Alber’s Start of School Packet
August 13, 2014

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Hello! My name is Mrs. Alber and I am pleased to say that I will be your student’s
teacher in this upcoming school year. For this reason, I would like to let you know a little about
myself. I am a native of Bremen and graduated from Bremen High School. My family lives on
a farm north of Bremen where we raise Limousine- Angus beef cattle and show pigs. I am a ten
year 4-H member and I am still involved in 4-H with my family. I attended Manchester
University and graduated magnum cum laude this past May. Just this July I married my high
school sweetheart, Mitch, and we are currently living in Bremen. We both love show pigs and
plan to continue raising them with my father.
This year, your student will be involved in a lot of small group work both in reading and
math. Each day I will meet with two or three groups of students while the other groups are
working on a task related to the skills or content they have learned. Small group work allows me
to be able to meet one on one with students to better assess and meet their needs while other
groups of students are still actively involved in small group activities. I will be helping students
to be able to reach this high level of personal responsibility for their learning but this is a process
that will take time to achieve. We are going to model and practice the small group activities,
behaviors, and expectations extensively before students are expected to do small group tasks on
their own but student independency and responsibility for learning is a huge goal this year.
I am really excited to get the school year underway and to begin working with your
student. I do have high expectations and strict rules and procedures for this coming year which
allow my classroom to be a safe and productive learning environment for all students. As long
as students follow the rules and procedures, show respect to others, and try hard, students will do
well in my classroom. There is an increased amount of responsibility this year but with much
practice, time, and effort, all students will be able to achieve a new level of independence in their
If you ever have any questions or concerns throughout this school year, please feel free to
contact me. It is very important that we keep the lines of communication open. You can reach
me by email at or by phone at 574-342-2355 extension 235. I am
excited to meet you and begin working with you to make this school year great.
Mrs. Alber

Mrs. Alber’s Start of School Packet
Dear Parents/Guardians,

I am looking forward to meeting and getting to know your student personally. Please
take a few minutes to answer the questions at the bottom of this page to better help me to get to
know your child. Feel free to use the bottom portion and backside of this sheet. Please have
your student return this sheet to me by Friday. Your input is both valuable and appreciated.
 Describe your child as a person.
 What are your child’s interests and strengths?
 In what areas do you think your child needs improvement?
 What does your child say about school at home?
 You may also feel free to include any other information that you feel may be
important for me to know.

Thank you,
Mrs. Alber

(Child’s Name)
Mrs. Alber’s Start of School Packet
Mrs. Alber’s Class: Room 219 Grade 1
2014-2015 Daily Classroom Schedule
8:00- 8:15 Students enter, prepare for day, use restroom, do morning work
8:15- 8:25 Read Aloud or students silently read
8:25- 10:00 Reading Block
10:00- 10:20 Recess
10:20-10:55 Spelling/ Grammar and Restroom Break
10:55- 11:40 Lunch/Recess
11:55- 12:40 Specials
12:40- 2:00 Math
2:00- 2:30 Writing
2:30-2:55 Science/Social Studies
2:55- 3:05 Pack and dismiss walkers and bus riders

Mrs. Alber’s Start of School Packet
Classroom Rules
1. Be respectful to classmates, teachers, staff, and parents
2. Be kind with words and actions
3. Keep hands to yourself
4. Try your best
5. Work hard
6. Raise your hand
7. Use manners
8. Follow directions

