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Senator Jeanne Shaheen
For an Evening Reception Benefiting
A New Direction PAC
Monday, March 9, 2009
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
324 Independence Avenue, SE
Washington, DC
Co-Host: $5,000
Sponsor: $2,500
For more infonnat1o!l or to RSVP, please call Kim Kauffman or
Joby Gaudet at 202-544-7708 or email kim@kauffmangroup.net.
Paid tor by A New Direction PAC, P,O. Box 4234 Concord, NH 03302, and not authorized by
L- ..:::cally candidate or candidate's      
Cu!)I.ril,UJ-k'JI:> or gift:; le:.;\ !)irt':'I,.;!J,Oll PJ'\(", '.-Ire UI)t,   d;:d\Jo.:t,ibll,:
pli"tt/d in /Jf}tUi?
A New Direction PAC
Contributions mn,k payable to "A New Direction PAC" can be mailed to:
A New Di.rection PAC
Attention: Kim Kauffman
426 C Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 544-7708 phone
(2()2) 543-2565 fax
Federal law requil:es us to lise our best efforts te) collect and l:Cport the namc., mailing
address, occupation, and namc of cmployer for individuals whosc contributions
exct:ed $200 in II calendar year.
Occupation; Lmp!uycr:
Home Phone: _
WOl'k Phone:
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An Q1":t PAC r:nil:Y C(Jnl.ril.HITC 'ii l'T'l}1xirnurn Hll"lOLlnl: ()f 53,000 per Cnkt1d:ir ye:u to a
poutilC;:al ;l,t;:tion (PAC).     11'\1'1)' cOJ)IJ;.i.bu.le $5JlO(} tnlt::l)(:!:lf
Yi;HU'. £'£ol:n I::Ib()J' 1',I'Cm;'lJ'Y [()reign gOV'i:l,'"nn1o:nt
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rtl:lkilig a l.u ;\ New Di.rt.'r.::tlnn PAC.
DC/Mnrch 9th
Paid for by A New Dltection PAC, P.O. Box 4234 Concord, NH 03302, and·not authorized by
any candidate or candidate's committee.
CI)l)I.f,i,I'I,lI,jl,J/lS. or   10 A New PAC llot 1;,\):.
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