Write questions for people who don’t know:
1. How much cheese to buy.
2. Wether to move to London.
3. What should she call her baby.
4. Where to put his bicycle.
5. When to pay her tax bill.
6. Wether to invite his mother.
7. How to cook a crab.
8. Wether to go to the police.
9. Wether to take a taxi.
10. Wether to take a holiday.
11. How long to wait.
12. What to do at weekend.
Must not, don’t have to
1. Campers ________ play music after 10 p.m.
2. Students ________ ask permission to stay out after midnight.
3. Bicycles ________ be parked in the front courtyard.
4. Residents ________ hang washing out of the windows.
5. Passengers ________ lean out of the windows.
6. You ________ pay for your tickets now.
7. It rains a lot here, so we ________ water the garden.
8. You ________ disturb your sister while she’s working.
9. You ________ knock before you come into my room.
Make true sentences about the rules in the school where you are studying. Use We have to, We
don’t have to, or We mustn’t.
1. ________ come to class on time.
2. ________ turn off our mobile phones.
3. ________ eat or drink in the classroom.
4. ________ come to class on Sunday.
5. ________ bring a dictionary to class.
6. ________ do an exam at the end of the year.
7. ________ smoke in the building.
8. ________ do homework after each lesson.
9. ________ do a test every week.