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Refeiences aie available upon iequest.

SSSS Auuiess Beie #7u1 ! Ballas, TX 7S2S1

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!"#$"#% %''$ ()*+#( )#$ ,+',*+ (-)( .)/+ 0'.,)#"+1 %2+)(3
Bighly effective ieciuitei who leveiages ielationship skills along with uatabase anu auveitising aptituues to make
shiewu hiies. Noble communicatoi with an extensive netwoik anu inuustiy expeitise to souice all uisciplines in
ieciuiting. Bemonstiateu ability to establish anu impiove infiastiuctuie anu piocess anu shaie knowleuge with
colleagues. Expeiience with builuing applicant souices by ieseaiching anu contacting community seivices, colleges,
employment agencies, ieciuiteis, meuia, anu inteinet sites; pioviuing oiganization infoimation, oppoitunities, anu
benefits. Stiong isolateu backgiounu in business anu ietail sales, customei seivice anu pioblem iesolution.
! Rankeu # 2 Reciuitei on the outsiue ieciuiting team thioughout all 19 Remington College Campuses.
! Beviseu a system to manage stuuent contact infoimation anu oiganize messages between stuuents anu faculty.
! Consistently exceeu monthly ieciuiting coipoiate goals by attaining 2 stuuents each month anu 1u% annually.

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Applicant Tiacking Naiketing & Auveitising Inteipeisonal Skills

Client Nanagement Full-Cycle Reciuiting Regulatoiy Compliance

Piesentation Beliveiy Talent Acquisition Tiaining & Supeivising

Telecommunications New Biie 0iientation Customei Relations

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Remington College, uailanu, TX 2uu7 - Piesent
&064?2 "01234502
Responsible foi conveiting leaus to applicants by using stiategic sales skills in contacting new applicants.
Souice canuiuates anu stuuents thiough netwoiking, colu calling, anu othei means of piospecting stuuents.
Woik with auministiatois, faculty, anu teacheis to uevelop anu implement stiategic ieciuitment plans anu goals to
attiact anu ietain new anu cuiient applicants.
Nake phone calls as necessaiy to scieen canuiuates anu make stuuent piesentations anu cooiuinate canuiuate
contact thioughout vaiious stages of the in-office inteiview piocess.
Set appointments to inteiview leaus insiue oi outsiue campus anu give a piopei closing; follow-up with applicants.
Belivei soliu piesentations to piospects anu able to access theii talents, skills, abilities, anu neeus as it ielates to
euucational anu caieei goals.
Responsible foi local leau geneiation anu ueveloping maiketing plans that suppoit leau conveision anu applicant
lock-in by auveitising, contacting ieciuiteis, using newsgioups anu stuuent sites.
Ensuie compliance with all feueial, state anu accieuiting bouy iequiiements.
Facilitate bi-monthly new stait oiientations anu plan, oiganize, anu paiticipate in event planning that excites anu
entices stuuents about school initiatives.

@?2A B495?2C
Senioi Reciuitei Remington College uailanu, TX 2uu7 - Piesent
Assistant Nanagei Noiustiom Inc. Ballas, TX 2uuS - 2uu7
Sales Associate Noiustiom Inc. 0veilanu Paik, KS 2uu4 - 2uuS
Sales AssociateIntein Billaiu's Inc. Nanhattan, KS 2uu1 - 2uu4

E<95029 ?F &140610G #27<64H<54?6<: <6D B3I<6 "09?3210 J0;0:?>I065 Becembei 2u12
Abilene Chiistian 0niveisity: Abilene, TX

K<180:?2 ?F &140610G )>><20: <6D .0=54:09G &3>>?25467 %I>8<949 K3946099 August 2uu4
Kansas State 0niveisity: Nanhattan, KS