, but to me, it undermines a whole history and legacy
of what came before.
OCTAVIA - You're right.
APRIL - But like I said, I don't want to talk about her.
OCTAVIA - Ok sands. Have you thought about who you want to be your spec?
APRIL - Oh definitely PJ. She is my girl. This is gonna make us even closer.
OCTAVIA - Oh yeah that's right. I'm glad PJ will be a soror finally.
APRIL - True that.
OCTAVIA - What about the other two? What do you think about Katrice?
201 | P a g e

APRIL thinks - If you only knew.
APRIL - She is ok, I just didn't think she was ready.
OCTAVIA - Oh yeah, I remember you saying that in the meeting. Why do you feel that
APRIL - Something about first impressions. I don't know, just something about her touched
me the wrong way.
OCTAVIA - I know she is good with math and I can respect anyone that takes their work
seriously. As a matter of fact, didn't she help you study for something?
APRIL thinks - Oh God.
APRIL - Yeah, she is good. Very good, she knows her stuff.
OCTAVIA - That is cool.
APRIL - What do you think about June? I like her.
OCTAVIA - I love June. We have talked a lot and I want her to be my spec. She knows so
much history it is mind blowing.
APRIL - That will come in handy once line starts.
OCTAVIA - It sure will. Hey, let's put the flier over here. We can leave it here for a few
hours and then come back and take it down.
APRIL - That's cool.
OCTAVIA - I'm about to go to lab so I can come and take it down in four hours.
APRIL - That's cool. Is the flier in your bag or did I take it.
OCTAVIA - I think you have it, but let me check. Oh wait, here it is.
APRIL - Cool.
OCTAVIA - What are you getting ready to do?
APRIL - Grab something to eat before my next class.
OCTAVIA - Ok well call me later.
APRIL - Alright, skeewee.
(OCTAVIA leaves.)
APRIL thinks - Damn, I'm starving.
(APRIL walks to the cafeteria.)
APRIL thinks - Damn, it is going to be weird as shit pledging Katrice. I can't believe I let her
do that to me. I can't believe I liked it!
202 | P a g e

(APRIL goes into the cafeteria and picks up a tray.)
APRIL thinks - Man I'm starving. I'm starving for a man!
(APRIL chuckles to herself.)
APRIL thinks - I know I'm not gay, I have loved men all my life. Beautiful, strong, black
men. TLC said it best, a hard man is so good to find.
(APRIL sings the tune to TLC's song, I'm Good at Being Bad.)
APRIL thinks - I love men, I sure loved the hell out of that D'Angelo video! Damn! I've got
to get that shit on tape. His body is a work of art. I wish I had a man like that. He would
find out just how ungay I really am.
(APRIL gets up to the register to pay for her food.)
APRIL - Oh shit, I have Octavia's bag!
APRIL thinks - Shit!
APRIL - Maam, I don't seem to have my purse. I will have to put all this stuff back. I'm
(APRIL hears a voice behind her.)
DERRICK - Don't worry about it, I will pay for hers and mine.
(APRIL turns around and sees a very tall brother in line behind her.)
APRIL - You don't have to do that.
DERRICK - My pleasure, just promise me two things.
APRIL - What?
DERRICK - Don't forget your purse anymore and sit and have lunch with me.
Our next scene brings us to RONNIE and ALEXIS who have just hugged and kissed.
(RONNIE and ALEXIS lean toward each other to kiss again. ALEXIS closes her eyes but
RONNIE pulls back.)
203 | P a g e

RONNIE - Alexis wait, I don't want to take advantage of this situation.
RONNIE - I know you were feeling bad and I do like you. But I don't want to confuse you
and get something started that you may regret later.
RONNIE thinks - This is gonna sound real good!
ALEXIS - I'm not confused, I just feel very safe right now.
RONNIE - And I am glad that you feel that way. But I don't want to fall even deeper for you
to have my heartbroken also. I know you still have feelings for Bobby and I know that you
are still hurting over him.
ALEXIS - Yeah but I am trying to put that in my past.
RONNIE laughing - Hon, it just happened today.
(ALEXIS frowns.)
RONNIE - I don't mean to laugh at you. But I just want you to be sure about what it is you
want to do. I don't want to take advantage of a situation. You are vulnerable right now and
I don't want to hurt you nor get hurt myself.
ALEXIS - Ronnie, you are so sweet. Thank you.
RONNIE - No problem. You are welcome to stay though if you want.
ALEXIS - No, I think I will be ok to go home.
RONNIE - Are you sure?
ALEXIS - Yeah, I will be fine. I will call you when I get home just to be safe.
RONNIE - Ok cool.
RONNIE thinks - I'll let her go now but she will be dying to come back and stay from now
(They stand up and RONNIE goes to get ALEXIS' coat.)
ALEXIS thinks - Boy, Ronnie is so sweet to me. He is such a good man, a real man.
RONNIE - Ok, here you go.
(RONNIE puts ALEXIS' coat on for her. They walk to the door.)
ALEXIS - Thanks again for everything.
RONNIE - Alexis don't mention it. I know you would be there for me if I ever needed you. It
is the least a friend would do.
204 | P a g e

(ALEXIS smiles. They hug.)
ALEXIS - Bye Ronnie.
RONNIE - Call me when you get in.
(ALEXIS walks to her car. She waves as she drives off.)
ALEXIS thinks - Wow, Ronnie really is sweet. And to think, I didn't believe him at first. I am
so glad he called me and told me about Bobby.
(ALEXIS feels her heart drop when she thinks of BOBBY and TRINA.)
ALEXIS thinks - I can't believe Bobby was cheating on me! When did he find the time? Well
he can have her, I don't care!
(ALEXIS finds it hard to breathe when she thinks of TRINA being pregnant.)
ALEXIS thinks - And to get her ass pregnant, oh God help me! Please God get me through
(ALEXIS pulls up to a red light.)
ALEXIS thinks - He was holding her with the same arms that he was holding me with. She is
probably going to go to Nationals in Atlanta with him instead of me. Damn, what friends do
I have that I haven't met through Bobby? Me and Nino are so cool, now she will probably be
cool with him.
(A car blows it's horn behind ALEXIS and she realizes that the light has turned green.)
(ALEXIS takes a deep breath.)
ALEXIS - I have to calm down. Lord Jesus, please help me. I need you. Help me to be
strong Father. Amen.
(ALEXIS feels the tears welling up in her eyes.)
ALEXIS thinks - I have to call my mother. What is she gonna think? She really liked Bobby.
I must have been stupid to fall for him. I believed everything he ever told me. I can't
believe this is happening to me.
205 | P a g e

(ALEXIS turns the corner onto her street.)
ALEXIS thinks - Bobby is going to have a baby!
(ALEXIS parks and starts crying. She sits in the car for fifteen minutes and then wipes her
face dry.)
ALEXIS thinks - Ok, let me get a grip. I will be fine.
(ALEXIS locks her car and walks up to her house.)
ALEXIS thinks - I have to call Ronnie when I get in. I may need him sooner than I thought.
Caryn - Excuse me, is your name Alexis?
(ALEXIS just looks at Caryn.)
CARYN - I know you don't know me but can I speak to you for a second?
ALEXIS - Uh...what is this about?
CARYN - My name is Caryn and I have something to tell you. I know who you are and I
know all about you. I have actually been waiting here for you because there is something
that I think you should know.
ALEXIS - How do you know me? What do you have to tell me?
CARYN - I just need to tell you that that bitch Trina is lying to you and she is lying to Bobby!
She aint pregnant!

206 | P a g e

Episode 30
We begin this week's episode with PJ, KATRICE, MONA and JUNE who are meeting about
preparing themselves for line.
PJ - What did you say?
MONA - Why the hell didn't you make line last year if yall were so tight? You keep bragging
about how last year was, and last year you were so on point. Then April and Octavia pledge
without you. So what's the story girlee?
KATRICE - Mona, I think that is a personal question that PJ may not want to answer.
JUNE thinks - Sheesh!
MONA - There shouldn't be any personal things between us. If we are going to be line
sisters and sorors, then I want to know all there is to know about the three of you.
PJ thinks - If you only knew!
PJ - No Katrice, it's cool. I will answer the question.
MONA - The moment of truth!
PJ - Anyway...
(PJ looks somber.)
PJ - There was a certain soror in the chapter that didn't care for me too well. We had an
MONA - A fight?
PJ - No, nothing like that. Well, not in the physical sense.
MONA - Well do tell. This is getting good!
(PJ sighs.)
PJ - Anyway, she was influential in the chapter and basically she kept me off line.
JUNE - How can one person keep you off line?
PJ - One person last year who was chapter president.
JUNE - Chapter president? That was Shareeca Sumpter.
PJ - Very good June, you seem to know your history.
KATRICE - Well what happened between you and Shareeca?
PJ - She wasn't too pleased with the man I chose to date in the fall semester last year.
KATRICE - But why would she use that against you making line? Isn't that mixing business
207 | P a g e

with personal reasons? What does that have to do with the sorority?
PJ - She wasn't too pleased because it was her ex boyfriend.
MONA - I knew it!
JUNE - Mona!
MONA grinning - Sorry.
(PJ stares at MONA.)
PJ - I thought it was her ex at least. Well that is what he told me. She tells a different story.
Nonetheless, it isn't good to not have favor with the chapter president.
KATRICE - Well where is she now? Could that hurt your chances this year?
JUNE - From the chapter history packet, it says that she graduated and moved back home
to Florida for grad school.
PJ - Yeah, I know.
MONA - Is that why you weren't sure about pledging before?
PJ - Not really. I just didn't like some of the changes I saw in April and I didn't want to go
that route myself.
(KATRICE looks at PJ. PJ looks back.)
MONA - So you slept with a soror's man? Oooh! How do you know Sylvia and the rest of
them won't use that against you now?
PJ - Because I know for a fact that Sylvia and the rest of them don't know.
JUNE - They don't know?
PJ - No.
JUNE - How do you know that?
PJ - I have my ways of finding out things within the chapter. Nobody knows and Shareeca
has graduated. So now only the four of us know.
JUNE - So what reason do Octavia and April think for why you didn't make it?
PJ - They think that I was uncertain about balancing duties with pledging, the chapter and
my schoolwork.
JUNE - Wow that's deep.
MONA - Well where is this guy now? Did he graduate and move to Florida with Shareeca?
PJ - No he didn't.
JUNE - Are they still together?
208 | P a g e

PJ - Yeah, he is very loyal to her, eventhough it is a long distance relationship.
MONA - So where is this guy now?
KATRICE - Yeah, who is this brother?
PJ - His name is Greg and he is a Kappa.
Our next scene takes us to the Alpha House where the brothers have gathered to meet.
BOBBY - This meeting is called to order. Now we all know what we are here for. And I don't
know about you bros, but I don't want to be here very long. This shouldn't take long at all.
As long as we are very serious and discuss these possible new entrants with sincere concern
as to their promise to us as future brothers.
DONTE - I say fuck em all!
(Brothers laugh except BOBBY.)
BOBBY - Well maybe if you had a vote, that would matter. But since you don't could you
kindly keep your outbursts to yourself?
DONTE - Boy, somebody is on his period huh?
BOBBY - Like I was saying. Let's get this over with. Reggie, since you are going to be their
dean, you want to come up and say a few words?
REGGIE - Yeah. Thanks. Brothers, it is a dawn of a new age in Alpha. This will be the first
line of the millennium. Ahpla spring two k. I have been entrusted with the task to bring
these boys in right and I can and will do that. But it will take the cooperation of the
brotherhood young and old. Cooperation meaning sticking to the program and not everyone
going on their own agenda.
(REGGIE looks at DONTE. DONTE smiles.)
REGGIE - I think we have potential to have a great line and a great semester. I am pumped
up and ready for the challenge and I hope you bros are too. That's all I have to say.
NINO - Oh six!
BOBBY - Thanks Reggie.
209 | P a g e

(REGGIE sits down.)
BOBBY - Ok, time to vote. Let's talk about each candidate and then cast our votes. First is
DONTE - He told me that he only wants to pledge for the bitches. What kind of shit is that?
REGGIE - I told you that too.
BOBBY - I didn't tell you that but that is what I was thinking.
(Brothers laugh.)
DONTE - I just wanted to make you voting bros aware of his intentions.
NINO - Those aren't his intentions. He just speaks what is the first thing that is on his mind
without thinking. I am sure we can break him out of that shit.
TREY - True, very true.
REGGIE - Yeah, he strikes me as a brother that goes hard to get what he wants. And we
could use that, especially with regionals right after intake. We need some help with our
chapter of the year presentation. We can't rely on some of the old heads. So we may need
to rest the weight on these neos.
DONTE - But don't vote someone in just because you want to put work on them that we as
a chapter should be doing.
REGGIE - I'm not saying that. If that was the case, I would agree with you. But that is not
what I am saying.
BOBBY - I kinda feel where you are coming from Reg. I see the same quality in Larry. And
whether we like it or not, we need hard workers in the chapter. Not hard talkers.
NINO - So let's get to the vote.
BOBBY - Ok, all in favor of Larry by a show of hands.
(NINO, REGGIE, BOBBY and TREY raise their hands.)
BOBBY - Ok, Larry is in. Quentin is next.
DONTE - Now this guy I like.
NINO - He is damn indiscreet though. He approached me on the yard one day talking loud
as hell about some information. I never forgot that shit.
210 | P a g e

REGGIE - But you have to admit, he has grown a lot since then. I think he handled himself
well under pressure. I see this cat being chapter president next year.
BOBBY - If I decide not to run again!
(Brothers laugh.)
TREY - I think Quentin displays great leadership potential, he just needs to be tightened up.
DONTE - Hear hear!
BOBBY - And we are going to leave the tightening up to the active bros!
( BOBBY stares at DONTE.)
BOBBY - So let's vote. All in favor of Quentin by a show of hands.
(NINO, REGGIE, BOBBY and TREY raise their hands.)
BOBBY - That is two down and one to go. Jason.
TREY - Brothers, we seem to have saved the best for last.
BOBBY - What do you mean?
TREY - It seems as if Mr. Jason is pretty sure of himself in his desire to want to be an Alpha.
I received an e-mail from frat from Beta Epsilon chapter in North Carolina. Jason is from
there and he sent the bros there an e-mail. Let me read it...
To the brothers of Beta Epsilon chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity inc. My name is Jason
and I am an interest of Alpha Phi Alpha. I am originally from North Carolina and I wanted to
express to the brothers at Beta Epsilon that I would like for my chapter here at Ahpla to
form a closer bond with the Beta Epsilon brothers once I cross the burning sands. I will be
home for spring break and I will be sporting the good old black and gold. So I am looking
forward to hooking up with the brothers and my sands from spring two thousand. It will be
a glorious day when I meet and greet you my future frat brothers. Please wish me well in
my semester endeavors as I will wish you well as to the success of your pledge activities.
Sincerely, blah blah blah.
BOBBY - That nigga wrote that!
DONTE - I can't believe that shit! Oh hell no!
211 | P a g e

TREY - Bruh, I didn't make it up. The bros from BE sent me a very comical letter laughing at
his ass. Then they forwarded to me exactly what he wrote word for word. I say we cut this
negro. He is too bold and too cocky!
NINO - I am in shock! I would have never dreamed of doing some bold shit like that!
DONTE - I wouldn't even do that shit as crazy as I am.
BOBBY - I think we have heard enough. We can settle this shit right now, quick, fast and in
a hurry. All in favor of Jason?
(No brothers raise their hand.)
BOBBY - All brothers opposed?
(NINO, REGGIE, BOBBY and TREY raise their hand.)
DONTE - I wish I could vote!
BOBBY - So that settles it. Larry and Quentin make it, Jason is out on his ass!
We rejoin the Undergraduate Student Assembly meeting. SYLVIA and WILLIE are at odds
over the heart to heart project.
WILLIE - This project can really come off well and the students that I asked about it were all
for it. Every one of the students that I polled said that they would be more than willing to
hear the group perform strictly for them. I don't think that the conservative approach is the
way to go here.
SYLVIA - Can I ask just the students in this room how many would pay the fee listed here
for these guys to sing to them? Raise your hands if you would.
WILLIE - No you may not ask just the students in this room because that would require a
vote and only I can call for a vote. I am the president.
SYLVIA - If you understood parlimentary procedure, you would know that anyone can move
for a vote.
THERESA - Ladies, please.
SYLVIA calming - Look. This price is outlandish and that is the bottom line. We are dealing
212 | P a g e

with college students and our goal should be to sponsor something nice for them that they
can afford. Not price it so only the priviledged can enjoy.
(Other students begin to murmur amongst themselves.)
WILLIE - Quiet please!
SYLVIA thinks - This girl is power tripping!
(JASON raises his hand.)
WILLIE - Jason?
JASON - Why don't we hear one last closing arguement in support of each viewpoint and
then cast a secret ballot at the end. That way, no one's feelings are hurt as to which way
the group votes.
THERESA thinks - What do you care about hurting people's feelings?
WILLIE - That sounds good. Let's try that. Syliva, would you like to present your
SYLVIA - Sure.
(SYLVIA stands and turns to face the group.)
SYLVIA - This is a simple no brainer. We don't have nearly enough in our budget to cover
this. I think madaam president is hoping on a big return in order to make a lot of money.
That in essence would get the assembly out of debt and on to the major projects for the
spring time. But as young as heart to heart is, it is far too risky to bank on a project that we
have no idea how well it will be received. Yes it would be a nice gesture. Yes the group is
very talented. But is it worth the investment without a sure return? Absolutely not.
THERESA thinks - Jason doesn't know shit about hurting people. But he is about to find out!
WILLIE - Ladies and gentlemen...
SYLVIA thinks - Oh brother.
WILLIE - This project has the potential to outdo the woman to woman conference held at
Ahpla every year. As well as the relationship seminar and the egyptology seminar. As a
matter of fact, those projects will be overshadowed by this tremendous event.
SYLVIA thinks - I guess it is very coincidental that woman to woman and relationship
seminar every year is run by AKA's and the egyptology seminar is run by the Alphas.
WILLIE - Every successful project needed start up funds. This can be huge, even in it's first
213 | P a g e

year. I know it will be successful and I hope you do too. I will be truly hurt if this proposal
doesn't pass.
THERESA thinks - Jason is the one who is going to be truly hurt when the Alphas at North
Carolina A and T read that e-mail that I wrote!
THERESA - Are we ready for the secret ballot now?
WILLIE - I think so. Everyone please write yes for favorable responses and no for
unfavorable. We will collect the ballots and count them now.
(The voices in the room are overshadowing by the sound of continuous sheets of notebook
papaer being torn out for the ballot.)
WILLIE - Theresa, could you please collect all ballots?
(THERESA walks around and begins to collect the votes. JASON gives her his vote and puts
another piece of paper in her hand. THERESA holds it in her hand. Partially to play it off and
partially because she was curious as to what JASON had to say for himself.)
WILLIE - Has anyone been omitted from the vote?
WILLIE - Ok Theresa, let's count them up.
(THERESA doesn't hear her, she is too busy reading the note that JASON handed to her.)
NOTE: Theresa I am sorry. If you let me talk to you, you will see why I did what I did. It
was selfish, but just hear me and you will forgive me. Promise.
THERESA thinks - Just as cocky as ever!
WILLIE - Theresa!
THERESA - Huh? Oh sorry. What did you say?
WILLIE - It is time to count the votes and see whether heart to heart will go on boring as
usual or spiced up with the singing group.
(SYLVIA cuts her eyes at WILIE.)
WILLIE - So let's count these votes and see what's up.

214 | P a g e

Episode 31
We begin this week's episode with the vote on the Heart to Heart Valentine's project and
the debate between SYLVIA and WILLIE.
THERESA - If everyone has written down their vote, I can come around and collect the
(Everyone begins to fold their papers in half. WILLIE stares at SYLVIA. THERESA comes
around to collect. As she collects JASON's vote, she slips him a return note.)
JASON thinks - Good! Now we are getting somewhere.
Note: Don't fuck with me!
JASON thinks - Huh?
(THERESA smiles as she notices the surprised look on JASON's face.)
WILLIE - Ok, let's tally the votes.
(THERESA counts the votes as she continues to smile.)
THERESA thinks - That brother doesn't know who he is fooling with. I aint the one to be
THERESA - All the votes are counted, but I want to count one more time just to make sure.
WILLIE smiling - That's fine.
THERESA thinks - Jason has a stupid look on his face now, wait until he finds out that the
Alphas won't want his ass.
(THERESA begins to laugh.)
WILLIE - What's so funny?
THERESA - Oh nothing, I was just thinking of something.
JASON thinks - Damn, she is making a big fool out of me. I bet she is thinking of me right
now and laughing to herself.
THERESA - Ok. Results are the same. We have eleven votes to have the heart to heart with
the singing group and only nine votes not to have them.
(WILLIE flashes a big smile and looks at SYLVIA. SYLVIA smiles back.)
215 | P a g e

WILLIE - Well alright. That settles it. The guys are going to sing and be the bomb.
SYLVIA thinks - And the assembly will be broke.
(THERESA sees JASON writing another note.)
THERESA thinks - Damn, now we're going to play the note passing game?
(THERESA leans over to whisper to WILLIE.)
THERESA whispers - Is that all the business we were going to discuss today?
WILLIE - I had a few more things. Why you have to leave?
THERESA - I need to head to the library. I have a big exam.
WILLIE - Oh sure, you can go. I will fill you in later on.
THERESA - Thanks. Call me later.
(JASON notices THERESA leaving. He grabs his bag to leave as well. He gets out the door
and sees THERESA down the hall.)
JASON - Theresa wait!
(THERESA keeps walking. JASON runs down the hall to catch her and doesn't notice who he
is about to run past.)
NINO - Jason, I think I need to talk to you for a minute.
(JASON stops in his tracks.)
JASON thinks - Damn!
Next we catch up with DERRICK who has just paid for APRIL's lunch.
APRIL - That is very nice of you. Thank you.
DERRICK - So will you have lunch with me?
CASHIER - You better do it gitl. I like 'em tall!
(All three laugh.)
APRIL thinks - I like 'em tall too!
APRIL - Sure, I will have lunch with you.
216 | P a g e

(They walk into the cafeteria and choose a booth.)
APRIL - So do you always go around paying for women who misplace their bags?
DERRICK laughing - Naw, but for you, no problem.
APRIL - Oh so I'm different huh?
DERRICK - Well I don't know. Are you?
(APRIL hesitates.)
APRIL - I didn't even get your name. I'm April.
DERRICK - I know who you are. You're an AKA right?
APRIL - Let me find out you are a stalker.
DERRICK laughing - I just saw you on campus a few times, that's all. Stepping on the yard
and shit.
APRIL - Cool.
DERRICK - Yeah, my name is Derrick.
APRIL - Derrick...Derrick. I think I have seen you on campus before too. Is your major
DERRICK - No, but you may have seen me play ball. I play for the basketball team.
APRIL - That's where I saw you! I remember. It didn't hit me because I usually don't pay
attention to the actual game that much.
DERRICK - Well damn.
APRIL - Nothing personal but it is much more fun watching the people in the stands. You
know how black schools do.
DERRICK - Ok, you got a point.
APRIL - But I should have known you play ball, you're so tall. How tall are you?
DERRICK - Six seven.
APRIL - Damn. And big feet too! How big are your feet?
DERRICK - Thirteen...on a good night.
(They both laugh.)
APRIL thinks - Hmmmm.
DERRICK - So April, I really hate for our first date to be over cafeteria food.
APRIL - Who said anything about this being our first date?
DERRICK - Good so you agree. Our first date needs to be somewhere else.
217 | P a g e

(APRIL laughs.)
APRIL - Ok you got me. That was clever.
DERRICK - Well I got plenty more where that came from.
APRIL - A regular comedian huh?
DERRICK - Yep, full of jokes. Why don't I tell you a few more at the Cheese Cake Factory.
APRIL thinks - Oooh, I love the Cheese Cake Factory!
APRIL - That is my favorite place.
DERRICK - Great. So will that be our first date?
(APRIL smiles but hesitates.)
APRIL - Cheese Cake Factory it is.
DERRICK - Cool! My treat of course, but this time, don't forget your purse.
We rejoin ALEXIS who was just told by CARYN that TRINA is not pregnant.
ALEXIS - What did you just say?
CARYN - I said that Trina is not pregnant. She is lying to you and to Bobby.
ALEXIS - How do you know this? Who are you?
CARYN - Look, I am not trying to cause any trouble. I just don't want to see what happened
to me happen to you too. I was a friend of Trina's and she slept with my man. Then she
claimed to be pregnant because she thought that my man would leave me and go be with
her. It was an act from the very start. I quickly ended my friendship with that bitch.
(ALEXIS becomes intrigued.)
ALEXIS - You want to come inside? It's cold out here.
CARYN - Thanks.
(The two go inside ALEXIS' apartment.)
ALEXIS - So this girl Trina is just known for messing with other people's men?
CARYN - All the time.
ALEXIS - Damn!
CARYN - And the brothers fall for it because it is some cheap sex. Doesn't come any easier.
218 | P a g e

(ALEXIS looks down.)
CARYN - Oh I'm sorry. I didn't mean to imply...
ALEXIS - That's ok. Bobby was with her. Even if she isn't pregnant.
CARYN - Well anyway, my man was with her too. And it broke my heart and I wanted to kill
that bitch.
ALEXIS - I hear you.
CARYN - And then when I found out that she was pregnant by my man, I was infuriated but
more so hurt. I almost felt sorry for her in a weird kind of way. I didn't want to do anything
that may hurt the baby. It isn't the baby's fault.
ALEXIS - Yeah. I thought the same thing.
CARYN - But when the truth came out, she was just using that to get me to think exactly
what I did. Which would keep me off her ass and give her time to try and get my man for
ALEXIS - That bitch!
CARYN - And I fell for it, hook, line, and sinker!
ALEXIS - So what did you finally do?
CARYN - Let's just say that you would never see me and Trina within 300 feet of each other.
After what I layed on her, she wants no parts of me anymore.
ALEXIS - Cool! You gotta help me.
CARYN - Whatever you want. I think you should go after her with both guns cocked!
ALEXIS - Damn. And with the truth out, and her out of the picture, I can work on fixing
things between me and Bobby.
CARYN - Uh...yeah. Well...uh...first things first. Let's focus on Trina. We can fix things with
Bobby later once she is out of the way.
ALEXIS - Right!
CARYN - But listen Alexis, I have to run. I have to pick someone up and I am already
running late. But if you are gonna be here later, I will call you. Write your number down.
ALEXIS - Ok, yeah I'll be here. I wish you didn't have to leave.
CARYN - Me neither. Getting Trina again is the delight of my week. But I don't want my
friend to be waiting for me too long.
ALEXIS - I understand. That's cool. Well thanks for the info. I really really appreciate it
219 | P a g e

because you didn't have to tell me.
CARYN - I just think that women should stick together. And shit like this is ridiculous. Some
women have no class.
ALEXIS - Damn right!
CARYN - Aight, well let me go but I will holla at you later on.
ALEXIS - Ok, thanks again.
CARYN - Bye.
(CARYN leaves ALEXIS' house and quickly walks to her car. She turns around and ALEXIS is
looking at her from the front door. She smiles and waves, ALEXIS waves back.)
CARYN thinks - Damn bitch, go in the house.
(CARYN gets in her car and begins to drive away. As soon as she turns the corner, she pulls
out her cell phone.)
BOBBY - Hello.
CARYN - Is Bobby there?
BOBBY - This is Bobby. Who is this?
CARYN - Bobby this is Caryn. I am a friend of your girlfriend Alexis.
BOBBY - Alexis? Where is she?
CARYN - Slow down. I need to talk to you first. I was just talking to her and she told me the
situation with Trina being pregnant. She really cares about you and wants to work things
out but doesn't know how.
BOBBY - Really?
CARYN - Yeah. I know how you feel. You are a good brother so you cannot possibly abandon
you and Trina's child. But your heart is with Alexis. So you are caught in the middle.
BOBBY - Yeah, exactly. But there is no way for me to get that across to Alexis.
CARYN - Actually there is. Alexis and I have been friends for a while. I have heard a lot
about you over the years but we have never met.
BOBBY - Yeah, I never heard her mention you before.
CARYN - Uh...yeah. We don't get together very often. But we go way back. But from
knowing her so well and talking to her today, I know what you have to do to fix your
BOBBY - Really what?
220 | P a g e

CARYN - Are you busy now?
BOBBY- No. What do you have in mind?
(CARYN smirks.)
CARYN - Why don't you meet me at my place. We can talk everything out. Alexis just cried
on one shoulder and I have another dry shoulder ready for you. I'll order a pizza and we will
work it out. How does that sound?

221 | P a g e

Episode 32
This week's episode begins with QUENTIN who is in his room studying.
(The telephone rings.)
QUENTIN thinks - I shouldn't answer this. It could be Donte calling me over to the Alpha
(The telephone rings.)
(The telephone rings.)
QUENTIN - But what if it is Larry or Jason? I don't want to do the same thing that Jason did
to us.
(The telephone rings. QUENTIN answers.)
QUENTIN - Hello?
REGGIE - Listen to this very carefully. You have seven hours to be at my house. You are to
have with you, two black army fatigue coats, two hooded sweatshirts, two pair of black
fatigue pants and two pair of boots. Bring it all in a large plastic bag. Do you have any
QUENTIN - Yes, if I may ask, why only two of everything when there are three of us.
REGGIE - Only the strong progress.
QUENTIN - Hello? Hello? Dammit!
(QUENTIN hangs the phone up.)
QUENTIN thinks - One of them didn't make it. Shit it was probably Jason for that shit he
did. Well no, it couldn't be Jason because the brothers don't know about that. Reggie said
that only the strong progress.
(QUENTIN begins to dial LARRY LAR.)
222 | P a g e

QUENTIN thinks - Wait, I can't call Larry because what if he isn't the one? He will feel
horrible and so will I. Damn, I can't call Jason either. What the hell should I do?
(QUENTIN stands up and begins to pace the floor.)
QUENTIN thinks - Ok, if I were an Alpha...
(QUENTIN smiles.)
QUENTIN thinks - ...who would I consider weak? Only the strong progress.
(QUENTIN sits back down.)
QUENTIN thinks - They shouldn't think Larry is weak because he took all that wood. That
should stand for something, I think. And they really didn't see Jason under that type of
pressure. Maybe that has something to do with it.
(QUENTIN picks up the phone again.)
QUENTIN thinks - Oh wait, I know what it is! Damn, this is about that time when Larry told
Donte that he was in this for the girls! I knew that was going to come back and haunt him.
Damn! Let me call Jason!
(QUENTIN dials JASON's number.)
QUENTIN thinks - Come on, be home please!
JASON's answering machine - I'm not here, please leave a message. Beep.
QUENTIN - Jason, this is Q. Give me a call asap! Very important!
QUENTIN thinks - Damn!
(QUENTIN runs to his closet and grabs his coat.)
QUENTIN thinks - Damn, I only have seven hours to get this stuff. I gotta hurry.
(QUENTIN runs out the door. QUENTIN's phone rings.)
QUENTIN's answering machine - This is Quentin, I am presently not available. Please leave
a message and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience. Beep.
LARRY LAR - Quentin, this is Larry. I have some urgent news! I just got a call from Reggie
223 | P a g e

and he told me to meet him in seven hours with two briefcases, two white dress shirts, two
pair of black slacks and two black ties.
We rejoin NINO who has just grabbed JASON in the hallway.
NINO - Why you in so much of a hurry.
JASON - Oh...uh...I was trying to catch up with someone. But I will talk to them later.
NINO - Well I need to talk to you right now. But not out here in the hallway. Come on.
(NINO and JASON walk down the hall and into the student lounge. There are a few students
there, sitting around and talking.)
JASON thinks - I hope I remember all my history, just in case he asks.
NINO - What the hell is your problem bruh?
JASON - I don't know what you mean?
NINO - Dude, Do you know that the stunt that you pulled could have cost us the chapter?
JASON - Excuse me?
NINO - Look, don't act stupid all right! I know what the hell you did!
JASON thinks - Oh shit! He knows I wasn't in the library!
JASON - Let me explain.
NINO - There is no explanation for that shit!
(A few students turn and look. NINO speaks quieter.)
NINO - That shit could have cost us big time. What the hell were you thinking?
JASON - I'm sorry. I didn't know what was going on at the time and I didn't think my boys
would get in trouble like this. It was selfish and stupid of me.
NINO - Stupid is right. That shit is so stupid...I can't even begin to understand your logic
behind some shit like that. That is some bold shit. I would never have pulled no shit like
that when I was trying to pledge. No way.
JASON - I know, but I was afraid and I reacted entirely the wrong way.
NINO - What do you mean you were afraid? Afraid of what?
JASON - Just afraid of what the brothers would think if I showed up late. I didn't want to
leave my boys hanging and I didn't know what kind of situation they were in. If I had
224 | P a g e

known, I would have stopped what I was doing and ran over. But all I thought about was
myself and getting some play. And in the meantime, my boys are taking all types of heat for
me. I feel terrible about it. And then I had to lie to cover it all up. I was just afraid.
NINO - What the hell are you talking about?
JASON - About what I was thinking when I didn't show up at the Alpha house because I was
having sex.
NINO - What!
(Every student turns around.)
NINO - You didn't show up where because of what?
JASON - The Alpha house, isn't that what we were discussing?
NINO - Hell no, I'm talking about this damn email you sent to the brothers in North Carolina
at beta epsilon. Bruh, you got all types of issues!
JASON - What email? I didn't send any email to any brothers.
NINO - Now you are playing dumb again.
JASON - No honestly, I never sent an email to anyone.
(NINO reaches in his bag.)
NINO - So you don't know anything about this?
(NINO gives JASON a copy of the letter. JASON reads it.)
JASON - Oh my God, Nino, I didn't write this, I have never seen this before in my life. You
have to believe me.
NINO - Well then where did it come from?
JASON - This email address that it came from is not mine, tlawrence@ahpla.edu. Oh shit,
this is Theresa!
Our next scene brings us to PJ and APRIL's room. PJ is talking to JUNE on the phone.
225 | P a g e

PJ - I know it is hard now girl. Believe me, heartache is a bitch.
JUNE crying - I just feel like I can't breathe fully. Like I am forcing everytime I inhale. This
hurts so much.
PJ - I know girl. But just keep focusing on why you are doing this. You are doing this for the
sisterhood. And I bet that when it is all over, he will be back in your arms.
JUNE cryng - I hope so. How did you get over your heart break situation?
(PJ pauses.)
PJ - My situation was a little different. I was so much in love with Gregg. It really hurts
when someone doesn't love you the way that you love them. At least Derrick loves you
JUNE - Yeah.
PJ - Then, I had to sit back and watch my dream of Alpha Kappa Alpha go with April and
Octavia, while the man that I loved was hugged up on Sherreesa. That devestated me for a
long time.
JUNE - How in the world did you get through it?
PJ - I don't know. I woke up one day and realized I was fighting a losing battle and I was
the big loser. I could see if I had gotten AKA and not the man. But I lost the man and didn't
become a sister. So I lost twice. I could never go through that again.
JUNE - I can imagine.
PJ - So I know what it means to be strong. And you have to be strong right now. And if you
need me to lean on, I am here for you.
JUNE - Thank you, PJ I love you girl.
PJ - I love you too.
JUNE - Let me take care of a few things and I will talk to you later ok?
PJ - Ok, I hope you feel better.
JUNE - Thanks. Bye.
PJ - Bye.
(PJ hangs up.)
PJ thinks - Damn, I really feel bad for June. I know I was there last year. Shit, I really
wanted to forget about that until damn Mona brought it up.
(PJ sits at her desk and opens a book.)
226 | P a g e

PJ thinks - I tried my damn best to forget about Gregg. But true to myself, I miss him so
much. I remember when I was as bad as June is. And to think, he is loyal to that girl. What
does she have that I don't. She doesn't even understand him!
(PJ stands up and stares out the window.)
PJ thinks - I remember when he would tell me his dreams of starting his company. She
didn't even want him to do that. How can you extinguish someone's dreams like that?
(PJ sits back down.)
PJ thinks - But you know what, I need to just calm down because I have other things I need
to worry about. I don't have time for all this. I need to be tightening up on some history
because June is tight as shit.
(PJ's phone rings. PJ gets her voice together.)
PJ - Hello?
MONA - Hey PJ, what is up girl?
PJ - Hey Mona.
MONA - I wanted to call and ask you a few questions real quick about some of the founders.
PJ - Sure, let me call you back in about five minutes ok?
MONA - Cool, I'll be here.
(PJ hangs up and walks in the bathroom. She throws some water on her face and grabs a
towel. The phone rings again.)
PJ thinks - Damn Mona.
PJ - Hello?
Gregg - Hey hon, what's up? I just saw a flier on the yard for the AKA rush and I was calling
to let you know about it. You still trying to go that way sweetheart?

