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This demo shows four switches, all active

This demo requires 4 IP addresses to run; one per simulated agent.

On Windows 2K,
1. Choose Start->Settings->Network->Local Area Connection
2. Press the Properties button
3. Select Internet Protocol and again press Properties.
4. Choose the 'Use the following IP address' option, press Advanced
5. Press the Add button. Enter 4 addresses -,, 20.19.
91.133 &
(The subnet mask will default)
6. Press OK when done.
7. You will have to update your LMHOSTS file. Copy the supplied 'hosts' file in
Sample hosts file: localhost sup1 sup2 sup3 sup4
Now you must start your simulated agents. Lets assume that you have installed
the Java runtime on C:\j2sdk1.4.0.
java.exe -cp agent.jar;snmp.jar;jnm.jar;dmdb.jar -mib /c
om/andiamo/dmdb/andiamo/mib.dat -map
To Start Fabric Manager Use:
javaw.exe -cp bitmaps.jar;sm.jar;dm.jar;dmdb.jar;dmhelp.jar;esper.jar;layout.ja
r;jchart.jar;jh.jar;jnm.jar;sanmgr-topo.jar;snmp.jar;agent.jar -Xms6m com.andiam
DON'T use SNMPv3: the simulated agents don't support it.
For Device Name, provide