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Ultimate Accessories for the Truck and Jeep Owner and the Outdoorsman.
Summer 2014
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Extreme Performance Brake Systems
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Vacation in Pensacola Beach, FL - Page 48
Editors Letter
ell, friends, summertime is officially here, and in the
deep south its what we like to call HOT!! The great
thing about this time of year is that you can get out
and camp, fish, rock climb or head to the beach! Just get out and get
This issue has some great reading about the great outdoors
including the destination on page 48 that takes you to the beautiful
Florida panhandle. Pensacola Beach features famous sugar-white
sand and emerald-green waters dotted with sea oats and wildlife. The
area is a little less crowded than other popular vacation destinations
along the panhandle, yet they still have all the amenities a family
needs to enjoy a relaxing beach vacation. There are companies and
areas that provide canoeing, kayaking and paddleboarding, as well as
boat rentals and sailing opportunities.
Fishing is popular this time of year and we have some great
boating safety tips from Take Me Fishing. Check out page 28 for lots
of fishing news and notes including great info from Bass Pro Shops!
Also, learn about A.R.E.s sponsorship of four professional bass
As always, Sportsmans Gear brings you the latest in new vehicles
from trucks and SUVs to cars so be sure to read all about them and
when you are finished, please pass your issue on to a friend. Thanks
for reading!

Until next time,

Becky J. Beall
10 WWW. S P O R T S MA N S G E A R MA G . C O M
12 WWW. S P O R T S MA N S G E A R MA G . C O M
Diesel and Towing
2014 Ram 1500 with 305 horsepower
Pentastar V-6 tows 7,450 lbs., topping all
base V-6 engines in the segment
More robust parking system components
inside the exclusive 8-speed transmission
allow for greater tow rating
3.0-liter EcoDiesel towing capacity rated
at 9,200 lbs. - approaching large V-8
No direct competitor for new Ram 1500
3.0-liter V-6 EcoDiesel with best-in-class
fuel economy that will exceed the current
title holder, Rams 3.6-liter V-6 gas engine
at 25 MPG