227 | P a g e

Episode 33
We begin this week's episode with MIRI who is on the phone with GINA.
GINA - Yes I received the envelope today. Aren't you the sweetest.
MIRI - I try.
GINA - So this is seven days in a row. A girl could get used to this. But how many poems
you got? You're gonna run out soon.
MIRI - Naw baby. I can write forever. Especially when you are my topic.
GINA - Stop making me blush. Ha ha ha ha. But guess what, I am about to play you big
MIRI - Huh? What do you mean?
GINA - You have written me a poem every day for the last seven days. Plus you gave me
beautiful poetry when we first met.
MIRI - Yeah, so why are you going to play me?
GINA - Think about it. You are a poet by nature. It's not hard for you to write a poem. That
is what you do, it is in your blood. Impressive, but natural.
MIRI - So what are you saying?
GINA - I challenge you to express to me how you feel with something other than a poem.
Let's see how smooth you really are mister.
MIRI - Ok, I'm always up for a challenge. What did you have in mind.
GINA - I will let you decide. You can pick whatever you want but you only have seven days.
MIRI - You got yourself half a deal.
GINA - Half a deal?
MIRI - Yeah, I am about to flip the script on you.
GINA - What are you talking about?
MIRI - Don't think that you get off that easy miss thang! You have to write me a poem.
Since it isn't in your nature.
GINA - Alright, that's clever. And I get seven days?
MIRI - Seven days.
GINA laughing - Good luck.
MIRI laughing - Good luck to you girl. Hey do you have plans for next Thursday?
GINA - No why what's up?
MIRI - I was wondering if you wanted to...
228 | P a g e

(GINA's phone clicks.)
GINA - Hold on sweetie.
GINA - Hello?
MAX - Hello soror.
GINA - Hi Max, what's going on girl?
MAX - Just chillin'. How are you?
GINA - Good.
MAX - I was calling to ask you if you would do a part of the program next Thursday.
GINA - Next Thursday?
MAX - Oh yeah, you weren't at the meeting. Next Thursday is rush.
GINA - Oh cool. Wow, it's that time of year already?
MAX - Let the games begin! Ha ha ha.
GINA laughing - Aint that the truth! Well what do you want me to do?
MAX - I have most of the stuff covered but if you could read the history of the sorority, that
would be great.
GINA - My pleasure.
MAX - Thanks, I will write you in. So if I don't speak to you again, I will see you next
Thursday. It starts at seven oh eight and it is in Pearl. They have a small auditorium.
GINA - Ok.
MAX - You may see a flier on campus advertising rush in Slowe Hall but it will be changed to
GINA - Oh ok, cool.
MAX - Talk to you later.
GINA - Skee wee.
GINA - Miri?
MIRI - Yeah baby.
GINA - Sorry about that.
MIRI - No problem.
GINA - What were you saying?
229 | P a g e

MIRI - Uh...oh yeah. About next Thursday. I'm glad that you are not doing anything
because I was wondering if you would take a drive with me. One of my friends sings with
Hezekiah Walker's choir and they are on tour. I can get free tickets to the show, they are
performing about an hour from here.
As our scenes change, we find PJ who is on the phone with GREGG.
PJ - Gregg?
GREGG - Hey. Don't tell me you don't recognize my voice anymore.
PJ thinks - Oh my God!
PJ - No, I knew it was you boy. What did you say about rush?
GREGG - Are you still trying to be down? I saw the flier on campus.
PJ - What did the flier say?
GREGG - Rush is next Thursday in Slowe Hall. Seven oh eight.
PJ - Damn, I knew it was approaching. I gotta call my girls. Thanks.
GREGG - Good luck to you.
PJ thinks - I miss you!
PJ - Thanks. We'll see what happens. Speaking of AKA's, how is your...girlfriend?
PJ thinks - Please say yall have broken up.
GREGG - Oh she's cool. So how have you been? I haven't spoken to you in a minute.
PJ thinks - Nice way to change the subject.
PJ - I've been cool. Just trying to take care of business. What about you?
GREGG - Same ol' same ol'. Same shit, different day. I was actually thinking about you the
other day.
PJ thinks - Really, I've been thinking about you too!
PJ - Oh yeah, why was that?
GREGG - Remember that time we went to that diner?
PJ - Which one?
GREGG - The one downtown. We went there once and the people that worked there started
dancing on the tables. Remember?
PJ - Oh yeah, that was crazy.
GREGG - Well the other day I was studying and I had the radio on and that song came on.
230 | P a g e

The same one that came on when everyone stepped up on the tables in the diner that night.
PJ - Really?
GREGG - Yeah so it reminded me of when you and I stood up on my desk and started
PJ - Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, you are stupid.
GREGG - Ha ha ha ha, that was fun.
PJ thinks - I miss laughing with you so much Gregg!
PJ - Yeah that was.
GREGG - Have you been to that spot since?
PJ - No, I have been so busy. I really haven't gotten out much.
GREGG - We should go over there for old time's sake. Are you hungry?
PJ - Oh shit!
PJ - Kinda, I need to call my girls though.
GREGG - We won't be long, I promise. We can go over there and dance on the tables and
leave to come back.
PJ laughing - You're so silly.
PJ thinks - I want to see you so bad but should I? Shit!
GREGG - So what do you say? Can you meet me there?
Next we find CARYN who is at home awaiting BOBBY's arrival. She is literally waiting for his
knock on the door.
CARYN thinks - Let's see how punctual you are Mr. President.
(telephone rings. CARYN checks her phone ID and it is TRINA calling. CARYN doesn't
CARYN thinks - Leave me alone bitch, I'm busy. Ha ha ha ha.
(Knock knock)
CARYN thinks - Right on time!
(Knock knock knock)
231 | P a g e

CARYN thinks - Impatient too. Wow.
(Knock knock. CARYN opens door. She is only wearing a t shirt and a towel around her
CARYN - Oh hi Bobby, I didn't think you would get here that fast. I was washing my hair.
I'm sorry, come on in.
BOBBY - Is this a bad time?
CARYN - No it's ok. I was just finishing. I almost didn't hear you knock.
(BOBBY walks in and notices CARYN's shirt lift up as she vigorously dries her hair. She is
wearing red panties.)
CARYN - Have a seat. I will be right back.
BOBBY - Thanks.
BOBBY thinks - This is a cool little crib.
(BOBBY notices a picture of CARYN posing with the cheerleaders.)
BOBBY - I knew I had seen you before when I walked in. You are a cheerleader right?
CARYN - I can't hear you, come back here.
(BOBBY gets up and walks toward the back.)
CARYN - I'm in here.
(BOBBY turns to walk in the bathroom. CARYN is bending over the sink rinsing out her hair.
Her red panties are in full view. BOBBY stops, but continues to talk as if he doesn't notice.)
CARYN - I couldn't hear you, what were you saying?
BOBBY - Uh...that you are a cheerleader. I knew I had seen you before.
CARYN - Oh yeah, I cheer.
(CARYN stands up and pulls her shirt down. She begins to dry her hair again. BOBBY notices
that CARYN is not wearing a bra.)
CARYN - I made the squad when I first got to Ahpla. I love cheering.
BOBBY - That is cool. It's probably how I feel about stepping.
CARYN - Yeah, I did see you step last homecoming. The Alphas are really good.
BOBBY - Yeah we do our thing.
232 | P a g e

CARYN smiling - You gonna teach me how to step?
BOBBY smiling - If you teach me how to cheer.
CARYN - Deal. Come in here with me, I have this stuff I have to put in my hair before it
dries. We can talk in here.
BOBBY - Ok that's cool.
(BOBBY follows CARYN into the bedroom. He watches as she walks in front of him, he can
still see her panties through her shirt.)
BOBBY thinks - Damn, she is kinda sexy!
BOBBY - Your bedroom is tight. Is this a king size bed?
CARYN - No, it's a queen for the queen bee.
BOBBY - Ha ha ha ha ha, no doubt.
CARYN - You can sit down, just let me get my stuff. Don't mind me.
(CARYN opens her closet door and reaches for the top shelf. Her shirt lifts again and BOBBY
quickly notices.)
BOBBY thinks - She has a nice ass, damn!
BOBBY - So how did you meet Alexis?
CARYN - We were supposed to take a class together and we were like lab partners. But I
dropped the class at the mid point in the semester. We just stayed cool though.
(CARYN grabs a bottle from the top shelf and some incense.)
CARYN - Do you mind if I burn an incense?
BOBBY - No not at all.
CARYN - It's just that this stuff I have to put in my hair smells. I hate the smell of this shit.
So I burn an incense whenever I do this.
BOBBY - What is that stuff?
CARYN - Some shit my beautician back home suggested. It works well for conditioning and
shit but I hate the smell when I lay down for bed. Wait, I will show you.
(CARYN pours some into her hand and rubs it in her hair.)
BOBBY thinks - This chick is sexy as hell!
BOBBY - It looks like water.
CARYN thinks - That's because it is water!
233 | P a g e

CARYN - I don't know, some people say they can't smell it and some say it smells good. But
for some reason, I really don't care for it too much.
(CARYN massages it into her hair and sits on the bed next to BOBBY.)
CARYN - Ok get up and smell my hair and tell me what you think. See how close you can
get to it without it knocking you out. Ha ha ha ha ha.
(BOBBY gets up on his knees on the bed and gets close to CARYN. He runs his fingers
through her wet hair and picks her hair up to his face to smell it.)
BOBBY - I can't tell yet.
CARYN - Get closer to it.
BOBBY thinks - Damn if I can hit this I would be the fucking man!
(BOBBY puts his face in CARYN's wet hair to smell it. He stays there for a few seconds. With
his left hand he is stroking her hair. CARYN turns her head back to look at BOBBY's face.)
CARYN - So what do you think?
BOBBY smiling - All I know is my face is wet now.
CARYN smiling - Ooops I'm sorry. Come here.
(CARYN turns her body toward BOBBY's body and she wipes his face with her hands.)
CARYN - Here...use my shirt.
(CARYN lifts the bottom of her shirt to give to BOBBY to wipe his face. BOBBY bends down,
grabs it and puts his face in it. He notices how close his face is to the front of CARYN's
panties. BOBBY wipes his face and innocently drops his hands to rest in CARYN's lap in
order to push himself back up.)
BOBBY - Thanks hon.
CARYN - Don't mention it.
(BOBBY and CARYN are face to face.)
(BOBBY and CARYN start kissing furiously.)

234 | P a g e

Episode 34
This week's episode begins with CARYN who has just seduced and kissed BOBBY.
CARYN thinks - Yes! Yes! Yes! That shit worked. Oooh he kisses so good. Uhhh I love the
way he sucks my tongue. Oh, suck it again! Oh...
(CARYN kisses BOBBY back passionately.)
CARYN thinks - Oh I have been...waiting...for...this nigga...for a minute...oh shit...
(BOBBY pulls CARYN's wet hair back and starts to kiss on her neck.)
CARYN thinks - Oh shit, take it nigga! Take that shit! Oh yes!
(BOBBY grabs CARYN's breast. CARYN quickly begins to take off BOBBY's Alpha sweatshirt.)
CARYN thinks - Take this shit off! Oh shit, Gregg had on his Kappa sweatshirt when I let him
hit it. Let me find out I'm fuckin' pan hel up in this piece!
(CARYN takes the sweatshirt over BOBBY's head.)
CARYN thinks - Hurry up and kiss my neck again nigga!
CARYN - Bobby, you're so damn sexy!
BOBBY - Shit, so are you!
(BOBBY kisses CARYN's neck harder.)
CARYN thinks - Oh yes!
(CARYN goes for BOBBY's belt buckle as BOBBY tries to take CARYN's shirt off.)
CARYN - Fuck me Bobby!
(BOBBY forcefully pushes CARYN back onto the bed. He immediately starts to suck her left
CARYN - Oh shit! That feels...so...oh...shit...I want...you!
(BOBBY switches to the right breast and squeezes the left one hard.)
235 | P a g e

CARYN - Oh got damn! Shit...suck it...oh shit!
CARYN thinks - Oh I want him to eat me. Shit!
CARYN - Oh Bobby!...Oh...Uh...Oh!
(CARYN pushes BOBBY's head down and lifts her hips to take her panties off.)
CARYN thinks - The moment of truth! Let's see if Trina is legit about this nigga.
(BOBBY begins to kiss CARYN's stomach.)
CARYN thinks - Nigga hurry up! Shit! Don't be fuckin around!
CARYN - Oh that feels so good!
CARYN thinks - This nigga is teasing me! Eat me!
(CARYN pushes BOBBY to make him go down further but BOBBY stays at her belly button.)
CARYN thinks - Shit that tickles!
CARYN - Oh shit! Oooh I want you so bad!
(CARYN squirms, BOBBY yanks her panties toward her feet. He takes her panties off her left
foot but keeps it on her right. CARYN opens her legs.)
CARYN - Do that shit baby!
(BOBBY hesitates. CARYN sits up and grabs BOBBY by the back of his neck and pulls him
down. BOBBY puts his face between CARYN's legs. CARYN picks up a pillow and puts it over
her head.)
CARYN thinks - Oh my God!...Oh...uh...oh...oh...Shit!...Oh my goodness!
CARYN - Ooooh shit!...Oh shit!...Oooh...Ooooooh...Oooooh...oh my goodne...oh...yes!...Oh
right there...oh, oh, oh, oh, oh shit, oh, oh!
(CARYN closes her eyes and remembers TRINA's words.)
TRINA - "But the thing is, I have had other guys go down. Some were really good. But none
like Bobby. It is something about his technique, I can't put my finger on it. I even asked
him but he says it's a secret."
CARYN - Aaargghh!...Yes! Yes! Oh!...oh yes!...ha ha ha ha ha...oh yes!...Uuunh!...Uuunh!
(BOBBY increases the intensity and CARYN quickly feels that she can't take anymore.)
236 | P a g e

CARYN screams - Oh shit!..Plea...Oh!...Wait...oh my goodn...Ooooh!...Pleas...I can't
breathe...Oh Shit!...I'm cummi...Ooooh!
(CARYN's body begins shakes that she can't control. BOBBY has a firm grip on CARYN and
doesn't let go.)
CARYN thinks - Oh God!
CARYN screams - Oh Bobby! Oh Bobby! Yeeeeeesssss!
(CARYN pulls the pillow tight onto her face and bites it hard. Her body is shaking
uncontrollably and she screams into the pillow.)
CARYN screams - Aaargghh!
(BOBBY slows down and CARYN lets out a huge exhale. She lets go of the pillow and takes it
off her face in order to breathe. She is dizzy but BOBBY is still going.)
CARYN thinks - Oh Trina was right, this...nigga...oh that feels so...oh...oooh...oh he is the
fucking bomb...oh shit!
CARYN - You feel...oh...so good...oh Bobby...shit.
(BOBBY keeps going and begins to pick up speed again.)
CARYN thinks - Oh shit, I can't take that again! No!
(CARYN wants BOBBY to stop but she can't form the words with her mouth. BOBBY picks up
speed again.)
CARYN - Bobb...oh Bo...Bobby...Baub!...Oh Bauwbbb...uh...uh...oh...oh shit!
(BOBBY quickly begins to move his tongue in circular motions while inserting it every four
CARYN - Ooh that feels so...Oh!...I can't take no...Oh!...Please just let me...Oh!...I can't
believe it's...Oh!...Bobby you feel so...Oh!...You're making me so damn...Oh!
(CARYN raises her hips as high off the bed as she can to try and get away. BOBBY stays
with her and continues.)
237 | P a g e

CARYN thinks - I can't even fucking...think straight...oh shit...this is the best shit I have...I
didn't know it could fucking...oh got damn!
CARYN screams - Daaaaammnnnn!
(BOBBY stops. CARYN collapses on the bed and tries to catch her breath. BOBBY says
something but she doesn't understand what he said.)
CARYN thinks - Oh...my...God!
(CARYN's left leg won't stop shaking but she doesn't notice. She turns and looks at BOBBY
and turns her head back to rest on the pillow. All CARYN wants to do now is go to sleep.)
CARYN thinks - That was good as shit! Trina was right, I hope he just wants to go to sleep
because after that, that's all I want to do, shit I still feel this nigga, I am so sleepy, that felt
so..., oh shit that was off the hinges, I am...so...slee...
(CARYN closes her eyes. Her leg is still shaking.)
CARYN thinks - I came...so...hard, I am...about...to pass...out...shit...shh...
(CARYN feels her legs quickly prop up and it wakes her up.)
CARYN - Oh shit! What are you doing?
(BOBBY turns CARYN's legs to the right and it causes her to flip over onto her stomach.
Before she can say another word, CARYN feels BOBBY enter her from behind.)
CARYN - Oooooooh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiittt! Oh that feels sooooo....good!
CARYN thinks - Oh my God! It is so fucking deep!
BOBBY - Oh yes! Oh yes! Shit!
(BOBBY begins to bounce the bed so that it bounces CARYN up toward him and each time
he lunges himself deep inside.)
CARYN - Oh, you're gonna make me cum again!...Oh damn! Fuck...Fuck!...Yes!...Ooh yes!
(BOBBY begins to push harder, but not with his whole body. Just his hips so he hits CARYN's
spot directly.)
238 | P a g e

(CARYN plops down on her stomach and BOBBY falls on top of her.)
CARYN thinks - Oh shit, he is about to...Oh no!
(BOBBY starts shaking violently and screaming. Each time he shakes, he pushes in deeper.)
(BOBBY collapses on top of CARYN. He is breathing very heavy and sweating.He rolls off of
her back and lays next to her. CARYN cannot move or speak. Her entire body is shaking.
Her thoughts at this point are making no sense. There is just the sound of heavy breathing.)
BOBBY was just seduced and kisses CARYN furiously.
BOBBY thinks - Damn, I knew it! I knew this bitch wanted me. Yes! I am the man! I am the
fucking man! She is sexy as shit too!
(BOBBY and CARYN kiss and BOBBY sucks CARYN's tongue.)
BOBBY thinks - I'm about to slam this chick! I wonder if she likes it rough. From the way
she is kissing me, she probably does!
(BOBBY pulls CARYN's hair back. CARYN doesn't object.)
BOBBY thinks - Oh she likes it rough! I'm bout to tear this shit up! I want to see her titties!
(BOBBY grabs CARYN's breast and pulls at her shirt.)
BOBBY thinks - These joints are nice. I am the damn man on this campus!
CARYN - Bobby, you're so damn sexy!
BOBBY - Shit, so are you!
BOBBY thinks - I want to eat her out. I wanna turn her ass out. She aint never had no shit
as good as me! And she is a little freak too!
CARYN - Fuck me Bobby!
BOBBY thinks - Oh it is on!
239 | P a g e

(BOBBY throws CARYN's shirt to the floor and pushes her on the bed. CARYN's breasts
bounce as she her back hits the mattress.)
BOBBY thinks - She is sexy as shit in these little panties! Damn!
(BOBBY begins to suck and massage CARYN's breasts.)
BOBBY thinks - These are some nice tits. She has big nipples like Alexis. Damn, this is
Alexis' friend...I am the fucking man!
(BOBBY begins to move down CARYN's body. He stops at her stomach and circles her belly
button. He plans to tease her for a while.)
BOBBY thinks - I want to eat her out and I know she wants me to. But she is going to wait
for this shit...and be glad she did! She smells so good! Damn! I can't wait anymore! Shit!
(CARYN twists her body so BOBBY can get her panties off. BOBBY pulls at them hard which
excites CARYN.)
CARYN - Do that shit baby!
BOBBY thinks - Oh shit, she called me baby. Alexis calls me baby. Dammit I shouldn't be
doing this. What if Alexis finds out? This is her girl. I need to stop this right now and just
leave. I already hurt Alexis with this shit about Trina. Damn, why do I fuck with so many
women? Why can't I just settle down? I'm already fucking with Trina and Alexis finds out.
Then my stupid ass gets Trina pregnant by not wearing condoms. Now this shit. How the
hell would I explain this to Alexis? If she hears about this, I will lose her forever.
(BOBBY looks at CARYN's open legs. She is clean shaven. He is holding her panties in one
hand with one of her feet still in them. CARYN sits up and grabs BOBBY by the back of the
neck and pulls his face toward her inner thighs.)
BOBBY thinks - Damn she smells good...fuck it!
(BOBBY begins to lick CARYN. He looks up and notices she has a pillow on her face. He
smiles to himself and starts to lick more intensely.)
CARYN - Ooooh shit!...Oh shit!...Oooh...Ooooooh...Oooooh...oh my goodne...oh...yes!...Oh
right there...oh,oh,oh,oh,oh shit, oh oh!
BOBBY thinks - I am the fucking man! Listen to this bitch and I aint even done shit yet.
240 | P a g e

CARYN - Aaargghh!...Yes! Yes! Oh!...oh yes!...ha ha ha ha ha...oh yes!...Uuunh!...Uuunh!
BOBBY thinks - I'm about to really turn it up!
(BOBBY focuses in on a very sensitive area that he happened to stumble across.)
CARYN screams - Oh shit!..Plea...Oh!...Wait...oh my goodn...Ooooh!...Pleas...I can't
breathe...Oh Shit!...I'm cummi...Ooooh!
BOBBY thinks - I'm bout to make her cum!
CARYN screams - Oh Bobby! Oh Bobby! Yeeeeeesssss!
CARYN screams - Aaargghh!
BOBBY thinks - Say my name! Say my name! Now calm down.
(BOBBY quickly moves from the CARYN's sensitive spot and licks very slowly. Just the
outside areas in large circular motions.)
CARYN - You feel...oh...so good...oh Bobby...shit.
BOBBY thinks - Now I'm about to make her really scream! I love this shit! She smells so
damn sexy, I can do this for days! Scream! Scream for me!
CARYN - Bobb...oh Bo...Bobby...Baub!...Oh Bauwbbb...uh...uh...oh...oh shit!
BOBBY thinks - One...two...three...four...Inside. One...two...three...four...Inside.
One...two...three...four...Inside. One...two...three...four...Inside...
CARYN - Ooh that feels so...Oh!...I can't take no...Oh!...Please just let me...Oh!...I can't
believe it's...Oh!...Bobby you feel so...Oh!...You're making me so damn...Oh!
(CARYN raises her hips as high off the bed as she can to try and get away.)
BOBBY thinks - Oh bitch, don't try and get away. Your ass aint going nowhere!
CARYN screams - Daaaaammnnnn!
BOBBY thinks - I'm gonna let you go now, five...four...three...two...one.
(BOBBY stops. CARYN collapses on the bed and tries to catch her breath.)
BOBBY - Did you like that?
(CARYN turns and looks at BOBBY with a dazed look on her face. She doesn't say anything.
She turns her head back to the pillow as if she is about to fall asleep.)
BOBBY thinks - I'm about to hit this shit and knock it out! I want to see that ass, I'm bout
to hit it from the back!
241 | P a g e

(BOBBY grabs underneath CARYN's legs and props her up. CARYN looks very surprised.
BOBBY turns her over and drops her to the bed. He hears CARYN moan and say something.
He grabs her butt. He starts to hit it from the back.)
CARYN - Oooooooh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiittt! Oh that feels sooooo....good!
BOBBY thinks - Damn, she is so wet! Fuck! This feels so good! Oh shit!
BOBBY - Oh yes! Oh yes! Shit!
BOBBY thinks - Oh this feels so good! I want to make her cum again! I'm bout to tear this
ass up!
CARYN - Oh, you're gonna make me cum again!...Oh damn! Fuck!...Fuck!...Yes!...Ooh yes!
BOBBY thinks - Oh shit, I'm about to...
BOBBY thinks - Ooooohh shit! Here it comes!
BOBBY thinks - Oh damn! Oh shit! Oh shit! Whew shit!
(BOBBY collapses on top of CARYN.)
BOBBY thinks - Oh shit that was good. I am the fucking man.
(BOBBY rolls off CARYN and lays on his back next to her. He stares up at the ceiling and
tries to catch his breath.)
BOBBY thinks - Shit, what the fuck is wrong with me? Why did I do this? I love Alexis!
(There is just the sound of heavy breathing.)

242 | P a g e

Episode 35
This week's episode opens with GREGG the Nupe who is at the 24-7 Diner downtown. He is
waiting for PJ to show up.
GREGG thinks - Damn I forgot to leave a note for Nino to tell him to cover for me if
Shareece calls.
(GREGG looks at the entrance door of the restaurant. He thinks he sees PJ walking in but it
isn't her. It is someone else walking in with another female friend.)
GREGG - I thought that was Peej. She's kinda cute though. And her girl is cute too.
(PJ comes in and begins looking around.)
GREGG - Wow, Peej looks great.
(GREGG waves and PJ notices. She walks over. GREGG stands up.)
GREGG - Hey Peej. What's up yo?
PJ - Hi Gregg. Have you been waiting long?
PJ thinks - Gregg looks so good. And he still calls me Peej!
GREGG - Naw, about five minutes. No problem.
PJ - That's good.
(PJ and GREGG hug.)
PJ thinks - Ok he overdid it with the cologne though.
PJ smiling - Did you leave any cologne in the bottle?
GREGG - Yeah smarty, the bottle fell and broke on my jacket. I haven't had the time to take
it to the dry cleaner yet.
PJ - Oh. Just jokes.
(The waitress comes over with a cup of hot tea with lemon and a sprite.)
GREGG - I went ahead and ordered the tea for you. Just like you used to get it.
PJ thinks - He remembered!
PJ - Oh thanks, that's cool. I see you remembered.
GREGG - How could I forget. You only ordered it eight million times!
243 | P a g e

PJ - Shut up! So anyway, how have you been? What's new?
PJ thinks - He looks so good. I think he lost weight.
GREGG - Just doing my thing. Getting ready to get up out this Ahpla camp. Graduation is
around the corner. And running shit with the chapter. We got some boys about to come
PJ - Oh really?
GREGG - Yeah, you're gonna have some sands.
PJ - Stop talking that way before you jinx me.
GREGG laughing - Ok I'm sorry. So superstitious. But anyway, just doing my thing, ya
know? What's up with you?
PJ - Studying hard and on the quest. Doing all I can to make it happen this year.
GREGG - Sounds good to me.
(PJ sips the tea and looks up at GREGG. She then looks back down.)
GREGG - What's the matter?
PJ - Oh nothing, I just feel sort of paranoid nowadays. The time is approaching and it has
me nervous.
GREGG - Yeah but you were cold as a rock last year. You weren't nervous at all.
PJ - Last year I was a different person. I had different issues and obstacles. Now I have a
new playing field.
GREGG - Oh yeah, what do you mean?
(PJ pauses.)
GREGG - Would you rather not talk about this?
PJ - Actually...
GREGG - Say no more, I will change the subject.
PJ thinks - Why the hell did you bring me here anyway?
PJ - No, I want to talk about it. Let's talk about it.
GREGG - Ok shoot.
PJ - Last year I had to deal with the fact that I fell in love with someone who was dating an
AKA. A man that I cared deeply for, who told me that things were over between him and
this AKA. But when the truth comes out, not only is he still seeing this person, but he plays
244 | P a g e

me for her and hurts my chances of getting into the sorority. So you tell me. Wouldn't you
be nervous approaching the same chapter to get in?
(GREGG hesitates.)
GREGG thinks - Let me get my story together.
GREGG - Peej, let me tell you. There are things that I share with you that I have shared
with no one else. The things I want to do with my life, the things that depress me, and the
things that make me happy. One of the things that makes me happy is the fact that I have
a genuine friendship with you. Besides the fact that I care about you so much and probably
always will, you are the only person that I have never lied to. I have lied to my dean, my
line brothers, Shareece, even my mother but I have never lied to you.
PJ - I know. I remember you telling me that.
GREGG - And it is the truth. When I told you that I wasn't with Shareece, I was telling you
the truth. We wound up working things out later on. And I am glad that I didn't hook up
with you at that time anyway because you would never have had a chance at AKA. Even
though I wanted to be with you, I put those feeling aside for you.
PJ - For me?
PJ thinks - You wanted to be with me after all?
GREGG -Yes, for you. You know Peej, I never told you this but...
Our scenes change and we find QUENTON who has just arrived at REGGIE's house with his
list of items.
QUENTON thinks - I am so nervous! My hands are sweating and my heart is beating like
crazy. I don't know what the hell to expect.
(QUENTON knocks on REGGIE's door.)
QUENTON thinks - Be strong! This is it!
(The door opens.)
DONTE - Get the fuck in here!
(QUENTON freezes upon seeing DONTE.)
245 | P a g e

DONTE - Didn't you hear me? Get in here!
QUENTON - Uh... yes...I heard you...I'm sorry.
QUENTON thinks - Oh shit!
(QUENTIN enters the house and it is dark. He looks around but sees no one.)
DONTE - Put the stuff down over here. Then go stand over there.
(Knock knock. DONTE goes to open the door.)
DONTE - Get in here!
(LARRY comes in the house.)
DONTE - Put your stuff down over there and go stand next to him.
(QUENTON looks at LARRY and sighs relief.)
QUENTON thinks - I guess Larry made it. Damn, what happened to my boy Jason?
LARRY LAR whispers - What's up man?
QUENTON whispers - Hey. Wonder what happened to Jason?
(LARRY shrugs. TREY walks out from the other room.)
TREY - You gentlemen have expressed an interest in Alpha Phi Alpha. The time has come for
you to begin your journey into our most sacred order. The brothers have chosen the two of
you to learn, work, cry, sweat, bleed and earn the letters of Alpha. Are you ready?
DONTE - No the hell you aint!
(TREY looks at DONTE.)
TREY - Follow me on the path of the unknown.
(TREY begins to walk away. QUENTON and LARRY follow him into the next room.)
NINO singing - I got a feeling...
WIL singing - I got a feeling brothers...
DONTE singing - I got a motherfuckin' feelin...
246 | P a g e

REGGIE singing - Somebody's trying to sneak in my frat...and there aint gonna be no shit
like that!
TREY - Brothers, these two candidates are here to begin the journey toward the land of
Alpha. I think introductions are in order. From now on gentlemen, my name is Big Brother
Frostbite, So Cold It Hurts! Do you understand candidates?
TREY - Yes who!
QUENTON and LARRY - Yes Big Brother Frostbite, So Cold It Hurts!
NINO - My name is Big Brother Bout It Bout It from the Bayou. Do you understand?
QUENTON and LARRY - Yes Big Brother Bout It Bout It from the Bayou!
Wil - I am Big Brother Osiris alias The Ape Tamer. Do you understand?
QUENTON and LARRY - Yes Big Brother Osiris alias The Ape Tamer!
DONTE - And my motherfuckin' name is Big Brother Ezah alias Back in Da Daze when it was
Cool to Haze! You motherfuckers got it?
QUENTON and LARRY - Yes Big Brother Ezah alias Back in Da Daze when it was
Cool to Haze!
REGGIE - Candidates! I will be your guide through this darkness. You will jump when I say
jump. You will run when I say run. You will lean on me or I will destroy you. I will protect
you because I love you. Whenever you speak to me or answer me, you will refer to me in
your loudest voice as Dean Big Brother Hermakis!
REGGIE - Do you understand?
QUENTON - Yes, Big Broth...I mean Dean Big Bro...
LARRY LAR - Yes Dean Big...Dean Big Bro...
REGGIE - Shut up! Brothers, let's show these men of the sphinx what happens when they
piss off the dean!
DONTE - Hell yeah! It's on now! Come here Sphinxmen!
We rejoin GREGG and PJ at the 24-7 diner.
247 | P a g e

PJ - But what?
GREGG - But I did some behind the scenes things for you after you didn't make line last
year. I guranteed this year you would be on.
PJ - What?
GREGG - Yeah. Isn't that cool?
PJ - Tell me you are joking.
GREGG thinks - Uh oh. I may have to fix that last statement.
GREGG - You're not happy about that?
PJ - No I'm not. Gregg thanks for your concern but I want to be voted into the chapter on
my own merit. Not because someone else had to pull for me. Especially someone who isn't
even an AKA.
GREGG thinks - I'd better fix this. I had a good thing going until I said that!
GREGG - I didn't make line for you. Everything that happens to you or that is going to
happen to you, you earned. I just made sure you had a fair shot like everyone else. And the
fact that we messed around had no bearing when it comes to Alpha Kappa Alpha.
PJ - Oh.
GREGG thinks - Damn, I almost put my foot in my mouth.
PJ thinks - Oh all we did was mess around?
GREGG smiling - So don't worry. At least if you don't make it this time it will because you
screwed yourself.
PJ - Ha ha, very funny. So how exactly did you gurantee I would have a fair shot. You spoke
to your...girlfriend about it?
GREGG - This all happened a long time ago. I just never told you. I just did what I had to
do. Don't worry about it.
PJ thinks - Don't worry about it? Yeah right.
GREGG - Hey Peej, remember the time when we were here and you ordered the shrimp?
PJ laughing - Yeah and when we left I kissed you and you got sick!
GREGG laughing - Yeah, I knew I was allergic, but damn! Your kisses are potent!
PJ - Ha ha ha ha ha, you're stupid. Remember that time we were here after that Kappa
party? You were so tired you fell asleep in a bowl of soup.
GREGG - You would bring that up! Ha ha ha. Well how about the time the waitress spilled
248 | P a g e

that drink in your lap?
PJ - Ha ha ha ha. I remember that time. I didn't mind her spilling it on me.
GREGG - Of course you didn't because you made me give you my pants and I drove home
in my boxer shorts!
(PJ and GREGG laugh together.)
GREGG - Those were funny times.
PJ thinks - I miss you so much baby!
PJ - Yeah, they were.
GREGG - Hey Peej, let's say we get out of here and drive somewhere. I'd rather laugh about
old times then sit around here and wait for bad service.
We now join APRIL who is at the Cheesecake Factory with DERRICK. The waiter is taking
their order.
APRIL - Yes I will have the chicken picata. And I will just have a water.
DERRICK - I will have the three cheese pasta and a coke. Thanks.
APRIL - I really like this place and the funny thing is I don't like cheesecake.
DERRICK - The cheesecake is not as good as Juniors back home in NY but it is definitely an
improvement from the school cafeteria. Did you remember your purse this time?
APRIL smiling - Yes, I have it.
DERRICK - Well put it away. This is on me of course.
APRIL - Of course. So tell me about yourself.
DERRICK - What do you want to know?
APRIL - What would you like for me to know?
DERRICK - Well, you know I play ball.
APRIL - Yeah. Any NBA aspirations?
DERRICK - Oh hell no. If I did, I wouldn't be playing for Ahpla.
APRIL - Understandable.
DERRICK - I basically keep to myself, or chill with my boys. The team travels a lot and we
have early nights where we have to be in the dorm before midnight. Especially toward
249 | P a g e

tournament season. Other than that, I study hard and enjoy life.
APRIL - Sounds good to me.
(The waiter brings their drinks.)
DERRICK - Thanks. So what about you? What makes you tick?
APRIL - Let's see. I pledged AKA last year and I am very involved with the chapter. I study
but hate math.
DERRICK - Me too. But you should do what I do.
APRIL - What's that?
DERRICK - Get a tutor.
(APRIL almost chokes drinking her water.)
DERRICK - Are you ok?
APRIL - cough...cough...Yeah I'm cool. Just went down the wrong pipe.
DERRICK - Damn, I thought I had to give you mouth to mouth on our first date.
APRIL smiling - Is that your way of asking for a kiss?
DERRICK smiling - What if it was?
APRIL - Then you are cornier than I thought!
(They laugh together.)
APRIL - Ok so let me put you through my questions to make sure you are not a homicidal
ax murderer.
DERRICK laughing - Ok.
APRIL - Are you a righty or a lefty?
DERRICK - Righty.
APRIL - Democratic or republican?
DERRICK - Democratic.
APRIL - Do you have an inny or an outy?
(DERRICK stands up and pulls his shirt up to show APRIL his belly button. APRIL is visibly
APRIL whispers - What are you doing?
DERRICK - I am answering your question.
250 | P a g e

APRIL whispers - Sit down, people are looking!
DERRICK - Not until I answer your question. Look at your answer.
(APRIL looks and sees DERRICK's perfect six pack stomach with an inny belly button.)
APRIL thinks - Oh my God, his stomach is tight!
APRIL whispers - Ok can you sit down now?
DERRICK laughing - As you can see I am spontaneous too!
APRIL - And embarrasing! Nice stomach though.
DERRICK - I run a lot and work out like crazy.
APRIL thinks - I wonder how the rest of him looks!
APRIL - Well maybe you can show me your ab routine. I could use a workout.
DERRICK - I don't think so, you look great.
APRIL smiling - Thanks.
(The waiter brings the two plates of food.)
APRIL - They give you so much food here, there is no way one person can finish it all at one
DERRICK - You got that right! I will be eating on this for the rest of the week.
(The eat and exchange small talk.)
DERRICK - They could feed a small village with all this food.
APRIL - If I eat another bite I will explode.
WATIER - Would you two care for dessert or anything else?
APRIL - Oh no, I have no where else to put it.
DERRICK - You can just bring the check.
APRIL - Well this was very nice. Thank you.
DERRICK - No, thank you. If you hadn't forgotten your purse, we would have never had a
first date.
APRIL smiling - I guess you're right.
DERRICK - But who said the night is over?
APRIL thinks - Damn, he works fast!
APRIL - What did you have in mind?
DERRICK - Do you like coffee or capuccino?
251 | P a g e

APRIL - No, but I love hot chocolate.
DERRICK - Good. Let's go over to the 24-7 diner and get a cup. They make good expresso
and a mean cup of hot chocolate.
APRIL - Cool, let's go.

