Frivolous Claims Letter- DO NOT SHOW STUFF IN YELLOW

Re: Your Claim of Frivolous
ReWrite In Your On Wor!s
Cre!it "ureau
Cit$% State% &i'
Dear Revieer:
I re(eive! a letter from $our firm statin) t*at m$ letter re+uestin) verifi(ation of erroneous items on m$
re'ort as ,ein) (lassifie! as -frivolous./ I assure $ou t*at in no a$ !o I (onsi!er a matter of su(*
im'ortan(e to me as frivolous/ In fa(t if $ou !o not *onor m$ ori)inal re+uest 0verif$ t*e items (ontaine! in
m$ letter !ate! 1!ate2 an! sent to $ou (ertifie! mail% return re(ei't re+ueste! 1re(ei't324% I ill file a (om'laint
it* t*e Fe!eral Tra!e Commission/
I also re+uest $ou sen! me m$ free (o'$ of t*e u'!ate! (re!it file *en $ou (om'lete t*e (orre(tions/
Cit$% State% &I5
So(ial Se(urit$ Num,er
Date of "irt*