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Ifugao’s new PNP chief urges locals to save the environment

By Jeremy M. Gawongna

Ifugao’s new chief of the provincial police force urged locals to save the environment as part of
the effort to save the cultural heritage in a speech he delivered as a guest speaker of the
Igkhumtad ad Majawjaw (Festivity in Mayoyao) last April 25, 2010.

Police Senior Superintendent (PSSUPT) Laurence Mombael said that as a native of Mayoyao, it
is but his duty to remind everyone of the responsibility to be stewards of the God-given
environment for the future generations to enjoy.

“I grew up in this town enjoying nature’s bounty. Now, I’m afraid that seemingly, we are coming
to a point wherein there would be no more trees for the birds to live in,” Mombael said.

“We must learn from other ecotourism destinations that are now progressive because in line with
the preservation of their culture is the protection of their environment,” he further said.

It must be noted that while the province suffered from the effects of the El Niño Phenomenon, it
experienced massive forest burning that even encroached some of the watershed areas.

Though some of the locals admit that they are aware of the ecological imbalances it would cause
that would in turn affect the agricultural production of the said town, no action on their end has
been undertaken.