252 | P a g e

Episode 36
This week's episode begins with MAX who is waiting at Slowe for the interested ladies to
MAX thinks - I hope this works. People don't realize how much work it takes for someone to
run an entire pledge process. People think pledging is all the work. I pledge every year we
do this.
(MAX looks inside the empty room and thinks back to when she attended her rush.)
MAX thinks - It seems as if it were just yesterday I was going through these motions
(MAX smiles to herself and turns back around to face the hallway. She notices a young lady
walking her way. The young lady is dressed in business attire, a sharp gray suit. As she
draws closer, MAX notices that it is JUNE.)
JUNE - Hello Max.
MAX - Hello June.
JUNE - Am I the first to arrive?
MAX - Actually June, the location has been changed. This room will be occupied by someone
else shortly and I am just waiting here to make sure that everyone attending will know of
the location change.
JUNE - Oh really?
MAX - You can go over to Pearl. You will be instructed as to what to do from there.
JUNE - Ok.
(JUNE walks away.)
MAX thinks - One down, two to go.
We join MIRI and GINA. MIRI has come over to GINA's room. They are talking as GINA is
preparing to go to rush.
253 | P a g e

GINA - Like I was saying baby, I didn't know you had those plans. I can't say I'm sorry
MIRI - I just feel so insignificant in comparison with your sorority. I mean, in a matter of
seconds, you confirmed something with them when you were in the process of confirming
something with me.
GINA - Miri, please don't feel that way. I do not see you as insignificant. And I cannot place
my relationship with you on the same playing field with my feelings toward my sorority.
MIRI - Yeah I know because AKA would win.
GINA - That isn't fair.
MIRI - What isn't fair is the fact that I have these tickets to see Hezekiah and I can't go.
GINA - Miri, I am sorry. I have said it one thousand times. What do you want me to do?
MIRI - You have said it one thousand times because to me it doesn't mean anything. I think
if you were faced with the same situation again, you would do the same thing. Choose your
sorority over me.
GINA - Why does it have to be a choose thing? I should not have to make a choice between
my man and my organization. I would never ask you to make a choice between me and
your poetry.
(GINA looks at MIRI sadly. She understands what he is feeling. She turns around to adjust
her skirt.)
MIRI - Gina, I don't want you to make a choice. I may not agree with the whole greek thing
but I am going to respect my lady. I don't want to be an interference but it just hurt when
you made plans so quickly with me on the other line.
GINA - I understand.
MIRI - I think I would have put the other caller on hold and came back to you and asked
about the plans for tonight before I confirmed it.
GINA - You're right. That would have been considerate.
MIRI - Well anyway, I'm about to be out. I hope you have a good time.
(MIRI grabs his coat and heads for the door. GINA wants to say something but doesn't know
what to say.)
GINA - Miri.
254 | P a g e

(MIRI turns around.)
GINA - I'm sorry.
MIRI - Yeah.
(MIRI opens the door and leaves.)
GINA thinks - Damn!
We rejoin MAX waiting at Slowe Hall.
MAX thinks - Ok, time to perform.
(The person who approaches is just who MAX thought it was. MONA.)
MONA - Hello.
MAX - Hi Mona, glad you could make it. Come in.
(MAX and MONA enter the room.)
MONA - There is nobody here yet?
MAX - Uh...no. You are a few minutes early and I am sure the other ladies will be here
shortly. Just have a seat.
MONA - Ok.
MAX - Is there anything I can get for you while you are waiting?
MONA - No, I will be fine.
MAX - Great. I will be back.
MONA - Ok.
MAX thinks - Bitch.
(MAX goes back to the hallway and slowly closes the door behind her. She then sees two
more approaching. It is PJ and KATRICE. MAX walks out to them to meet them halfway.)
PJ - Hi Max
KATRICE - Good evening Max.
MAX - Hello ladies. I was waiting here for you two. The location for this evening has been
255 | P a g e

changed. I was making sure everyone knew where the new location is. Come on, I will walk
over there with you.
(The three begin to walk to Pearl. MAX looks back at the room one last time before she
leaves the building. The door to the room is still closed.)
Our scenes change to GINA who is now on campus walking to the rush location.
GINA thinks - He looked so sad when he left. And he is right, I would do the same thing
over again.
(GINA looks at the clock tower and realizes she is running later than she thought. She
speeds up her walk.)
GINA thinks - He couldn't possibly understand though, he didn't pledge. He never will
pledge. He wouldn't understand what we go through and how dear we all hold this to our
(GINA sees a group of five women walking and laughing, going toward the H.A. Callis
student union.)
GINA thinks - I miss my line sisters. Especially Lynette. That's my dog! I need to send her
an e-mail. I wonder if they are going to boule?
(Gina gets to the location and doesn't see anyone out front.)
GINA thinks - Damn, I'm really late!
(GINA's quick walk becomes a skip and she hurries to the door.)
GINA thinks - Maybe I should open the door slowly, I don't want to cause a loud noise when
I come in. I can just slip in and make my way to the front.
(GINA slowly opens the door and peeks in. There is only one person sitting there.)
GINA thinks - Where is...Oh shit! I forgot the place changed!
GINA - Excuse me, are you here waiting for the event to start?
256 | P a g e

(MONA turns around.)
MONA - Uh yes, I was a little early but I haven't seen anyone since I came in.
GINA - Oh, I don't know if you were informed but the place got switched to Pearl. I actually
forgot and came over here. I am going to hurry over there now.
MONA - Oh wow, thanks a lot!
The AKA rush has begun.
APRIL - Next we will hear the requirements from our chapter basileus, Soror Sylvia
PJ thinks - Where the hell is Mona?
SYLVIA - In order to qualify to be a candidate for membership into the Alpha Kappa Alpha
Sorority Incorporated here at Ahpla University, the following criteria must be met. You must
have at least a two point five grade point average and be in good standing with the
university. You must also have at least thirty completed hours. You must fill out an
application form and have it submitted no later than four days from today. Accompanied
with the application is two letters of recommendation from active members of the sorority.
One letter from a person not affiliated with the sorority and one letter from a teacher on
MAX thinks - I hope Gina still makes it.
SYLVIA - If you have any further questions regarding the application process, please direct
them to me afterward and I will be of assistance.
APRIL - Thank you Soror Sylvia.
(APRIL notices that GINA's part is next. So she skips down to ASHANTE's part.)
APRIL - We are going to move along to the history of Alpha Kappa Alpha here on Ahpla's
campus. This will be read by our chapter advisor and Ahpla almunus, Soror Ashante.
ASHANTE - Good evening ladies and sorors. The history of Alpha Kappa Alpha here on the
campus of Ahpla University is rich, as is the history of the school itself. The university was
founded between the years nineteen oh six and ninteen oh eight and has always been a
pillar of Black education. The chapter here at Ahpla was founded April seventh, nineteen
257 | P a g e

sixty nine by nine dynamic women. These women are Soror Sarah Lee Ewington, Soror
Tracey Allison Hart, Soror Brenda Jones-Dupree, Soror Stacie Renee Beale, Soror Donna
Owens-Mustapher, Soror Agatha Winston, Soror Constance McKinney, Soror Mellissa Marie
Townsend and Soror Melinda Hillary Ferguson.
(GINA walks in the room accompanied with MONA.)
Our scenes change and we find the Alphas who have gathered for a special meeting at
BOBBY's house.
BOBBY - Wait a minute, hold up. Let me get this straight. You mean to tell me frat in North
Carolina gets a letter like one of our boys wrote it and it was really some bitch?
NINO - Yep.
BOBBY - That is some ill shit!
REGGIE - Yeah and the primary reason I didn't want this cat as one of my sons was because
of the letter. If it is truly confirmed that the didn't write it, that changes everything.
DONTE - Was that the only reason we didn't want him? He seemed kind of weak to me.
TREY - Everyone seems weak to you.
REGGIE - That was the only reason I didn't want him. What about yall?
REGGIE thinks - Yeah, that and the library shit!
NINO - I had no other reason.
NINO thinks - Except now with this library shit!
WIL - I had nothing.
Wil thinks - Except that library shit!
(REGGIE looks at WIL. WIL turns away.)
REGGIE - Does this require a revote?
BOBBY - No. This is not an official meeting. I think it is safe to say that each of us wanted
Jason as a member of the chapter. The strong determining factor against him was the letter
that he allegedly wrote. But upon learning this new information, I know personally I have
chosen to reconsider. I want Jason on line and if we can all agree, we can make it happen.
DONTE - I have one question though, maybe you guys have not thought this through yet,
258 | P a g e

but line has started. These boys have already begun to learn greetings.
REGGIE - So we will just accelerate Jason's process. I have full confidence in knowing he
will adjust. And if he has problems adjusting I'm sure you can help him with that Donte. Or
should I refer to you now as Ezah?
DONTE - True that, Ezah ready to bring the pain baby!
REGGIE - So why the hell is your name Ezah every year? Damn nigga, get more creative!
(Everyone laughs. The phone rings.)
BOBBY - Hello? Oh hey Trina, listen let me call you back. We got some bros over here and
we are discussing something...Ok...cool....I'll call you back...I love you too.
(BOBBY hangs up.)
BOBBY - So who is going to notify Jason that he needs to hook up with the other two.
REGGIE - I think I should be the one to do it. I will be his dean.
TREY - I agree.
BOBBY - Aight cool, let's make it happen. Now where are the other two? I want to teach
them my greeting!

259 | P a g e

Episode 37
ASHANTE glances up from her notes and recognizes GINA and MONA as they enter the
room. ASHANTE stops and looks over at MAX, then at APRIL. She continues with her
ASHANTE - These dynamic women extended a proud legacy...
ASHANTE - ...legacy...which continues to this day. The Sorors of Ahpla are very involved in
the overall development of our community...
(MAX stands up and walks over to SYLVIA)
MAX whispers - Can I speak to you in private?
SYLVIA - Sure.
(MAX and SYLVIA walk toward the back of the room. They pass GINA.)
GINA softly - Hi Max, sorry I am so late soror.
MAX - That is quite alright. Glad you could make it soror.
(MAX and SYLVIA walk outside.)
MAX - What the fuck?
SYLVIA - I know girl.
MAX - Ok so now what do we do? I aint putting that bitch on my line.
(MAX is so upset tears begin to form.)
SYLVIA - Calm down Max, we will work it out.
MAX - But how? Here we are the night of rush and she is here. What grounds can we use
now to keep her off line? She has just as much right as anybody else.
SYLVIA - That's true.
MAX - At least if she didn't show up, we could have used that against her. But now...
SYLVIA - Wait, that's it!
MAX - What? What?
260 | P a g e

SYLVIA - She won't show up.
MAX - What are you talking about? She is already here.
SYLVIA - Yes but if she turns in an incomplete packet, it will be as if she wasn't even here
MAX - But how do we get her to turn in an incomplete packet?
SYLVIA - Very simple. She has to give it to one of us.
MAX - Shit! That's right. We can easily lose a recommendation letter or something.
SYLVIA - You just make sure your girl Gina is on the same page of music with us this time.
MAX - Oh definitely.
(MAX and SYLVIA re-enter the room. APRIL is speaking.)
APRIL - Thank you Ashante for those words. And now we will have soror Gina who will
render the history of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated.
(GINA stands up and approaches the mic. She looks at the mic and thinks about MIRI. She
GINA - Alpha Kappa Alpha was founded on the campus of Howard University...
JUNE thinks - I could run this history down with my eyes closed and my hands tied. I am so
nervous. I hope I wore the right outfit.
PJ thinks - Damn I am glad Mona made it! What the hell would make her show up late? I
see she still hasn't learned her lesson.
GINA - The sorority stood proudly at the forefront of...
PJ thinks - I gotta think sharp. They are gonna expect me to be sharp. I'd better be. No
slippin'. I'm just glad I didn't go out with Gregg after the diner. I would probably have him
on my mind all night and I don't need that. Gotta stay sharp.
KATRICE - I hope they want me. I want to be an AKA so bad. Look how elegant they look.
GINA - Today chapters span the globe as members of Alpha Kappa Alpha...
(PJ glances over at MONA. She flashes a little smile. MONA smiles back.)
MONA thinks - I'm glad I made it! I'm a shoo-in now!
As we changes scenes, we find ALEXIS who is at home.
261 | P a g e

ALEXIS thinks - I have to get something to eat. I am not hungry but I haven't eaten in so
long, I know my body is going to fall out.
(telephone rings)
ALEXIS thinks - Bobby!
ALEXIS - Hello?
ALEXIS - Ronnie.
ALEXIS thinks - Damn.
RONNIE - How you feeling? I haven't spoken to you in a minute and I was checking...
ALEXIS - Man am I glad to hear from you. New developments!
RONNIE - What? Fill me in.
ALEXIS - Ok, check this shit out. Trina is not pregnant.
RONNIE - What!
RONNIE thinks - Dammit!
ALEXIS - Yeah, one of her ex friends actually came over here and spoke to me. Apparently
this Trina bitch tried to pull some shit on her too.
RONNIE - What do you mean?
ALEXIS - Well Trina once told this girl Caryn that she slept with her man and that she had
gotten pregnant. Of course Caryn was very upset and almost broke up with him.
RONNIE - Uh huh.
ALEXIS - But it was all a hoax.
RONNIE - I don't understand though, why would she make some shit like that up?
ALEXIS - Because she wanted to get Caryn's man for herself. She figured Caryn would get
upset and dump him and then she could move in on that nigga.
RONNIE - What? Are you serious?
RONNIE - That's hard to believe.
ALEXIS - Yeah but Caryn told me herself. I want to go over and whip Trina's ass.
RONNIE thinks - Ok I gotta think fast here.
RONNIE - I hear ya, but there is one major difference in the two scenarios.
ALEXIS - What is that?
RONNIE - Caryn's man was innocent of all charges. Maybe Bobby didn't get Trina pregnant,
262 | P a g e

but Bobby did sleep with her. As you told me the story, Bobby was there and he told you
himself that he thought she was pregnant by him. So maybe she isn't pregnant, but he did
hit it. That is the difference.
ALEXIS - I didn't even think about that.
RONNIE - I'm not trying to hurt you, I just want you to look at all sides and make the best
decisions for you.
RONNIE thinks - That was good!
(ALEXIS feels bad all over again.)
ALEXIS - Damn, I really didn't even consider that. I was thinking about kicking Trina's ass
and then trying to work things out with Bobby. But come to find out, he did sleep with
her...regardless of if she is pregnant.
RONNIE - Right.
RONNIE - Are you alright?
RONNIE - Alexis? Hey! Alexis!
ALEXIS crying - Yes.
RONNIE - Ok you know what? Fuck this shit, I am tired of hearing you crying. I'm coming
over right now.
Next we find WILLIE who is walking with THERESA in the H.A. Callis student union.
THERESA - Don't even worry about it girl. I am sure we will be able to recoop the funds in
other projects and fund raisers that we plan to do.
WILLIE - But the thing is, I don't even understand what could have gone wrong. I personally
spoke to 15 people who said they wanted to hear the guys sing. What happened to at least
those orders?
THERESA - When it comes to Valentine's Day, people do the same thing every year.
263 | P a g e

Flowers, candy and dinner. After that, most cats are broke. Especially these broke ass
niggas on campus.
WILLIE - But you know what the worst thing is?
THERESA - I know what you're gonna say.
WILLIE - Just knowing the fact that Sylvia was right. Oooh that burns me up.
THERESA - I knew you were going to say that.
WILLIE - Damn!
THERESA - Get over it, it isn't that big a deal.
WILLIE - That's easy for you to say. She confronted me in front of the whole assembly. I'm
gonna look stupid as hell.
THERESA - Well that idea was stupid as hell.
WILLIE - Shut up!
THERESA laughing - I'm just kidding girl. Really, don't worry about it. It was a good idea
but it was hit or miss. And you missed.
WILLIE - Yeah and the assembly missed because we are in the hole now.
WILLIE - Well anyway, let me get up out of here, I have to go to the library for a late study
THERESA - Aight, I will call you later. I'm gonna chill for a minute.
WILLIE - Ok see ya later.
(WILLIE and THERESA part ways and THERESA goes into the book store.)
THERESA thinks - Man, I feel bad for Willie. She is going to look stupid as hell at the next
meeting. I can see Sylvia smiling now.
(THERESA laughs to herself and goes to the register to pay for her soda.)
THERESA thinks - But her little rivalry with Sylvia is stupid anyway. That whole Greek thing
is silly.
(THERESA opens her soda as she walks out of the building.)
THERESA thinks - Wow it's dark out here. I think there must be a broken street lamp or
(THERESA begins to walk across campus.)
264 | P a g e

THERESA thinks - Damn, I have a million things to do once I get home.
(THERSA hears someone approaching behind her and she turns around. There is a man
walking up behind in all black with a hood on.)
THERESA thinks - Oh shit, someone is walking up on me!
(THERESA clutches her bag and thinks of where she put her mase.)
THERESA thinks - Wait, I shouldn't think that way. Not every black man is a thief or a
mugger. Dammit, I hate myself for even thinking that in the first place. Here I am on one of
the most prestigious Black universities in the world and I am thinking like a common white
(THERESA relaxes as the man gets closer.)
THERESA thinks - Maybe I will cut this left turn just in case.
(THERESA makes a left turn, so does the man.)
THERESA thinks - No problem, he will probably just pass.
(The man gets very close and bumps THERESA as he passes. She drops her bag off her
shoulder and drops her purse. Her soda bottle crashes on the ground.)
THERESA bending over - Dammit! The word is excuse me!
JASON - Oh I'm sorry bitch, did I bump you?
(THERESA looks up at the man and recognizes who it is as he takes his hood off.)
THERESA - What did you say?
JASON - You heard me exactly!
THERESA - Do you have problem?
JASON - Don't play with me Theresa! You know exactly what my problem is! You tried to
fuck up my chances of getting into Alpha!
THERESA - I don't know what you're talking about.
JASON - Yes the hell you do!
THERESA - You'd better stop yelling at me! I said I don't know what you are talking about!
JASON - Oh yeah, well explain this!
265 | P a g e

(JASON pulls a copy of the e-mail out of his pocket. THERESA takes it and looks at it.)
THERESA - Look, I said I didn't know what you were talking about now leave me alone.
JASON - How could you? You tried to fuck me up! Do you know how much shit this caused?
You had the balls to pull this stunt but now you aint got the balls to say you did it?
THERESA - Ok fine, I did it. But you started this shit. I told you not to fuck with me and I
meant it. See if you get Alpha now!
JASON - Fuck you!
THERESA - You are such a waste! And another thing...
(JASON slaps THERESA across the right side of her face. THERESA falls to the ground.)

266 | P a g e

Episode 38
This week's episode begins with KATRICE who is in her room. She has just received a letter
from the ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha.
KATRICE thinks - Ok, this is it. Oh my God I am so nervous I can barely open it!
(KATRICE opens the envelope and almost tears the letter.)
KATRICE - Dear Applicant, Congratulations, you have been accepted blah blah blah...Yes!
Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you Jesus! Yes!
(KATRICE sings out loud.)
KATRICE - I'm gonna be a soror, I'm gonna be a soror! I gotta call PJ right away!
(KATRICE runs to the phone.)
KATRICE - Please let PJ have made it! Oh I am so excited! I can't even remember her
number! Damn! What the hell are her last four digits? Oh yeah, six eight two zero. Shit!
KATRICE thinks - I'm gonna be a soror! I'm gonna be a soror!
APRIL - Hello.
APRIL - Hello?
KATRICE - Hello is PJ available.
APRIL - No she isn't. Can I take a message?
KATRICE - This is Katrice, hi April.
APRIL - I will tell PJ that you called.
KATRICE - Wait, April...can we talk?
APRIL - What's up Katrice?
KATRICE - I got a letter today. It is an acceptance letter.
APRIL - I know, I mailed them.
KATRICE - I just want to say thank you.
APRIL - Now isn't the time to thank me. Now is the time to get your ass pressed. It's about
to be on!
KATRICE - I know. I could sense a difference in everyone's demeanor at the rush.
267 | P a g e

APRIL - Well now you know why. The time has come.
KATRICE - Well thank you anyway. I wanted to get a chance to talk to you after rush but it
started to get so hectic. Then you were gone.
APRIL - Yeah, I aint one for long functions. I say my piece and bounce. So yall best get to
know me when I am around. They don't call me Cameo Appearance for nothing.
KATRICE - I understand. Can I tell you something though?
APRIL - What?
KATRICE - You looked really nice that night.
APRIL - What?
KATRICE - I hope you don't mind me saying but...
APRIL - Look, I told you before about this. I told you I am through with that and I don't
want to talk about it anymore. Here I am talking to you about rush for my beloved
organization and you are telling me some shit like that?
KATRICE - I don't mean to be disrespectful...
APRIL - Oh but you were. This is the last time I am going to talk about this.
KATRICE thinks - Damn, I fucked up!
KATRICE - I'm very sorry.
APRIL - I am seeing someone now anyway and I am happy.
(KATRICE feels like she just swallowed a very large rock.)
KATRICE - You're seeing someone?
APRIL - yes.
KATRICE thinks - Dammit!
KATRICE - I am happy for you then. Do you mind if I ask who?
APRIL - His name is Derrick and he is on the basketball team.
APRIL - Like I said, this will not be discussed again.
KATRICE thinks - Oh shit, I know Derrick!
KATRICE - You will not hear of it again. Once again...I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you
or the sorority.
268 | P a g e

APRIL - Whatever.
KATRICE - Can you tell PJ that I called?
APRIL - Stop worrying about PJ and make sure your shit is tight. Like I said before, it's
about to be on!
KATRICE - I definitely will. Thank you.
(KATRICE feels like she wants to cry but she doesn't. APRIL hangs up with no further
conversation with KATRICE. KATRICE slowly puts the phone down and walks over to her
mirror. She stares at herself.)
KATRICE thinks - I can't believe she is seeing someone. And Derrick no less!
(KATRICE snaps out of it and picks up the phone. She quickly dials.)
JUNE - Hello?
As our scenes change, we find ALEXIS at home alone and there is a knock on the door.
ALEXIS thinks - Wow, I hope this isn't Ronnie coming back again. He was just here two days
ago and he usually calls first.
(There is another knock on the door.)
ALEXIS thinks - Damn, nigga I'm coming. Sheesh, he is impatient like Bobby!
ALEXIS - I'll be right there.
(ALEXIS speaks as she opens the door without looking to see who it is.)
ALEXIS - I guess it's true that the Ques wannna break down the door huh?
BOBBY - What?
(ALEXIS stops in shock. She stares at BOBBY who she hasn't seen or directly spoken to
since TRINA's house.)
ALEXIS thinks - Oh my God.
ALEXIS - What are you doing here?
BOBBY - Can I come in?
269 | P a g e

ALEXIS - For what?
BOBBY - Come on Alexis, you know we need to talk. And what's this shit about Ques?
ALEXIS thinks - I'd better change the subject.
ALEXIS - Yeah come in. We should talk.
(BOBBY comes in and customarily closes the door behind him.)
BOBBY - So what is this about Ques? Who did you expect would be knocking on your door?
ALEXIS - Nobody.
BOBBY - That's bullshit Alexis, don't lie to me.
ALEXIS - You don't need to talk, I aint the one fucking other people!
BOBBY - This aint about me right now, I asked you a question. And at least I am always
honest with you.
ALEXIS - What? That shit aint true. Don't try and turn this around.
BOBBY - I can't believe you got some other nigga coming to see you already! I mean damn,
can I get out the hot seat?
ALEXIS - Bobby you left the hot seat when you started to fuck that bitch!
BOBBY - So who is this nigga?
ALEXIS - What nigga?
BOBBY - So you are playing stupid with me huh?
ALEXIS - Did you come over here to check up on me or to ask me stupid shit? Because if so,
you can take your tired cheating ass on.
BOBBY thinks - Ok this strategy isn't working. I gotta turn this shit around.
BOBBY - I didn't come over here to check up on you. I came over here to talk to you
because I love you and I feel like shit. If I didn't love you...if I didn't care, then I wouldn't
even be here. But now I here you talking about some Que and I think I shouldn't feel as
bad. I know what I did was fucked up, but if you're fucked up too...
ALEXIS - Don't even take it there! I never cheated on you!
BOBBY - How can I believe that?
ALEXIS - Bobby I can't believe you have the gall to come up in here and accuse me of
BOBBY - Well prove me wrong. You didn't arbitrarily mention Ques breaking down the damn
270 | P a g e

door, you were directing that to somebody. Tell me who it is and prove me wrong.
ALEXIS - I aint gotta prove nothing to you. You should just trust me. Kinda the way I
trusted you before you tore my heart out!
BOBBY - So you're not going to tell me?
BOBBY - Aight I'm out.
ALEXIS thinks - Oh no!
ALEXIS - I thought you wanted to talk?
BOBBY - Yeah I do, but talking is a two way street. We already know that what I did was
foul and I am here to face the music and come clean. But not if you won't too.
ALEXIS thinks - Damn!
BOBBY - So I'm gone.
BOBBY thinks - I know this is working!
ALEXIS - Ok, ok! But it wasn't anything, it's just one of my boys and he came over to talk to
me. I thought it was him again.
BOBBY - Oh yeah, who?
ALEXIS - Promise you won't do anything.
BOBBY - I promise.
BOBBY thinks - Yeah fucking right!
ALEXIS - No, I mean it Bobby.
BOBBY - I said I promise, now who is it.
ALEXIS - Ronnie.
BOBBY - Ronnie? That motherfu...
ALEXIS - You said you wouldn't get mad!
BOBBY - Yo I'm out of here!
(BOBBY quickly turns and heads for the door. ALEXIS grabs his arm.)
ALEXIS - Wait, where are you going?
BOBBY - I can't believe this shit! First I'm gonna fuck him up and then I am done with you!
ALEXIS - Bobby wait! No! It isn't like that! Please!
271 | P a g e

BOBBY - Get off me Alexis! Let me go!
ALEXIS - Bobby! Wait!
(BOBBY snatches his arm away from ALEXIS. She grabs him again as he opens the door to
BOBBY - Get off me Alexis? How could you do this?
ALEXIS - I didn't do anything! Come back in here! Don't leave!
BOBBY - Naw fuck that, I got some shit to take care of!
(ALEXIS' neighbor opens the door to see if everything is all right.)
NEIGHBOR - Is everything ok?
(ALEXIS lets go of BOBBY's arm.)
ALEXIS - Uh...yes, everything is fine. Thanks.
BOBBY - Yeah it's cool.
(The neighbor slowly goes back inside.)
ALEXIS - Bobby please don't leave!
(BOBBY turns and walks away.)
BOBBY thinks - Oh this shit is beautiful. She is so worried about me going to kick Ronnie's
ass, that gives me plenty of time to go and see Trina. Damn I'm good!
ALEXIS - Bobby!
Next we find SPHINXMAN #1 LARRY and SPHINXMAN #2 QUENTON. They are practicing
their greetings with BIG BROTHER OSIRIS.........
BIG BROTHER OSIRIS - Start from the beginning. A, phi, oh, six.
QUENTON #2 - I knew this bad Alpha man he was...
LARRY #1 - Whoa!
QUENTON #2 - I heard he crossed those hot burning sands I mean...
LARRY #1 - Whoa!
272 | P a g e

QUENTON #2 - He travels with that oak and that pine I'm sayin'...
LARRY#1 - Whoa!
QUENTON #2 - He spits at the honies looking fine like...
LARRY #1 - Whoa!
QUENTON #2 - You might see him chillin' with the bros like...
LARRY # 1 - Whoa!
QUENTON #2 - Or all up in the stepshows saying...
LARRY #1 - Whoa!
QUENTON #2 - I know this brother's ice cold like...
LARRY #1 - Whoa!
QUENTON #2 - And I know he wears that black and old gold like...
LARRY #1 - Whoa!
LARRY #1 and QUENTON #2 - Greetings Big Brother Oh Oh OOOOsiris! You're that ice cold
brother unlike no other! You got that stroke...
LARRY #1 - ...and that aint no joke!
LARRY #1 and QUENTON #2 - And every day that you pledge us, we sphinxmen often think!
That you may take the time to teach the riddles of the sphinx! Could you please! Could you
please! Huh? Huh? Could you please!
BIG BROTHER OSIRIS - Hell no! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! That wasn't bad. Do it again. A, phi...
(REGGIE and DONTE walk into the room.)
BIG BROTHER OSIRIS - Don't you see your dean coming in the room? Yall better great your
Dean Hermakis before it kicks off up in here!
DEAN HERMAKIS - Shut up, don't greet me. Sit down, we need to talk. Don't greet Ezah
(Everyone sits down.)
DEAN HERMAKIS - Ok listen. You sphinxmen know that we selected you for line for a
reason. That reason is that we saw qualities in you that are the good makings of an Alpha
man. Some things needed to be worked on, but at least the potential was there. Do you
273 | P a g e

understand that?
LARRY #1 and QUENTON #2 - Yes Dean Hermakis!
DEAN HERMAKIS - Well, we also saw those qualities in another man. But do to unforeseen
circumstances, he was not permitted to begin the pledge process with you guys.
QUENTON #2 thinks - Jason!
DEAN HERMAKIS - There were circumstances beyond our control that dictated the fate of
this young man and we were forced to proceed without him. Sometimes the train leaves the
station without you. Yall following me?
LARRY #1 and QUENTON #2 - Yes Dean Hermakis!
DEAN HERMAKIS - However, we as a brotherhood rallied behind this unfortunate soul to pull
him amongst the ranks of these hallowed halls. The brotherhood has selected to make
Jason a welcomed addition to your line. Spring two thousand will have three.
QUENTON #2 thinks - Yes!
LARRY # 1 thinks - Huh?
DEAN HERMAKIS - It will be your responsibility to make sure that he is pulled up to par. He
needs to be at the same speed that you two are at. Everything you know, he has to know. If
not, you will have me to answer with.
BIG BROTHER EZAH - And me too dammit!
QUENTON #2 thinks - Oh shit!
LARRY #1 thinks - That shit aint fair!
DEAN HERMAKIS - Do you have any questions?
QUENTON #2 - Yes Dean Hermakis, I have a question.
DEAN HERMAKIS - What is it sphinxman?
QUENTON #2 - Jason is shorter than me. Will that mean that I will lose my number in line?
EZAH - Nigga you aint a deuce yet! You aint worthy!
DEAN HERMAKIS - We will cross that bridge when we get to it.
QUENTON #2 - Yes Dean Hermakis.
DEAN HERMAKIS - Any other questions?
LARRY #1 - Yes Dean Hermakis. When will Jason be joining us?
DEAN HERMAKIS - He is being summoned as we speak.
(JASON is in his room and he hears singing right outside his door.)
JASON thinks - What the fuck is that?
274 | P a g e

(I got a feeling...I got a feeling brothers...I got a feeling...somebody's trying to sneak in my
frat...and there aint gonna be no shit like that!)
JASON thinks - Is this some sort of joke?
(I got a feeling...I got a feeling brothers...I got a feeling...somebody's trying to sneak in my
frat...and there aint gonna be no shit like that!)
(JASON gets up and goes close to the door to hear better and it sounds louder. He opens
the door.)
NINO - Hello Jason.
JASON - Uh...hi.
(NINO walks into JASON's room without being invited.)
JASON - Sure come on in.
NINO - Cut the sarcasm motherfucker, this aint no social call. I pulled mad strings for your
stupid ass so listen up.
(JASON shuts up.)

