Physical Science Course Syllabus 2014-2015

Mrs. Ray (Gregory) Room 226
Email: Conference 4

General Course Description:
Physical Science is a course that enables students to understand the properties and principles of matter, energy,
force and motion and apply that understanding to solving problems and developing a more complete
understanding of their world. This is the second of three required courses that will provide students with a well-
rounded understanding of science

Objectives: Students will be able to:
1. Identify SI units and convert between standard and SI units
2. Design and interpret bar graphs, pie graphs and line graphs
3. Describe the relationship between science and technology
4. Explain the relationship between matter , atoms, elements and compounds
5. Distinguish between chemical and physical properties of matter
6. Compare and contrast the properties of solutions, colloids and suspensions
7. Identify the structure and components of an atom
8. Locate on the periodic table- and identify the characteristics of different elements
9. Compare and contrast ionic and covalent bonding
10. Demonstrate the law of conservation of mass by balancing chemical equations
11. Identify acids and bases and relate that to the pH of a solution
12. Calculate an object’s velocity, acceleration, momentum, and force
13. Explain Newton’s 3 laws of motion
14. Compare and contrast the kinetic and potential energy of an object
15. Calculate and describe the work, power and efficiency of a moving object
16. Calculate the mechanical advantage and other properties of a machine
17. Calculate a wave’s speed, frequency, and wavelength
18. Identify how energy is transferred by conduction, convection, and radiation

Required Materials: it is expected that you have these materials with you daily.
 3-ring binder (1 ½ inch minimum)
 tab dividers for binder
 1 college-ruled notebook
 Writing utensils (pencils and pens)
Suggested Materials:
o Scientific Calculator: Parents and students note that although students may use their cell
phones as a calculator on daily work, use on tests/quizzes will be strictly prohibited!

Students will be evaluated using Unit Exams, Class Work (labs, group/individual projects, homework, etc.), and
Semester Final Exams. Grades are a reflection of how well the student is mastering the subject matter as well
as of your effort in class. Grades will be calculated on a total point basis for 90% of your grade and 10% from
the final Exam.

A 90 – 100 % D 60 – 69 %
B 80 - 89 % F Below 60 %
C 70 – 79 %

Classroom Rules, Expectations, and Procedures:
 Respect yourself, teachers, staff, and your classmates. This means be polite and kind. Harassment of any
sort will NOT be tolerated.
 Work hard to do your best with a positive attitude. It is expected that you will at all times put forth your
best effort. Use class time well. This means pay attention, minimize distractions, be on task and use the
time we have together to learn. Your attitude makes a HUGE difference in how much you learn and how
much you enjoy this class.
 Be on time and ready to work. Any student not seated and ready to work at the bell will be counted
tardy. 4
Tardy results in Lunch Detention.
 Be safe and follow all safety procedures and directions given.
 If you need to go to your locker or use the restroom please do so before class starts.
 DISMISSAL: You will be dismissed by me not by the bell. Please stay at your seat until the bell rings.
 If you have any questions or need help, ASK.
Failure to follow the above expectations will result in one or more of the following consequences:
1. Verbal Warning
2. Teacher/Student Conference after class
3. Parent Contact
4. Office Referral

Any student that is caught cheating, either visually or by evidence on their paper, desk, or other materials, will
be given an automatic zero for the assignment.

Homework Policy:
 For this classroom’s purposes, “homework” will be defined as, and include: any work done in class that
may be finished at home or turned in at the end of class (lab reports, labs, worksheets, etc.) and anything
assigned to be completed entirely outside of class.
 Please place completed assignments in the homework tray only after I have directed you to do so. Some
work may be peer-graded, so hold on to the work until I have directed you otherwise.
Late homework will be accepted with a penalty of 10% each day late, with a minimum of half credit
being able to be earned. After 5 days the assignment will result in a 0%

If you are ABSENT, you have 2 days for each day of absence to get missed work turned in WITHOUT
PENALTY. After that, penalties will apply as noted above. It is YOUR responsibility to ask for missed work
and to remember to get it turned in by the due date. Although, I MAY remind you from time to time, it is not
my responsibility to do so. Please take care to get all missed work completed as soon as possible to avoid
getting further behind or having a reduction made to your grade.
 Please write “ABSENT” at the top of any absent work before turning into the homework tray.

Extra Help:
If you need additional help, I am available before and after school on most days If you need help at home,
please feel free to email me at and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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