Grade Humanities Honors Course Work
High Tech High North County is committed to providing you with the experiences you need to be
successful in life. An integral part of that success takes place in college which is why we are excited to
offer an Honors Credit Option during your unior year. !elow is a brief description of the maor
re"uirements for the Honors Credit Option#
$iction %eading and Analytical &riting
Approximately every month you will read additional book'work by the same author or dealing with
similar subect matter and complete a Novel Analysis in various formats including a formal report(
HOHA) Analysis( formal essay and book review. *All of these formats will be explained to you at the
Honors information meeting.+ $or example when the class reads The Great Gatsby by $. ,cott
$it-gerald( Honors students may also read Tender is the Night by the same author.
Non.$iction %eading and /osition &riting
Critical %esponse 0ssays *C%0+ will be due every two weeks. 1ou will read an article from a credible
news source such as The 0conomist( $oreign /olicy or T2)0 and write a two page argumentative or
expository response based on the article content. 1ou must attach a copy of the original article to the
response. 3ue every two weeks.
Critical Thinking and Collaboration
)eet every two weeks on &ednesday at lunch for Honors Happy Hour. 1ou )4,T bring a lunch this
day so that we can begin promptly. 3uring this time we may read an article and discuss issues or
problem solve( similar to a think tank( complete a 3!5 and criti"ue( watch a film and have post.film
discussion( engage in literary criti"ue( 56A( work time etc.
0ach student will engage in peer assistance. 1ou will be providing academic assistance to a buddy in
your core class. /articipation in additional peer tutoring during office hours is highly encouraged.
1ou will complete an historical presentation on a 4.,. History topic of your choice by the end of 8

1ou will be responsible for additional( in class course work on a regular basis. $or example you may
be asked to answer more challenging "uestions( to read more difficult text( complete additional
sections on exams etc.
0mpathy &ork
/otential proects related to 2witness or the !oys and 9irls Club
Important Due Dates and Meeting Times*
Honors Happy Hour Semester I.
Critical esponse !ssays are due e"ery t#o
#eeks on Wednesdays "ia !dmodo.
,emester 2 3ue 3ates
$o"el %nalysis due "ia !dmodo
Semester I Due Dates
NA C= :;'8:'=>
NA C< =:'8:'=>
NA C8 =='8:'=>
NA C> =<'8:'=>
Honors Happy Hour Semester II.
:A'=>'=A Honors Celebration
Critical esponse !ssays are due e"ery t#o
#eeks on Wednesdays "ia !dmodo.
,emester 22 3ue 3ates
$o"el %nalysis due "ia !dmodo
Semester II Due Dates
NA C= :<'<@'=> $ilm Analysis
NA C< :8'8:'=>
NA C8 :>'8:'=>
NA C> :A'<A'=>
D2n the event that these due dates change you will be given advance notice.
Grade Humanities
Honors %greement
The Honors program at High Tech High North County exists for students who desire an additional
challenge. ,tudents who wish to take the class for honors credit are committed to the regular class
workload( plus additional proect work( papers and exam "uestions. The additional workload re"uires a
greater degree of 0nglish'History knowledge and understanding.
&e recogni-e that one reason that students take honors courses is the weighted 9/A that comes with
this course( which helps during college admissions. Therefore( we allow students to take courses for
honors credit for which 4C will grant weighted 9/AEs( namely unior and senior core classes.
2t will be the studentEs responsibility to prepare for the assignments and to seek assistance from the
teacher whenever necessary. Honors course work is graded and there is a -ero tolerance policy for late
work. Critical %esponse 0ssays( Novel Analyses and any other assigned work must be turned in on the
specified due date. ,tudents are aware of due.dates far in advance so they have plenty of time to work
out computer'printer'life issues. The strict policy is not meant to put pressure on students however
students are receiving double honors credit( one for 4, History and one for 0nglish 222. 2n light of this
students need to demonstrate high academic achievement and personal responsibility.
,tudents must commit to the honors program for the entire semester. %e"uests to take the Honors
Credit Option must be submitted to )ichelle Clark no later than ,eptember =:( <:=>. They will be
handled on a case.by.case basis.
2( FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF( am committed to taking ==
9rade Humanities for Honors
Credit. 2 understand that 2 am committed to the honors program for the entire semester regardless of
what my grade is at any given point of the semester. 2 also understand that it is my responsibility to
prepare for honors assignments and that 2 am re"uired to seek assistance whenever necessary.