Botanical Art and Illustration Program Watercolor Dry Brush Techniques: Spring Bulbs and Herbs, Feb 17-Mar

Karla Beatty, Instructor
Note: An accessory materials fee of $5.00 will be collected by the instructor at the first class.

Materials and Supplies List
Water Color Paper: 9x12 block of 140# hot press or a full sheet to cut to size (recommended: Fabriano Artistico ExtraWhite or Arches) Paint Brushes: Numbers 00 and 1 sable rounds. Suggested brands: Winsor and Newton Series 7 MINIATURES; Da Vinci Maestro series 1506; Daniel Smith Detailers or Retouch brushes. Palette: Recommended: Michael Wilcox watercolor palette (NOT the oil or acrylic palette). Other kinds of palettes with both wells and flat areas for mixing are also acceptable. Paints: Boxed set of twelve Michael Wilcox watercolor tubes. Or request recommended list for other brands’ colors. Tubes only. Water Containers: One small plastic or glass container with wide mouth. Small Spray Bottle: for rewetting paints Painting Rags: bring a partial roll of paper towels for wiping brushes or cleaning your palette. White cotton rags work well also, as in old T-shirts or sheets. Sketch Pad: 9 x 12 (or larger) inexpensive white drawing pad for exercises and taking notes Drawing Pencils: 2H, HB, and 2B drawing pencils Erasers: kneaded and/or white plastic Magnifier: A strong hand lens, a clip-on magnifier arm, or a small magnifier lamp that you don’t mind carrying to class.

Class supplies are available at
local art stupply stores: Meininger’s, Kozo’s, Guiry’s, Jerry’s Artarama or through online art suppliers: Dick Blick, Cheap Joe’s, Jerry’s Artarama, etc.
Kozo Fine Art materials (10 E. Ellsworth Ave, Denver) has a 20% discount for Botanical Illustration Program participants with proof of registration. Bring your registration confirmation letter from the Botanic Gardens.

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