Mrs. Alber’s Start of School Packet
Classroom Procedures and Information
Every Friday, there will be a newsletter that will be sent home with your child. In this
newsletter, I will highlight what happened in each subject that week as well as preview what
your child can expect in the upcoming week. I will also include any important dates or
information, such as field trips or special school events. Please watch for this every Friday. If
you ever need to reach me, you can send me an email at or give me a
call at 574-342-2355 extension 235. Please no calls during instructional times.
Personal School Supplies
It is the parents’ responsibility to supply all of the required supplies from the 1
grade supply list.
If there is a problem getting the required supplies, please notify the teacher so that arrangements
may be made.
Personal Behavior
Each student is responsible for his or her own behavior. Behavior that hurts learning in any way
will not be accepted. I will be using a magnet system for behavior this year. Every day each
student will start off with their numbered magnet in the middle of the chart on “Ready to Learn.”
When students make good choices that the teacher notices, the student will be asked to move his
or her magnet up the board. When he or she makes it to the top section, “Wow,” the student will
be given three tickets for our monthly drawing. If students make poor choices, they will move
down to “Think About It” and miss five minutes of recess. Moving down one more section to
“Teacher’s Choice” will lose the student ten minutes of recess. If a student moves down the last
section to “Parent Contact,” then the student will miss his or her whole recess to fill out a
behavior log for parents or guardians to see and sign. Behavior logs are to be returned the next
day and if not returned, students will miss recess until the log has been given to the teacher.
Consequences are not carried out until the next day which allows students on the bottom half of
the chart to make responsible and respectful choices to move back up the chart and not own any
recess time. However, incidents involving bullying, threats of physical violence, and/or harmful
physical contact may bypass the above system and be left up to the discretion of the teacher as to
the best course of action and discipline in that given situation.
Absences and Missed School Work
Any absences need to be reported to the elementary office. Any work that students missed will
be collected at school for students to take home and complete. If you would like to pick this up
or have it sent home with someone, please contact the office or me to let me know. All missed
work is given one day per day of absence for completion. This may seem like a quick
turnaround time but most of our skills and content build on one another and the longer it takes
Mrs. Alber’s Start of School Packet
for missed work to be completed, the farther behind a student can fall. All tests will be made up
in class upon return. PLEASE note on the schedule that our reading block is from 8:25-
10:00 and math block is from 12:40- 2:00. Please try to schedule any appointments outside
of these times. It is crucial that your child is present for these two subjects. Much of the
work we do is in class and very difficult to make up. It is easy for students to fall behind if
they miss these two subjects.
Dismissal Changes and Appointments
If a student has any change in dismissal routine that is not a permanent change (i.e. going home
with a friend today, grandma is picking student up after school today, etc.) you MUST send a
note to the teacher OR contact the office of a change in the normal routine. The teacher cannot
send a student somewhere or with someone outside of the established routine without a note for
the safety of the student. This is done in an effort to keep students safety first.
Also, notes for appointments, such as eye doctor, dentist, or family doctor, should be sent with
the student as well so that the teacher is aware of when the student will be leaving and/or
returning to school. This is again done in an effort to keep students safe and know where they
are at all times.
If there is any doubt as to whether or not a note should be sent, err on the side of caution and
send a note to school. Notes help both the teacher and office staff to know exactly where
students are at all times during the school day and boosts student safety. If you ever forget to
send a note, please contact the office and they will be happy to notify the teacher.
Homework will be given regularly. Some homework will be given daily, while others might
only be every couple of days. Any homework given will be recorded by students in their
assignment notebooks and taken home daily. This is where parents and guardians can look to
see what the homework your child has. Also, your student will have a “Homework” folder to
transport their homework to and from school. Homework can also be viewed on my website,, under the homework tab. If students do not turn in
homework, they will be required to miss first recess to make it up.
Friday Folder
Most of your child’s weekly work that accumulates will be put into the Friday Folder. This will
allow you to set aside a time each Friday for you and your child to go over his or her work from
that week. While some papers may come home during the week, most papers will be sent home
in this folder on Friday. Please help your child remember to bring their Friday Folder back on
Monday each week.
Mrs. Alber’s Start of School Packet
Before every unit, the teacher will send home a master spelling list that will have all six spelling
lists for that unit. In addition, the spelling list will be sent home each week on the Friday
newsletter with the new spelling words for the upcoming week. Each Monday, students will take
a spelling pretest and a final test on Friday, even if the student passed the pretest on Monday. At
first, students will be taking spelling tests traditionally on paper but eventually in the school year
we will move to taking spelling tests online at Students will also
be able to access this website from home and use it as a resource to practice spelling. Also, in
this packet, you will find a master spelling list for the entire year.
Students will have homework in math every other day. The only exceptions might come on test
days. Due to the nature of our math series, it is crucial that students keep on top of homework.
It is easy for students to quickly fall behind if homework or makeup homework is not completed
on time.
Students will also be working is small groups a lot this year in math. The class will be divided
into three groups and after whole group instruction, the small groups will be sent to their stations.
During the small group time, each group will go to each of the three stations each day. One
station will be working on basic math facts fluency. The goal of this small group station is to
increase the fluency of students’ basic math facts and help students to become confidant in math.
This station will also help prepare students for mCLASS testing. Another station will be
