Windsor Middle School

Course Expectations – 6
Grade Intervention Math

Teacher: Matthew Hill Phone: 970.686.8200 x3001
Room: 602 e-mail:

Class Mission: This course is dedicated to providing additional math support and instruction in addition
to a student’s core math class. Through pre-assessments, students will be provided with differentiated
instruction based on their individual need. They will receive this support until they are ready to succeed
independently in the core math classroom.

Curriculum & Resources: In addition to supplementing instruction for the CPM curriculum, students
will be using ALEKS, an online individualized math program.

Behavior Expectations: My expectation of all students is to show respect. This means respecting their
classmates, themselves, staff, volunteers, materials, and property at all times in our classroom
Additionally, all Windsor Middle School policies are expectations that must be followed in this class.
Should a violation of any of these expectations occur, there will be a consequence. Consequences include,
but are not limited to: a conference with Mrs. Schreiber, parent conference, or removal from class.

What is ALEKS?: ALEKS is an online math program that your student can access from both home and
school. The program is individualized to target the specific areas that your student struggles with in
math. It also has built-in tutorials for topics when it is not possible to get one-on-one instruction from a
teacher in areas that are difficult. It can be accessed at home by going to

How your student is being graded: Students will be evaluated based on daily participation, time spent
on ALEKS, and ALEKS growth. Intervention Math class is a PASS/FAIL course in the infinite campus
report card system. Pass/Failure is determined the same way as a letter grade. Any cumulative class
grade of a D or higher is considered PASSING.

Below is a more specific breakdown of the class grades based on the traditional grading scale. The
minutes grading scale is listed on the left and a grade is given on a weekly basis. The growth grade scale
is a “fluid” grading scale, which means the total points changes from weekly based on what the target
growth percentage is. Growth is determined by how much your student has improved since their initial
ALEKS screening.

Grade 1: ALEKS Minutes Grade 2: ALEKS Growth
75 minutes + = “A” Week 2 target: 3 percent growth
65-74 minutes = “B” Week 3 target: 6 percent growth
55-64 minutes = “C” Week 4 target: 9 percent growth
45-54 minutes = “D” Week 5 target: 12 percent growth
below 45 minutes = “F” Week 6 target: 15 percent growth

Required Supplies (must be brought to class every day, unless otherwise instructed):
 Pencil & eraser
 CPM Textbook (core math class textbook)
 Core math class homework and notebook
Electronics Policy: If cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, etc. are seen or heard without teacher permission
they will be taken by Mr. Hill and will be given to the front office. Parents will be notified to collect these
from the front office.

Food & Beverage: There will be no food or beverage allowed in the classroom, with the exception of
water and approved classroom celebrations.

Hall Passes: Bathroom breaks are allowed, but must be taken at appropriate times during the class. If this
privilege is abused, it will be taken away. Students must request permission, sign the restroom log, and
take the pass with them.

Exit Criteria: Because this class is designed to support students until they can be independently
successful in their core math class, they have the ability to graduate out. Exit criteria includes:
 a grade of a “B” or better in Math Intervention
 a grade of a “C” or better in core math
 intervention and core teacher recommendation
Teacher Promises:
As your teacher, I promise the following things:
 Support your individual learning needs
 Encourage you to reach your potential
 Be available before and after school, during lunch, and during my plan whenever possible to
assist with any needs
 Provide enriching lessons and assignments
 Create a safe environment for learning to take place

Teacher Signature
Student Promises:
As a student in the classroom, I need the following things from you:
 Come to class prepared, on time, and with an open mind to learn
 Try to have a positive attitude with everything you do
 Discuss concerns and/or accomplishments with me
 Put forth your full effort into all activities
 Never give up
 Respect your peers, teachers, and classroom visitors
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I, __________________________________, have read and understand Mr. Hill’s classroom expectations
and procedures. I agree to abide by them. In addition, I have read and discussed the expectations and
procedures with my parent(s)/guardian(s), and he or she has agreed to call or email Mrs. Schreiber with
any questions or concerns.

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Student Signature Parent/Guardian Signature Date

The bottom of this page must be signed and returned by ____________________________________.