AP English Language 1

Quarter Outline (Preparing Skills) Wingate

Week 1 (Summer Reading: Our Town) VISIT CLASS WEB SITE, SUBMIT EMAIL, EARN 10 PTS (8/22)
M 8/18 Welcome Back! First Day Stuff, Syllabus, Class Web site, etc. HW: NCs, play
Tu 8/19 Our Town MWDS (use notecards, play)
W 8/20 Our Town MWDS (use notecards, play), TURN IN MWDS HW: study
Th 8/21 Our Town Comprehensive Test, Essay Prompt
F 8/22 ESSAY: “The Simple Things” (blue or black ink, due end of period) HW: NCs, novel
Week 2 (Summer Reading: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn)
M 8/25 Huck Finn MWDS (use notecards, novel)
Tu 8/26 Huck Finn MWDS (use notecards, novel), TURN IN MWDS HW: Study
W 8/27 (EARLY RELEASE) Vocab Lesson 1 (words, definitions, practices)
Th 8/28 Huck Finn Comprehensive Test, Essay Prompt
F 8/29 ESSAY: “Right or Legal?” (blue or black ink, due end of period)
Week 3 (AP Persuasive Essay)
M 9/1 (NO SCHOOL) Labor Day
Tu 9/2 Rhetoric, Appeals, Logical Thinking/Logical Fallacies (#17)
W 9/3 When a Question is Based on a Quotation (#18) HW: Study
Th 9/4 Vocab Lesson 1 Test, Essay Samples and Scoring
F 9/5 ESSAY: “Entertainment Ruins Society?” (blue or black ink, due end of period)
Week 4 (AP Passage Analysis Essay) HOMECOMING WEEK—WE’RE STILL WORKING 
M 9/8 Literary Terminology Matters (#2)
Tu 9/9 Dealing with Tone (#4)
W 9/10 Identifying Speaker and Purpose (#9)
Th 9/11 Review of Rhetorical Devices (#10)
F 9/12 Discovering a Writer’s Tools (#11)
Week 5 (AP Passage Analysis Essay)
M 9/15 Paint Sample Prose
Tu 9/16 Introduce Passage, Chunking, Annotating
W 9/17 Outlining the Essay, Writing and Introduction, Embedding Quotations
Th 9/18 Sample Essays and Scoring
AP English Language 1
Quarter Outline (Preparing Skills) Wingate

F 9/19 ESSAY: “Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address” (blue or black ink, due end of period)
Week 6 (AP Multiple Choice Section)
M 9/22 How to Take the Multiple Choice Test (#1)
Tu 9/23 Another Look at Multiple Choice (#5)
W 9/24 Multiple Choice Group Practice—Explain Your Answers  (“If You See Something…”)
Th 9/25 (EARLY RELEASE) Vocab Lesson 2 (words, definitions, practice)
Week 7 (AP Synthesis Essay)
M 9/29 Encountering the Synthesis Essay (#3)
Tu 9/30 Coeducational or Same-Sex Schools? (#15)
W 10/1 Vocab Lesson 2 Test, Synthesis Essay Sources and Annotating
Th 10/2 Organizing Essay, Using Sources, Embedding Quotations
F 10/3 ESSAY: “Space Program” (blue or black ink, due end of period)
Week 8 (The Crucible)
M 10/6 A&E Salem Witch Trials
Tu 10/7 A&E Salem Witch Trials, Get Play, Propaganda (#20) HW: Act 1
W 10/8 Vocab Lesson 3 (words, definitions, practice) HW: Act 2
Th 10/9 Characterization HW: Act 3
F 10/10 In-Class General Discussion of Reading, Silent Reading HW: Finish Play
Week 9 (The Crucible)
M 10/13 Forms and Use of Irony HW: Finish Play
Tu 10/14 The Crucible Comprehensive Test, Essay Prompt
W 10/15 ESSAY: “The Only Crime is Pride” (blue or black ink, due end of period)
Th 10/16 Vocab Lesson 3 Test, Multiple Choice Practice (Faulkner’s Speech)
F 10/17 NO SCHOOL (teacher in-service day)
Week 10 (The Crucible)
M 10/20 Film Analysis
Tu 10/21 Film Analysis
W 10/22 (END OF 1
QTR) Film Analysis
AP English Language 1
Quarter Outline (Preparing Skills) Wingate

Please remember to look at your course syllabus for information on late/missing work, absences, and
other important information regarding this class. The syllabus is the FIRST item in your notebook and
should be easily accessible. If your syllabus is lost, go to eSembler’s “Digital Locker” for the course
and print up a new one. 
Graded Assignments (subject to change, bring outline for revisions and check with classmates and
instructor for updates if you miss a day).
1. Class Web Site Contact (10)
2. Course Syllabus Acknowledgement (10)
3. Our Town MWDS (100)
4. Our Town Test (100)
5. Our Town Essay (100)
6. Huck Finn MWDS (100)
7. Huck Finn Test (100)
8. Huck Finn Essay (100)
9. Vocab Lesson 1 Test (100)
10. Persuasive Essay (100)
11. Analysis Essay (100)
12. Vocab Lesson 2 Test (100)
13. Synthesis Essay (100)
14. The Crucible Test (100)
15. The Crucible Essay (100)
16. Vocab Lesson 3 Test (100)

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