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Name(s), Book(s), URL Audience and Purpose
Podcast uses compelling opener to engage audience. Rate and volume of speaking is appropriate. Podcast makes listener want to read the book


Key Excerpts
Podcast includes key excerpts from the book(s). Excerpts are not pieced together. Balance between narrative summary and dramatic excerpts.

Multiple Voices
Podcast includes multiple speakers, perspectives, or characters. Voices are distinct; switches in perspective are discernible.



List name of podcaster(s), book title, and author.

Podcast provides basic contextual info: --title --author --genre --topic/theme --connections to other texts. Podcast credits any copyrighted music or other materials. Podcast credits podcasters.

Podcast sound effects go beyond basic narration: --sound effects --soundtrack --other Podcast is not too soft or too loud White noise and other distractions (e.g. volume spikes) are minimal.

Additional comments, questions, or suggestions for the podcaster(s).

SCALE 3 Arrived----------------------2 Getting There--------------------1 Still Starting

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