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World Energy Outlook 2005

World Energy Outlook 2005


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Published by: arabtrader on Mar 27, 2008
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MENA gas production is projected to treble over the projection period from
385 bcm in 2003 to 1 211 bcm in 2030. The rate of growth will be faster than
that of any other major world region. The biggest volume increases in the
region will occur in Qatar, Iran, Algeria and Saudi Arabia.

The call on MENA gas supply will increase rapidly over the projection period,
a result of strong global demand and declining output in many other gas-
producing regions. Net exports from MENA countries to other regions are
projected to climb from 97 bcm in 2003 to 444 bcm in 2030. Most of the
increase will be in the form of LNG. There will be a marked shift in the balance
of Middle East exports from eastern to western markets. Europe will remain
the primary destination for North African gas exports.

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