What to Expect

On any given day you can always expect the following: daily bell work, notes, group activity and
independent work. All of these put together will make for a successful classroom and student. In addition,
you can always expect that I will be supportive, engaging, honest, respectful and positive. Please feel free
to contact to me for any questions, comments or concerns.



I ask that every student is respectful of themselves, their peers, me and my classroom. Cell phones will
only be allowed when given permission for education uses. There is zero tolerance for disrespectful
attitudes or behaviors. If I find a student with a cell phone without permission, it will go straight to the office
and a guardian will have to come to school to pick it up. All technology misconduct will be handled
according to the SNMS handbook.

Consequences for Violations
1st- Explanation and Verbal Warning
2nd- Parental Contact
3rd- Office Referral
4th- ACP
Severe- Principal

Grades/Absent/Late Work
Students’ grades will be determined by performances on homework assignments, test/quizzes, group work,
bell work, IXL, etc. Each of these grades will be given a point value. At the end of the grading period,
grades are figured on the following scale, using percentages.

100.0 A+ 99.0-93 A 92.9-90 A-
89.9-88 B+ 87.9-83 B 82.9-80 B-
79.9-78 C+ 77.9-73 C 72.9-70 C-
69.9-68 D+ 67.9-63 D 62.9-60 D-
59.9-0 F
If a student is absent, there is a designated area in the classroom where assignments or any handouts are
categorized by date and class. The student will have the same amount of days he/she was absent to make
up their work. It is the student’s responsibility to retrieve their absent work.

If a student has a missing or late assignment, he/she will need to fill out the missing assignment form. The
form asks for their name, date and reasons for missing work. For each day the student does not turn in the
late assignment they lose one point. After missing three assignments in one quarter, further action may be
taken such as being put in Rebel Rescue or disciplinary actions.

Math Block
My math block is created to ensure mastery of each standard for each student. I will provide additional
instruction, resources and assistance to make sure each student. Half of this block will be supported by a
paraprofessional and the other half with be co-instructed with Miss Schumacher.

Every day, students will come prepared with a charged computer, 3-subject math notebook, folder and

I look forward to spending this next year with your students. I hope to engage them in various activities that
will make learning math fun and successful. If you ever have any questions, comments or concerns please
do not hesitate to contact me
Email: bradfieldb@newton.k12.in.us
Phone: (219)-474-5167 ext. 229
Prep Period: 2:00 - 2:45PM