centered on self-guided practice of the material taught in the whole group lesson that day. All
stations require a high level of responsibility and respect on the part of students but this station in
particular requires students to show personal responsibility for their learning and behavior. The
last station is a station with the teacher practicing the skills and content for that day. This allows
students to have more individual attention from the teacher and for the teacher to better assess
the needs of all students. Again, all groups will go to all three stations every day and personal
responsibility and respect is paramount.
We will still have a good amount of large group instruction, but students will also be working in
small groups in reading this year as well. Small groups will have students working on
vocabulary, phonics, and fluency as well as have students receive guided practice with the
teacher as one rotation of small groups. The activities for vocabulary, phonics, and fluency will
change periodically throughout the school year, but those three stations will always be available
for students to practice those respective skills all year long. The guided practice station, again,
allows the teacher to give students more individualized attention and instruction.
Each week, students will have two Decodable Readers to take home and read. Students are to
read the Decodable Readers four times each with a parent or guardian and then sign the booklet.
Mrs. Alber’s Start of School Packet
Decodable Readers practice phonics skills that have been covered in class and reinforce those
Fluency Phrases will also be sent home each week as homework. Fluency Phrases are short
three to four word chunks that students are to read through and be timed. The goal is for students
to learn how to chunk phrases within sentences so that reading is more fluent so that students
may read and then comprehend more. This is to be read five times timed and to be signed by a
parent or guardian.
Students will also bring home two songs each week. These songs are again read/sang by
students four times each while a parent or guardian records the time it took the student to read
the song. Again, this helps students to practice their fluency. There is a lot of fluency practice,
but the goal is for students to be able to read not only quantity but quality as well. Once readers
can read fluently, being able to read quickly and accurately with tone, comprehension of what is
being read can best take place.
Each Friday, in addition to the weekly newsletter, a Family Times booklet will come home.
Please look for it in your child’s Friday Folder. The Family Times is designed to give you a
preview of the skills and topic your child will be working on in reading in the coming week.
You will find a list of fun and simple activities on the back to do with your child to help practice
these new skills. Please keep this book at home to use during the week. Please put your initials
beside each activity as you complete in with your child, and return the book the following week
so your child will receive credit for this time spent working with you. This will not be a part of
their grade, but this small amount of time invested in your child will generate wonderful rewards
in their confidence and educational future.
Physical Education
Our schedule for P.E. is every Thursday of the year and on Fridays during the fourth quarter of
the year. Please make sure that your child wears clothing appropriate for a variety of physical
activities both inside and outside. Please do not have your child wear sandals, crocks, boots, and
dress shoes on our P.E. days.
Class Visitors
School policy indicates that all visitors during the school day must check into the office before
going to the classroom. Parents and guardians are always welcome to drop something off that a
student has forgotten. Visitors for other purposes should plan ahead with the teacher for a
convenient time to stop by. Any parent or guardian wanting to discuss their child’s academic
progress or concerns are welcome and should make an appointment with the teacher. The easiest
way to contact me is by email at, I check my email daily. However, I
can be reached by phone at 574-342-2355 extension 235.
Mrs. Alber’s Start of School Packet
Any parent or guardian wishing to volunteer in the classroom is greatly encouraged! Please
contact me if you can spare any time during the week to assist in the classroom. Any help is
greatly appreciated!
Certain holidays are an important part of the Triton community and its families’ lives. Some
activities throughout the school year will recognize these holidays. Parents or guardians should
contact the teacher if religious or other beliefs do not allow a student to recognize these holidays.
If needed, alternate plans can be made for that individual child.
We are happy to celebrate birthdays in first grade if a student and parent wish to bring in a treat
for the whole class. Please realize, though, that school policy states that only prepackaged treats
may be used. Refrigeration of treats cannot be guaranteed. Students must let the teacher know
about the treat BEFORE the day of the treat so that proper planning can take place. NO
INVITATIONS to private parties are to be handed out at school. Parents and guardians should
contact the teacher if religious or other beliefs do not allow for the celebration of birthdays.
Field Trips
Field trips are an exciting and important part of the learning experience. Students and parents
are responsible for having all permission slips and emergency information filled out and on file
in order for students to participate in field trips. If ALL paperwork is not filled out and on file,
those students will not be able to participate in the field trip. Certain negative behaviors may
also cause a student to be unable to participate in a field trip as those behaviors could negatively
impact the learning or safety of other classmates.
Toys, Stuffed Animals, Electronic Games
Students are not to have any toys or other non-work items at their desks. Toys and all electronic
games should stay at home. If they are brought to school, they will be confiscated for the day
and returned at the end of the day when they will be sent home.
Trading, Selling, Giving
Students should not trade, sell, or give ANY object or money during the school day. The
purpose of this procedure is to prevent any arguments or misunderstandings that can easily
happen. If there is a situation that the parent or guardian considers to be an exception, please
contact the teacher stating the issue.
Mrs. Alber’s Start of School Packet
In first grade, there are two recesses for students to have the chance to talk, play, and get
exercise. Recess may also be used to catch up on school work, receive extra help from the
teacher, or work on behavior problems if deemed necessary by the situation. Unless there is an
approved reason to stay indoors, students should plan to be dressed to go outside for recess
EVERY day.
Grading Scale
The standard grading scale guideline is:
93%-100% A
84%-92% B
75%-83% C
66%-74% D
0%-65% F

