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World Energy Outlook 2005

World Energy Outlook 2005


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2. See Chapter 4 for detailed oil sector analysis and results. All the oil-production figures cited in this
section include crude oil, natural gas liquids (NGLs) and condensates.

105-118-Chap3 21/10/05 12:22 Page 112

Chapter 3-Energy Trends in the Middle East and North Africa



remain by far the largest supplier, its output rising from 10.4 mb/d in 2004 to
18.2 mb/d in 2030. Its share of total MENA oil output then will be much the
same as today, at about 36%. Three countries will see their shares rise: Iraq,
Kuwait and Libya.

MENA countries as a group will play an increasing role in international oil
trade to 2030. Net exports from MENA countries to other regions will rise
from 22 mb/d in 2004 to 25 mb/d in 2010 and 39 mb/d in 2030. Most
exports will still be as crude oil in 2030, but refined products will account for
a growing share of exports. The region will increase its exports to all the major
consuming regions. Exports to developing Asian countries will increase most.

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