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Saucon Valley School Board meeting contract proposal presentation

Saucon Valley School Board meeting contract proposal presentation

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Published by: lehighvalleylive on Aug 13, 2014
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That step inceas is currenty worth 3.1 percent.

The graduate study is can take place
over 90 credits of gaduate study 1.5 percent per credit

This board has increased taxes to about 1.1 percent per year. That’s our own actions
the unusual thing is we inherited a very large tax increase from the previous board
(17 percent) that tax increase was excessive but the best knowleged that they had at
the time said it was justified but it really was not.
We did it all on the front end.
Now waiting for revenue and spending to get back in line with each other. Front end
loading created fund balance, which has been set aside for the pension system. They
don’t really support this argument we are somehow wealthy and sitting on a lot of
money. That’s not the way we see it.

Our demographics are changing very rapidly here, just as in every community there
is a stretching out of the middle class,” Puerta
Certainly a wealtheri component to our SD but also a less than welahty component

The current board inherited a 17 percent tax increase that helped pad the fund

Saucon’s demographics are changing, like many communities the Saucon middle
class is being stretched, Puerta says.

“We are not a country club district,” Puerta said. “We are not a district of mansions.”
Puerta said.
We have the whole range of demographis.

When our kids grow up we don’t stop being parents,” Puerta
Those of us that are grandparents have a stronger and renwed focus. We don’t lose
touch with our schools bc of our age.

Also described as a tea party board. I hope we have not lowered ourselves to that
kind of attack on each other
We have amember of this board who happens to be a tea party member.

EI we’ll give you two raises in one year. We’ll make up for what you’ve lost.
2014-15 accept the step and column movement offered in 2013-14 and in addition
the $15,00 suggested for the 204-15 ontract year

Add $950 to each cell of the salary schedule, allow one step and allow one column

RS baraginning contracts in SV has become a political complain. We have fairy tale
numbers, threats that come out due to teachers there’s going to be a massive tax
That’s simply not true.
Incessant bogging. Like any political campaign if something is said enugh people
tend ot believe it. Unfortunately these gfaslehoods

Teachers are leaving SV at an alarming rate
More than 13 now. New teachers are leaving after one or two years of experience.
Early retirement of teacher on medicine stress and anxiety. Several teachers
seasoned come here nad found way out the door. Professionals with 5,6,7,8 years
leaving for other districts and getting out of education all together. “The
inconsistency of the teaching staff will absolutely have an impact on the education of
the children”

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