Journalism 1

This full year Honors course will introduce students to all aspects of journalistic writing -
print, broadcast, on-line. Students will learn the facets of journalism including elements of
effective writing, editing, interviewing, reporting, layout and design, and photojournalism. In
addition, students will study the history of journalism, journalistic ethics, the role of media in
society, accuracy, balance, and time management. (Source: Coyle and Cassidy website)


 The following book is required for the course:
 Scholastic Journalism, (e-book) Tate & Taylor,
 The following app(s) should be downloaded on your Ipad:
 Showbie
 You must also bring the following:
 Pens/pencils – just in case you need them. I do not lend pencils or pens;
in an emergency, you may buy a pen or pencil for 10¢ (my cost).

Class Work/Homework/Late Work Expectations

 There are deadlines in this class. Failure to meet deadlines throws everyone off track,
not just you. Just as turning in an essay in an English class is important to a grade, so is
every assignment in a Journalism class. In the real world, newspapers will not hold the
press for you; radio stations will not tolerate “dead air”; television stations won’t take
kindly to an empty anchor chair!!! Neither will any college professor take a late paper.
 Check the monthly calendar for assignments.
 Homework is extremely important and will affect the quarter grade…don’t avoid it!
That includes any writing for the Warrior Word.
 Homework may include textbook reading with questions, worksheets, and writing and
editing of news stories.
 All homework must be uploaded to Showbie as a PDF by class time on the due date.
 Homework is assessed as follows:
10 points - (assignment on time, complete, shows time and effort)
5 points - (assignment on time, incomplete, shows little time and
0 points - (assignment not turned in on due date , except for absence –
no exceptions !)
 At times, students will be granted considerable freedom in class. It is expected time be
used wisely to complete assignments, schedule interviews, or assist in the production of
Ms. Quill
Room 103 (help available after school upon request)
Journalism 1

the newspaper. Students who do not take advantage of that precious time, will forfeit
the privilege.

 Tests, quizzes, and homework will be assigned a numerical value, depending on the
weight of the assignment.
 Tests may include chapter tests, news stories, News Journals, and major projects;
quizzes may include news quizzes, chapter quizzes, group activities, and projects.
 There will also be a midterm and a final. Each will comprise 10% of the final grade.

 If you have been absent, please check on missed assignments, tests and quizzes.
 For Warrior Word assignments, if you have an excused absence or if you are sick, make
arrangements to upload your story if there is a deadline for the newspaper.
 Any missed work must be made up within 5 school days (consult the student
handbook, page 14). Failure to do so will result in a “0.”
 Important: It is your responsibility to make up the work
 Tests must be taken on the scheduled date. Absence (except for an extended period)
does not excuse you from taking a test; the assumption is that studying is an on-going
process, not a day-before event.