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The Floundering Expatriate

Case Study Presentation

Case Presentation By: Siraj Kureshi, Anil Kumar, Mayank Verma, Nishant Raj
Characters in case:
Argos International's CEO and chairman, Bill Loun.
Frank Waterhouse, CEO of Argos Diesel, Europe.
Bert Donaldson faces the company's European
managers--executives of the parts suppliers that Argos
has acquired over the past two years.
Frau Schweri, Donaldsons assistant and Frau Lindt,
Waterhouses assistant.
Sauras, the Spanish director. Maurizio, the director in
Paul Janssen, vice president of human resources for
Argos Europe.
At present the organization is not fully utilizing the
resources which it possess.
Donaldson does not have the ability to speak to write in
any European language, yet his Personal Assistant does.
Frank Waterhouse is disappointed with Donaldsons
Donaldsons was a well known performer in Detroit head
There are lot of directors from various region facing
problem in working with Donaldson.
Waterhouse is worried about the completion of
assignment in Europe.

Problem In Case
There are three major issues at the heart of the problems
of the organization- culture, communication and
leadership and motivation.
Donaldson is not the only one guilty of causing problems
in the Zurich office. Frank Waterhouse has also added to
the woes of the company.
Problems In case
Cultural Differences-
Bert Donaldson has a lack of cultural savvy and sensitivity.
Ethnocentrism- Donaldson assumes the way he has been taught to
perform a task is the best way of performing that task and is averse to
listening to other ways of achieving results.
Ignorance of sub-cultures- Donaldson has also failed to consider
that within the confines of the European culture and even within the Swiss
culture, differing sub-cultures exist.
Problem In case
Inability to Adjust- Donaldsons wife is distressed and
Donaldsons daughter is failing school.
Individualism- Waterhouse had been enthusiastic. Donaldson could
help him reach the top.
Masculinity- European workers are concerned with Donaldson working
late. Workers in Germany would be happy with him saying what he has to
and then leaving, while workers in Portugal would prefer a long lasting
Relates to the degree of masculine values - assertiveness, materialism, and a lack of concern for others.
Problem In Case
Communication- managers have failed to adapt their skills to new
cultures. Again, Donaldson is not the only culprit, Bill Loun, CEO and
Chairman of Argos International also has communication problems.
Paralanguage- the conversation between Waterhouse and Loun, when
Louns voice boomed down the phone line.
High vs. Low Context- Donaldsons lack of cultural awareness has
caused problems for him, this time based on the context of the
Lack of communication between United States and Zurich
Offices- there seems to be no communication between the United
States Headquarters and Donaldson, and only very little between
them and Waterhouse.
Low Context cultures use formal, direct communication that is verbally expressed.
High Context cultures use extensive nonverbal information to convey the message: cues, gestures, and facial expressions.

Problems In case
Leadership and Motivation- from the evidence provided in the
case Donaldson is not good leader.
- Donaldson has no idea of best practice ways of doing
things in Europe.
- Donaldson has not been able to adapt his approach so as
to more suitably fit the European environment.
- Donaldson being an ineffective leader, and have
contributed to his inability to motivate his employees.
Solutions to problems with Donaldson
- International Management Studies. an awareness of European
culture and what is expected of a manager in a European context.
- Send Donaldson Home. Send Donaldson back to the US without
completing his duties and replace him with a European, who would be
more adept in the handling of European cultural issues.
- Use Waterhouse to train Donaldson.
- Increase reliance on personal assistant or liaisons.
- Local Mentor and Support Groups.
Solutions to problems with Waterhouse.
- Seminars to teach Waterhouse. In this case that Waterhouses
preoccupation with his personal well being is hindering both the company
and Donaldsons progression.
- Send Waterhouse back to the United States. Waterhouse
back to the United States during the first year of his second, three year
contract is a drastic measure, the company cannot afford to employ a
manager who is solely devoting his time to three projects and letting the
internal culture of the firm diminish.

Solutions to problems with Loun.
- Accompany Waterhouse to Seminars. By suggesting that Loun
accompany Waterhouse to the management seminars it will give him a
chance to refresh management ideas and communication skills.
- Schedule meetings between the United States and
Europe. By ensuring communication lines are open with Donaldson,
Loun will be able to make sure that he has settled properly.

Recommendations & Conclusion
International Management Studies.
Schedule Meetings between the United States and
Seminars to teach Waterhouse.
Increase reliance on Personal Assistant
Final Thought
Human Resource Management practices vary across
Both home-country and host-country economic, social,
cultural, political, and legal factors influence and
constrain HR functions.
Corporate strategies guide and determine how HR works
in an organization.
Global experience and good knowledge of IHR can
enhance ones career as a successful manager whether
one works at the home-country headquarters or
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