275 | P a g e

Episode 39
We last left KATRICE dialing JUNE. She just found out that APRIL is seeing DERRICK.
JUNE - Hello?
JUNE - Hi Katrice, I am so nervous. Everytime the phone rings I think it is an AKA.
KATRICE - I know, I'm the same way. Have you heard anything?
JUNE - No, have you.
KATRICE - Yeah, I made it.
JUNE - You did! Oh my God, congratulations! I knew you would make it! Oh God, I hope I
make it too.
KATRICE - Yeah...thanks. I'm sure you will.
JUNE - What's the matter? You don't sound too excited.
KATRICE - I need to talk to you about something.
JUNE - What's wrong? Aren't you happy that you made line?
KATRICE - Oh yes, I am very happy. This is something I have prayed about for a long time.
I couldn't be happier about that.
JUNE - Then what is bothering you?
KATRICE - I really don't know how to say this.
JUNE - Just say it girl, you can tell me.
JUNE thinks - Wow, I wonder what is wrong.
KATRICE laughing - And the funny thing is...I don't know if this bothers me more because of
your position...or my feelings toward...nevermind. What I mean to say is...this is really
JUNE - Katrice, you are my sister. Trust me, I am here for you and whatever it is that is
troubling you.
KATRICE - This has nothing to do with me, and all to do with you.
JUNE - Oh God, I didn't make line!
KATRICE - No, it isn't that. It has nothing to do with AKA either.
JUNE - Then what on earth is it?
KATRICE - Your ex boyfriend is seeing someone.
276 | P a g e

JUNE - Derrick?
JUNE - Are you sure? How do you know?
KATRICE- Well I was talking to...
JUNE - Wait a minute, Derrick is what? I don't believe you!
KATRICE - June, I have no reason to call you and lie to you. Why would I call you and make
something like this up? I am very hurt for you but I knew it was something that I had to tell
JUNE crying -I can't believe it? How could he date someone else so fast? Oh God, I don't
believe this!
KATRICE - I'm sorry June. I'm so sorry.
(JUNE starts to cry to the point where her words are no longer making any sense.)
JUNE- I...thought...that...we...we...we...would...be...able...toget...back...to...together
KATRICE - I know, I remember. June calm down, it is going to be ok.
JUNE - But I don't understand? How could he see someone so quickly? Didn't I mean
anything to him?
(KATRICE starts to think about APRIL)
KATRICE - Sometimes people don't take your feelings into consideration. And that shit is
fucked up.
JUNE - I can't believe this...
(JUNE cries harder and KATRICE feels bad that she even told JUNE.)
KATRICE thinks - Damn, this is fucked up. I feel like shit for June but I really feel worse
because I want April for myself! Dammit this is fucked up.
KATRICE - June? June?
JUNE crying - Yes.
KATRICE - There's more.
JUNE - Huh?
KATRICE - I have something else to tell you and it isn't good either.
JUNE - Oh no, he got...somebody...pregnant!
277 | P a g e

KATRICE - Oh no, it isn't that at all. It is who he is seeing.
JUNE - Is it someone I know? Oh God, don't tell me it's someone I know!
KATRICE - It's April.
JUNE - What!
KATRICE thinks - Here it comes!
JUNE - April the AKA?
(KATRICE hears a crash as JUNE throws the phone against the wall.)
We change scenes and find GINA who is at home. She has prepared a dinner for MIRI. She
is waiting for him to arrive.
GINA thinks - I hope this chicken turns out ok. I want everything to go smooth tonight.
(GINA looks at the clock and wonders if MIRI will be his usual early self or if he will arrive
late this time on purpose.)
GINA thinks - I hope he isn't still upset. It's so hard to tell with Miri. Ever since he blew up
on the yard that day, he has been extra careful not to cross that line again. But now I don't
know when he is upset and when he isn't. Maybe I shouldn't have gone to rush after all.
(GINA checks on the rice. It is cooking properly.)
GINA thinks - It isn't every day you find a good man like him. I really shouldn't take him for
granted. He really was looking forward to the Hezekiah concert. I know I broke his heart
that night. I just hope this will make him feel better about us. I do love him.
(Telephone rings)
GINA - Hello?
MAX - Hi Soror.
GINA - Oh hello Madam Dean! Ha ha ha ha.
MAX laughing - You're silly. What's going on?
GINA - I am cooking a dinner for Miri, he is on his way over now.
MAX - Oh that's cool. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up. There is a girl who is
278 | P a g e

trying to make line, her name is Mona Ferguson. We don't care for her too much because
she is cocky as hell.
GINA - I remember her! Why is she so cocky?
MAX - Because she is legacy.
GINA - Oh I see.
MAX - And not only that, her mother helped found this chapter.
GINA - Wow, that is deep!
MAX - Well here is the deal. She handed in her packet along with everyone else but we
conveniently lost a letter from her packet. So the letter that we sent her is a rejection letter
because of an incomplete application. That renders her ineligible for this school semester.
So I wanted to let you know the deal, just in case someone asks.
GINA - Oh sure, I fully understand. No problem.
(Knock. Knock)
GINA - Oh Max, that must be Miri.
MAX - Cool girl. Well good luck with dinner and have fun tonight. But not too much fun.
GINA - Ha ha ha, we'll see. Talk to ya lata.
MAX - Aight girl.
(GINA hangs up and quickly looks in the mirror and adjusts her hair.)
GINA opening door - Hi honey.
MIRI - Hey.
(MIRI comes in and they hug.)
GINA - You look nice.
MIRI - Thanks, so do you. Damn, it smells good in here.
GINA - Thanks, come sit down.
(GINA sits MIRI down and goes into the kitchen. She returns with a bottle of red wine and
two glasses.)
GINA - How about a little before dinner?
MIRI - Sure, thanks.
(GINA pours into the two glasses and they sip.)
279 | P a g e

GINA - Let me see if the rice is finished ok?
MIRI - Sure.
(GINA returns into the kitchen.)
MIRI thinks - Dag, I feel bad that she went through all this trouble.
MIRI - You didn't have to go through all this trouble.
GINA - Oh it was my pleasure. I enjoy making you happy.
MIRI thinks - Yeah, whatever.
(GINA comes out with two plates of food. Chicken breast, mushrooms with gravy, rice and
MIRI - Gina this looks really good.
GINA - Thanks, I hope you like it.
MIRI - I'm sure I will.
(They begin to eat.)
GINA - I just want to say I am really sorry about what happened. I have felt bad ever since
and I know you had your heart set on going to see Hezekiah Walker.
(MIRI looks up at GINA and returns to eating his food.)
GINA thinks - Ok wow.
GINA - So what did you end up doing that night?
MIRI - Gina, I have to be honest with you. This small talk is silly. I really appreciate this
food and everything but I have come to a conclusion about us.
(GINA puts her fork down.)
MIRI - I respect you and your organization. But I am not in a position where I can compete
with them. Nor should I. I don't like the feeling that I even have to compete with them.
(GINA wants to offer a rebuttal, but she waits.)
MIRI - So basically...I think it is probably best...
GINA - Wait, are you breaking up with me?
280 | P a g e

MIRI - Yes.
Next we find MONA who is in her room. She has just came in from class and just got her
mail from her mailbox.
MONA - Oooh, a letter from Alpha Kappa Alpha! The moment of truth.
(MONA opens the envelope and reads the letter out loud.)
MONA - Dear Applicant, we regret to inform you that...What!
(MONA drops the letter and stares into thin air. She can't believe what she just read. She
thinks that maybe she may have read it wrong. She picks it back up.)
MONA - Dear Applicant, we regret to inform you that you have been declined...I can't
believe this! This is bullshit!
(MONA goes to the phone and quickly dials.)
SYLVIA - Hello.
MONA - Yes Sylvia please.
SYLVIA - This is Sylvia.
MONA - Sylvia, this is Mona.
SYLVIA - What can I do for you Mona?
MONA - I received a rejection letter from your chapter and I want to know why?
SYLVIA thinks - You are bold as shit!
SYLVIA - I don't, nor do other members of this chapter discuss matters of that nature with
interested applicants. Your application was reviewed and for whatever reason, it was turned
down. But you are certainly more than welcome to try again next year.
MONA - Oh yeah? Well we'll see about that.
SYLVIA - I suppose.
MONA - Good bye Sylvia.
SYLVIA - Goo...
281 | P a g e

MONA thinks - Ok, they want to play that shit where they can't tell me why I didn't make it?
What the hell was wrong with me? My grades are tight as shit, my application was more
than complete, I checked it over 5 times myself. And my mother is a chapter founder and
an active soror. This isn't fair!
(MONA grabs the phone again and quickly dials again. MONA begins to cry but moreso out
of anger.)
MONA crying - Mommy!
MRS. FERGUSON - What's the matter sweetheart?
MONA crying - Mommy, I didn't make line!
MRS. FERGUSON - What? What are you talking about?
MONA crying - I got a letter of rejection from the chapter. And then I called the basileus and
she would not even discuss with me why I didn't make it.
MRS. FERGUSON - Well that's impossible. I'm active and I am a blood relative, your mother
for Christ sake. Let alone my significance with that chapter.
MONA crying - That's what I thought.
MRS. FERGUSON - Stop crying dear, I will handle this.
MONA - But mommy, I don't want to make line on your merit. I want to make it on my own.
MRS. FERGUSON - This is not about that. Regardless, there is a protocall that has to be
followed. This organization has guidelines and procedures and I will not let my baby girl be
denied when she is due.
MONA - Ok.
MRS. FERGUSON - Don't worry, it will be alright. Momma soror will take care of everything.
MONA - Thank you mommy.
MRS. FERGUSON - Ok sweetie, I will call you back ok? Calm down?
MONA - Ok. Bye bye.
MRS. FERGUSON - Goodbye dear.
(MRS. FERGUSON and MONA hang up.)
MRS. FERGUSON - Oh I can't believe this! My own sorority sisters, I can't believe they
would do something like this. I will get to the bottom of this right now.
282 | P a g e

(MRS. FERGUSON dials another number.)
SOROR BERGEN - Hello Melinda, how are you?
SOROR FERGUSON - I'm fine soror, how are you?
SOROR BERGEN - I'm blessed. It's good to hear from you.
SOROR FERGUSON - You too Dana, as a matter of fact, I wish this was purely a social call
and not business related.
SOROR BERGEN - Oh really, well what can I do for you?
SOROR FERGUSON - You know Mona is at Ahpla now and she is trying to become a member
of the chapter there.
SOROR FERGUSON - Apparently, she has run into a few problems. Firstly, some of the
young sorors don't like her. Now she tells me that she received a rejection letter from the
chapter, and she is very upset.
SOROR BERGEN - A rejection letter? On what grounds?
SOROR FERGUSON - They wouldn't tell her.
SOROR BERGEN - That can't happen, Mona is legacy.
SOROR BERGEN - So how do you want me to handle this?
SOROR FERGUSON - You're the regional director, you tell me.
SOROR BERGEN - I can launch an investigation into the practices of the intake on campus.
Then we can really get to the bottom of things.
SOROR FERGUSON - I am more concerned with Mona being treated fairly. I don't want to
mess things up for anyone else.
SOROR BERGEN - Ok no problem. Mona will be a member of the chapter, this semester. I
will see to it.

283 | P a g e

Episode 40
It is a bright sunny afternoon. Everyone expected it to rain today but the sun broke
through. There is a large crowd on Ahpla's campus. Everyone has gathered on the main
yard because the buzz is that the Alphas and the AKA's are bringing their lines on for their
annual yard show. Two students talk as they wait for something to kick off.
STUDENT - Yeah girl, I heard Presjina is on line. I aint seen her in two weeks!
STUDENT - Really? I didn't know that. She is real cool. Did you hear how many they have
this year?
STUDENT - I don't know. I think they have more than two like last year though.
(The attention of the crowd quickly shifts toward Pearl library and everyone begins to run in
that direction.)
STUDENT - Oooh girl, here they come!
(The AKA's are walking onto the yard. APRIL, OCTAVIA, SYLVIA, ASHANTE, GINA AND MAX
are surrounding three ladies on line. IVY JUNE, IVY PRESJINA and IVY KATRICE.)
(The IVIES sing to the Old Negro Spiritual "This May be the Last Time" author unknown)
IVIES singing - This train don't carry no Deltas...
This train don't carry no Zetas...
This train don't carry no Rhos...
This train is only for the Sorors...only for the Sorors of AKA!
This train don't carry no Deltas...
This train...
(APRIL and OCTAVIA begin to form a path through the crowd to the AKA plot. The crowd is
cheering loud for the ivies.)
STUDENT - Yeah June! Hook it up girl!
IVIES - ...This train is only for the Sorors...only for the Sorors of AKA!
(The IVIES stop and stare into the sky. The crowd cheers again. Many cameras are going off
and a few are taping on camcorders. When the noise of the crowd diminishes, the pledgees
IVIES - Greetings Big Sister Dean Maxine! We humbly greet you in honor of...
IVY JUNE - The most revered!
284 | P a g e

IVY PRESJINA - The most respected!
IVY KATRICE - The most requested!
IVIES - Pink and green! You are the epitome of style and grace, a classy woman of nineteen
oh eight!
(The IVIES greet to the tune of "Imperial" by Busta Rhymes and Rah Digga)
Big Sister you're phenomenal!
You know we love it when we see you everywhere we go!
All of our history yes we want to know!
So we kick it ivies here we go!
(The crowd cheers)
STUDENT - Do that shit PJ!
IVIES -A lovely lady of the first and the finest, you are the prettiest, the most supreme,
you're every lady's dream!
We are ever so fortunate to bask in your presence!
Oh just to behold the Alpha Kappa Alpha essence!
One day, if we grow up, when we grow up if we ever get a clue, can we be, could we be just
like you?
Although we now exemplify imperfection, we will continue this struggle with your direction!
You lead us and guide us in all that we do, so now we humbly ask how may we serve you?
APRIL - SkeeWeeeeee!
OCTAVIA - Skee Weeeeee! Hook it up spec, I see you June!
(MAX smiles, then looks serious again.)
IVIES - Greetings Madame Basileus, It is truly an honor to stand here before you.
Because these ivies truly adore you!
You are Lady AKA, always striving for the best!
You set the standard for all the rest!
A wonderful sight to behold!
Oh how we trust in you as we wait for the future to unfold!
For we know not what tomorrow brings,
but we can only hope that it is a sisterhood like yours, everlasting!
(IVIES bow their heads.)
IVIES - Oh Madame Basileus as we stand in your presence we hope we can express our
great admiration and utmost respect!
285 | P a g e

(IVIES snap their heads back up quickly.)
IVIES - Could she be, the most beautiful girl in the world?
The epitome of Twenty Pearls!
Oh most sophisticated and stylish lady, of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated.
Your style, your beauty, your elegance, and your class, makes us fall to our knees in envy!
You are queen of all divas, the lady supreme, of your grace we can only dream!
We are delighted to meet thee and greet thee!
(MAX looks at SYLVIA and smiles.)
STUDENT - Damn man, I'm glad I go to Ahpla. Other schools can't do this shit!
STUDENT - I know that's right!
IVIES - Greetings Big Sister Quiet Storm!
The most revered, our beautiful black queen!
You are the finest we have ever seen!
As you enter the room we notice the mood!
Its nothing but pure AKAtude!
We gotta face reality this road is certainly rough!
How could we deny we're only flesh and blood!
We gotta face reality with you to lead the way!
We can only hope and long for AKA!
OCTAVIA - Yeah Ashante!
ASHANTE - Thank you ladies!
(OCTAVIA stands up from sitting on the ground to hear her greeting.)
OCTAVIA - Don't mess mine up!
(The crowd laughs.)
RONNIE - I hear ya Octavia, pledge 'em girl! Roooof Rooooof!
(The crowd laughs again.)
IVY KATRICE - Introducing!
IVIES - Boom! Boom! Boom!
IVY KATRICE - Big Sister N.A.A.C.P.
IVY JUNE - The National Association for the Assassination of Chilling Pledgees!
(The crowd roars and starts cheering! Octavia smiles!)
APRIL - SkeeeeeeeWeeeeee Sands!
286 | P a g e

IVIES whispering - The Ivies are gonna make her unleash the paddle...
We don't really wanna make her unleash the paddle...
The Ivies are gonna make her unleash the paddle...
We don't really wanna make her unleash the paddle...
Ivies if ya hear us say yeah...Yeah!
Big Sisters if ya hear us say yeah!
OCTAVIA - Yaay yaay!
IVIES - So what's the paddle?
Uh huh what's the paddle?
It's the wood that's good for the sisterhood!
It's the wood that's good for the sisterhood!
(The IVIES greet to the tune of "The Thong Song" by Sisqo.)
She don't take no junk, junk, junk!
Gets guys like what, what, what!
At a set she gets crunk, crunk, crunk!
Think we'll sing it again!
Well she pledged real hard, hard, hard!
Gets props on the yard, yard, yard!
All day long...so we sing this song!
Greetings Big Sister N. Double A. C. P.!
(The crowd cheers and claps for OCTAVIA's greeting.)
OCTAVIA - SkeeeeeeWeeeeeeeee!
(OCTAVIA squats back down next to APRIL.)
APRIL - Girl, your greeting cracks me up!
OCTAVIA - Yeah, it's funny huh?
APRIL - Hilarious!
IVIES - Greetings Big Sister April Shower!
Always dropping knowledge as we strive for pink and green!
Making sure these ivies know...
(IVY JUNE stops greeting. The crowd notices her mistake and makes noise.)
STUDENT - Oh shit, don't fuck up now! Ha ha ha!
APRIL - Aww see, how she gonna mess my greeting up?
OCTAVIA - Come on spec!
287 | P a g e

(IVY PRESJINA and IVY KATRICE continue. IVY KATRICE looks over at IVY JUNE.)
...what those precious letters mean!
As peacful and tranquil as the beauty of spring!
(IVY JUNE joins back in.)
IVIES - Don't let these ivies mess up because the pain she will bring!
April Shower fall down on me! April Shower fall down on me!
So this ivy may grow and be just like thee!
OCTAVIA - SkeeeeWeeee!
APRIL - Whatever!
IVIES - Greetings most gracious, vivacious, tenacious, poised, intellectual, sophisticated,
divine, fine as wine, potential big sisters of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated!
You are often imitated but never duplicated!
We bow for our ignorance and stand and respect your effervescent elegance!
We are honored to meet thee and greet thee!
Many have tried but the chosen are few, potential big sisters can we grow up to be just like
MAX, SYLVIA, GINA - SkeeeeeWeeeee!
MAX - Picture time.
(The Sorors begin to pose in front of the line and the crowd begins to take pictures. Then
there is a loud call from across the yard.)
NINO - A Phi!
(The crowd turns around and sees the Alphas coming onto the yard with their line of three.)
SPHINXMEN singing - We are the Sphinxmen...and we're moooooving on slowly...cuz we're
pleeedddggging Alpha...and we're bad mother...shut your mouth! See those frats, I know
you do! Don't wanna be no Omega, Kappa, Sigma fool! Come together! Come together!
Pledging Alpha! Pledging Alpha! On our way! Yeah on our way! We are the Sphinxmen...and
we're moooooving on slowly...
MAX - Right on time. Here come the Bros.
GINA - Do they always come out right after Sorors?
MAX - Yeah, they wait behind the library until Sorors are done and then they march their
boys out. It's like clockwork every year.
(The crowd flocks over to see the Alpha line as they march toward their plot. A few remain
to take pictures of the AKA line and to congratulate the Sorors.)
288 | P a g e

STUDENT - Why aren't they in height order? The second one is taller than the third one?
STUDENT - I don't know, maybe they had an add on or something.
SPHINXMAN - ...Come together! Pledging Alpha! Pledging Alpha! On our way! Yeah on our
(They stop the song and stand in an intense stance with their faces contorted.)
REGGIE - Sphinxmen!
REGGIE - Yall ready to kick this?
REGGIE - Are yall sure?
SPHINXMEN JASON - Hell yeah Dean!
(The crowd cheers for JASON.)
REGGIE - Aight then, hook my shit up.
(The SPHINXMEN greet to the tune 'Do It Again' by Jay-Z)
SPHINXMEN - Twelve a m we had to get in the cut!
One a m the wood hit my butt!
Two a m we was greetin' the bros!
Three a m we was washin' their clothes!
Four a m at the Alpha house!
Five a m we had cleaned it out!
Six a m bros was hazing about!
Six fifteen bros was kicking us out!
Seven a m we couldn't call our friends!
Cuz twelve a m we gonna do it again!
We gonna...we gonna...we gonna do it again!
Greetings Dean Hermakis!
Who be shootin' wisdom at us!
Our protector and savior by day and by night!
Lead us through this darkness, to Alpha's shining light!
And even though this period is diligant and long!
We pledge to ever give you praise and always be strong!
Because we know that if we don't we will feel the wrath!
And the fire and the brimstone of your deadly grasp!
289 | P a g e

Our most noble Dean Hermakis, sage of ancient years!
We call upon your wisdom, to save us from our fears!
Help us cross those burning sands!
And make it into Alpha land!
We'll always hold the banner high!
And always give the battle cry!
A Phi till the day we die!
(The crowd cheers. Cameras go off.)
BOBBY - Oh Six! Do that shit boys!
TREY - A Phi!
SPHINXMEN - Greetings Mr. President, alias Cool Breeze!
BOBBY - You boys been chillin?
SPHINXMEN - Man please!
Just pledging hard and being crisp!
BOBBY - I heard yall was talking to some babes?
SPHINXMEN - Huh? Don't we wish!
That true Alpha man, whose blood is black and gold!
You'll never see him sweat because he's too cold too cold!
But when time came for pledging, Mr. President came with it!
He's the leader of the chapter and a thorough Sphinxman critic!
If something was accomplished, Mr. President probably did it!
And if your girl is a cutie, Mr. President probably hit it!
And if you are a hater, he will bring you to your knees!
Greetings Mr. President alias Coooooooooool Breeze!
BOBBY - Yeah boys! Oh Six!
(RONNIE is in the crowd and looks at BOBBY who glances back at him. RONNIE turns and
talks to the person standing next to him.)
SPHINXMEN - Greetings Big Brother Frostbite So Cold It Hurts!
To that brother of the black and gold!
Freezing cold! As the story is told!
So cold, so cold, so cold it hurts!
290 | P a g e

Chillin' on the yard in Alpha shirts!
Ask that brother how cold can he go!
You'll be shocked to know! Down to seven below!
What lesson did we learn from a brother so cold?
We are the masters of our fate! We are the captains of our soul!
TREY - Oh Six! I love my shit, short and sweet!
SPHINXMEN - Greetings Big Brother Bout It Bout It from the Bayou!
(The crowd laughs and hollers.)
STUDENT - Yeah Nino, with that New Orleans flava kid!
(NINO smiles back at the student.)
NINO - What yall niggas know about that dirty south huh?
(The crowd laughs. The SPHINXMEN greet to the tune of 'Back that Ass Up' by Juvenile.)
SPHINXMEN - Big Brother's swing is good!
I had to back my ass up!
Cuz he swung that wood!
I had to back my ass up!
(The crowd laughs hysterically.)
(The SPHINXMEN greet to the tune of 'Bling Bling' by the Hot Boys.)
SPHINXMEN - Swing! Swing!
Everytime he comes around the line...
Swing! Swing!
He always brings that oak and that pine...
Swing! Swing!
I ask and I pray every night...
Swing! Swing!
that you would guide us to that Alpha light!
(The SPHINXMEN greet to the tune of 'The Hot Boys' by the Hot Boys.)
SPHINXMEN - What kind of boy wears Alpha on his chest?
What kind of boy be crazy doin' dem steps?
What kind of boy represents that dirty south?
Throwing signs up in the air, screaming A Phi out his mouth?
291 | P a g e

Big Brother...Bout It Bout It...from the Bayou!
Big Brother...Bout It Bout It...from the Bayou!
(The SPHINXMAN greet to the tune of 'Ha' by Juvenile.)
SPHINXMEN - What you gonna do when dem Alphas after you?
You better run sphinxmen run sphinxmen run!
(The SPHINXMEN begin to jog in place. The crowd laughs.)
SPHINXMEN - And what you gonna do when the bros be comin' through?
You better run sphinxmen run sphinxmen run!
Run sphinxmen run sphinxmen run!
Run sphinxmen run sphinxmen run!
(The SPHINXMEN stop. The crowd cheers loudly and claps.)
NINO - A Phi!
DONTE - They better not fuck my shit up! Ya heard me! ...hook up that ol' school greeting!
SPHINXMEN - Greetings Big Brother Ezah!..alias From Back in the Dayz, When it was Cool
to Haze!
Greetings Ezah, Nefer Tmu',
the most noble brother from the ooold school!
The Tribal Drum with a Rhythm from the past...
pledging Alpha hard so tradition might last!
The 10th Pharoah of the Egyptian clan.....
SPHINXMAN LARRY (posing) - an artist!
SPHINXMAN JASON (posing)- a creator!
SPHINXMAN QUINTON (posing)- an ebony man!
SPHINXMEN - Greetings Big Brother Haze Sinister,
greetings Big Brother Madd Hazer,
greetings Big Brother Haze into the AM...
292 | P a g e

BOBBY (thinks) - Damn this nigga done had madd big brother names!
SPHINXMEN - Greetings Big Brother Ten Waze to Haze,
greetings Big Brother Hazeology,
greetings Big Brother MetamorphaHAZE,
greetings Big Brother Haze Express, No Local Stops.....
greetings Big Brother Razed to Haze,
(leaning back) IIINNNNCORPORATED!!!!
(The crowd laughs.)
SPHINXMEN - Greetings Big Brother Osiris alias Ape Tamer!
SPHINXMAN QUENTON - I knew this bad Alpha man he was...
SPHINXMAN QUENTON - I heard he crossed those hot burning sands I mean...
(The crowd joins in.)
SPHINXMAN QUENTON - He travels with that oak and that pine I'm sayin'...
SPHINXMAN QUENTON - He spits at the honies looking fine like...
(Confusion arises in the crowd and everyone's attention focuses on a policeman who is
making his way forcefully through. REGGIE turns around to see what the comotion is about
and he instructs the SPHINXMEN to stop.)
OFFICER - Who is in charge here?
BOBBY thinks - What the fuck is this shit about?
REGGIE - Is there a problem officer?
BOBBY - Yeah, what's going on?
293 | P a g e

OFFICER - I am here to take a student named Jason in for questioning on assault charges. I
was told I could find him here.

294 | P a g e

Episode 41
The weekâs episode begins with MONA, SOROR BERGEN, and SOROR FERGUSON who are
on a conference call.
SOROR FERGUSON - Mona honey, I have Mrs. Bergen on the line with us. She is a good
friend of mine and a soror
MONA - Hello Maam.
SOROR BERGEN - Hello dear.
SOROR FERGUSON - Mona she is here to help find out where the communication may have
broken down and try and find out if something can be done.
SOROR BERGEN - Yes. Now Mona, you say that the chapter members did not receive your
full packet?
MONA - That is what they said. I know I gave everything in. I triple checked it. They
requested certain requirements and letters. I had all that. I submitted my transcript and I
have the grades. I donât know how something could have been misplaced.
MONA - Plus my mother is a soror. I figured that would certainly be enough.
SOROR FERGUSON - Yeah, me too.
SOROR BERGEN thinks - But don't you want to be admitted on your own merit?
SOROR BERGEN - Do you think that the members of the chapter would have any other
reason for not allowing you into the chapter.
MONA - Besides the fact that they don't like me?
SOROR BERGEN - What do you mean?
MONA - They are always giving me attitude. One girl cursed at me. Another didnât even
want to acknowledge me when I was speaking to her. She said something about speaking
correctly to a soror. Well what about speaking correctly to me? Iâm human too.
295 | P a g e

SOROR FERGUSON - Calm down baby.
MONA - But that pissed me off. It just seems like they don't like me so they donât want me
in the chapter. So I set my goal to prove to all of them that I can and I will get in.
SOROR BERGEN - Don't you think that is a bad reason to want to enter the sorority?
MONA - That was not my original intent. I originally want to be an AKA because Alpha
Kappa Alpha is something I have looked up to since I was a little girl. From travelling to the
conferences with my mom, to seeing the chapter here at Ahpla. This new attitude of mine is
as a result to how they treated me.
SOROR BERGEN - I see. Don't you think that your attitude toward the current members and
their attitude toward you will hinder your life as a soror working within the chapter at
MONA - No. I think once I put on the pink and green that is due me, it will be one
sisterhood. I am big enough to get over things in my past. I hope that they are too. And if
not, I will be an AKA for the rest of my life, well after Ahpla University.
SOROR BERGEN thinks - Pink and green that is due me?
SOROR FERGUSON - Thatâs true dear.
SOROR BERGEN thinks - This girl isn't ready. She is ridiculous!
SOROR BERGEN - What are your thoughts Melinda?
SOROR FERGUSON - I just want Mona to be treated fairly. It just seems to me that a lot of
pettiness is going on with the sorors on the campus now. Back in our day, those types of
things didn't take place. It was never any pettiness. For instance, the chapter basileus
called and told me that Mona told her about some other interested young lady wearing
paraphanelia and logged into some sorority or Alpha chat room or something on the
MONA thinks - Oh shit!
MONA - What was that? Someone told you what?
SOROR FERGUSON - Oh Mona, I didn't tell you? Sylvia told me some nonsense about you
seeing PJ in a chat room on the internet pertaining to Alphas and AKA's. And that she had
296 | P a g e

paraphanelia on. That is rather petty and should be solved on the campus level. There is no
point in calling me for something of that nature.
MONA - I agree, I can't believe Sylvia called you!
MONA thinks - Damn, I thought that got brushed under the rug!
SOROR BERGEN thinks - This girl needs to wait a year...or two...but should I tell Melinda
SOROR BERGEN - Let me get this straight Melinda. Sylvia is saying that Mona saw another
young lady wearing the Alpha Kappa Alpha letters who is not a member of the sorority?
SOROR BERGEN - Then maybe we need to get this young lady on the phone and find out
why she is in direct violation for wearing the letters without permission. What is this young
ladyâs name?
SOROR BERGEN - Mona would you care to tell me how this whole situation with Sylvia
transpired? Then maybe I can get to the bottom of that as well in my investigation.
MONA thinks - Dammit!
Our scenes change and we join the crowd that has gathered on the yard for the Alpha and
AKA greetings. The AKAâs have just finished their greetings and the Alphas are marching
WILLIE - The AKA line looks pretty tight. They got mad props. I just hope that my girls look
tight when they come out.
THERESA - Uh huh.
WILLIE - Don't hate just because you aint greek.
THERESA - Whatever.
297 | P a g e

WILLIE - What is wrong with you? You have been spaced out all day.
THERESA - I just can't wait to see the look on his face!
WILLIE - Who Jason?
WILLIE - You need to let that go girl. You are obsessed with that shit.
THERESA - He put his hands on me!
WILLIE - I know and you did the right thing. You notified campus security and filed the
report. Now let them handle it and stop focusing on it. That's all you talk about.
THERESA - Fuck that, I want him to fry! I want him kicked off line, kicked out of school,
kicked off campus, suspended, expelled and put in jail
WILLIE - You really have issues girl...oh here comes the Alpha line now.
THERESA thinks - Right on time.
THERESA - This should be great!
WILLIE - What the greetings?
THERESA - No, the arrest.
WILLIE - What are you talking about?
THERESA - I guess I can let you in on the secret.
WILLIE - What secret?
THERESA - I made sure the campus police would pick Jason up today, right here on the
WILLIE - What?
THERESA - Yep, isn't that classic?
WILLIE - How did you do that?
298 | P a g e

THERESA - I just smooth talked this cute cop. Having a nice pair of legs didn't hurt in my
persuading him either.
WILLIE - Theresa that is foul!
WILLIE - Because this isn't an issue with Alpha Phi Alpha. This is a situation with you and
Jason. You are going to bring embarrassment to the whole chapter.
THERESA - Fuck them.
WILLIE - You know what...you really need help. I just hope for your sake this doesn't
backfire on you.
THERESA - Oh it won't. The cop seemed very eager to help me. He insisted that he be the
one to take care of this and only him.
WILLIE - Well let's see if we can scoot in between some of these people to get a better
(THERESA and WILLIE make their way almost to the front of the crowd. THERESA stays
behind WILLIE though and she pulls her baseball cap down just in case SPHINXMAN JASON
sees her.)
THERESA thinks - Yeah nigga, we'll see who gets the last laugh now!
NINO - What yall niggas know about the dirty south huh?
THERESA thinks - You aint gonna have my heart out there and have me thinking that we
are gonna have a relationship and then step on me! It doesn't work that way buddy!
THERESA thinks - You aint even all that anyway! I can get a man that looks better than
(WILLIE squats down and THERESA is now in full view. SPHINXMAN JASON sees THERESA
and is shocked. He starts choking and grabs his chest. He then falls to the ground.)
299 | P a g e

THERESA thinks - Ha! I must have a deadly glance!
(The crowd laughs because they think it is a joke at first. Then the other SPHINXMEN grab
SPHINXMAN JASON and the Alphas rush over. They roll SPHINXMAN JASON over and he
isn't breathing.)
REGGIE - Somebody call an ambulance!
THERESA thinks - Oh this is the best! This is really a treat!
WILLIE - Theresa, go for help! That boy is hurt and not breathing!
THERESA - I aint goin' nowhere! I wouldn't miss this for a million dollars! Ha ha ha ha ha!
(The crowd is making a lot of noise and THERESA begins to laugh.)
THERESA - Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
(Everyone in the crowd focuses on the officer making his way through. Someone bumbs into
THERESA to get out of the officer's way. She snaps out of a daze and realizes she has been
daydreaming. She glances from behind WILLLIE at SPHINXMAN JASON who is still doing
THERESA thinks - Ok here we go!
The OFFICER is now talking with REGGIE and BOBBY?
BOBBY - There must be some mistake officer.
OFFICER - No mistake. I am here for Jason. Which one is he?
REGGIE - Sir, I can vouch for Jason's whereabouts for the last few weeks. I can assure you
that he has been within the confines of our fraternity pledge activities. We know nothing of
him assualting anyone.
(The SPHINXMEN overhear what the discussion is about.)
SPHINXMAN QUINTON whispers - Yo Jason, what happened?
300 | P a g e

SPHINXMAN JASON whispers - I don't know.
SPHINXMAN QUINTON whispers - You assaulted someone?
SPHINXMAN JASON whispers - Hell no, I have been pledging with you guys ever since...oh
wait a minute...
(DONTE approaches the line.)
DONTE - Shut the hell up until we figure out what this is about. You know anything about
this Sphinxman?
SPHINXMAN JASON - It may be an incident that happened a few weeks ago Big Brother
Ezah. I slapped this girl.
DONTE whispers - You pimp slapped a bitch? I hear it!
(The crowd starts talking amongst themselves.)
STUDENT - One of the Sphinxmen is getting arrested?
STUDENT - I don't know.
THERESA - I heard one of them raped somebody.
WILLIE - Theresa!
(THERESA smiles and pulls her hat down.)
BOBBY - Sir, can we discuss this somewhere else? There are a lot of people around and I
am sure we can come to some definitive conculsion about this if we can talk about it.
OFFICER - Certainly. You and you, come with me.
REGGIE - Nino, take them inside Pearl.
(REGGIE and BOBBY walk with the OFFICER through the crowd.)
NINO - Ok guys, let's go.
(NINO leads the line to Pearl. The crowd follows but waits outside of the library as WIL and
TREY wait outside and DONTE and NINO go in.)
301 | P a g e

BOBBY - Sir, we can't afford for one of our boys to be in trouble like this.
OFFICER - I know.
BOBBY thinks - You know?
OFFICER - First of all, I need a few questions answered.
REGGIE - Sure, whatever you need sir.
OFFICER - How long have these guys been online?
REGGIE - Three weeks.
OFFICER - And how much history do they know?
OFFICER - Do they know the Jewels?
REGGIE - Uh...the Jewels?
OFFICER - Yeah. What sphinxmen doesnât know the Jewels? You think I can get a greeting
from these boys or what?
BOBBY - Youâre frat?
OFFICER - Fall eighty five! Whatâs up frat!
(BOBBY gives the officer the grip and REGGIE sighs relief.)
BOBBY - Frat, you scared the shit out of us!
OFFICER - Bruh, be glad it's me that's here. Let me hip you to what's going on.
(REGGIE grips the officer.)
OFFICER - This girl comes into my office and files a complaint that one of your boys slapped
her to the ground on the yard. She wanted him picked up but she specifically wanted him
arrested out here on the yard in front of everyone.
REGGIE - What?
302 | P a g e

OFFICER - Yeah. Once she told me that the guy was on line for Alpha, I told her that I
would make sure it got taken care of. Of course, I never filed the report.
REGGIE - Thanks frat.
OFFICER - No problem. But let me give you this girl's name and information. You may not
have heard the last of her.

