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A. Label the parts of the skeletal system.

B. Label the parts of the Digestive SYstem

C. Identify the name of the bone and muscles of the given body parts. Write your answer on the blank.

Body Parts

Name of Bone/s

Name of Muscles

Shoulder blades
Upper Arm

D. Identify the terms being asked.
1. The tissue that attaches the muscles to the bones.________________________
2. The acid that digest the food in the stomach and make it as a chyme._________________________
3. The process of removing waste in our body.___________________________
4. The muscles that found at the walls of intestines. ___________________________
5. The biggest muscles of our body.______________________________________
6. The process of getting the nutrients of the digested food in the intestine.________________________
7. The kind of muscles that cannot be controlled.___________________________
8. The longest bone of our body.______________________________
9. The estimated number of bones of the adults._____________________________
10. The bone that protects the spinal cord._________________________________
E. Write three common ailments involving skeletal system and digestive system.
1. ________________________________________
2. ________________________________________
3. ________________________________________
F. Write two common ailments of the digestive system.
1. ________________________________________
2. ________________________________________
G. Explain the process of digesting food from the ingestion to defecation. (5 points)
(Please use the back part of the paper for your answer)