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ˆIs this not Babylon that I have built‹" Daniel 4:30

Built during the reign of _______________________, King of _________________ ( _______-______ B.C.). It was found and excavated in _______-_______A.D. and has been reconstructed in a museum in ______________ at a height of ________ feet and width of _______ feet.

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Cut out booklet above, leaving intact. Fold. Either fill in the blanks to the left and paste the information in or have child write it himself. They can add more information if they want.
Answers: Nebuchadnezzar II Babylon 604-562 1899-1914 Berlin 47 32

My Drawing
FAN BOOK: Cut out all 3 shapes. Put together with a brad in the point. Add additional shapes if needed for information about the Hanging Gardens. Pictures from

An ancient depiction of the Hanging Gardens. artificial slope.

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A 16th-century hand-colored engraving of the "Hanging Gardens of Babylon" by Dutch artist Martin Heemskerck, with the Tower of