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Michał Bryłka | View Profile
Submitted on April 02, 2012
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Safa Daneshvar
Nice ! ... Well done !
Posted 359 days ago
Vivi ane Goodman
Very nice
Posted 349 days ago
Jim Ludwi g
Nice lighting and very sexy pose. Well done!
Posted 196 days ago
1/160 f/7.1 ISO: 200
Focal Length
Exposure Bias
Sony a700
Lights Used
Shoot Thru Umbrella
Flash: SB-26, 1/2 power, semi-transparent umbrella used to light the
background and partially to spill light on the model
Additional Notes
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Glamor photo and lighting setup with Strobe and Shoot Thru Umbrella ...
1 di 2 28/03/2013 22:24
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Glamor photo and lighting setup with Strobe and Shoot Thru Umbrella ...
2 di 2 28/03/2013 22:24