Mrs. Alber’s Start of School Packet
Dear Parents,
This is a master list of the spelling lessons for this year. You will want to keep
this in a safe place and mark off each lesson as your child completes the test.
This will help you keep track of which lesson we are on. Good luck, and have
fun studying with your child!

Unit 1
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Sam, Come Back! Pig in a Wig The Big Blue Ox

at did got
am fix hot
bat in hop
back it lock
can lip mom
cat mix mop
dad pin ox
mad sit pop
ran six pot
sack wig rock

Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
A Fox and a Kit Get the Egg! Animal Park

fit bed bump
fits jet just
hit leg hunt
hits men jump
nap net must
naps red dust
sit sled crust
sits step trust
win ten lump
wins wet dusk

Mrs. Alber’s Start of School Packet
Unit 2
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
A Big Fish for Max The Farmer in the Hat Who Works Here?

fish age bike
rush cage dime
shell cake hide
ship face ice
shop late kite
shut made like
then make ride
thin name smile
trash safe time
with take white

Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
The Big Circle Life in the Forest Honey Bees

bone cube be
home cute feet
hope flute green
hose huge he
joke June me
rode mule see
rose rude she
stone rule tree
those tube we
woke use week

Mrs. Alber’s Start of School Packet
Unit 3
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
A Place to Play Ruby in Her Own Time The Class Pet

sunny bank bus
handy blank buses
by bring class
cry pink classes
fly rang fix
lucky rink fixes
my sang kiss
puppy sunk kisses
silly trunk wish
try wing wishes

Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
Frog and Toad Together I’m a Caterpillar Where Are My

ask bird bigger
asked burn biggest
call first faster
called fur fastest
help girl sadder
helped her saddest
drop hurt shorter
dropped shirt shortest
plan sir taller
planned were tallest

Mrs. Alber’s Start of School Packet

Unit 4
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Mama’s Birthday Present Cinderella A Trip to

afraid beach blow
day clean boat
gray dream coat
mail each loaf
may eat pillow
play lean road
rain please row
tail sea snow
train team soap
way treat yellow

Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
A Southern Ranch Peter’s Chair Henry and Mudge
Mrs. Hopper’s

bright backpack careful
high baseball gladly
lie bluebird nicely
light brainstorm painful
might flashlight playful
night herself quickly
pie inside sadly
right lunchbox slowly
tie outside useful
tight suitcase wonderful

Mrs. Alber’s Start of School Packet
Unit 5
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Tippy-Toe Chick, Go! Mole and the Baby Bird Dot & Jabber and
Great Acorn

brown cloud book
clown count food
cow found foot
crowd house good
down mouth look
frown ouch moon
growl our noon
how out pool
now round took
town shout zoo

Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
Simple Machines Alexander Graham Bell: The Stone Garden
A Great Inventor

boil crawl refill
boy draw rewind
coin hawk reopen
join jaw repay
oil law retell
oink lawn undo
point paw undress
soil saw unhappy
toy straw unkind
voice yawn untie

Mrs. Alber’s Start of School Packet

Mrs. Alber’s Start of School Packet
Return to Mrs. Alber
Return to school tomorrow
I have read and understand all parts of Mrs. Alber’s Start of School Packet.

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