303 | P a g e

Episode 42
This weekâs episode begins with IVY KATRICE and IVY PJ. They are in BIG SISTER
N.A.A.C.P.âs apartment which is where the IVIES have been spending most of their time.
IVY PJ - I can't take this anymore! The Big Sisters are driving me crazy!
IVY KATRICE - You gotta get a grip Ivy PJ. We can't quit now.
IVY KATRICE thinks - Wow, who would have thought I would be the strong one on this line?
IVY PJ - Big Sister April Shower totally pisses me off every time she comes around! It's like
she singles me out all the time!
IVY KATRICE - Well how do you think I feel when she comes around?
IVY PJ - That's different. But all the big sisters are driving me up the wall! I have not slept
in weeks, we got eight million things to do, I got school! Damn!
IVY KATRICE - But you have to think, you knew it wasn't going to be easy. If it was easy,
you wouldn't have even wanted to do it.
IVY PJ - But honestly, I didn't think it would be anything like this shit! Everytime that door
knob turns, my heart drops and I hope it is one of you two and not a big sister.
(IVY PJ starts to cry.)
IVY PJ - I just don't think I can take much more of this, I can't take it! I am losing my mind!
IVY KATRICE - Look...let me make you feel better.
(IVY PJ stops crying and glares at IVY KATRICE.)
IVY PJ - Excuse me?
IVY KATRICE - I don't mean that! Bow your head.
(The Ivies bow their heads.)
304 | P a g e

IVY KATRICE - Lord God...help us. This is something I know you have ordained and have
placed in our hearts and in our possession...we trust in you...we believe in you...please give
us strength...
(IVY KATRICE starts to cry as well.)
IVY KATRICE - Jesus please help us...right now...help us Lord...in Jesus name...amen.
IVY PJ crying - Amen. Thank you.
IVY KATRICE crying - Look, I have to go. But hold on girl, I always got your back, I love you
line sister.
IVY PJ crying - I love you too.
(The IVIES hug. IVY KATRICE leaves.)
IVY PJ - I really feel better now...well at least a little.
(Telephone rings. IVY PJ was instructed to answer all calls for Big Sister N.A.A.C.P.)
IVY PJ - Hello?
SOROR FERGUSON - PJ? Is this you?
IVY PJ - Mrs. Ferguson?
SOROR FERGUSON - Yes, speak of the devil. I didn't expect you to answer Soror Octavia's
phone, but it is just as well. Mona are you still there.
MONA quietly - Yes maam.
SOROR FERGUSON - Presjina, I need to understand something. Mona tells me that she saw
you wearing the letters of Alpha Kappa Alpha and involved in some internet activity
participating as if you were a member of the sorority.
IVY PJ - What?
SOROR FERGUSON - I need to get to the bottom of this.
IVY PJ - Mona, how could you?
(MONA doesn't say anything.)
305 | P a g e

SOROR FERGUSON - Don't blame Mona, just explain yourself young lady.
IVY PJ - Mrs. Ferguson, with all due respect, it wasn't me in the Alpha Kappa Alpha letters
and in the chat room, it was Mona. I walked in on her.
MONA - You're lying!
IVY PJ - Mona! I tried to protect you! How could you say that about me? I have been a
friend to you and tried to help you and guide you through all of this and all you have done is
do stupid stuff and now blame me for something you did?
SOROR FERGUSON - That is enough Presjina!
MONA - Mommy, she's lying!
IVY PJ - Ok Mrs. Ferguson, if I am lying, why don't you look for some missing paraphanelia
from your trunk in your attic at home. I'm sure you can find all the missing articles in
Mona's room. I can't believe you would do this to me Mona!
MONA - I didn't do anything! How about that time I wanted to have a heart to heart with
April and you closed the door in my face? We can go tit for tat!
IVY PJ - No we can't go tit for tat because I aint got time for this bullshit!
(IVY PJ slams the phone down.)
IVY PJ screams - Shit! I can't believe this shit is happening to me!
(The door opens.)
SOROR SHAREESA walking in - What shit Ivy? I don't remember Ivies being able to curse!
We now find BOBBY who is standing outside of the door.
BOBBY thinks - Maybe I should knock first...naw, I'll use my key. She better not have some
other nigga up in this piece!
306 | P a g e

(BOBBY uses his key and walks in.)
BOBBY - Trina! What's up baby, it's me.
(TRINA comes skipping from her bedroom.)
TRINA - Bobby!
(TRINA jumps up and wraps her legs around Bobbyâs waist and hugs his neck hard.)
BOBBY - Hey, hey, hey...should you be jumping around like this? What about the baby? Is
that safe?
TRINA thinks - Oh yeah.
(TRINA gets down and bends over holding her stomach.)
TRINA - Oh yeah, you're probably right. Maybe I should sit down and relax.
BOBBY - I think you should.
(They sit down together.)
BOBBY - So how have you been feeling? You okay?
TRINA - I'm cool. I miss you.
BOBBY - I miss you too baby.
TRINA whining - Where have you been? You don't love me.
BOBBY thinks - I hate that whiny voice shit!
BOBBY - You know we are in the middle of pledging our line. We got three guys on line and
I need to be there every step of their process.
TRINA whining - Why? Are you the chapter president and the dean?
BOBBY - No Reggie is their dean, but he needs my help. We almost had one of the guys
arrested the other day on the damn yard!
TRINA - What?
307 | P a g e

BOBBY - Yeah girl, it was crazy. If I hadnât been there to intervene, I don't know what may
have happened.
TRINA - Wow, ok I'm sorry.
BOBBY thinks - I am the fucking man! Always on my toes with a good excuse!
BOBBY - That's ok baby.
TRINA - Well I think you deserve a nice back rub since you have been working so hard. You
are probably all stressed out.
BOBBY - Now you're talking.
TRINA - Take off your shirt baby.
(BOBBY takes off his shirt.)
TRINA - Here, lay over here and let me rub your back.
(BOBBY lays down.)
TRINA thinks - Damn he is sexy.
(TRINA starts to give BOBBY a massage.)
TRINA - Bobby it is so good to see you. I feel like I have not seen you in weeks.
BOBBY - I know sweetie. This is always a hectic time of year for the chapter.
TRINA - Could you not be an Alpha for at least a weekend?
BOBBY - Never that sweetheart!
TRINA - Well how about if you weren't Mr. Alpha all the time?
BOBBY - Well that can be arranged...maybe...if you're nice to me.
TRINA - Really?
(TRINA turns BOBBY over.)
BOBBY thinks - What the hell is she doing?
308 | P a g e

(TRINA starts to unbuckle BOBBY's pants and kisses his stomach. Let me see if I can be a
nice girl to you.)
BOBBY thinks - Dammit I am the fucking man!
(BOBBY puts his head back and closes his eyes.)
(knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock. TRINA jumps up. The many loud knocks startles
BOBBY - Who the hell is trying to break your door down?
(knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock)
TRINA - I don't know but I can make whoever it is go away.
(TRINA goes to open the door slightly to peek and see who it is. CARYN pushes her way in.)
CARYN - Trina girl, I gotta talk to you about something.
(TRINA backs up surprised as CARYN just walks in the room without even noticing BOBBY.
BOBBY grabs his shirt.)
TRINA - Um...
(CARYN notices BOBBY and stops dead in her tracks.)
BOBBY thinks - Oh shit!
(CARYN eyeballs BOBBY and then glances at his chest as he puts his shirt back on.)
TRINA - Uh...Caryn...you know Bobby right?
BOBBY thinks - Ok think fast before this bitch fucks my shit up!
BOBBY - Yeah, we met once before. Youâre a cheerleader right?
CARYN grinning - Um hmmm.
BOBBY thinks - I gotta get out of here!
CARYN - I aint mean to be disturbin'...
309 | P a g e

BOBBY - No it's cool, I was about to bounce up out of here anyway.
TRINA - Bobby?
BOBBY - I will call you later on. Chill with your girl, I will call. Promise.
(Before TRINA could protest, BOBBY is closing the door behind him. TRINA just looks
startled at the door. She then turns to CARYN.)
TRINA - Bitch, what the hell is the matter with you? Why in the world would you come up in
here and break up shit with me and Bobby? Girl you know I was about to get some and...
CARYN - Trina I didn't get my period.
We rejoin IVY KATRICE who is walking down the hall toward the stairs.
IVY KATRICE thinks - I hope PJ will be ok. Iâm sure she will. I just have to try and stay
strong myself. This shit is no joke!
(IVY KATRICE starts down the steps and as she is going down she sees IVY JUNE going
through the stairway door on the fourth floor.)
IVY KATRICE thinks - Hey, that was June? Where the hell is she going on the fourth floor?
(IVY KATRICE runs down the stairs to catch up with IVY JUNE. She runs through the door
and onto the fourth floor.)
IVY KATRICE whispering loudly - Ivy! Ivy June!
(IVY JUNE turns around. She is crying.)
IVY KATRICE - Where are you going?
IVY JUNE crying - To my room.
IVY KATRICE - What is the matter? What happened? You know we you are not allowed to go
to our rooms. What if one of the big sisters sees you?
310 | P a g e

IVY JUNE crying - I don't care. I can't take this anymore. I was just leaving class and I saw
Derrick. He was walking across campus to the dorm.
IVY KATRICE thinks - Oh God.
IVY JUNE crying - How can he do this to me? And how can Big Sister April Shower date him?
I swear when I see her again I might just...
IVY KATRICE - Wait, calm down. Now look, we have to pull together and get through
this...together. I got your back girl, I love you. Don't fall apart on me. Donât let no fucking
man make you this upset! Fuck him!
IVY JUNE crying - I try my best to not think about it. But every time she comes in the room
I think about him holding her...and...
(IVY JUNE starts to cry hard. IVY KATRICE hugs her and then realizes they are standing in
the middle of the hallway on the fourth floor.)
IVY KATRICE - June look. We need to take this somewhere. We can't do this out here like
this. If we hurry we can go to your room and get yourself together without any big sisters
finding out.
(IVY JUNE doesn't respond. She just cries...hard.)
IVY KATRICE - Come on.
(IVY KATRICE guides IVY JUNE carefully around the hall. IVY JUNE has her face in her hands
and is sobbing. A girl passes by and looks, IVY KATRICE doesn't pay attention and keeps
walking. They get to IVY JUNEâs room. IVY KATRICE looks around and then gets the key
from IVY JUNE and goes in.)
IVY KATRICE - Ok, I think we are safe in here for at least a few minutes.
IVY JUNE crying - I can't take this anymore. I am not as strong as PJ and you. I can't
pledge and go through this heartache at the same time.
IVY KATRICE - Yes you can and yes you are! June, I have never met anyone that retains
information the way you do. You are a brilliant mind and an attractive woman. You are very
strong. It is you and PJ that inspire and push me along. I am able to get through this
311 | P a g e

because of you. You have saved our asses so many times just because of the amount of
history you can remember. You learn greetings fast as hell and you are so on point.
(IVY JUNE stops crying so hard.)
IVY KATRICE - Any brother would be lucky to be with you. Don't cry your eyes out over
some asshole that hasn't even got the decency to not date a big sister.
IVY JUNE - You know what? You're right.
IVY KATRICE - I know I am.
IVY JUNE - I got more important things to focus on right now...if he wants to be with
her...well then just let him!
IVY KATRICE - True that.
IVY JUNE - Thank you Katrice.
IVY KATRICE - I am always here for you girl.
(The IVIES hug.)
IVY KATRICE thinks - Damn, twice in one day!
IVY KATRICE - Look we need to sneak up out of here. I suggest we do it separately. You go
first and go up to the room. Ivy PJ is in there. I will leave a few minutes after you and I will
make sure your door is locked.
(IVY JUNE wipes her face and then peaks her head out of the door. Once she is sure that
the coast is clear, she walks out and closes the door behind her.)
(IVY KATRICE picks up the phone and calls the campus directory. She then dials a number.)
DERRICK - Hello?
IVY KATRICE - Derrick?
312 | P a g e

DERRICK - This is he?
IVY KATRICE - This is Katrice, June's line sister! How the fuck you gonna date one of the
AKA's when you knew June was pledging! That is some foul shit!
DERRICK - Wait, who are you to be calling me and screaming on me? June broke up with
me so I am free to date whoever the fuck I want!
IVY KATRICE - You knew this would break her heart and now I have to listen to her cry
every day!
DERRICK - Well it's all her fault! I told her not to pledge! If she wouldn't have gone through
this bullshit pledge process, none of this would have happened!
(IVY KATRICE becomes enraged.)
IVY KATRICE - What! Well peep this motherfucker! The next time you go down on April,
recognize that you're tongue kissing me because I've already been there!
IVY KATRICE - And I know that I'm better than you!
DERRICK - You're lying!
IVY KATRICE - No I'm not! When you're touching her, she's thinking about me!
DERRICK - I don't believe you!
(DERRICK hangs up.)
IVY KATRICE - Oh yeah, well...hello! Hello? Just like a man...to run away!
(IVY KATRICE hangs up and gets her face together to leave.)
IVY KATRICE thinks - I'm glad June can lean on me in her time of heartbreak. I wish I could
do the same.
(telephone rings.)
DERRICK - I want to know the truth. Tell me what happened between you and April.
313 | P a g e

314 | P a g e

Episode 43
This weekâs episode begins with REGGIE, DONTE and NINO who have gathered at the Alpha
NINO - So how do you want us to handle this? What do you want us to do bruh?
REGGIE - Basically follow my lead. Everything is going to be their fault so just do as I say
and youâll see how it will unfold.
NINO - Cool.
DONTE - Yeah cool.
REGGIE - Aight, let's go.
(The brothers start to go downstairs where the SPHINXMEN are talking amongst
SPHINXMAN QUINTON - What do you think is about to happen?
SPHINXMAN JASON - I don't know, I just hope this whole thing doesnât turn out really bad
because of what I did.
SPHINXMAN LARRY - It probably will knowing your luck!
SPHINXMAN JASON - Huh? What's that supposed to mean?
SPHINXMAN LARRY - It means that I am tired of picking up the damn slack for you!
Everytime we get our asses whipped it has something to do with you and I am tired of it!
Do you know how bad we had shit come down on us just because you showed up to pledge
SPHINXMAN JASON - Yes I know exactly what you went through because I was there and I
had to watch!
SPHINXMAN LARRY - Well watching aint like gettin' your ass beat!
SPHINXMAN JASON - So what you trying to say?
315 | P a g e

SPHINXMAN QUINTON - Come on guys, we can't fight amongst ourselves, we're line
SPHINXMAN LARRY - Shut the fuck up Quinton!
SPHINXMAN JASON - So what the hell are you trying to say Larry?
(The sound of the big brothers coming down the stairs quiets the line. They jump back to
their pledge stance. SPHINXMAN JASON feels nervous as hell but then he glances at
SPHINXMAN LARRY and starts to get pissed again at what SPHINXMAN LARRY said.)
REGGIE - Sphinxman!
REGGIE - Do you know what that bullshit was about on the yard during your yard show?
DONTE - Don't just stand there, answer your fucking dean!
(DONTE slaps SPHINXMAN LARRY in the head.)
SPHINXMAN LARRY - Yes...I mean...no dean!
(DONTE slaps SPHINXMAN LARRY again. NINO looks on.)
REGGIE - It seems like one of you has a thing for hitting girls.
NINO - Yeah, what the hell is up with that?
REGGIE - Which one of you is it?
SPHINXMAN QUINTON - Dean, if one of us did it, we all did it!
DONTE - Shut the hell up Quinton!
(DONTE slaps SPHINXMAN QUINTON in the face. REGGIE looks at DONTE but DONTE
doesn't notice.)
REGGIE - Sphinxman, are you sure that is how you feel?
SPHINXMAN - Yes dean!
316 | P a g e

REGGIE - Fine, we had reserved punishment for the individual that had the audacity to hit a
lady. Because in Alpha, we don't play that shit. You don't put your hands on no girl. Is that
SPHINXMAN - Yes dean!
REGGIE - So since you motherfuckers all want to take the punishment...are you sure that is
what you want to do?
SPHINXMAN QUINTON - Dean, if one of us is wrong, then we are all wrong! We will take the
SPHINXMAN LARRY thinks - Speak for yourself!
REGGIE - Aight, you are all kicked off line. Don't call me dean anymore, none of these guys
are big brothers. My name is Reggie once again. There are no hard feelings. Maybe you can
try again next year.
NINO - So you guys can go ahead and leave now. Sorry you didn't make it all the way, but
like Reggie said, there is always next year.
SPHINXMAN QUINTON - Dean, we don't want to leave!
REGGIE - I told you to not call me dean anymore.
SPHINXMAN JASON - But you are our dean?
REGGIE - Ok look, the pledge process is over. Don't refer to mean as dean anymore. I am
Reggie, Ahpla student just like you.
SPHINXMAN QUINTON - But dean, why are you...
REGGIE - Because you said that you all wanted to suffer the consequences of the one of you
that fucked up. Well, we had decided to kick that certain person off line. So since you all
want to suffer as he will, you are all kicked off.
REGGIE - Why did you say it if you didn't mean it?
317 | P a g e

DONTE - You guys asked for this. And you got it!
NINO - So go ahead home or back to your regular college lives. We will be seeing you guys
around. No hard feelings.
(Nobody goes anywhere.)
REGGIE - Are we speaking Spanish or some shit? Yall niggas get the fuck out! This is our
house, and you are no longer welcome. Es mi casa, and get the fucko outo!
(NINO and DONTE laugh.)
SPHINXMAN JASON - But dean, can't we...
REGGIE - No, get out!
SPHINXMAN LARRY - I don't understand?
REGGIE - Oh you understand perfectly. Read my lips, get the fuck out!
(NINO and DONTE laugh hard again. DONTE goes and opens the door.)
DONTE - Goodbye gentlemen. See you at the interest meeting for spring two thousand
whenever! Good luck then.
NINO - Good bye.
(SPHINXMAN LARRY turns and begins to walk out with a disgusted look on his face.)
SPHINXMAN QUINTON - You think we should be leaving?
(The three start to slowly walk out, not sure if they are doing the right thing.)
SPHINXMAN JASON thinks - I can't believe this is happening. Oh God, I'm sorry.
(As soon as they are out the door, it slams behind them. QUINTON turns to look back but
LARRY is already walking down the street.)
QUINTON - Hey, wait up!
318 | P a g e

(QUINTON and JASON run to catch up with LARRY. They call his name but he doesnât stop
nor turn around. As if he does not hear them.)
QUINTON - Larry stop!
JASON - Hey man, slow down! Hold up!
(As QUINTON and JASON catch up to LARRY, JASON grabs LARRYâs arm to stop him.)
JASON - Hey man, wait a minute!
(LARRY turns around and punches JASON in the face.)
We change scenes and find GINA who is in her room by herself.
GINA thinks - I really hope I don't regret doing this.
(GINA picks up the phone.)
GINA thinks - Please be home.
MIRI - Hello.
GINA - Just listen, don't say anything.
GINA - When I think of losing you,
my heart still beats but it doesnât.
I heard a telephone ring.
I thought it was you but it wasnât.
How I miss your poetic words.
And your soft eyes gaze at me.
How I miss your gentle touch.
319 | P a g e

Itâs true love canât you see?
I know you feel neglected.
And that I put you in second place.
But please Miri understand
that this is not a race.
My sisterhood and my man,
are two totally different things.
I want to be able to enjoy
all the happiness that they both bring.
I never want you to feel my dear
that I just do not care.
Because if you lost everything you had
Iâd still be standing there.
My words donât flow like your words.
But my heart feels the same.
I know I hurt your feelings
and I am the one to blame.
I just want to say Iâm sorry,
truly from my heart.
Iâd rather have the pleasure of being together,
than the pain of being apart.
GINA - Well?
320 | P a g e

MIRI - Well what?
GINA - What do you think?
MIRI - I didn't know that you were a poet.
GINA - I'm obviously not as good as you. But it was on my heart and it came out. So what
do you think?
MIRI - Well the poem itself is impressive.
GINA - But?
MIRI - But...I still feel the way I do.
GINA - What?
MIRI - Gina, pretty words are not going to change the fact of what happened or what will
continue to happen.
GINA - How can you say that? That poem is all about saying I'm sorry. That wasn't easy for
me to write. I put my heart into those words and now you are spitting them back like they
don't mean anything.
MIRI - Like I said Gina, if the situation presented itself again, you would do the same thing.
And that is where my issue is. You can have all the pretty words that sound good and even
all the good intentions. But when the scenario comes up, that is where the test is. And the
question is will you pass or fail.
GINA - So what if I would have came at you that way when you stood on that stage and
read that poem to me? You were apologizing to me for disrespecting me! You used pretty
words! You even took it so far to stand on stage in an empty room with balloons and music!
I recognized how much trouble you had to go through to set all that up and I appreciated it!
Maybe poetry is easy to you but it isnât for me! It took me a long time to write this and
then muster up the courage to read it to you! And all you do is throw it back in my face?
Well Miri, maybe this is the best thing for us! Forget the whole thing! Forget I called! Forget
I even exist!
321 | P a g e

We rejoin IVY KATRICE who is on the phone with DERRICK.
DERRICK - I want to know what happened between you and April.
IVY KATRICE - Why should I even tell you?
DERRICK - Look, if what you are saying is true, there are a couple of scenarios here. Firstly,
I may not want to fuck around with a girl who is into that. Secondly, I know you are upset
about June because that is your line sister. But you may also be upset about April seeing
somebody else. So if I leave her alone...
IVY KATRICE - I get the point. Well this is what happened...
(APRIL opens the door and KATRICE is standing there.)
APRIL - Hey how are you doing, thanks for coming.
KATRICE - I really appreciate the fact that you let me speak to you openly while we study
and not like a prospective for your organization.
APRIL - Well I thought it would be a better learning environment that way and you could get
to know the real me if you werenât nervous or anything.
KATRICE - So I walk in and she starts eyeballing me. Looking at me the way only a lesbian
would pick up.
DERRICK - Uh huh.
APRIL - Octavia has been telling me to pay better attention to my classes and I didn't listen.
So have Max and Sylvia. My mother is going to kill me if I fail.
(KATRICE stands up and walks behind where APRIL is sitting.)
KATRICE - Just calm down ok.
(KATRICE places her hands on APRILâs shoulders and rubs hard one time.)
KATRICE - Wow, you are really tense.
322 | P a g e

APRIL - Yeah oooh. That makes it feel better though.
KATRICE - Wait let me finish.
(APRIL puts her head down and KATRICE massages APRILâs shoulders.)
KATRICE - You aren't going to sleep on me are you?
APRIL - No not at all. That feels great. Can you get my upper back as well?
KATRICE - Sure no problem.
(KATRICE places her hands up the back of APRILâs shirt and begins to rub her upper back.)
KATRICE - How is that?
APRIL - Good but can you push harder?
KATRICE - Sure but wait. Lie down, that would make it easier.
(APRIL moves to the bed and lies face down. KATRICE straddles her back and pulls up
APRIL's shirt. She pulls it right over APRIL's head.)
KATRICE - At this point, I want to fool around with her. And I wasn't sure if she was with it.
But she gave me this vibe that it was all good.
DERRICK - So what happened next?
KATRICE - We make small talk and then she asks me if I would mind if she turns over.
KATRICE - Yeah, and of course I don't mind. So she turns over and I can't take it so I start
to massage her chest.
DERRICK - Her chest meaning her tits?
KATRICE - No...her chest meaning her breasts...men!
DERRICK - Damn! Are you serious?
(KATRICE looks at APRIL's breasts.)
323 | P a g e

KATRICE thinks - Oooh these are nice, but I can't stop. If I break the flow, April will stop
me. Damn these look good!
(KATRICE rubs over APRIL's breasts to test APRIL's reaction. The only reaction is APRIL's
breath quickening. KATRICE places both her hands on APRIL's breasts and her thumbs on
APRIL's nipples and begins to rub.)
KATRICE - So then, I grab the lotion and started to put it on her. She definitely liked that.
That is when she started to ask me to kiss her.
DERRICK - You are bullshitting! She asked you to kiss her?
KATRICE - Yeah but I wouldn't. I wanted to tease her and it worked. She was begging me to
kiss her. So I let in and started to kiss her breasts.
DERRICK - I donât believe this shit!
KATRICE - Well it's true. Do you want to hear the rest or not?
DERRICK - Keep going.
(KATRICE continues to suck and doesn't miss a beat. She undoes APRIL's pants and APRIL
arches up to help KATRICE slide them off. KATRICE touches APRIL's panties and can't take
it anymore. She quickly goes to remove them.)
DERRICK - She didn't try and stop you or nothing?
(KATRICE pauses.)
(APRIL begins to moan and arch her back left and right. KATRICE folds her arms under and
around APRILâs legs to hold her in position. She performs quickly in one spot, never
breaking her motion. With every passing wave, APRIL feels that she truly cannot take
anymore, but then she does. Until KATRICE lets her down by slowing down immediately
almost to a stop.)
APRIL exhaling heavily - Oh my God! You are driving me crazy!
KATRICE - Thanks for the compliment.
324 | P a g e

APRIL - Tell me how you did that so I can do it to you.
DERRICK - What? She went down on you too!
(DERRICK's other line rings.)
DERRICK - Hold on, let me answer this. But don't go no where. I can't believe she went
there on you too!
(DERRICK clicks over to his other line.)
DERRICK - Hello?
APRIL - Hey Derrick, how you doing boo?
We rejoin SOROR FERGUSON and MONA who were just hung up on by IVY PRESJINA.
SOROR FERGUSON - Hello? Hello? Hello?
MONA - Mommy she hung up.
SOROR FERGUSON - I can't believe she has this much blatant disrespect!
MONA - I know. I can't believe it either.
SOROR FERGUSON - This is absolutely ludicrous. I need to speak with the chapter basileus
this instant.
MONA - Well what do you want me to do?
SOROR FERGUSON - I want you to collect all the information that you turned into the
chapter again. Did you keep copies of everything?
MONA - I think I did.
SOROR FERGUSON - Check and see. We are going to submit your application again. I know
some sorors in big places and I know I have some say, being that I helped start the chapter
at Ahpla.
MONA - Ok.
325 | P a g e

SOROR FERGUSON - Don't worry honey, you will be a Soror this semester. Mark my words!

