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Each team may have up to 5 players on the court at a time.

Game Length:
Games consist of four, twelve minute quarters. Each half commences with a jump ball. During the jump
ball, the ball must be tapped to someone outside of the center circle.

Three points: Ball is thrown from outside of the three point arc.
Two points: Ball is thrown from the inside of the three point arc.
One point: Ball is thrown from the free throw line after being awarded a free throw.

Advancing the Ball:
The ball is advanced up the court by passing, dribbling, or shooting.
Passing- Ball is thrown with a flat hand: Bounce pass, chest pass, or overhead
Dribbling- Continuous bouncing of the ball as the player runs with it. Contact with the ball must
be with one hand only and the player may take unlimited bounces. Dribbling finishes when the
ball is caught or rested in one haven, a player cannot recommence dribbling until after the pall is
passed, shot, or stolen.

A player who catches the ball whilst standing on both feet may choose which foot to pivot on. A player,
who receives the ball whilst moving, must pivot on the foot they landed on.

10 second rule- Upon gaining possession of the ball in the back court, a team has 10 seconds to advance
the ball over the center line.
5 second rule- When taking a throw in, a player has 5 seconds to bring the ball into play.
3 second rule- Attacking players are not permitted to stay in the opponents key area for more that 3
seconds. Each time a shot is taken, the 3 seconds time restarts.

Out of Bounds:
A player is out of bounds with he/she touches the floor or any object outside of the side or base
The ball is out of bounds when it touches:
o A player or any other person out of bounds
o The floor or any object out of bounds
o The back of the backboard, any overhead objects, or the roof

Personal Fouls:
If a player with the ball is touched, held, bumped, struck, tripped, pushed, or blocked then a
personal foul is awarded.
If the foul occurs in general play, a throw in from the sideline is awarded. Or, if the foul occurs
during the act of shooting one or more free throws are awarded. If the original shot was not
successful then the player is awarded two free throws. Alternatively, if the shot was successful,
the player is allowed one free throw.
If a player without the ball in a correct/stationary defensive manner is charged by a player with
the ball, a personal foul is given against the player with the ball.

Free Throws:
The free throw is taken from the free throw line within the key. If two free throws are award,
after the second throw, if it bounces off the rim you may play on. It there is a basket, the team
losing the score takes it out to resume play.

Technical Fouls:
Fouls that involve on contact but include:
Unsporting behavior such as delaying the game
Bad language
Arguing with the refs
As a result, two free throws are awarded which can be taken by any member of the team.

Breach of rules
Traveling (running/stepping twice with the ball i.e. moving but not dribbling)
Kicking or punching the ball
Double Dribble: Using two hands to dribble or carrying the ball while dribbling
Causing the ball to go out of bounds
Cross Court (a ball passed from the front court to the back court)
After a violation, the opposing team is awarded a throw in at the nearest sideline

Jump Ball:
If two opposing players simultaneously gain possession of the ball, the ball is taken out and the
possession goes to the team who did not have the last possession.