ASTEC Charter Middle School


Teacher: Ms. Karen Walker
Website: http://ms.walker’
Plan Period: M, T, Th, F: 10:01 a.m. - 10:55 a.m.
W: 9:22 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
Phone: 405-947-6273 for Middle School (or 405-947-6274 for High School)
Textbook: Earth Science, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 1999 Edition
Science Lab: Pitsco- 6
Grade Science students participate in “Missions” composed of
hands-on, student-centered, project-based learning activities.

Course Objectives:
The learning objectives of this course are for students to:
1. Observe, analyze, and use the level of skills necessary to carry out the process of the
scientific method or systemic thinking.
2. Recognize patterns in collected data by making inferences, predicting, or drawing
3. Describe observations recorded through measurement using a variety of scientific tools.
4. Evaluate the design of a scientific investigation using the Scientific Method.
5. Understand the value of and use technology to gather data and analyze results of
6. Discover how organisms within an ecosystem are dependent on one another and on non-
living components of the environment.
Honors Class:
The learning objectives for the 6
grade honors course are the same as listed above.
The goal of the honors class is to develop high potential and to challenge advanced learners. The
activities will provide opportunities to build on academic strengths, develop critical and creative
thinking skills, and prepare students for advanced coursework in high school. Since the honors
class includes even more rigorous curriculum, honors students will receive an additional .5 score
in their GPA.

Required Materials:
 2” Binder with dividers and non-spiral notebook paper
 1 pocket folder

Attendance Policy and Classroom Expectations:
 Show up, be on time and participate.
 Ten or more excused and unexcused absences will result in a No Credit (NC) for this
 Three tardies will equal one absence.
 All students are expected to be respectful to all individuals in the classroom at all times.
 There is to be absolutely no gum, food or drinks in the classroom.
 Students are to come to class prepared with all materials.
 Any student absent from class has exactly one week to turn in missed assignments. It is
the student’s responsibility to find out missed assignments (ask the teacher as soon as
possible). Failure to turn in missed work will result in a zero. Any assignment or project
that was due on the day of absence must be turned in the next school day in attendance.
 Students have one week to arrange to take a test missed due to absence. Any test not
made up during the designated time will receive a grade of zero.
 All assignments must be completed by the day they are due. Points will be deducted for
late assignments at the rate of 10% per day late.
 Academic Dishonesty: Plagiarism and cheating will not be allowed in this classroom!
Zeros will be given for plagiarism and cheating, parents will be called, and further
disciplinary actions may be taken. Plagiarism and cheating includes copying another
student’s work.

Grading Scale: Category Weights:
90 – 100 A Checkpoints/tests: 40%
80 – 89 B Projects: 35%
70 – 79 C Daily Work: 25%
60 – 69 D
Below 59 F

Checkpoints/tests are worth 40% of the students overall grade. A checkpoint or quiz is given at
the end of each classroom unit/project as a tool to assess the student’s overall comprehension of
the activity.

Projects are worth 35% of the students overall grade. Projects may be assigned as individual or
group work. When working in groups, each individual will receive a grade based on his/her

Daily Work/Quizzes/Presentations are worth 25% of the students overall grade. Daily Work is
the work performed by the students each day in class including participation; however, if a
student is unable to complete his/her assignment, it can be taken home as homework.

Student Progress:
 Progress reports for students are prepared four times each year, midway of each 9-weeks
grading period. Parents must come on site to pick up and sign for them on the day they
are issued. Students are not allowed back in class until the progress report is picked up.

 Students who are not making adequate progress must attend tutoring after school and
during half-Saturday school. Those who do not attend will placed disciplinary
action. Attendance to tutoring is not an option. Grades will be given for attending
tutoring sessions.