326 | P a g e

Episode 44
We open this week’s episode with BOBBY who is in his room. He is on the phone with
BOBBY - So you kicked the niggas out? That’s cool.
REGGIE - Yeah, I’ll give them a few hours alone. They’ll probably start to blame each other
and then we’ll call them back.
BOBBY - Works every time. What is the deal with them crossing?
REGGIE - Everything should be according to plan.
BOBBY - Have you thought about a going over party.
REGGIE - Not in detail. I have been too busy trying to make sure everything else is on
BOBBY - Well I have an idea. Let’s have an official going over party for them during
REGGIE - During Alpha nationals? In Atlanta?
BOBBY - Yeah, that could be the shit! You’re going right?
REGGIE - Hell yeah, Atlanta is off the hook.
BOBBY - And I spoke to Nino and Trey, they are going too. And I know when the boys cross,
they will be down to go if we go.
REGGIE - Sounds like a plan, but where?
BOBBY - Well there is frat that I know who lives there. He was telling me about this spot
called studio central.
REGGIE - Oh yeah? Is it hot?
BOBBY - He said it was.
REGGIE - Who is this bro?
327 | P a g e

BOBBY - I actually met him in the chat room on skeephi. Mustafa is his name.
REGGIE - That’s cool.
BOBBY - But check this out, this is what I was thinking. I was talking to Sylvia and a lot of
the sorors are going to Atlanta too?
REGGIE - They are? For our convention?
BOBBY - Yeah, I’m telling you, this Atlanta convention is gonna be off the chains. So
anyway, they were talking to some of the sorors down there and they want to do a joint
party with us.
REGGIE - Oh that shit would be crazy!
BOBBY - I know. Sylvia told me that she met a soror in the chat room named naka2nv. She
seemed real cool. I think if we plan it, we can throw a large joint party at studio central for
our boys and the new Ahpla sorors. What do you think?
REGGIE - I think that is the bomb!
(There is a knock on BOBBY’s door.)
BOBBY - Hold on bruh, someone is on my door.
(BOBBY looks through the peephole and it is ALEXIS.)
BOBBY thinks - Oh shit!
BOBBY - Reggie let me call you back. It’s Alexis.
REGGIE - Handle your business bruh.
(BOBBY hangs up the phone.)
BOBBY - I’ll be right there!
(BOBBY opens his bottom dresser drawer and reaches behind his folded shirts. He pulls out
two pictures. One of ALEXIS and one of himself and ALEXIS. He puts them on top of the
dresser. He opens the door.)
328 | P a g e

ALEXIS - I think we need to talk.
BOBBY - Yeah, come on in.
(ALEXIS walks in.)
BOBBY - How have you been?
ALEXIS - I’ve been ok. How about you?
BOBBY - Cool. Kinda busy. Making sure these boys pledge the right way.
ALEXIS - Oh yeah, you have a line pledging.
BOBBY - Yeah, we got three.
ALEXIS - That’s nice.
BOBBY - Alexis, I know you didn’t come all the way over here to talk about the Alpha line.
Let’s cut through the small talk. What’s up?
ALEXIS - Ok fine. I would like to know why you decided to go outside of our relationship and
sleep with someone else.
BOBBY - Wow, you’re straight to the point huh?
(ALEXIS doesn’t smile.)
BOBBY - Here, sit down.
(ALEXIS sits on the bed. BOBBY is standing.)
BOBBY - Alexis, first of all, I love you. Make no mistake about that. I would die for you.
What happened with Trina was an isolated incident. It happened once. There is no one to
blame but me. I know that and I accept full responsibility for my actions. But just know that
I am sorry. I was sorry when it happened. The next thing I know, she is telling me that she
329 | P a g e

is pregnant. I said it probably wasn’t mine because she is a ho and probably fucks with a lot
of these Ahpla niggas.
ALEXIS - So you cheated on me with a ho? That makes it even worse Bobby!
BOBBY thinks - Ok, change that strategy.
BOBBY - I’m not saying she’s a ho like I cheated on you with a prostitute or something. I’m
just saying that I don’t believe that I am the only person that she has slept with. So if she is
pregnant, it probably isn’t mine.
ALEXIS - Did you...
(ALEXIS stops and then continues.)
ALEXIS - Did you wear protection?
BOBBY - Uh yeah...sure. I definitely did.
BOBBY - Look, I know you would not have come over here if you were not at least willing to
work this out with me. I want to keep my relationship with you Alexis. Like I said, I love
you. Do you want to work this out with me too? Do you want to be my girl again?
We rejoin IVY PRESJINA who is now confronted by BIG SISTER SHAREESA.
BIG SISTER SHAREESA - Well, well, well. If it isn’t PJ.
(IVY PRESJINA jumps up and stands in the Ivy stance.She doesn’t get a chance to wipe her
BIG SISTER SHAREESA - Sorors will put just about anybody on line nowadays huh?
BIG SISTER SHAREESA - So what’s with all this cursing? Since when do Ivies say shit? Is
this some new millennium pledging that I don’t know about Ivy?
330 | P a g e

IVY PRESJINA - No big sister!
BIG SISTER SHAREESA - Well then explain to me what is going on.
IVY PRESJINA - Big sister, there is a girl who tried to make line with me. I saw her wearing
the letters of Alpha Kappa Alpha. I warned her about it and she said that she would not do it
again. But now she told her mother that it was me wearing the letters. Her mother is a big
sister of Alpha Kappa Alpha and a founder of this chapter.
BIG SISTER SHAREESA - Who is her mother?
IVY PRESJINA - Big Sister Melinda Ferguson.
IVY PRESJINA - So her mother just called and had this girl on the phone with her. They
accused me of wearing the letters but it wasn’t me, it was her.
BIG SISTER SHAREESA - Well I think that once again you are mixed up in some shit where
you don’t belong.
IVY PRESJINA thinks - Huh?
BIG SISTER SHAREESA - Why is there always some drama with you PJ? Damn, you are
really not going to make a good soror!
IVY PRESJINA - Big Sister Shareesa, I didn’t wear the letters? Why are you coming down on
me for something I didn’t do?
BIG SISTER SHAREESA - Why are you questioning a soror? A big sister at that?
IVY PRESJINA - Because you are not treating me like a big sister right now!
BIG SISTER SHAREESA - Are you talking back to me!
IVY PRESJINA - You are treating me like Shareesa who is still mad that I fucked her man!
BIG SISTER SHAREESA - What the hell did you say!
IVY PRESJINA thinks - Oh shit! I should not have said that!
331 | P a g e

(IVY PRESJINA snaps back into the Ivy stance and doesn’t say anything.)
BIG SISTER SHAREESA - What the hell did you just say!
IVY PRESJINA - I’m sorry Big Sister! I didn’t mean that!
BIG SISTER SHAREESA - Oh hell no! You took this shit somewhere else! You want to deal
with me outside of AKA, fine! We can handle this shit right now!
IVY PRESJINA - Big Sister, I didn’t know Gregg was your man! Why don’t you believe me? If
I would have known, I would never have...
(SHAREESA pushes IVY PRESJINA hard. IVY PRESJINA falls on the bed but jumps back into
the Ivy stance.)
IVY PRESJINA - I am sorry Big Sister Shareesa!
BIG SISTER SHAREESA - Don’t even call me that PJ! It’s on bitch!
(SHAREESA slaps PJ across the face. PJ turns and holds her face.)
IVY PRESJINA thinks - Oh shit!
(IVY PRESJINA pushes back at SHAREESA shoving her to the floor. The door opens and BIG
SISTER N.A.A.C.P. walks in.)
BIG SISTER N.A.A.C.P. - What in the world is going on in here?
DERRICK has IVY KATRICE on hold and is now speaking to APRIL.
DERRICK - April?
APRIL - Yeah, what’s up boy.
DERRICK giggling - Hey, whaaaazzzuuuuppp!
APRIL - You’re so silly.
332 | P a g e

DERRICK - But listen, let me call you back. I got a call on the other line.
APRIL - Well who is it? They’re more important than me?
DERRICK - It’s my coach.
APRIL - I’m just kidding. Call me back.
DERRICK - Aight, cool.
DERRICK - Hello?
DERRICK - Hold on, let me make sure I cleared the other line.
(click, click)
DERRICK - Ok, cool. Now what were you saying? April went down on you?
IVY KATRICE - She tried. But it’s like your first time having sex. You’re not really good, ya
DERRICK - That is crazy as hell!
IVY KATRICE - Whatever you say.
DERRICK - But what if you are lying and you just want me to get back with June?
IVY KATRICE - Ask April if I’m lying.
IVY KATRICE - I think it is shady that you are dating an AKA after you knew how badly June
wanted to pledge. Out of all the girls to fuck with, you pick April. But that’s cool because
what goes around comes around. And that is why I told you this shit. I hope this shit fucks
with you for a long time.
333 | P a g e

DERRICK - What happened between me and June is none of your damn business, line sister
or not. You need to quit poking your nose, and your tongue, where it doesn’t belong.
Thanks for the info, now leave me alone.
(DERRICK and IVY KATRICE hang up at the same time.)
DERRICK thinks - I can’t believe this shit!
(DERRICK picks the phone back up and dials.)
RONNIE’s answering machine - Rowf! Rowf! Rowf! This dog aint in but leave me a message
and I’ll holla back at ya! Rowf!
DERRICK thinks - Damn!
(DERRICK hangs up and thinks to himself. He then dials again.)
JUNE’s answering machine - I’m not in, but please leave your name, telephone number and
a brief...
(DERRICK hangs up.)
DERRICK - Dammit!
(DERRICK dials again.)
APRIL - Hello?
DERRICK - Whaaaazzzzzuuuuppp!
APRIL - Hey boy.
DERRICK - What are you doing right now?
APRIL - A little reading. Why what’s up?
DERRICK - Let’s meet at the twenty four seven diner. I’m hungry.

334 | P a g e

Episode 45
We open this week's episode with BIG SISTER SHAREESA who was just thrown to the floor
by IVY PRESJINA. BIG SISTER N.A.A.C.P. has just walked in.
BIG SISTER N.A.A.C.P. - What in the world is going on here?
(IVY PRESJINA jumps back into the Ivy stance. Shareesa looks startled and looks up at
Octavia. Then she gets up.)
SHAREESA - I'll tell you what the hell is going on. I can't believe yall put this bitch on line! I
tried to warn you all last year! That is why I kept her ass off but I see the chapter didn't
heed my warnings.
BIG SISTER N.A.A.C.P. - What do you have against PJ? Why are you so upset?
SHAREESA - Because she is coniving!
(IVY PRESJINA starts to breathe heavy and her eyes begin to water.)
BIG SISTER N.A.A.C.P. - Presjina, loosen up. You can talk freely.
(IVY PRESJINA doesn't move.)
BIG SISTER N.A.A.C.P. - PJ, I said it's ok. Let it go so we can get to the bottom of this.
(IVY PRESJINA drops her head and looks at SHAREESA and OCTAVIA. Tears begin to fall.)
BIG SISTER N.A.A.C.P. - Now what is going on PJ?
IVY PRESJINA - Big Sister N.A....
BIG SISTER N.A.A.C.P. - Stop. For now, call me Octavia. I want you to talk openly. Call me
Octavia, call her Shareesa.
PJ - Ok. Well this all started last year. Shareesa's boyfriend is Gregg. And Gregg and I
dated. But I didn't know that Gregg had a girlfriend. He always denied it. But when
Shareesa found out, she blamed me instead of placing the blame where it really belongs, on
her man.
335 | P a g e

SHAREESA - That's bullshit! How could you not know he was my man! Everyone knows that
Gregg is my man!
OCTAVIA - I didn't know that. Well I didn't know it last year.
(SHAREESA looks at OCTAVIA likes she's pissed off.)
PJ - Anyway, I didn't know either. But by the time I found out, I had serious feelings for
Gregg. He never let on.
OCTAVIA - So then what happened?
PJ - I started to hear rumors that Gregg had a girfriend and that she might be a member of
Alpha Kappa Alpha.
PJ - I was scared to death. I couldn't tell anyone how scared I was because I wanted to be
discreet about me wanting to be an AKA. I didn't tell you or April.
OCTAVIA - I remember. I never knew why you didn't make line last year.
PJ - Gregg and I eventually stopped whatever we had going on. He would still call
occassionaly. But I had to get on with what I was trying to do. AKA burned in my heart and
I couldn't take rejection from him as well as the chapter. I was depressed for a long time. I
almost decided to not try this year.
SHAREESA - You shouldn't have!
OCTAVIA - So what is your side of the story Shareesa?
SHAREESA - I am going to listen to my man! And he says that he has never cheated on me!
I'm not going to take the word of some girl who obviously is infatuated with Gregg. Gregg is
my man and he loves me as much as I love him! And any girl that will listen to some other
girl over their own man is stupid!
While on the other side of campus...
TRINA - Say that one more time?
CARYN - You heard me. I said I missed my period.
TRINA - How many days?
336 | P a g e

CARYN - If it was just a matter of days, do you think I would be here? This is more serious
than just a couple of days!
TRINA - Oh shit! Here I am claiming to be pregnant and you may really be!
CARYN - Very funny.
TRINA - I'm not trying to make fun of you girl, you know I got your back. What do you want
to do? Whatever you want to do, I got your back.
CARYN - I don't believe in abortions or shit.
TRINA - So you want to have a baby? Damn!
(CARYN sits down.)
TRINA - Well whose baby is it?
BOBBY - Haven't I seen you before? You're a cheerleader right?
(BOBBY and CARYN start kissing furiously.)
BOBBY - Haven't I seen you before? You're a cheerleader right?
(BOBBY turns CARYN over and enters from behind.)
BOBBY - Haven't I seen you before? You're a cheerleader right?
TRINA - Caryn!
CARYN - Oh I'm sorry, I was daydreaming.
TRINA - So whose baby is it?
CARYN - Oh...uh...it's...
CARYN - Gregg's. It's Gregg's baby.
We move to DERRICK who has just been joined at the 24-7 diner by APRIL.
337 | P a g e

DERRICK - What's up?
APRIL - Hey you!
(APRIL leans over and kisses DERRICK. As APRIL takes her chair, DERRICK drinks some
water and slowly gargles and wipes his mouth.)
APRIL - What's going on?
DERRICK coughing - Nothing much. What's up with you?
APRIL - Chilling. I was reading up on some stuff but I am glad you called. I had been
wanting to see you.
DERRICK - Yeah, I thought you might.
APRIL thinks - Huh?
APRIL - Uh...what were you doing?
DERRICK - Nothing.
APRIL - O...k. Did you order already?
(DERRICK turns and looks around the restaurant. He doesn't pay attention to what APRIL
just asked him.)
APRIL - Derrick, did you order already?
DERRICK - Oh did you say something?
APRIL - Yes...did you order?
APRIL thinks - What's wrong with him?
APRIL - Well would you like to order something? I thought you were so hungry?
DERRICK - Yeah, or better yet, why don't you order for me?
338 | P a g e

APRIL thinks - Oh that's sweet, maybe he wants to see if I have figured out what he likes to
APRIL laughing - Oh you want to see how well I know you huh? That's why you want me to
order for you.
DERRICK - No, I want you to order for me because I told you to.
APRIL - Huh? Stop playing.
DERRICK - Do you see me laughing?
APRIL - Derrick, what is wrong with you? You have been acting funny since I got here!
DERRICK - Ok new rule. You don't question me. I ask the questions. Got it?
APRIL - Is this some kind of joke? What the hell is wrong with you?
DERRICK - There is nothing at all wrong with me. I just think that some things need to
change in our relationship. Things need to go moreso...my way from now on.
APRIL - When I met you, you seemed like a really sweet guy. But now you are talking crazy.
DERRICK - Whatever. Like I was saying, you need to go ahead and order for me.
APRIL - I will do no such thing. If you think I am going to be your slave or some shit, then
you got the wrong chick.
(DERRICK casually looks around the restaurant again as if he doesn't recognize APRIL
getting upset.)
APRIL - Are you playing around? Because it isn't funny anymore!
DERRICK - Look, stop talking so much shit aight. Just order my shit!
APRIL - If that's the way you want it, fine! But you can be obnoxious without me! I don't
have to take this crazy shit! Nigga you are trippin'! I'm out of here!
(APRIL grabs her bag and gets ready to get up to leave.)
339 | P a g e

DERRICK - You can leave if you want. But if I were you, I'd stay. Unless of course you want
me to spread the word on campus that you prefer females to lick on you instead of guys.
(APRIL's bag drops to the floor and she looks back at DERRICK. She feels her heat beat
much much faster.)
APRIL quietly - What did you say?
DERRICK smiling - I said, order my shit.
APRIL thinks - Oh my God! PJ must have told!
Next we join a meeting that has been called between the ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha. In
ASHANTE - I would like to start this meeting by saying welcome to our visiting sorors, Soror
Ferguson and Soror Bergen.
SOROR BERGEN - Thank you soror.
SYLVIA - And Soror Ferguson, let me say that it is a pleasure and an honor to finally meet
SOROR FERGUSON - Well thank you Sylvia.
ASHANTE - Now let's get down to business, shall we?
SOROR BERGEN - Sorors, I wish I could say that this is a social visit but we all know that
this is not. The matter at hand is Mona Ferguson. Can anyone tell us what happened with
her application?
(SYLVIA looks over at MAX.)
MAX - I remember receiving her information. I actually brought it here today for this
340 | P a g e

(MAX looks in her bag and pulls out a folder.)
MAX - If you look here, she has the transcript and her letter of recommendation from her
mother. But we asked for a letter from a faculty member to accompany this material. She
did not have that information included with the rest of this. I even tried to contact Mona
once to see if she could get it to me by the deadline that was set by the chapter. But I
didn't get a response from her. Of course, I didn't feel like I had to track down an interested
young lady. If anything, she should track me down.
SOROR BERGEN - This is true.
SYLVIA thinks - Work it Max!
MAX - So the chapter went ahead as planned with the induction of young ladies for this
SOROR FERGUSON - My problem is this. It just seems like a funny coincidence that my
daughter seems to have had problems with many of the sorors from the chapter, and this
recommendation letter mysteriously finds itself lost.
SYLVIA - Soror Ferguson, are you suggesting foul play?
(MAX reaches over and puts her hand on SYLVIA's arm to quiet her.)
MAX - Soror Ferguson, we all knew Mona's strong intent to become a member of this
organization and specifically this chapter. We knew of your desire to participate in any way
that you could. That is why I tried to call Mona when I realized her packet was incomplete. I
did not have a way to get in contact with you.
SOROR FERGUSON - I am pretty sure Sylvia knew of a way to get in contact with me if she
really wanted to.
SYLVIA - Who said I really wanted to? We don't get into the practice of chasing down people
that want to be in our organization. Or maybe it was different years ago.
SOROR FERGUSON - See, that is what I mean! No respect! Do you realize how long ago I
pledged young lady!
SOROR BERGEN - Sorors please! We do not have to argue, all we have to do is settle this.
341 | P a g e

(SOROR FERGUSON quiets down and looks sternly at SYLVIA.)
MAX - Like I was saying Sorors, I had no way to get in contact with Soror Ferguson except
through Mona. And when that didn't pan out, we had to go ahead on schedule.
ASHANTE - Soror Bergen, my question is for you. What happens now? From your stand
SOROR BERGEN - Ashante, there are a few options here. It really depends on what is
comfortable for all parties.
SYLVIA - What are those options?
SOROR BERGEN thinks - Mona needs to wait a year, or two, or three. That would be a good
SOROR BERGEN - Mona can decide to wait until the date when applications can be
submitted again.
SOROR FERGUSON - You mean wait until two thousand one?
SOROR BERGEN - Yes. Or she can submit her information to me now and be processed in
with the other candidates for the crossing.
SOROR FERGUSON - I have all of Mona's information. I want her put through now so she
crosses with everyone else.
SYLVIA - But how can that happen when the chapter was specifically given a deadline date?
And that deadline date was given by Soror Bergen herself to us!
SOROR BERGEN - Because it is still early enough for me to get her information sent in. I can
overturn my deadline date and accept it now.
SOROR FERGUSON - And I have the influence to push it through. I don't feel that Mona was
treated fairly. I helped found this chapter! I love Alpha Kappa Alpha and I love my
daughter! And I will embrace her in the love of this beautiful organization this year, when
you cross the other women you are bringing in!
SYLVIA - Soror Bergen, she shouldn't be able to do this! There has to be some standard!
What if everyone's daughter that doesn't deserve this decided to walk in here and cross!
342 | P a g e

SOROR FERGUSON - I will not stand for you saying that my daughter does not deserve
Alpha Kappa Alpha! Who are you to say that!
SYLVIA - Your daughter was caught wearing our letters! She doesn't respect you or any of
ASHANTE - Sylvia...
SYLVIA - No! This is a damn shame! This is the damn problem with organizations now!
People getting in that don't deserve it and don't respect it once their in!
SOROR FERGUSON - You are totally out of line young lady and disrespecting yourself right
now! I will not stand for you to use that language nor that tone with me!
SYLVIA - I will not stand for people to be admitted to my beloved organization that don't
deserve it! I will not allow this to go through!
SOROR BERGEN - Unfortunately for you Sylvia, you don't have a choice. Max, the date that
you cross your other inductees, you will also cross Mona Ferguson.

343 | P a g e

Episode 46
The week’s episode opens with JASON who was just punched in the face by LARRY in front
JASON - Aaahhhh!
(JASON grabs the side of his face and bends over. The punch totally caught him off guard
and he looks at his hand to see if his nose is bleeding. At that moment he feels a sudden
shock and gust of pain as LARRY has lunged forward and tackled him.)
LARRY - You motherf!...I hate you!...I hate...
(LARRY tries to pound JASON on the ground. JASON does his best to block LARRY’s
punches. QUINTON dives forward and tries to grab LARRY and pull him off of JASON.)
JASON - Get the hell off me!
LARRY - This is all your fault!
QUINTON - Stop!...Break it up!
(Finally QUINTON is able to get LARRY off JASON. JASON, still holding his face, is too
surprised to retaliate. LARRY is trying to get free and get back at JASON.)
LARRY - Let me go! Get off me! Let me go!
QUINTON - Stop! Calm down!
LARRY - No! I’m gonna whip his ass!
JASON - What the hell is the matter with you? I should kick your ass!
LARRY - What is the matter with me! What is the matter with me! First you leave us
hanging because you want to screw around with your girl! If that isn’t enough, you lie about
being in the damn library and almost get us all killed! Then to top it all off, you hit a girl on
the middle of the yard and get us thrown off line! Now we are never going to be Alphas and
it is all your fault! And you have the gall to ask me what is wrong with me? The only thing
wrong with me is this other idiot keeping me from beating you!
344 | P a g e

JASON - I said I was sorry man! What do you want me to do?
LARRY - Well sorry aint enough this time! You cant go through your life always saying your
sorry! There is no fucking excuse for hitting a girl! That shit is not characteristic of an Alpha
or any man for that matter! What the hell were you thinking?
(QUINTON lets Larry go. LARRY just stands there.)
JASON - I don’t know man, you know how bad I want to be an Alpha. And she almost
screwed all that up! When I thought about all that, I lost my head.
LARRY - So now you screwed that same chance up for all of us! Thanks a lot!
(JASON doesn’t look LARRY in the eye but he keeps his eye on him so he doesn’t get
surprised again.)
QUINTON - What we need to do is quit fighting amongst ourselves and figure out a way to
get the big brothers to put us back on line.
LARRY - How the hell are we going to do that? You heard them in there. They kicked us out.
They want nothing more to do with us at all.
JASON - Maybe I should be the one to try.
LARRY - Oh no! You’re the dumb ass that got us into this predicament in the first place!
JASON - And that is exactly why I should be the one to get us out.
LARRY - Hell no!
QUINTON - Wait Larry, maybe Jason has a point. What’s the worse that could happen? We
are already off line. Maybe he can somehow redeem himself this way and fix all of this.
LARRY - Am I the only sane person here? What the hell are you talking about Quinton?
QUINTON - All I am saying is that we hear him out. Maybe he has a good plan to get us all
back on line. That is what we all want right.
JASON - Hell yeah!
LARRY - I never thought I would want to be back on line! But yeah!
345 | P a g e

QUINTON - Well then let’s hear Jason out, unless you got an idea of your own Larry.
QUINTON - Larry?
LARRY - Alright dammit! Alright! But this better be good! What’s your idea?
JASON - Good!
(JASON turns and begins to run off.)
LARRY - Hey! Where are you going?
JASON - I gotta go and see this girl! I promise, I will fix all of this!
MONA’s Day.
8:30 am - Wake Up.
8:35 am - Bathroom mirror practicing greeting.
MONA - Greetings! Big Sister N.A.A.C.P.!
She don’t take no junk, junk, junk,
She la, la, la, la ,la
Let me see that thong!
Ha ha ha ha
MONA thinks - I sure am glad I won’t get in trouble for messing up a greeting!
9:15 am - Watches Jerry Springer.
9:40 am - Makes a phone call during commercial.
MONA - Hey aunt Cathryn, this is Mona. Just letting you know about my going over
luncheon that mom is throwing for me. Give me a call when you get in and I can get you
the details. Bye bye.
346 | P a g e

10:00 am - Leaves room.
10:08 am - Walking outside.
MONA thinks - My, what a beautiful pink and green day!
10:20 am - Boards campus shuttle bus.
MONA - Hey Miri.
MIRI - Hi Mona how you doing?
MONA - Great!
10:50 am - Walks across campus to class.
MONA thinks - I can’t wait til the day that I step as a Soror on this yard.
11:00 am - Class: The African Diaspora Today.
PROFESSOR - Today I want to create a paradox with the heroine Mary McCleoud Bethune.
How affective would her views, opinions and actions be in this so called new millennium in
terms of race, gender, and economics.
MONA thinks - Wow, wasn’t she an AKA?
12:00 pm - Class ends.
12:13 pm - Enters Callis student union to go to the cafateria.
12:15 pm - Goes to pay phone and makes a quick phone call.
12:18 pm - Enters cafateria.
MONA thinks - I think I will have the green salad with a glass of pink lemonade! Hee hee.
12:35 pm - Completes lunch.
12:45 pm - Walks across campus to The Plot, the official Ahpla University Greek
paraphanelia store.
EMPLOYEE - Hi may I help you?
MONA - Yes hi. I’m Mona Ferguson. I called in.
347 | P a g e

EMPLOYEE - Oh yes indeed. I have your design and layout all ready in the back. Let me
grab it for you.
MONA - Thank you.
MONA thinks - Wow, what a nice umbrella. Ooh what a cute hat.
EMPLOYEE - Here you are Miss Ferguson, just like you said on the phone. White jacket, pink
letters with green outline. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc on the back with the crest. Spring
00 on the sleeve.
MONA - Oh I love it.
EMPLOYEE - I am so glad you like it. Now you mentioned that you were not sure if you
would put a line name or number on here?
MONA - Oh...uh...let me decide.
EMPLOYEE - That is quite alright Miss Ferguson. You decide and just let me know.
MONA - So I pay half now?
EMPLOYEE - Yes and I can get started on this right away.
MONA - Ok.
EMPLOYEE - You know, you are lucky.
MONA - Why do you say that?
EMPLOYEE - Well, I have been in this business for a long time. And this time of year is the
hardest on all paraphanelia places. Everyone crosses at the same time and wants to buy
MONA - Uh huh.
EMPLOYEE - But it seems that you have beat the crowd. Yall must have had an early
crossing date this year huh?
MONA smiling - You could say that.
EMPLOYEE - Well thank you very much Miss Ferguson.
348 | P a g e

MONA - No, thank you.
1:30 pm - Walks back from The Plot to campus.
1:36 pm - Walks past the Alpha plot on the yard.
MONA thinks - SkeePhi frat!
2:00 pm Class: African - American Women in Science and Technology.
PROFESSOR - Today’s subject is Mae Jemison...
MONA thinks - Who?
3:00 pm - Class ends. Walks back across campus to shuttle bus.
3:10 pm Waits for shuttle bus.
MONA - Have you been waiting long for the bus?
STUDENT - Not long, maybe about...oh eight minutes or so.
MONA - Oh eight minutes huh?
MONA - Thanks.
MONA thinks - Hee hee, oh eight minutes.
3:17 pm - Shuttle bus arrives.
3:45 pm - Arrives back at room.
3:47 pm - Checks messages.
MESSAGE 1 - Beep. Hi Mona, this is mom. Call me when you get in. Beep.
MESSAGE 2 - Beep. Hi Soror Mona, this is Soror Mona! Ha ha ha ha, Skeewee! Beep.
MONA - Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
4:01 pm - Runs hot bath.
MONA thinks - Where is my...oh there it is.
349 | P a g e

(Grabs green bottle of pear glacee.)
MONA thinks - How cute! Green bath!
4:07 pm - Gets in tub.
MONA chants - S K Doube E, Double U, Double E,
SkeeWee my Sorors, SkeeWee!
4:20 pm - Gets out of tub.
4:30 pm - Watches last half hour of Montel
MONTEL - Susie’s mother abandoned her when she was just four years old...
MONA - Wow, imagine having a dysfunctional mom!
5:00 Study time
MONA thinks - I don’t feel like reading this! But if I put it off, I will never get to it. I guess I
better just get it over with. Boring!
MONA reads - Mae Jemison was the first...
6:15 pm - Telephone rings.
MONA - Hello?
AUNT CATHRYN - Hello Mona honey.
MONA - Hey Aunt Cath!
AUNT CATHRYN - I got your message. What is the date of your function.
MONA - Actually Aunt Cath, I don’t know. You may have to ask mom because she is
planning everything.
AUNT CATHRYN - Oh so I should ask Melinda?
MONA - Yes.
AUNT CATHRYN - All right. How is school? You studying hard?
350 | P a g e

MONA - Yes maam. School is fine. Gets better every day!
AUNT CATHRYN - That is good sweetheart. Make me proud.
MONA - I will.
AUNT CATHRYN - Ok bye Mona.
MONA - Bye Aunt Cath.
7:00 pm - Finishes studying.
7:04 pm - Logs on. Checks e-mail
7:30 pm - Logs off.
(Message on answering machine.)
MONA thinks - Oh, somebody called while I was online.
MESSAGE 1 - Beep. Mona this is mom. I guess your’re not in. I have to go out to a sorority
meeting so I will probably talk to you tomorrow. Beep.
MONA thinks - I will be going with you soon! Hee hee.
8:00 pm - Watches television.
9:30 pm - Falls asleep.
10:45 pm - Wakes up in front of television.
MONA thinks - Gosh, I must have fallen asleep. Let me get ready for bed.
(Puts on pink pajama set.)
11:09 pm - Gets in bed. Watches television.
11:23 pm - Falls Asleep.
11:40 pm - Wakes up. Turns off television. Goes back to sleep.
351 | P a g e

We catch up with APRIL who is at the 24-7 diner with DERRICK.
(APRIL reaches down and picks up her bag and it’s contents. She is in total shock. As she
sits up, she calls a waitress over.)
WAITRESS - Can I get you guys something to drink?
APRIL - Uh...yes. Could you get me a hot tea with with honey...and...
(APRIL looks at DERRICK. DERRICK is smiling.)
DERRICK - Ginger ale.
APRIL - ...and a ginger ale.
DERRICK - With no ice.
APRIL - With no ice...please.
(The WAITRESS walks away looking back at APRIL strangely.)
DERRICK smiling - That wasn’t so bad now was it?
APRIL - What do you want from me?
DERRICK - Nothing much. Like I said, I like you April. I like you a lot. I just find it
very...intriguing, the more I learn about you.
APRIL - How do you happen to learn about me?
DERRICK - Let’s just say that I have my ways.
(APRIL turns away in disgust. She is furious. She speaks without looking back at DERRICK.)
APRIL - Like I said, what do you want from me?
DERRICK - I am pretty sure you don’t want your business all over Ahpla.
APRIL - You would actually do that to me?
352 | P a g e

DERRICK - Would I? I think you and I are much better friends than that. I should not have
APRIL - Should not have to?
DERRICK - Baby, I am just a little curious. A little tri-curious I should say. You know what I
APRIL - What?
DERRICK - Hey, it’s the year two thousand. I’m with it. Obviously you are too. So let’s say
you set it up. You know, you me and she. Ha ha ha ha ha.
APRIL - And you promise you won’t tell anybody?
DERRICK - Oh sure! I promise.
APRIL - Ok, I tell you what Derrick. If that is what you want, that is cool with me. I just
have to check things with...uh...her. But I am sure I can be...convincable.
DERRICK - Really?
APRIL - I can make it hot!
DERRICK - Oh shit. That’s what I’m talking about!
APRIL - You ever had it hot before?
(The WAITRESS comes over.)
WAITRESS - Here are your drinks. Tea with honey and a soda. You two ready to order?
APRIL - Can you give us a few more minutes to decide?
WAITRESS - Certainly.
(The WAITRESS walks away.)
APRIL - So you think you will like it hot D?
DERRICK - Oh no doubt! No doubt!
APRIL - Then take this motherfucker!
353 | P a g e

(APRIL throws her hot tea on DERRICK.)
DERRICK - Aaaaaah! Bitch! What the fuck! Aaaaaah!
(APRIL grabs her bag and gets up quickly.)
APRIL - Go ahead you jerk! No one is gonna believe you anyway!
DERRICK - Aaaaaah! Shit!
(APRIL runs out of the diner and fumbles for her keys. She looks back to see if DERRICK is
chasing her but she doesn’t see him. She drops her keys.)
APRIL - Shit!
(She picks up her keys and grabs her car key. She quickly opens her car door, gets in and
speeds away.)
APRIL thinks - I hope I scalded his ass!
(APRIL drives back toward campus.)
APRIL thinks - How could PJ do this to me? I trusted her with this secret! I can’t believe she
could bring herself to do this!
(APRIL speeds into a parking lot on campus where OCTAVIA lives and parks her car.)
APRIL thinks - I don’t know if I am more pissed or hurt!
(APRIL begins walking toward the dorm and hears a skeewee from behind her. She turns
around and sees GINA.)
APRIL - Skeewee!
APRIL thinks - Ok April, fix your face, calm down.
(GINA and APRIL hug.)
GINA - What’s going on girl?
APRIL - Nothing much. Just going up to Octavia’s to see the Ivies for a few minutes.
354 | P a g e

GINA - Really? I was heading there too but I realized that I forgot something at home so I
am going to run back real quick. Maybe I will catch up with you in Octavia’s.
APRIL - That’s cool, I will see you in a little bit.
(APRIL walks toward the dorm and GINA goes in the other direction.)
GINA thinks - She is really cool. Hey, isn’t that the guy that I met...
GREGG - Well hello Gina.
GINA - Hi...I’m surprised you remembered my name.
GREGG - Why because you forgot mine? Don’t worry, I will let you off the hook. I’m Gregg.
GINA - The Kappa right?
GREGG - Yep. The one and only.
GINA - I am impressed you remembered my name.
GREGG - I never forget a pretty face.
(GINA smiles.)
GREGG - You know, I still feel bad about how we...bumped into each other before. My
invitaion for dinner is still open.
GINA - Why don’t you call me and we can talk about it.
GREGG - Fair enough.
(GINA writes her number down and hands it to GREGG.)
GREGG - So I will speak to you later.
GINA - Mmm hmm.
(GREGG walks toward the dorm and begins to hurry. He remembers he has to meet
SHAREESA there. He starts to jog there so he will not be late.)
GREGG thinks - Gina is really cute.
355 | P a g e

(GREGG gets to the dorm and sees APRIL waiting for the elevator. He breathes a sigh of
relief that he doesn’t see SHAREESA waiting.)
GREGG - April, what’s up?
APRIL - Oh hi Gregg, how you doing?
GREGG - Do me a favor? You may see Shareece upstairs. If you do, tell her I am down here
waiting for her.
APRIL - Ok, cool.
(The elevator opens and APRIL gets on.)
APRIL - Damn! I can’t believe Derrick was trying to play me like that! I wonder if he really
will try to tell people what he knows. I wonder how much he knows.
(APRIL gets to OCTAVIA’s room and knocks on the door. OCTAVIA opens the door and
APRIL walks in.)
APRIL - Hi Shareesa! What’s up Soror!
SHAREESA - April! How are you?
APRIL - Good, very good. Oh Ivy Presjina, I’m glad you’re here. I have a message for you. I
ran into Gregg downstairs in the lobby and he told me to tell you hello and good luck.

