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New Year’s Resolutions

The beginning of the New Year is a popular time to make promises about positive
things you want to do during the year ahead. Often they relate to improving our
lifestyle. We call these promises New Year’s resolutions’. !ost people start their
resolutions from "st #anuary.
"Will" is usually used in promises.
Task "$ Read the e%amples of New Year&s resolutions$
I will do my homework and work hard at school.
I will go to bed early.
' will drink milk and water and less fi((y drinks.
I'll be nice to other people.
I will wear my seat belt every time I get in a car.
I will clean my room once a week.
I will help my parents, teachers and respect them.
I will only watch television and play video games for one or two hours a
I will read more books.
I will learn how to speak French
Task )$ !y Resolutions
*ere are some common New Year’s resolutions +personal plans for the coming
year,. -ircle and say the resolutions you want like to make.
' will.....
• /%ercise$ do more 0 1oin a gym 0 take up a sport
• *ealth$ get in shape 0 go on a diet 0 eat less chocolate 0 give up 1unk food
• *obbies$ start a new hobby 0 1oin a club0 learn a new skill +for e%ample2
how to cook2 paint2 play an instrument,
• 3riends$ make new friends 0 write to friends more 0 be nicer to friends 0
spend more time or less time with friends
• 4tudies$ study more 0 do more homework 0 listen more in class 0 get books
from the library 0 read more
• Responsibilities$ help mum do the shopping 0save more money 0 tidy my
room 0spend responsibly
Now complete the table with your own resolutions +promises,$
My New Year´s Resolutions
Task 5$ Other people’s resolutions
4ome people write their resolutions in a diary2 in their notebook or on a piece of
paper. 'magine and write some resolutions for the following people using$
He/She will…
• Your mother
• Your best friend
• Your brother0sister
• Your teacher
'magine the resolutions of the following people$
• 4pongebob 46uarepants
• Your favourite football team
• The 7ueen of /ngland
• 8n alien from a different planet