%&&' ()*+,-
.,)/ 01" Walking in circles for 5 minutes. Change direction every 20 seconds.
*Objective: To have body limbs ready for the exercise activity. The body needs to
adjust muscles before every moderate/vigorous activity to prevent injuries.

23#*4*#-5 Hot potato using mini balls and music player. Make groups of 4-5 depending
on the size of the group. Once the groups are formed, members in the group will pass the
ball to each other. A song will be playing while members are passing the ball. After some
time, the song/music will be stop instantaneously. The person who gets the ball at the
time the song is stopped loses the game and cannot participate anymore. The winners
from all groups can compete by forming a group to see who wins.

670)18"&5 This activity helps people move their arms, which help our joints, to be
more moveable. Also, a fun exercise can encourage people to participate in an exercise

Week Friday
.,)/ 015 Stretch body limbs. Make the group do a rotation of the trunk either standing
or sitting. Next, make the group do arms rotation consisting of abduction (away from
body) and abduction (toward the body) movements. Or making circles with the arms.
* Objective: same as above.
23#*4*#-5 Game activity consisting of imitating basketball. A trashcan will be use to
replace the basket. Have each member of the group throw the ball inside the trashcan
(they can throw the ball from their seat). The person who scores the more is the winner.
Variation: Have each member try out three times and if one score is made he/she stays in
the game if no score is made out of the three then lose the game.

.&&' ()*+,-
Warm up: Walk in circle for 3 minutes while doing hand, foot and head movement.
Activity: Dance activity. Ask members of the group to find a partner to dance with. Once
everyone has his or her partner, find someone who is willing to stole someone else’s
partner when the song is playing. The song will be stop instantaneously and the person
who stays without a partner will be disqualified from the game. The game will continue
until the song ends. The winners will be the last couple (the person looking for a partner
during the game should be encourage to stole someone else’s partner to stay in the dance

.&&' ()*+,-
Warm up: Stretch body limbs. From a standing or sitting position, rotate trunk, and
head. Stretch legs and hands. Do circles with hands.

Activity: Egg toss game. Have adults pick a partner and face each other at the center.
Give each pair an item to throw to their partner. If the partner catches the item, both
adults take one step backwards. If their partner does not catch the item, both adults
take one step forward. Play the game for as long as you want, with the winning group
being the group of 2 that is further away from one another.