356 | P a g e

Episode 47
This week’s episode begins with NINO who is walking across the Ahpla yard.
NINO thinks - I need to get over to The Plot and order a crossing shirt for my spec Jason.
Maybe I should run there real quick.
(NINO looks up at the clock tower to check the time.)
NINO thinks - I got some time. Let me run there now.
(NINO quickly turns around because he hears his name called from across the yard.)
RONNIE laughing - Yo Nino! Tell your boy to watch his back! Ha ha ha ha ha!
NINO - Whatever nigga! Aint nobody trippin’ off you!
RONNIE - Hope he don’t leave his girl laying around! She might get snatched up!
(NINO turns around and continues to walk, not paying attention to RONNIE who is laughing
in the background.)
NINO thinks - That nigga Bobby needs to tighten up his game! This shit is ridiculous!
(NINO turns again when he hears his name once more. This time, he hears it much softer.)
TRINA - Hey Nino.
NINO thinks - Good grief!
NINO - Trina, what’s up babe?
TRINA - Nothing. How you been? I haven’t seen you in a while.
NINO - Aint too much. What about you?
TRINA - Maintaining. Has your boy told you the good news.
NINO thinks - Oh brother.
NINO - Well I’m glad that he did because if he hadn’t you would’ve.
TRINA - Ha ha ha ha ha. I know you too are cool so I knew he would tell you.
357 | P a g e

NINO - Are you happy? Are congratulations in order?
TRINA - Oh very. I just want Bobby and me to be happy together.
NINO thinks - Yeah right!
NINO - Well congratulations then.
TRINA - Thank you sweetie. Seems as if this bug is going around too.
NINO - Huh? What are you talking about?
TRINA - This is between me and you. I know I shouldn’t be telling you this. But if I don’t let
this out, I am going to explode.
NINO - What?
TRINA - I’m telling you this because this involves your boy too.
NINO - Bobby again?
TRINA - No Gregg.
NINO - Gregg? What about him?
TRINA - Seems as if a little Alpha won’t be the only addition to Ahpla’s campus.
NINO - What?
TRINA - Gregg is having a baby! With Caryn!
NINO - What! You are bullshitting!
TRINA - No man, it’s true. I heard it from the horse’s mouth.
NINO - Oh shit!
NINO thinks - How is he gonna explain that to Shareesa?
TRINA - Promise you won’t say anything.
(NINO is just staring with a blank look on his face.)
TRINA - Nino! Promise you won’t say anything!
358 | P a g e

NINO - Huh? Oh yeah, ok.
TRINA - Cool. I am so excited! I’m about to go see Bobby so I will talk to you later ok? Take
NINO - Uh...yeah Trina. You too.
(TRINA walks away and NINO is still standing there.)
NINO thinks - I don’t believe this shit! How do these stupid negroes get themselves into
these situations?
(NINO continues to walk across the yard.)
NINO thinks - Good, The Plot isn’t crowded at all. Damn, what the hell is Gregg gonna do? I
wonder if he knows yet?
(NINO enters.)
EMPLOYEE - One minute sir, I will be right with you.
NINO - Thank you. Take your time.
(NINO casually looks around the store.)
NINO thinks - Oh this AKA jacket is phat! I wonder whose it is. Spring two thousand.
EMPLOYEE - Yes sir, how can I help you?
NINO - Firstly, whose jacket is this? It is very nice.
EMPLOYEE - Yes it is. It belongs to a young lady by the name of Mona Ferguson.
NINO - That’s nice.
NINO thinks - That must be the name of one of the two Ivies on line that I don’t know. I
remember PJ. I’ll call Max and ask her.
Our next scene finds us with BOBBY and ALEXIS. She has come by his room to talk about
the status of their relationship.
359 | P a g e

BOBBY - Look, I know you would not have come over here if you were not at least willing to
work this out with me. I want to keep my relationship with you Alexis. Like I said, I love
you. Do you want to work this out with me too? Do you want to be my girl again?
BOBBY thinks - There is no way she is going to say no.
BOBBY - Huh?
ALEXIS - I don’t want to be your girl again Bobby unless some changes are made in this
BOBBY thinks - Whew!
BOBBY - I am willing to do whatever you want. Whatever you need baby.
ALEXIS - First of all, I want you to lose your pager.
BOBBY - What?
ALEXIS - That is the way that bitch gets in contact with you and I don’t want her to have
that kind of access to you.
(BOBBY takes his pager off of his belt and tosses it on the bed.)
BOBBY - Consider it done. What else.
ALEXIS thinks - Wow that was easy.
ALEXIS - Secondly, I want to know where you are every minute of every day.
BOBBY - Ok cool. I will even give you a daily itinerary. You will know what classes I have,
what buildings I am in, whatever you want.
ALEXIS thinks - Damn!
BOBBY thinks - Damn I’m good.
ALEXIS - You are willing to do all that to get back with me?
BOBBY - Wait just a second.
360 | P a g e

(BOBBY opens the door of his closet and pulls out a white posterboard.)
BOBBY - I was working on something before you got here. I was going to bring it over but
you surprised me.
ALEXIS - What in the world is that?
BOBBY - I designed a bar graph with my intentions to get back with you.
ALEXIS - You did what?
BOBBY - Yeah, look here. See, this first bar represents our relationship.
ALEXIS - Are you serious?
(ALEXIS starts to laugh.)
BOBBY thinks - I’m getting back in!
BOBBY - I’m very serious. It’s good to see you smile again.
BOBBY - So, this first bar represents our relationship. It was on the incline until I bottomed
out, as you can see here with this drop in production.
ALEXIS - You certainly did.
BOBBY - Uh...yeah. As you can see here, future projections are looking up. I see a definite
rise in market value and an increase in stock.
ALEXIS - Oh my goodness.
BOBBY - Experts are forecasting a very good return on emotional investment with low risk
of crash or failure.
ALEXIS thinks - He must have gone through a lot of trouble to do this!
BOBBY thinks - She probably thinks I went through a lot of trouble to do this.
BOBBY - If you notice this pie chart...
(BOBBY turns the poster over and there is a pie chart on the back.)
361 | P a g e

ALEXIS - My gosh.
BOBBY thinks - I know she thinks I worked on this for a week! Thank goodness I had this
laying around.
BOBBY - ...it clearly shows the potential for continuous growth in a future stable
(ALEXIS laughs.)
BOBBY - That concludes today’s presentation. I would like to now entertain questions from
the audience.
(ALEXIS raises her hand. BOBBY pretends as if he is looking all over the room amongst the
many people raising their hands to ask questions. ALEXIS giggles.)
BOBBY - I recognize the beautiful lady in the front row. Yes maam, state your name clearly
and your question.
ALEXIS - Yes, my name is Sexy Lexi and my question is as to whether or not I can kiss the
(BOBBY smiles.)
BOBBY thinks - Ok, it is a fact! I am the fucking man!
BOBBY - The lady’s question from the front row was whether or not she could kiss the
presenter. I normally don’t make those types of provisions, but in this case, I am definitely
sure an exception can be made.
(ALEXIS smiles.)
BOBBY - Would the lady from the front row care to stand up?
(ALEXIS stands up. There is a knock on the door. ALEXIS sits back down.)
BOBBY - I will be right back.
(BOBBY puts the poster down and walks to the door. He looks through the peephole and
bangs his head on the door because he sees TRINA standing there.)
362 | P a g e

We jump back into OCTAVIA’s room where APRIL has just come in and told IVY PRESJINA
that GREGG asked about her.
SHAREESA - What did you say April?
(IVY PRESJINA jumps back into the Ivy stance and looks straight ahead. OCTAVIA looks at
APRIL like she is crazy. APRIL smiles.)
IVY PRESJINA thinks - Oh my God!
APRIL - Oh I was just mentioning that Gregg asked about PJ. You know Gregg...the Kappa.
Oh Shareesa, you know him, that is your boyfriend right? I had almost forgotten. Are you
guys still together?
(SHAREESA and OCTAVIA both look at APRIL stunned. They look over at IVY PRESJINA and
then back at APRIL.)
OCTAVIA - Um...Uh...
(There is another knock on the door and the door opens. In comes SYLVIA and MAX who
are followed by IVY JUNE and IVY KATRICE. The Ivies quickly join IVY PRESJINA and get
ready to greet the Sorors.)
IVIES - A...K...A...Greetings Big Sist...
MAX - Stop. Pledge faces off. Sit down. We have a situation here and we need everyone’s
(Everyone begins to look for places to sit. SHAREESA just stands there.)
MAX - Shareesa are you joining us?
SHAREESA - No I gotta go. I am sure you guys are capable to handle whatever is going on.
I will catch up with yall later on.
SYLVIA - All right. Bye Soror.
SHAREESA - Bye Sorors, bye Ivies.
363 | P a g e

(SHAREESA turns to leave. She turns back around and gives a very harsh look at IVY
PRESJINA. SHAREESA walks out and closes the door behind her.)
MAX - Ok everyone. We have a serious situation that has arisen that we need to discuss. I
am sure you are all aware of who Mona Ferguson is.
APRIL - Oh God no!
MAX - She has come back and has been forcefully added to the intake process for this year.
We have no choice but to cross her with the three of you.
PJ - What!
OCTAVIA - What the hell happened at the meeting?
APRIL - Yeah how can this be?
SYLVIA - Let me break down the story because I am sure the Ivies don’t know what is going
on right now.
APRIL - I don’t believe this shit!
SYLVIA - We as a chapter voted down Mona because of her attitude toward the
organization. She has extreme disrespect for Alpha Kappa Alpha and for all of us.
JUNE thinks - She does? What did she do?
SYLVIA - But as you all know, Mona’s mother is a Soror and a founder of this chapter. So
mommy Ferguson wasn’t hearing that.
MAX - She made sure she used all the influence she had at her disposal to allow Mona
entrance into our chapter this year.
PJ - Madame Dean, can they do that kind of stuff?
MAX - People with power can do whatever they want PJ. I am trying to teach you all that
line is a synopsis of life. Works the same way in the real world. After this pledge process,
you will be prepared to deal with whatever life throws your way.
SYLVIA - So Mona has to cross into Alpha Kappa Alpha with you three.
JUNE thinks - I still don’t see what she did wrong but I aint saying nothing.
364 | P a g e

KATRICE - Madame Dean, does that mean Mona will have to pledge with us now?
MAX - Hell no.
SYLVIA - If we put her through what yall are going through, she would probably run home
and tell her mommy.
MAX - Besides, I am not going to disrespect your precious process with the likes of her.
PJ thinks - What the hell else can happen to me?
APRIL - There is no way we can legally rebuke this?
SYLVIA - Soror Ferguson has Soror Bergen in her back pocket. She really makes the
decisions here and I could tell just by the tone of the meeting that Soror Ferguson was
really the one who was in charge. Bergen was doing everything that Soror Ferguson told her
to do. I was pissed.
(PJ drops her head.)
MAX - So there’s nothing more we can do.
PJ screams - Aaaaaaaaaahh!
(Everyone is startled by PJ’s scream and they jump back. PJ jumps up and grabs the phone
and throws it against the wall. The phone crashes and falls to the floor.)
OCTAVIA - My phone!
(PJ runs to the door and opens it.)
MAX - PJ wait!
(PJ runs out and slams the door behind her. Everyone is shocked. KATRICE jumps up to
follow PJ but by the time she makes it to the door, PJ is gone.)
PJ thinks - God! I gotta put a stop to this right now!
(PJ has run to the stairs and run down five flights. She enters the floor and runs directly to
her friend JAHANNA’s room. She bangs on the door.)
JAHANNA - PJ? What’s wrong? What’s up?
365 | P a g e

PJ - Jahanna, you want to be an AKA next year right?
JAHANNA - Well...uh...yeah.
PJ - Ok, I need to use your phone right now and I need you to leave. Now!
JAHANNA - Oh ok...um...sure. Whatever you want.
(JAHANNA steps into the hall and PJ goes into the room.)
JAHANNA - PJ if you need anyting else just...
PJ - Where the hell is the phone!
(PJ sees the phone, grabs it and quickly dials.)

366 | P a g e

Episode 48
We begin this week’s episode with JASON. He left LARRY and QUINTON to go and visit a girl
regarding getting the SPHINXMEN put back on line.
(JASON stands at the door.)
JASON thinks - I hope she is home.
(The door opens.)
WILLIE - Jason? What’s up? What are you doing here?
JASON - Willie, I need your help badly. Can I come in?
WILLIE - Uh...sure. But what do you need from me? Oh wait, if this is about Theresa, I
JASON - No this isn’t about that. I will have to deal with that later.
WILLIE - Then what can I do for you?
JASON - Willie, the big brothers kicked me and my line brothers off line. It probably had to
do with the thousands of times I have screwed up since this whole process began. So I can’t
help to think that it is my fault.
WILLIE thinks - Oh they did a number on this one!
WILLIE - Uh huh.
JASON - I didn’t know what to do or where to turn. So I came here. I know that you are a
Delta and you know about pledging and shit. I know you may be able to give me advice on
what I should do to get the brothers to let us back on line.
WILLIE - Well Jason, you are right. I am a Delta and I do understand pledging. But the key
is, I am a Delta. I am not an Alpha. What exactly did you think I was going to be able to do
for you?
JASON -I know that all Greeks stick together. Somewhat. So I thought maybe you were cool
with some of the big brothers. Maybe you could talk to them and get them to reconsider.
367 | P a g e

WILLIE - That is crazy Jason.
JASON - Please! Please Willie! You gotta help me! You don’t understand! I have worked so
hard for this!
(JASON drops to his knees and begins to pull on WILLIE’s legs.)
WILLIE - Jason get up! What are you doing?
JASON - Willie, I am begging you! You have to help me!
WILIE thinks - Is he serious? The Alphas got these boys going crazy!
WILLIE - Ok, ok! Just get up off the floor!
JASON - Thank you Willie! Thank you, thank you!
(JASON hugs WILLIE and kisses her cheek.)
WILLIE - Ok enough already! Now sit down.
JASON - What are you gonna do?
WILLIE - You just sit back and watch me work. Just don’t say anything. You may ruin
(WILLIE picks up the phone.)
WILLIE thinks - I can’t believe I am doing this!
(WILLIE dials a number. JASON is watching, smiling. WILLIE looks over at JASON and
smiles back.)
WILLIE thinks - This is ridiculous!
WILLIE - Hello Bobby? Hey this is Willie...I’m fine how are you?...Good. You got a minute?
JASON thinks - Work it out Willie!
368 | P a g e

WILLIE - I just wanted to talk to you for a few minutes about pledging. You remember how
it was to be on line? How much it meant to you? How you would do anything you had to do
in your power to get the job accomplished?
JASON thinks - I know what she means!
WILLIE - I remember that too. It meant a lot to all of us. Everyone that has pledged can
relate to what I am saying. The pledge experience means so much. I just want to make
sure you are certain that each and every person has the same opportunities that they
JASON - Yes Willie! Yes!
WILLIE - Oh you understand fully?...You feel me?...Good...I agree. It is within the
individual’s own power to be the master of their own fate. I agree. Well thanks, I just
needed to get that off my chest. Do what you gotta do. Good luck.
(WILLIE hangs up.)
WILLIE - Ok Mr. Sphinxman, if those instructions are headed, you will have nothing to worry
JASON - Willie, how can I ever repay you?
WILLIE - You can cross and be a good Alpha man.
JASON - I promise I will.
WILLIE - Well the first part in being a good man is accepting the responsibility of being
wrong. You were wrong to hit Theresa. You need to admit that to yourself and handle your
JASON - You’re right. You’re absolutely right.
WILLIE - But first, I think you should go home, check your messages, and call your line
brothers. Yall better get ready.
JASON - Right! Thanks again!
WILLIE - My pleasure. And good luck.
369 | P a g e

(JASON hugs WILLIE one more time and leaves. He runs home so fast that he makes it
there in no time.)
JASON thinks - Larry and Quinton are gonna be so happy! I hope Bobby, I mean Mr.
President headed Willie’s words!
(JASON comes in his room and sees that he has two messages on his answering machine.)
JASON - I wonder who called?
(JASON pushes PLAY.)
WILLIE - Hello Bobby? Hey this is Willie...I’m fine how are you?...Good. You got a minute?...
I just wanted to talk to you for a few minutes about pledging. You remember how it was to
be on line? How much it meant to you? How you would do anything you had to do in your
power to get the job accomplished?... I remember that too. It meant a lot to all of us.
Everyone that has pledged can relate to what I am saying. The pledge experience means so
much. I just want to make sure you are certain that each and every person has the same
opportunities that they should...Oh you understand fully?...You feel me?...Good...I agree. It
is within the individual’s own power to be the master of their own fate. I agree. Well thanks,
I just needed to get that off my chest. Do what you gotta do. Good luck.
WILLIE - Jason, you are probaby wondering why you heard my voice in the first message as
if I was talking to Bobby. When you were at my house, I didn’t call Bobby, I called you.
Those words were for you. No one can put you on line but you. If you have the fortitude,
then you can do it. Dig deep down within yourself and think about this process. You will find
your answer there. Go to the Alpha house and make a good Sphinxman. Then cross and
make a good Alpha. Good luck, much love.
(JASON stands in disbelief. He then smiles.)
JASON thinks - Thanks Willie.
(JASON runs out the door.)
370 | P a g e

Our scenes change and we find NINO who has walked back from THE PLOT and is now in his
NINO thinks - I can’t believe both Bobby and Gregg! What is this world coming to? Ha ha.
(NINO picks up the phone and dials.)
MAXINE’s ANSWERING MACHINE - Hey this is Max. I’m not in. Leave a message and I will
call you back. God bless. Beep!
NINO - Maxine, what’s up Soror. This is Nino. Just wanted to tell you that I found out the
name of one of your girls! Ha ha ha! Give me a call when you get in and I can let you know
who. You know nothing is a secret at Ahpla. Ha ha ha.
(NINO dials again.)
SYLVIA’s ANSWERING MACHINE - Greetings. You have reached the home of Sylvia
Muhammed. Plesae leave your name, number, and a brief message and someone will get
back to you as soon as possible. Beep!
NINO - Slyvia, what’s up Soror. This is Nino. I heard through the vine line one of the names
of your girls. You should know better than to keep it a secret from the Bros. Ha ha ha. Give
me a call when you get in aight? Peace.
(NINO hangs up.)
NINO thinks - I wonder where Gregg is. I’m glad he’s not here. That will make this joke just
that much funnier!
(NINO goes into GREGG’s room and leaves an envelope on his bed.)
NINO laughing - He is gonna kill me but so what! I couldn’t resist. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
(NINO sits on the couch and turns the tv on.)
NINO thinks - Man, that is funny! Ha ha ha ha!
371 | P a g e

NEWS - There were riots in the streets of Los Angeles as hundreds of fans turned violent
when the Lakers beat the...
NINO - That shit is crazy!
(NINO pops up and looks quickly for a good book.)
NINO thinks - Damn, I gotta go to the bathroom all of a sudden.
(NINO grabs "My Soul’s High Song" by Countee Cullen.)
NINO - Let me read a poem written by frat.
(NINO goes into the bathroom and locks the door.)
NINO thinks - I know there is a good poem about Jesus in here. I forget what page it is on
(NINO hears the front door opening and the sound of someone coming in.)
GREGG - Yo Nino, you here?
NINO - Yeah G, I’m in here.
GREGG - Oh cool. Say hi to Shareece.
NINO - Hey Shareesa! I didn’t know you were in town.
SHAREESA - Hi Nino. I just got here.
GREGG - Nigga, make sure you spray up in there! Ha ha ha ha ha!
NINO - Shut up! I’m shaving! Ha ha ha ha!
SHAREESA - Yall are stupid. Gregg, I’m going to go lay down ok?
GREGG - Ok that’s cool. I’ll be right in with your bag. Let me just grab something to drink.
You want something?
SHAREESA - No, I’ll just drink from yours.
GREGG - Damn, can’t a brother ever eat or drink his own stuff when his girl is around?
372 | P a g e

(SHAREESA goes into GREGG’s room.)
NINO thinks - Oh here is the poem. I knew it was in this book. Countee was way ahead of
his time when he...oh shit! The card!
(SHAREESA sees an envelope on GREGG’s bed.)
SHAREESA thinks - Hmmm, what is this?
(SHAREESA opens it. It is a Father’s Day card from NINO.)
We switch to find PJ who is in JAHANNA’s room. She is on the phone and she just called
PJ - Hello, this is PJ.
PJ - Ma'am before you say anything, I have something very important to talk to you about.
Please, this is very important and very difficult. I need you to listen and just...listen.
SOROR FERGUSON - Ok, PJ. I’m listening.
PJ - Mrs. Ferguson, I need you to think back. Think back to when you first found out about
Alpha Kappa Alpha. How it intrigued you, how the notion played with you. How you went to
bed and dreamed about it. How you snuck around Pearl library to read about it. How it
enticed you and called you in.
PJ - Then think back to when you first expressed you interest to someone else. It was
probably a person just like you, a person who also wanted Alpha Kappa Alpha so bad she
could taste it. You two may have studied together. Then more came, and maybe more. I
know you remember this.
PJ - Then the rush came and you were scared to death but so anxious you couldn’t wait. So
you went and were in awe at the beautiful Black women you saw and were told about. You
373 | P a g e

took it all in and were speechless. You wanted it but didn’t even know what that really
meant. Your journey had just begun.
PJ - You did what you had to do. Every day, every night. Studied every day to show yourself
approved. You thought you may have been selected. Then you weren’t sure. Then you were,
then maybe you weren’t. I wasn’t there, but I know this is what went through your mind.
You then were chosen. The lucky but the unlucky. The awful decree had gone out that you
were to pledge.
PJ - That meant a lot to you and as terrified as you were, you would want it no other way.
Ever. Never. From day one, you no longer relied on your personal strentgh. You rested on
the strentgh of your line sisters. You relied upon the whispers of the founders. You saw the
visions of Soror Ethel Hedgeman Lyle. You heard her speak to you when you wanted to quit.
That is the only reason you kept going on.
PJ - You cried and laughed. You cried when you slept. You drew sweat. But for the name of
Alpha Kappa Alpha, you would have done it again. All over again. Every morning you woke
up with the notion that you were closer to the day you would wear Alpha Kappa Alpha. Wear
it proudly. Wear it without even wearing para. You wanted to wear Alpha Kappa Alpha by
the things that you did. By the statements that you made. By the way that you walked. By
the way that you held your head up, proudly.
PJ - You wanted to impress your parents who fully didn’t understand the sorority. Because if
my history is correct, your mother is not a member of the sorority. This was something that
you were doing for you. Not for anyone else.
PJ - Remember the times your lines sisters needed you? When you were the strong one.
You can’t remember to this day where that strentgh came from. Because you didn’t have
enough strentgh for yourself. But you would have offerred all you had and more for them.
PJ - Remember? Remember when you were alone with your line sisters? Remember talking
about crossing? Remember talking about the songs? All the tears, all the pain, all the
progress, all the success, all the hard times, all the good times. They would all be worth it
when you crossed. Remember?
PJ - Think back to your dean. The woman responsible for holding your hand through the
process. A woman you grew to love and respect. Think of all the lessons she tried her best
374 | P a g e

to teach her little girls. Remember the things she told you to keep you strong? Think back to
the things she said when no one was around but just you and her. Think back to how she
could look at you and see through you. Think back to how she listened so attentively when
you asked questions. How her strentgh helped you make it through and how you thank God
for your dean.
PJ - Remember when it was time. All the dreams, all the anticipation, all the waiting, it was
time. Remember crossing? Remember being welcomed into the loving arms of Alpha Kappa
Alpha? Remember Sorors embracing you? At that point you first realized you were no longer
amongst big sisters, but you were amongst...sisters. And it was at that time when you
looked up at the sky and thanked God. You were in the midst of hugging someone and tears
fell uncontrollably.
PJ - Your friends may have congratulated you. Your family members may have
congratulated you. But nothing in the world was like a hug from a Soror when it was all
over. Remember this? Remember all those feelings? All those memories? The good and the
bad? Do you remember? Do you?
SOROR FERGUSON - Yes. Yes PJ I do. I remember it all.
PJ - Mrs. Ferguson, I have only lied to you one time. And that was today. When you
answered the phone, I called you Mrs. Ferguson and I told you that this was PJ on the
phone. Maam, that was a lie. Big Sister Melinda Ferguson, my name is Ivy number three,

375 | P a g e

Episode 49
We begin this week’s episode with BOBBY. He is in his room with ALEXIS and has just
looked out the peep hole of his door to see that TRINA has unexpectedly stopped by for a
BOBBY thinks - Oh shit! Not now!
ALEXIS - Is everything ok? Who is that?
(BOBBY quickly turns around.)
BOBBY thinks - Ok, think fast!
BOBBY - Uh...yeah...it’s cool...well...actually...no it’s not. For some reason, the sphinxmen
are here and they aren’t supposed to be here.
ALEXIS - Oh really?
BOBBY - Yeah so I don’t know what they want. Just give me a second and I will find out
what they are here for. I’ll be right back, just hold that last thought.
ALEXIS - Well hurry up.
BOBBY - I will.
(BOBBY steps closer to ALEXIS and very gently kisses her on the cheek.)
BOBBY - I love you Lexi.
(ALEXIS smiles and looks down. There is another knock on the door.)
ALEXIS - You’d better get that.
BOBBY - I’ll be right there!
(BOBBY opens the door just enough so he can slide out. He then stands with his back up
against the door in case ALEXIS looks out the peep hole.)
BOBBY - Hey baby!
TRINA - Hi sweetie! I missed you!
376 | P a g e

BOBBY - I missed you too. What are you doing here?
TRINA - What? Is it a crime for a girl to come and see her man?
BOBBY - I guess not.
TRINA - Well can I come in?
BOBBY - Actually Trina, this is a bad time. You see, I have two of the sphinxmen inside. And
they are fucking up on their history so I have a few hard lessons to teach. This may take a
minute and it may get ugly.
TRINA - Oh, I’m sorry.
BOBBY - No problem, I know you didn’t know.
TRINA - Well listen, I really came by because I need you to do something for me.
BOBBY thinks - Damn, hurry up!
BOBBY - Sure, what’s up?
TRINA - I need you to come by my place.
BOBBY - For?
TRINA - So you can help me eat the dinner I am making for you.
BOBBY - Oh ha ha ha ha ha ha, that is funny. Ok sure, what time?
TRINA - Can you come by as soon as you finish with the line guys?
BOBBY - Yeah, I think I can do that. So I will see you then ok?
TRINA - Ok but please hurry. I want to spend some quality time with you.
BOBBY thinks - Oh God, not those two words again!
BOBBY - That sounds good to me. So I will be there as fast as I can when I am done.
TRINA - Great! And Bobby, I do love you.
BOBBY - I love you too baby.
377 | P a g e

(TRINA approaches BOBBY for a kiss. BOBBY is careful not to take his back off the door or
his hand off the doorknob while they kiss.)
BOBBY - See ya later on.
TRINA - Bye sweetie.
TRINA thinks - This is going to work perfectly!
(BOBBY watches TRINA walk all the way down the hall and then through the door to the
stairs. He sighs relief and goes back into the room.)
BOBBY thinks - Without question, I am the fucking man!
BOBBY - I’m back.
ALEXIS - I see. Come here.
(ALEXIS is sitting in the middle of the bed with her legs crossed. BOBBY smiles and joins her
on the bed.)
ALEXIS - Where were we?
BOBBY - I think I was supposed to kiss someone, is that person still here?
ALEXIS - I don’t know, close your eyes and let me see if I can find her.
(BOBBY sits up and playfully closes his eyes.)
ALEXIS - I think I found her but don’t peek. Are you ready?
BOBBY - Ready!
(ALEXIS reaches back and slaps BOBBY across the face with all her might. She hits BOBBY
so hard that he falls off the bed and hits his head on the floor. He grabs the side of his face
in shock.)
BOBBY - What the hell did you do that for?
ALEXIS - What do you take me for Bobby, a fool! I heard that bitch Trina’s voice at the
(ALEXIS jumps off the bed and heads for the door.)
378 | P a g e

BOBBY - Alexis wait! Let me tell you what...
(ALEXIS opens the door and slams it behind her.)
Changing scenes, we are now in the Alpha house. REGGIE, DONTE and TREY are there.
DONTE - Man, what’s up with your boys? They just left and haven’t tried to get back in
contact with us!
TREY - Maybe they took our act a little too serious. Maybe they really think that they are off
REGGIE - I would think that I have been teaching them better than to give up so easy. But
honestly, it is kind of surprising.
TREY - Did you talk to Bobby about it?
(The doorbell rings. REGGIE gets up to get the door as he is answering TREY’s question.)
REGGIE - I spoke to him about what was going on with them. And we talked about the
party during nationals in Atlanta. But that was the last time I spoke to him.
(REGGIE turns around and answers the door. There is nobody standing there. But there is a
gold envelope taped to the door. REGGIE sees it and looks down the street in both
directions. He sees no one.)
TREY - Who is it?
REGGIE - I don’t know. I didn’t see anyone but this envelope was taped to the door.
DONTE - Look, it’s gold. A gold envelope?
REGGIE - Yeah.
(REGGIE sits down and opens the envelope. He pulls a folded sheet of paper out. The paper
only has one word on it.)
379 | P a g e

DONTE - What is it?
REGGIE - I don’t know. Somebody is playing games though.
(There is a knock on the door. This time REGGIE jumps up to see if maybe he can catch the
person behind the pranks.)
REGGIE - Who is it!
(REGGIE opens the door. Once again, there is no one there. There is another envelope
taped to the door. This one is black.)
REGGIE thinks - What the fuck?
(REGGIE looks all around, up and down the block. He sees no one. He slowly turns around
to go back into the house.)
REGGIE - Hey, what the hell is going on?
DONTE - Nobody there again?
REGGIE - No, and another envelope.
DONTE - Well hurry up and open it.
(REGGIE opens this envelope and there is a single folded letter inside. He reads it out loud.)
REGGIE - Who’s?...What the hell is this stuff?
TREY - Keep an ear open for the doorbell. Next time they do it, ...
(The doorbell rings.)
REGGIE - Oh shit!
(REGGIE and DONTE both run to the door. They both swing it open and no one is standing
there. But there is a white envelope there this time.)
REGGIE - Shit!
380 | P a g e

DONTE - Hey, I’m going to wait here a few minutes. Maybe that way, I will see the person
doing this.
(REGGIE doesn’t answer but he opens the envelope as he walks back in.)
REGGIE - Back!
TREY - Back? Huh?
REGGIE - Oh wait a minute!
(REGGIE goes over and grabs the other two papers. He places them all together.)
REGGIE - Guess who’s back! That is what these are for. See? Together they say guess
who’s back? But who the hell is sending little notes about being back?
(At that moment, the power in the Alpha house goes out. The lights go down and the
television turns off.)
REGGIE - Shit! Now what?
(DONTE walks in and notices the power being out.)
DONTE - What the hell happened in here?
REGGIE - The power must be out on the block.
DONTE - It isn’t the block, I was just out front and nobody else’s power went out. Just this
REGGIE - What? What the hell is going on?
(The Bros are quickly startled as they hear noises from downstairs.)
REGGIE - Donte, is somebody downstairs?
DONTE - No. That is where the fuse box is, but who the hell is down there? Can you hear
that...it sounds like...it sounds like they are singing! Listen!
The light of the world...
381 | P a g e

it beckons to me...
alpha’s light shining...
as bright as can be...
The light of the world...
it beckons to me...
alpha’s light shining...
as bright as can be...
(The Brothers run downstairs together. They have to run carefully because it is very dark
with no lights working. They get to the basement and open the door.)
REGGIE - Who the hell is down here?
(All of a sudden the lights come back on. QUINTON, LARRY and JASON are standing near
the fuse box. They immediately start to greet the big brothers.)
SPHINXMEN - Guess who’s back! Guess who’s back!
Guess who’s back! Guess who’s back!
Dropping the line, you know that’s whack!
And we aint going out like that!
SPHINXMAN JASON - And that’s a fact!
SPHINXMEN - Guess who’s back! Guess who’s back!
Guess who’s back! Guess who’s back!
Dropping the line, you know that’s whack!
And we aint going out like that!
SPHINXMAN JASON - And that’s a fact!
SPHINXMEN - Greetings Dean and Big Brothers too!
382 | P a g e

We know you missed us because we surely missed you!
But now it’s time to do what we gotta do!
And we aint scared, just ready to make it through!
(REGGIE smiles.)
DONTE thinks - How did they get down here?
SPHINXMEN - Because we know the Alpha train is about to leave the station!
We’re trying to get our tickets now so we can join the Alpha nation!
And we know that it’s a test because big brothers are always testers!
So we’ll just keep your lights off for the rest of the semester!
Or take us back and we will pledge real hard!
And represent A Phi love on the Ahpla campus yard!
(The SPHINXMEN begin to whisper.)
SPHINXMEN whispering - And we aint scared, just ready to make it through!
And we aint scared, just ready to make it through!
And we aint scared, just ready to make it through!
(REGGIE looks at DONTE and TREY. They are both smiling in admiration. REGGIE drops his
head and smiles to himself.)
REGGIE thinks - These niggas shut down the power in the Alpha house! This is funny!
SPHINXMEN whispering - And we aint scared, just ready to make it through!
And we aint scared, just ready to make it through!
REGGIE - Line!
REGGIE - Follow me. Let’s go finish pledging.
383 | P a g e

We next find IVY PRESJINA who is on the phone with SOROR FERGUSON. IVY PRESJINA has
just revealed to SOROR FERGUSON that she is indeed on line and pledging Alpha Kappa
SOROR FERGUSON - You’re name is Ivy Presjina?
IVY PRESJINA - Yes big sister!
SOROR FERGUSON - You said those things from experience? From your heart?
IVY PRESJINA - Yes big sister!
SOROR FERGUSON - Presji...I mean...Ivy Presjina, it has been a long time since I have
pondered on those things. A very long time. But you brought back things for me that...
SOROR FERGUSON - ...you have touched my heart today. I remember those things,
everything you said. I went through it all. Those memories, fond ones, were hidden in the
corners of my mind and heart and I got so wrapped up in other things, I pushed those
memories aside.
IVY PRESJINA - Big Sister, I mean no disrespect. But Mona is going to get the pearls that
you and I hold dear to our hearts. She could not possibly understand a word of what I said
to you just now, nor will she ever. Unless she is brought in differently. But the way it is
happening now is wrong.
IVY PRESJINA - I know this is difficult. Mona is a nice girl. But even she deserves to gain our
sisterhood the way that we did.
IVY PRESJINA - Big Sister, because it is more than likely far too difficult to remove your own
daughter from the process, I present to you this option.
384 | P a g e

SOROR FERGUSON - What is that?
IVY PRESINA - Go to her room and look in her trunk. She has your paraphanelia. She was
wearing it when I went to her room that day. The same paraphanelia that you pledged so
hard for. The same paraphanelia that you wanted to pass on. She had it on leisurely not
doing a thing for it!
SOROR FERGUSON - And if I don’t find it?
IVY PRESJINA - If you don’t find it, then I will welcome Mona into this sisterhood with open
and loving arms. I will put aside the feelings that I have that she does not deserve this and
I will treat her as any other sister, with love and respect.
SOROR FERGUSON - And if I do find the paraphanelia?
IVY PRESJINA - Then you and I both know that you have a job to do. Not an easy one, but
one nonetheless.
SOROR FERGUSON - Ok, I will check it out. And if what you are saying is true, then I will
act accordingly.
IVY PRESJINA - Thank you Big Sister Ferguson, that is all that I ask.
SOROR FERGUSON - And Ivy Presjina, thank you. Thank you for helping me to remember a
few things that were lost in the memory of an old soror.
IVY PRESJINA - Big Sister, thank you for deciding to begin a chapter here at Ahpla and for
laying the foundation and the groundwork so that women like myself could one day pledge
and be a part of it.
IVY PRESJINA - Good bye Big Sister Melinda Ferguson of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
385 | P a g e

IVY PRESJINA screams - Yes! Yes!
SOROR FERGUSON thinks - My Mona may not be ready. Lord why does it have to be this
way? I may have to remove my baby from the process.
(SOROR FERGUSON wipes her eyes.)
SOROR FERGUSON thinks - Let me clean myself up. I can’t get down to the campus until
next week anyway for the line crossing. I will check Mona’s room then and if I find...
(SOROR FERGUSON closes her eyes to hold back the tears of inner pain.)
SOROR FERGUSON thinks - If I find the paraphanelia, I will stop Mona from crossing into
Alpha Kappa Alpha!

