Welcome to U.S.


In this class we will learn about American
history and find ways to relate it to our lives
today. We will cover everything from the
Revolution and Civil War, to the 1960’s and Civil
Rights Movements and beyond. This isn’t going
to be your typical history class! Instead of just
learning facts and names we are going to apply
history, and even make history!

Class Website:

*I use remind.com to remind students of
upcoming assignments and/or tests. Remind is a safe, one-way text messaging and email
system. It is optional to sign up on. With Remind, all personal information remains
completely confidential. Parents are welcome to sign up as well. Teachers never see
your phone number, nor will you ever see theirs. Visit remind.com to learn more.

Rules of the Class for Teacher & Student
 Respect- each other and ourselves
 Honesty- in the things we say and do
 Work Hard- “There is no substitute for hard work” –Thomas Edison
 Be Responsible- for your actions, what you do, and what you haven’t done
 Have Fun While Learning- when we keep the above rules we can have a fun
experience while we learn

Absences & Makeup Work:

I will do my best to help students make up work when they’re gone but it becomes
challenging to keep track of all of my students’ absences and work missed. Because
of this when students are absent it is their responsibility to see what work they have
missed. Each day’s activities/assignments will be posted in the class binder.
Students will be able to receive all points for excused absences simply by making up
the work they’ve missed and turning it in within the appropriate late work deadline.
For unexcused absences make-up work follow the late work policy below.

Students are expected to be on time to class. When students are late they miss out
on valuable class instruction time and information. Despite this I do understand that
there are situations when a student cannot get to class on time. When a student is
tardy they are to sign in the tardy log near the door of the class.

A Note on Tardies/Absences
We need YOU in class! You as an individual contribute much to our
discussions, class activities, and class community (yes YOU). Also, it is also
much more difficult to fully grasp concepts and material when you’re not in
class or arrive late. I know things happen but I want (and expect) you to be in
class and on time!

Performance Points:
Students will be given 10 points every day for being on time (3 points docked for a
tardy, 5+ for an extremely tardy), for participating, and following class
rules/procedures. Points will be deducted for misbehavior. If a student is absent they
will receive NO participation points for that day. HOWEVER students CAN make up
ANY participation points they miss by researching a topic in U.S. history that we are
currently studying and writing 1 page on what they learned. Each write up is worth
ten points.

Late Work:
Assignments are due on the date designated. I don’t believe in marking down many
points for late work; the purpose of homework and projects is for students to learn
and develop so I will accept late work for credit after the due date. I will mark off no
more than a few points (depending on the weight of the assignment but generally 1-5
pts.) However there are stipulations in order to receive credit.

These always include:

 Filling out a “Late Work Slip”
o Forms will be available when the assignment is due and
need to be turned in the day the assignment is due . If a
student is absent I expect this slip to be turned in the day
the student returns to school.
o Multiple late assignments will result in a disposition notice
and a conference with me to determine how we can best
help the student get work in on time.
 Turning in the late work by the “late work due dates” spread
throughout each term. (See class calendar hand out, generally
these are at the end of the term)
And may include:
 Extra work that’s relative and reasonable to the assignment


Class Binder & Participation- 70%
 These will be your in-class assignments, homework, etc.
 You will need a binder & spiral bound notebook for this class. If you cannot
afford one or do not have the means to get one PLEASE come and talk to me.
I am more than happy to help you get one.

Tests/Performance Assessments: 30%
 Projects, tests, end of unit assessments, etc.

Grading Scale
A 93-100% A- 90-92% B+ 87-89% B 83-86% B- 80-82% C+ 77-79%
C 73-76% C- 70-72%
*I reserve the right to make changes to this disclosure document but will do my best
to make students & parents aware of any changes that occur.

If you have any questions or comments or concerns please feel free to ask! I promise
to put forth my best effort as a teacher to help each of you succeed. I’m excited to
have you in my class! I’m looking forward to a great year and I hope you are too!
-Mrs. D
Go Jazz!

Teacher: Brooke Hodson Davies
Go Jazz!

Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7 AM to 3 PM
Email: brooked@provo.edu

Class Website: http://daviesushistory.weebly.com/

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I have read this disclosure document. I will put forth my best effort this year to
succeed in and out of the classroom.

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