386 | P a g e

Episode 50
We begin this week’s episode with SHAREESA who is in GREGG’s room. She just found the
Father’s Day card that NINO left for GREGG.
SHAREESA thinks - Why would Gregg be getting a father’s day card?
NINO thinks - Oh shit! I left that card on the bed! Shareesa might see it! Damn! I’m not
finished in here!
(NINO quickly finishes what he can in the bathroom. SHAREESA begins to read the card.)
CARD - Dad, we all felt bad when we only got you a red tie for Father’s Day last year...
So this year we got you a red handkerchief to match your red tie! Happy Father’s Day!
Ha Ha Nigga! I just want to know one thing! If you have a boy, will it be a Nupe like his
daddy or a cheerleader like his mommy! Just jokes man, but really I got your back in
whatever you decide to do. But how do you find yourself in such stupid situations?! - Nino.
(GREGG enters the room drinking from a water bottle. SHAREESA is startled and turns
around. The card is behind her.)
GREGG - Wassup baby. You want some water?
SHAREESA - Uh...no. Let me get my bag though, I want to take an aspirin before I lie down.
GREGG - Are you ok?
SHAREESA - Yeah, just tired and I have to leave soon to go to the crossing of the girls.
GREGG - Aight.
NINO - Gregg! Gregg!
GREGG - Yeah wassup? I’ll be right back baby.
(GREGG walks out and SHARREESA quickly opens the card again and glances at it.)
CARD - Dad, we all felt bad when we only got you a red tie for Father’s Day last year...
387 | P a g e

So this year we got you a red handkerchief to match your red tie! Happy Father’s Day!
Ha Ha Nigga! I just want to know one thing! If you have a boy, will it be a Nupe like his
daddy or a cheerleader...
(SHAREESA hears GREGG coming back so she quickly puts the card in her purse.)
GREGG - Did you take your pill?
(GREGG glances at the bed as if he is looking for something.)
SHAREESA - Yeah, I’m cool. You know, I think what I need is a walk. Some fresh air.
(GREGG is still looking near the bed for something.)
GREGG - Uh yeah, a walk. Um...do you need me to go with you...or something?
SHAREESA - No I will be fine. I got some old friends I can stop by and see. Plus I have to
get ready to leave anyway.
GREGG - Uh...yeah...ok.
GREGG thinks - Where the hell is that card that Nino says he left?
(SHAREESA grabs her purse and a small bag.)
SHAREESA - I’ll just change while I’m out. Maybe at Sylvia’s or something. And then I will
catch up with you later.
(SHAREESA is holding back tears.)
GREGG - Ok Shareece...are you ok?
SHAREESA - My head just hurts.
GREGG - Ok. I hope you feel better.
SHAREESA - I will...soon.
(SHAREESA goes to leave. GREGG stops her.)
GREGG - Hey. I love you.
388 | P a g e

(GREGG hugs SHAREESA and tears fall. But she quickly wipes them away before GREGG can
SHAREESA - I’ll talk to you later on.
(SHAREESA walks out and sees NINO in the kitchen looking nervous.)
SHAREESA - See ya later frat.
NINO - Ok Shareesa. Good seeing you again.
(NINO looks at GREGG who is walking SHAREESA out. GREGG silently shrugs his shoulders
to NINO in reference to the card. NINO looks confused.)
GREGG - You can just come back when you are done. I don’t plan on going out tonight.
(GREGG opens the door for SHARERESA and she walks out. He closes the door behind her.)
GREGG thinks - Dammit!
NINO whispering - Yo, did she see it? What happened?
GREGG - I don’t know. I didn’t see it and she didn’t say anything. Are you sure it was on the
NINO - Of course I am. Man I am sorry, I didn’t know she was...
GREGG - I know man. I know you would not have done that shit on purpose.
NINO - Plus I thought you knew already.
GREGG - Dude I had no fucking idea! That bitch is saying she is pregnant by me? Dammit!
NINO - What are you gonna do?
GREGG - I don’t know.
(SHAREESA walks down the hall and turns at the end of the hall. She drops her head and
begins to cry heavily.)
389 | P a g e

Our scenes change and we find ourselves at the Alpha House. The Alphas have assembled
and the Sphinxmen are waiting in the basement. The Brothers are waiting on NINO.
BOBBY - I just want to take this time to congratulate Reggie on a job well done with the
boys. He was very careful and stuck to the plan. We had one scare on the yard but that was
handled. And congratulations to the chapter for your participation on bringing in another set
of good brothers. Oh six!
REGGIE - Oh six! Thanks man. And thanks to all of you for your help and support.
DONTE - I have seen a lot of lines come in and I must say, these guys were impressive.
(There is a knock on the door.)
BOBBY - That’s probably Nino.
(BOBBY opens the door, he grips NINO.)
NINO - Sorry I’m late. I had a problem at the crib that I had to handle.
REGGIE - No problem.
(The Brothers sit down.)
REGGIE - Ok guys, most of you know how this works. But let me explain for you first timers
like Nino.
WIL - Nino! Bout to be a prophyte kid! How does it feel?
NINO - I’m ready man! I am proud of these guys.
(In the basement.)
SPHINXMEN singing - Somebody pleeease...
Heeeelp meeeee...
I want to be an Alpha...
I’m down on my kneeees!
390 | P a g e

Somebody pleeease...
Heeeelp meeeee...
I want to be an Alpha...
I’m down on my kneeees!
SPHINXMAN LARRY thinks - I am ready! I am ready for whatever the fuck the big brothers
bring my way! I have worked hard for this! I remember when I was sitting right upstairs
and I said that stupid shit to Big Brother Ezah about wanting to pledge just for the ladies!
Damn! That shit sure has changed. I remember being a scared interest. Now I am ready for
whatever! What! I want to be an Alpha! Aint nobody holding me back!
Somebody pleeease...
Heeeelp meeeee...
I want to be an Alpha...
I’m down on my kneeees!
REGGIE - So brothers, here are the line names. Number one, Sphinxman Larry
is...Memnun. Memnun was a warrior. But unlike most warriors. He would fight whomever,
whenever, wherever for what he believed. He tried to defended his mother against attackers
and held back forty men by himself. But he didn’t become an affective warrior until he
channeled his energy and aggresiveness and used his strentgh to focus and attack. This
made him a well rounded leader, aggresive yet smart. That is how I see Larry. Hyper and
energetic. Down for whatever but cunning and smart. Memnun.
BOBBY - Oh six!
REGGIE - Larry’s alias is The Brown Bomber. Put that little nigga in the ring and he will be
just like The Brown Bomber, Joe Louis. Shit, he may knock out Mike Tyson if you get him
mad enough.
NINO - Ha ha ha ha! I like that. Memnun alias The Brown Bomber. Oh six!
(In the basement.)
391 | P a g e

SPHINXMEN singing - Somebody pleeease...
Heeeelp meeeee...
I want to be an Alpha...
I’m down on my kneeees!
Somebody pleeease...
Heeeelp meeeee...
I want to be an Alpha...
I’m down on my kneeees!
SPHINXMAN JASON thinks - I have fucked up from the beginning. But I tried to spring back.
I tried my best. Everything wrong has happened to me since this whole process started. I
remember playing my boys and boning Theresa when I should have been here at the Alpha
house. I remember telling the big brothers I was in the library to cover that shit up. I
remember Nino covering for me once he found out that I had lied. I remember Theresa
sending that e-mail out against me...that bitch! I remember wanting to kill her! I remember
seeing her across the yard and walking up on her...I remember hitting her! Dammit that
shit was fucked up! I wasn’t a man that night! I shouldn’t have hit her! I have learned the
true meaning of manhood. I have to apologize and fix things. I have to apologize...to be a
true man...a true Alpha man!
Somebody pleeease...
Heeeelp meeeee...
I want to be an Alpha...
I’m down on my kneeees!
REGGIE - Sphinxman number two. Jason. My boy Jason. Jason showed up a shady nigga.
He tried to get over on us and then he was gone. Then he came back trying to come correct
and then he was gone again because of that e-mail. He then came back once the e-mail shit
was corrected, and then he hits that girl. Then he came back once the boys were kicked off
392 | P a g e

line and fixes the situation and gets the approval of the big brothers. And I truly feel in my
heart that he wants to correct what he did to Theresa. Or at least try. Sphinxman Jason’s
line name is Aparra. It means the child that comes and goes.
NINO - Yeah baby, that shit is phat!
REGGIE - His first alias is Iceberg Slim. His second alias is Shaft, because that nigga will
pimp slap your ass!
WIL - Ha ha ha ha ha ha, oh shit!
DONTE - Bruh, I hear it!
TREY - Oh six!
(In the basement.)
SPHINXMEN singing - Somebody pleeease...
Heeeelp meeeee...
I want to be an Alpha...
I’m down on my kneeees!
Somebody pleeease...
Heeeelp meeeee...
I want to be an Alpha...
I’m down on my kneeees!
SPHINXMAN QUINTON thinks - This time is a long time coming. I don’t know what is going
to happen next. But I am ready. I have grown. I remember that day on the yard when I
approached the brothers so indiscreetly. What the hell was I thinking. I remember being
scared...so scared...so scared. Thank God for Alpha. It has helped me become a man. I
would have been a man anyway, but thank God for Alpha.
(SPHINXMAN QUINTON starts to cry.)
393 | P a g e

SPHINXMAN QUINTON thinks - Thank God for my line brothers, for my big brothers! Thank
God for my dean!
(SPHINXMAN QUINTON sings harder as the tears fall from his face.)
SPHINXMAN QUINTON thinks - I have to always be there for my frat brothers. I have to
always step forward and do my part. I have to always come forth and show myself
approved! I have to always step out ! I have to always step forward! I have to always lead!
I have to lead! Thank you Lord for this experience!
Somebody pleeease...
Heeeelp meeeee...
I want to be an Alpha...
I’m down on my kneeees!
REGGIE - Last but certainly not least, Sphinxman Quinton. I have never seen anyone rise to
the occasion like Quinton. He has grown up on line. He has stepped out in the front and
become a real leader. Sphinxman Quinton’s line name is Nefer' Tmu the Third Ra. Nefer'
Tmu means personification of the sun. An egyptian god that personifies the sun, just as the
sun always comes forth, so does Nefer' Tmu. The Third Ra represents the third ray or the
third light from the sun god Ra. Quinton is the third ray of the light of the world that is
Alpha two thousand. He is number three, thus the Third Ra.
BOBBY - Damn, that is deep. I like that shit!
REGGIE - His aliases are Hermes for being the line spokesman.
TREY - True that!
REGGIE - And The Negotiator.
TREY - True that too! I hear it!
BOBBY - Good shit bros!
REGGIE - Let’s go down and get these boys. We got some new Alphas to initiate.
394 | P a g e

DONTE - Hell yeah! A phi!
BROTHERS - Oh six!
We next find the ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha and the Ivies, PRESJINA, JUNE and KATRICE.
They have gathered in the Burke Building on campus. They will conduct the crossing there.
MAXINE - I asked you ladies to be here a little early today because I want to explain what is
going on. The ivies are in the next room so don’t talk so loud.
APRIL - What’s up now? What more can go wrong?
MAXINE - When PJ ran out of the room...
OCTAVIA - Yeah she broke my damn phone! She’s buying me a new one...when she
MAXINE - I’m serious!
OCTAVIA - Sorry.
MAXINE - When PJ left the room she called Soror Ferguson. She told Soror Ferguson that
she was an ivy and that she has been pledging AKA all this time.
APRIL - What!
OCTAVIA - Oh no!
MAXINE - The good news is that Soror Ferguson took it very well.
SYLVIA - Yeah. Apparently, PJ laid it on the line and really told Soror Ferguson the true
meaning of pledging. Of what working hard for AKA really means and Soror Ferguson had a
recollection of how things should go.
MAXINE - PJ almost had her in tears.
OCTAVIA - Way to go PJ!
395 | P a g e

MAXINE - Well Soror Ferguson has agreed to look in Mona’s room to see if she finds her
missing paraphanelia. If she finds it, she will remove Mona from this process and not allow
her to become an AKA now.
APRIL - Hallelujah!
MAXINE - But don’t praise too soon. She may bust us for having a line in the first place. She
may find the paraphanelia and get so upset that she turns us in.
OCTAVIA - That’s true.
SYLVIA - But we wanted you here a few minutes early because Mona will be here any
minute. She has been informed of the crossing by Soror Bergen who will also be here in a
few minutes.
APRIL - Damn!
(SOROR FERGUSON is sitting in her car across from MONA’s dorm.)
SOROR FERGUSON thinks - I can’t believe I am spying on my own daughter. But sure
enough, the paraphanelia wasn’t in my house where I thought I had put it. I have to at
least check Mona’s place. For my own sanity...and the promise I made to Presjina. Mona
should be leaving soon or she is going to be late.
(Just at that thought, MONA walks out. SOROR FERGUSON ducks down and MONA’s boards
the shuttle bus to campus.)
SOROR FERGUSON - Ok. Here we go.
(SOROR FERGUSON gets out of the car and walks through the front door of the dorm.)
ASHANTE - Well now that we are all aware, let’s go into the room with the ivies. We need to
say some last encouraging words to them. It is almost time.
SYLVIA - Yeah, let’s go.
(The AKA’s enter the room where the Ivies are.)
IVIES - Greetin...
MAXINE - Shut up! You don’t greet us in this setting! Sheesh!
396 | P a g e

(APRIL and OCTAVIA laugh to themselves.)
SYLVIA - Everyone have a seat. Ashante.
ASHANTE - Ladies, I just want to say congratulations. It was a pleasure meeting and getting
to know all of you. Presjina, June and Katrice. Soon we will welcome you into the loving
arms of Alpha Kappa Alpha. I can’t wait and I know you can’t either. Once again,
SYLVIA - April.
APRIL - I know yall don’t like me.
(The Sorors laugh.)
APRIL - But I was hard on yall for a reason. It’s because I knew you had great potential. As
a line and as individuals. I have never been prouder as a woman of Alpha Kappa Alpha. For
each one of you. I am so happy.
(JUNE starts to cry.)
APRIL - I am so happy that my little sisters...
(APRIL chokes up.)
APRIL - ...are coming into the family. I love you all. And I cherish the bond that we now
share. And to PJ, you have been a true friend to me. I think there are some things we need
to discuss, but know deep down...I love you PJ.
(APRIL starts to cry. So does PJ.)
SYLVIA - Octavia.
OCTAVIA - You three have become my babies. And soon you will be my sisters. We will sing
the hymn together. We will be sorors. I know you have dreamed many many times of this
day. It is almost upon us. I love each of my sorors. Everywhere. But especially the sorors
that made me and the sorors I had the priviledge to help make. You ladies were sorors
when we first met. It was just a matter of time to make it official. You ladies, June, Katrice
and PJ deserve this. You worked very hard and did all that you had to do. Congratulations
ladies. Congratulations sorors!
397 | P a g e

(KATRICE starts to cry. OCTAVIA walks over and hugs JUNE. JUNE is crying on her
OCTAVIA whispers - I love you spec.
JUNE - I love you too.
(SOROR FERGUSON gets off the elevator and walks to MONA’s door. She reaches in her
purse and gets her key to MONA’s room.)
SOROR FERGUSON thinks - I love you Mona.
(SOROR FERGUSON opens the door and walks in. She closes and locks the door behind
SOROR FERGUSON - I guess she would have it in her trunk. Where is the trunk?
(SOROR FERGUSON goes to the bed and gets on her knees. She looks under the bed and
doesn’t see the trunk.)
SOROR FERGUSON thinks - I can’t believe I am on the floor in my daughter’s room
snooping around! What is wrong with me? I can’t do this!
SOROR FERGUSON - And if I do find the paraphanelia?
IVY PRESJINA - Then you and I both know that you have a job to do. Not an easy one, but
one nonetheless.
(SOROR FERGUSON closes her eyes. She gets up and opens the closet door.)
SOROR FERGUSON - Mona’s trunk.
(SOROR FERGUSON drags the trunk out of the closet and there is a combination lock on it.)
SOROR FERGUSON - I don’t know Mona’s combination! What would she use?
(SOROR FERGUSON tries MONA’S birthday.)
SOROR FERGUSON - Nine, twenty five, eighty.
(It doesn’t work.)
398 | P a g e

SOROR FERGUSON - Uh...let me see. AKA and Alpha...let me try...nineteen, oh six, oh
(The lock opens.)
(SOROR FERGUSON opens the trunk.)
SYLVIA - This has been the scariest time for me as basileus. We have had ups and downs
this year. But I could not have done it without the love and support of the sorors in this
chapter, and Ashante giving me advice the whole time. Thank you.
(GINA walks in.)
SYLVIA - Hey Soror.
GINA - Hi ladies.
(GINA sits down.)
SYLVIA - Thank you Ashante for always being there for me. Ladies, what will be bestowed
upon you is more than an honor. This organization is a beautiful gift from God that you
should cherish and hold close to your heart forever. Forever. Never forget the things you
learned during this process. Don’t ever neglect a sister. Never disrespect the bond and carry
this sisterhood with the utmost respect wherever you go. I hope the creator smiles on you
all as he has smiled on Alpha Kappa Alpha. Max.
MAX - Well maybe Gina should go first before I speak. Soror, would you like to say a few
GINA - Sure, thank you. I just want to say that I have been shown nothing but love since I
came to Ahpla. I was nervous about transferring but you sorors have made it a wonderful
experience for me. I thank you for that. To the ivies, cherish this time. I miss my chapter so
much. But know that you have family and sisters everywhere now. Congratulations.
OCTAVIA - you are very welcome soror.
MAXINE - Sorors, young, old and new. It has been an honor and a priviledge to have the
responsibility to bring these deserving ladies into Alpha Kappa Alpha. When I was on line, I
399 | P a g e

never imagined I would be the one with this great task. But you ladies have helped me
come to my full potential by trying to help you see and meet yours. To Katrice, you have
become stronger than you ever imagined. I knew you had it in you.
(KATRICE looks up through tear filled eyes.)
MAXINE - June, you are truly a historian. Your love and respect for the founders and
foundation of this great organization is to be respected. PJ you came through hard as a
rock. You kept your head when all around you were losing theirs and blaming it on you.
Thank you ladies for the experience. Thank you.
(SHAREESA walks in. She has been crying but she speaks up.)
SHAREESA - Sorors, there is someone named Mona in the lobby. She is asking a lot of
(Everyone looks around at each other.)
MAXINE - Ok everyone. Fix your faces. It’s showtime.
We rejoin the Alphas at the Alpha House with the SPHIXMEN.
BOBBY - You are now members of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity incorporated! Congratulations
and oh six to my new frat brothers!
QUINTON - Is it over? Is it really over?
DONTE - Hell yeah! A phi!
(NINO hugs JASON. JASON begins to cry as NINO shows him the grip. QUINTON and LARRY
hug each other.)
NINO - Bro, I am so proud of you! I got some gifts for you frat!
JASON - Word!
(NINO picks up a shirt and a key chain.)
400 | P a g e

NINO - Check out this shirt! New clothing line just for Alphas and AKA's called Phirst Pham
Gear. And I got one for you and one for me.
JASON - Thanks! That's fat!
LARRY screams - Yeah! Hell yeah! A Phi! Oh six!
(The Brothers start to step together in the Alpha House.)
REGGIE - Everywhere we go...
REGGIE - You tell the story!
BROTHERS - Yeah! You tell the whole damn world this is Alpha territory!...
SOROR FERGUSON has taken all of her paraphanelia out of the trunk and laid it across the
bed. She cries as she looks at a photo of her and MONA on MONA’s desk.
SOROR FERGUSON - Oh God. I gotta get to the campus.
SOROR BERGEN - Ok ladies. Are we ready?
MAXINE - Yes maam.
SOROR BERGEN - Good. Well then let’s bring in the four candidates and begin. I see you
have a nice turn out of older sorors.
SYLVIA - Yes maam. Whenever we cross a line, many of the Ahpla sorors from the past
come back to help us celebrate.
SOROR BERGEN - That is wonderful. Well let’s begin.
(MAXINE goes into the room where the ivies are.)
MAXINE - Ladies follow me.
IVY PRESJINA thinks - This is it! I hope Soror Ferguson is here!
401 | P a g e

IVY MONA thinks - This is it! I hope mommy is here!
(SOROR FERGUSON is driving to campus.)
SOROR FERGUSON - I love my baby. But I love Alpha Kappa Alpha. Too much to see
anyone...even Mona not get it the correct way. Oh Lord.
(Someone cuts her car off and almost hits her.)
SOROR FERGUSON - Oh Lord my nerves. I can’t take this.
(SOROR FERGUSON pulls her car over.)
SOROR FERGUSON - Please Lord be with me. I know you know the pain and the difficulty of
this human situation. Just guide me Lord and help me. Amen.
(She begins to drive again toward campus.)
IVY PRESJINA thinks - Where is Soror Ferguson?
IVY MONA thinks - Where is mom?
(SOROR FERGUSON pulls up on campus and tries to find parking. In the process, she drives
up the block leading to the yard.)
SOROR FERGUSON - This is the same street we did our ivy march on years ago.
SOROR FERGUSON thinks - I can’t let Mona do this! I can’t! I worked too hard! I can’t let
her go through! She’s not ready!
(SOROR FERGUSON double parks her car by the Burke Building and runs up the stairs. She
is breathing very heavy and her chest is hurting.)
SOROR FERGUSON thinks - I have to make it in there!
(SOROR FERGUSON busts in the double doors.)
SOROR FERGUSON screams - Wait! Stop!
(All the Sorors jump and look around. Everyone is startled and shocked. They all turn
around and stare at SOROR FERGUSON who has just busted in.)
402 | P a g e

SOROR FERGUSON thinks - Did I make it on time?
MONA thinks - Mommy made it here for me!
PJ thinks - Will she stop Mona from crossing?
MAXINE thinks - Oh my God! Is she going to suspend us!

403 | P a g e


We begin this week’s episode with SOROR FERGUSON. She has just busted into the room
where the AKA’s are crossing the line. Her outburst has startled everyone.
MONA thinks — Mommy made it here for me!
SOROR FERGUSON — Am I too late? Did you finish crossing the ladies yet?
SOROR BERGEN — Uh…no Soror Ferguson. You are actually just in time.
SOROR FERGUSON — Great! I rushed over here as fast as I could. Sorry I was delayed but I
had to see my baby cross! I had to witness my little Mona darling become a new member of
Alpha Kappa Alpha. Sorry for the outburst.
(All the Sorors begin to laugh. MONA smiles.)
SOROR BERGEN — Ok Sorors, if we can continue please.
MONA thinks — I love my mommy so much! Skeewee mommy!
(SOROR FERGUSON smiles at MONA and waves to her as she takes her seat.)
MONA thinks — This is the happiest moment of my life!
SOROR BERGEN — Ladies, let me be the first to welcome you. You are now new members of
Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority incorporated!
(All the Sorors stand and clap. Many are crying, many are hugging.)
MONA thinks — Oh wow! Thank you Lord! Where is mommy.
(Before MONA can get to her mother for her hug, MAXINE steps in her way.)
MAXINE — Mona, I just have one thing to say to you.
MONA — Yes Max
MAXINE — It is a pleasure and an honor to have you in our sorority! Welcome!
MONA — Thank you…soror!
(MONA and MAX hug.)
404 | P a g e

MONA — Let me find my mother.
MAXINE — Oh yes, indeed.
(SOROR FERGUSON comes over with tears in her eyes.)
SOROR FERGUSON — My baby! Welcome to Alpha Kappa Alpha! Skeewee!
MONA — Skeewee!
MONA — Skeewee!
MONA — Skeewee!
SOROR FERGUSON has just busted into the room where the AKA’s are crossing the line. Her
outburst has startled everyone.
MAXINE thinks — Oh my God! Is she going to suspend us!
SOROR FERGUSON — Soror Bergen, it has been brought to my attention that these ladies
have conducted underground pledge activities for several weeks now.
(The Sorors in the room gasp in horror.)
MAXINE thinks — Oh no!
SOROR FERGUSON — Oh yes! I was contacted by none other than Presjina herself! She
informed me that her name was no longer PJ, but Ivy Presjina! I couldn’t believe my ears
(MAXINE looks across at PJ who has her head down.)
SOROR FERGUSON — Ivy Presjina then proceeded to tell me all about their underground line.
All that they had gone through. All activities which are illegal! I suggest quick action be taken
right now against the sorors of Ahpla University!
SOROR BERGEN — Are these claims true Max?
405 | P a g e

(MAXINE didn’t hear the question.)
SOROR BERGEN — Soror Maxine! Are these claims brought forth by Soror Ferguson true?
(SOROR FERGUSON smiles at MAX. MAX looks back at PJ who still has her head down.)
MAXINE — Yes…yes they are true.
(The room breaks out in chatter and discussions.)
SOROR BERGEN — Sorors! Sorors! In light of this new discovery, I move that we remove the
chapter here of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority incorporated from this campus to return no
sooner than fifteen years from now!
(MAXINE looks in shock.)
MAXINE — What!
SOROR FERGUSON — I second the motion.
SOROR BERGEN — Sorors, it has been moved and properly seconded to remove this chapter
until the year two thousand fifteen. All in favor, raise their hands.
(Every Soror in the room raises their hands except the Sorors in the chapter and the line.)
SOROR BERGEN — Ok fine! There you have it. You ladies will not gain entrance into Alpha
Kappa Alpha and you Sorors no longer have a home chapter.
SOROR FERGUSON has just busted into the room where the AKA’s are crossing the line. Her
outburst has startled everyone.
PJ thinks — Will she stop MONA from crossing?
SOROR FERGUSON — I can’t let Mona cross! She is undeserving, disrespectful and quite
honestly, a little bitch!
(The Sorors in the room gasp in horror)
SOROR BERGEN — Melinda! What on earth are you talking about?
SOROR FERGUSON — Explain this Mona!
(SOROR FERGUSON reaches into a bag and pulls out her missing para. The Sorors gasp in
406 | P a g e

PJ thinks — Yes! Yes! Yes!
SOROR FERGUSON — And that isn’t all!
(SOROR FERGUSON pulls out MONA’s jacket from The Plot. The Sorors gasp in horror.)
MONA — How did you get that?
PJ thinks — Yes! Yes! Yes!
SOROR FERGUSON — This, sorors, is a jacket that my daughter ordered prematurely! And
this is para that was stolen from my room that Mona has been wearing!
(MONA looks as if she is going to faint!)
SOROR BERGEN — Mona, are these claims true?
(SOROR FERGUSON walks up to Mona and slaps her across her face.)
PJ thinks — Yes! Yes! Yes!
(The Sorors applaud.)
SOROR FERGUSON yelling — Mona you are a disgrace to this organization and I am thankful
that I got here early enough to stop your trifling ass from becoming a member! Now go wait
in the car while I help cross these deserving members!
(MONA runs out of the room crying amongst cheers from Sorors.)
SOROR FERGUSON has just busted into the room where the AKA’s are crossing the line. Her
outburst has startled everyone.
SOROR FERGUSON thinks — Did I make it on time?
SOROR BERGEN — Soror Ferguson! What is the meaning of this outburst?
SOROR FERGUSON — I can’t allow Mona to cross! Am I too late?
407 | P a g e

SOROR BERGEN — Yes. Yes Melinda you are. I was just about to make the congratulatory
announcement to these wonderful ladies who are now sorors! Congratulations June, Mona,
Katrice and Presjina! You are now members of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority incorporated with
all rights and privileges as any other member!
(The Sorors start to clap. MAXINE and SYLVIA look at SOROR FERGUSON in shock but then
look back at the four ladies. JUNE is smiling. So is KATRICE. MAX quickly speaks up.)
MAXINE — Sorors, help me welcome these new sorors into the sisterhood.
(GINA hugs JUNE and OCTAVIA hugs them both.)
GINA — Congratulations soror!
JUNE crying — Thank you! Thank you!
(SOROR FERGUSON drops her head. APRIL approaches KATRICE.)
APRIL — Congratulations!
KATRICE crying — Thank you big sis…I mean…April…I mean soror!
(APRIL and KATRICE hug.)
KATRICE — Thank you so much! Thank you for being hard on us when we needed it.
APRIL — Just making sure you came in the right way.
(APRIL and KATRICE hug again. KATRICE kisses APRIL on the cheek.)
KATRICE whispers — Thank you April.
(APRIL kisses her back.)
SOROR BERGEN — Melinda, I see you finally came to your senses.
SOROR FERGUSON — Yes. But too little, too late.
(PJ looks across at MONA who is being hugged by random Sorors. PJ runs out of the room
and slams through the doors.)
JUNE — Oh God! PJ!
(JUNE runs after PJ.)
PJ thinks — Never my line sister! Never my sands! Never my line sister! Never my sands!
408 | P a g e

Never my line sister! Never my sands!
(JUNE comes out of the building and sees PJ crying very hard.)
JUNE — PJ, are you ok?
PJ screams — Never our line sister! Never our sands! June, I want you to always remember
that there are three of us! Only three!
DERRICK — Well then congratulations to the three of you.
(PJ and JUNE turn around and see DERRICK. He is standing there with a dozen long stemmed
pink roses with a green bow. He also has pink and green candy.)
DERRICK — Rumor had it that you were crossing here. I just couldn’t keep myself away.
June…I knew you could do it! Congratulations. These are for you!
(JUNE walks over to DERRICK and takes the flowers. He opens his arms for a hug. JUNE
hesitates, then hugs DERRICK.)
JUNE thinks — Oh my God!
(APRIL has run out to follow PJ. She sees DERRICK and JUNE in an embrace with pink and
green roses.)
Our scenes change and we find GREGG who is home. NINO and SHAREESA have been gone a
GREGG — I can’t believe this shit is happening to me!
(GREGG is still looking for the card that NINO said was on the bed.)
GREGG — Where the hell is it! I know if Shareesa found it she would have mentioned it!
(There is a knock on the door)
GREGG — Damn!
(GREGG walks out to answer the door. He looks at the couch as if he may see the card sitting
GREGG thinks — Damn!
(GREGG answers the door.)
CARYN — Hi Gregg.
409 | P a g e

GREGG — Oh God! The person of the hour! Come in here!
(CARYN walks in.)
GREGG — What’s this bullshit I hear from Nino that you are going around claiming to be
pregnant by me?
CARYN — Oh no no no you didn’t! Bullshit! Like you wasn’t up in it all the time!
GREGG — Yeah, me and every other nigga on campus!
CARYN — You punk ass! Stand up and be a man and claim your responsibility! You wasn’t
crying foul play when you were hitting it!
GREGG — But we used a condom every time!
CARYN — So what?
GREGG — So what? How the hell did you get pregnant by me if I always wore a jimmy?
CARYN — Things happen.
GREGG — Things happen? No, things like that just don’t happen!
CARYN — Look! All I know is we had sex I am pregnant. End of discussion.
GREGG — But what about the other guys you had sex with.
(CARYN thinks back to BOBBY.)
CARYN thinks — That nigga Bobby was all Trina said he was! He was off the hook!
CARYN — Gregg, that is what I have been saying I have not had sex with anyone else. Ever
since me and you started fooling around, I haven't had time nor energy from cheerleading to
mess around.
GREGG — So I am the last person that you have had sex with?
(CARYN thinks back to BOBBY.)
CARYN thinks— Oooh, no condom too! That was the best sex I ever had!
CARYN — Yes Gregg. You are the last. This baby is yours.
(GREGG flops down on the couch. CARYN sits next to him.)
GREGG — You know that neither of us is ready to handle a baby. We are both in college for
410 | P a g e

crying out loud.
CARYN — Don’t even go there. Abortion is not an option. You should have thought about that
before you started to hit it.
(GREGG stands up.)
GREGG — So you actually want to have this baby?
CARYN — Hell yeah!
(A key goes into the door and the door opens. Two people walk in.)
SHAREESA — So Gina, let me get this straight. We just crossed four girls but only three of
them pledged?
GINA — Yeah. That Mona chick shouldn’t have been…
(GINA stops talking when she notices GREGG and CARYN standing there. GREGG and CARYN
turn around and face SHAREESA and GINA.)
SHAREESA — Oh I’m sorry Gregg. I didn’t realize you had company. Who is your friend?
The Alpha House.
BROTHERS — Deep in my heart! I love my a phi! I love my a phi a! I love it! I love it! I love
Deep in my heart! I love my a phi! I love my a phi a! I love it! I love it! I love it!
QUINTON — I just can’t believe this day has finally come! I can’t believe it!
(BOBBY gives QUINTON the grip and hugs him. LARRY approaches JASON.)
LARRY — Sands!
JASON — Sands!
(They hug and them grip each other.)
LARRY — Man, this was a hard way to go.
JASON — I know.
411 | P a g e

LARRY — But honestly I don’t think our relationship would be at the level where it is now or
where it is going to be if it had not been for the way we saw each other on line. Ya know?
JASON — I feel you. Thanks for stepping to me and being a…real brother when I needed.
LARRY — I needed you too and you came though for us. That envelope idea was brilliant.
JASON — Thanks.
BOBBY — Nefer’ Tmu! That is a fat name!
QUINTON — Yeah! I love it!
BOBBY — You know, you stepped up quite nicely on line.
QUINTON — Just trying to do my part.
BOBBY — Well you did your part well. Qualities like that make for good chapter presidents.
QUINTON — Really?
REGGIE — Bros! Bros! The time has come for me to announce the name of the Ahpla spring
two thousand line.
(Everyone quiets down.)
REGGIE — I have chosen to name this line, the watchmen of the mystic sphinx.
BROTHERS — Oh six! A phi!
REGGIE — The sphinx holds the mysteries of Egypt and of the world. You are to guard those
secrets with your Alpha lives. Many will come and test you. But stay alert, be forever ready
and stay watchful.
QUINTON — Oh, this is a dream come true!
REGGIE — Your line alias…the three wise men. The wise men in biblical days followed a light
in the heavens until they reached their destination. Many think that they may have walked
for an hour or so and then found the stable where Jesus lay.
NINO — Go deep on ‘em!
REGGIE — But they traveled. Traveled a far distance. Never losing sight of that light. Always
pressing on to that goal. Never stopping, never quitting. Giving no excuses. Staying focused
until they found what they were looking for. Gentlemen, a phi a is that light. Hold up that
light and press on. Never stop holding up the ideals of the fraternity. Never quit! Never stop!
412 | P a g e

Never quit! Oh six!
BOBBY — A phi!
BROTHERS — Oh six!
(REGGIE pulls out three shirts. Each has A Phi A on the front and their individual line name
on the back. It also has The Wise Men underneath their numbers.)
REGGIE — Congratulations sons! Job well done!
(JASON puts his shirt on quickly.)
BOBBY — Bros! Let’s head over to the yard and step it up!
NINO — You know I am always down for that!
(The brothers begin to head out. They get outside and start going toward campus.)
LARRY — Jason, where you going?
JASON — Oh, I have to thank a certain female for her help in making me who I became.
LARRY — Oh…ok.
JASON — Don’t worry. I will meet yall there.
LARRY — Aight, cool.
(JASON leaves.)
JASON thinks — If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t think the way that I do.
(JASON runs. JASON gets there. JASON knocks on the door. The door opens.)
THERESA — What the hell are you doing here?