The capability race is far from over. The
2014 Ram 1500 takes top spot in V-6 towing
capacity at 7,450 lbs. To reach the best-in-
class number, Ram powertrain engineers
added a more robust parking gear to the
exclusive 8-speed TorqueFlite 8 for a higher
capacity rating.
There was more towing capacity in the
V-6 Ram 1500 but we needed to upgrade
the transmission to hold the truck and
trailer when parked on steep grades, said
Mike Cairns - Chief Engineer, Ram Truck.
Now that were building the transmissions
ourselves, the improvements are included in
the new assembly.
Ram also finalized towing numbers for
the exclusive Ram 1500 EcoDiesel. In a
2WD, two-door, long bed configuration, the
new EcoDiesel will tow up to 9,200 lbs. The
new diesel engine approaches much larger
displacement V-8 towing capability with a
small but powerful 3.0-liter V-6 and best-
in-class fuel efficiency of better than 25
MPG on the highway.
Ram Announces New EcoDiesel Towing Numbers
2014 Ram 1500 Achieves New Best-in-class Tow Rating for V-6 Gasoline Pickups
WWW. S P O R T S MA N S G E A R MA G . C O M 17
o Indust ri es i s t he premi er
manufacturer when it comes to
front end protection. Currently
with two lines of bumper replacements to
choose from, they manufacture a heavy duty,
commercial version for the fleet trucks along
with a sleek, retail version that is designed to
conform to the OEM body lines of the truck.
Both of the Bumper replacements that
GO Industries offers comes in their special
UA (Ultimate Armor) finish. This finish is
the most durable coating currently being
offered by any manufacture and comes
with a three year warranty even against
Rock Chips.Now thats backing your
product. Each bumper offers some of the
highest ground clearance in the market. This
is great news for the avid off-roader that
needs the extra clearance or the oil field/
commercial customer that are off in rough
terrain. If you want to install a winch in
one of these bad boys go ahead, each are
capable of holding any major brand of winch
lines and depending the model of truck you
have, some will hold up to a 16.5 winch.
All brackets and hardware are just as heavy
duty as the bumper and require no drilling
or cutting. Go even goes the extra step
by allowing side to side or up and down
movement to better align the bumper with
the front ends of the vehicle making it a
perfect fit every time.
GO Industries has two manufacturing
pl ant sone i n Cl i ft on, TX t ot al i ng
49,200sqft., and another in Richardson,
TX totaling 39,603sqft. Their distribution
center and headquarters are also located
in Richardson, totaling 63,000sqft. Go has
expanded several times over the last few
years as a direct result of the continuous
growth that they have seen from their
three major divisions: Truck Accessories,
Law Enforcement Products, and Outside
Manufacturing. Among the numerous
products GO Industries manufactures, GO
Industries brand names include the Big
Tex Grille Guard, Rancher Grille Guard,
and Pro Series Bumper Replacements. All
products are manufactured in state of the
art facilities utilizing computer controlled
manufacturing equipment, robotic welding
machines, plasma and fiber lasers, and a
complete powder coating line.
The efforts Go makes today
will keep them at the forefront
of t e c hnol ogy a nd
manufacturing while
continuing to be an
innovator and leader in
the Truck Accessories,
Law Enf or cement
a n d C u s t o m
M a n u f a c t u r i n g
fields, Scott Covelli
Director of Sales
and Marketing for Go
Bumper Replacements by Go Industries
SUV Review
20 WWW. S P O R T S MA N S G E A R MA G . C O M
2014 Lexus RX 450h 5-DR SUV
Fuel Economy: 30/28
Class: Small SUV
Base Price: $47,810
fter revolutionizing the luxury
SUV category with the first
RX model in 1998, Lexus next
revolutionized SUV propulsion with the
first RX hybrid model in 2004. Projecting a
bold presence with its Lexus spindle grille,
the 2014 RX 450h hybrid continues the
evolution of this groundbreaking vehicle,
which offers an impressive 32 mpg city, 28
mpg highway and 30 mpg combined EPA
fuel economy (30/28/29 MPG with AWD).
The clear leader in luxury hybrids, with
five different models in its line, Lexus also
knows how to imbue these fuel-conserving,
ul t ra-l ow emi ssi on vehi cl es wi t h an
engaging driving spirit. Case in point, the
RX 450h hybrid offers the performance of
295 combined system horsepower, with
substantial torque at all speeds.
Convenience and ease of use make
another leap in the 2014 Lexus RX 450h
with the addition of available Siri Eyes
Free Mode technology licensed from
Apple. Compatible with the iPhone
4S and iPhone 5 models forward, Siri lets
you call contacts, select and play music
from iTunes, get turn-by-turn navigation
through Siri and Apple maps, and much
more. To help you keep your eyes on the
road and hands on the wheel, Siri can read
notifications and calendar information
and allow you to add reminders, calendar
appointments and notes.
New for 2014
The available Pre-Collision System now
available on the front-wheel drive model
and now features Pre-Brake and forward
warning collision system.
Premium Package now features sustainable
Matte Bamboo trim and steering wheel for
black or parchment interior.
Luxury Package adds rear-seat 115v AC
power outlet.
Siri Eyes Free mode.
24 WWW. S P O R T S MA N S G E A R MA G . C O M
Air Lift Company
n 1949when postwar America
was thrivingAir Lift Company
founders, Claude Pemberton and
Don Perkins, set out to solve the problem
of sagging cars and trucks as they were
expected to carry heavier cargo and growing
Baby Boomer families. Their vision was to
build a suspension that would help support
overloaded vehicles, and improve ride
quality and safety.
Using their backgrounds in engineering
and auto design, the industry pioneers
developed the first air spring suspension.
They received a patent in 1950 for their
pressurized rubber air spring that could be
inserted into a cars factory coil spring,
and from that original product, Air Lift
Company was born.
Since those early beginnings, Air Lift
Company has grown to become an industry
leader in dependable, safe, and comfortable
air spring suspension products. The family-
owned business is based in Lansing,
Michigan, and has been dedicated to being
the premier suspension specialist company
for more than 60 years. A far cry from
the original six employees, the company
now has a staff of more than 70, and leads
the market in designing, engineering,
and manufacturing the highest quality
suspension and air compressor products.
Ai r Li ft Company ai r suspensi on
products are sold worldwide, and are
engineered to fit more than 543 vehicle
makes and models. We are proud to offer
extensive product lines for trucks, RVs,
SUVs, CUVs, and vans, and the most
technologically advanced on-board air
compressor systems for on-the-go air spring
control, said Kevin Mehigh, president
of Air Lift Company, We believe we set
the industry standard for applications and
The company also leads the industry in
no-drill applications that quickly bolt to the
vehicle frame for easy installation.
In addition to its standard air suspension
applications, it also has a Performance
Division that customizes full air suspension
replacement and compressor systems for
lowered performance vehicles.
The companys expertise in specialty
products began with its early involvement
in stock car racing. Air Lift products were
used for decades by nearly every stock
car racing team, and its cars were among
the top competitors on the NASCAR
Grand National Circuit. In the 1990s, the
companys ingenuity in racing applications
evolved to meet the growing demands of
owners of street rods and lowered vehicles.
Racing has always been a part of the
culture at Air Lift, and we are committed to
offering products for customers who want
performance on and off the track, said
In honor of its excellence in product
development, the company has received
numerous patents on air suspension, and a
design award from the Specialty Equipment
Manufacturers Association (SEMA) for
its SlamAIR air spring kit for lowered
The Air Lift team works continuously
t o bri ng i nnovat i ve product s t o t he
market, and to upgrade existing products
with the latest technology and expert
manufacturing procedures. The company
is proud to be ISO 9001:2008 certified,
which demonstrates a commitment to
product quality and management systems.
Fr om empl oyee devel opment and
customer service to product design and
manufacturing, the company strives to
exceed industry standards in all areas.
The goal today remains the same as it did
all those years ago: to deliver the highest
quality suspension products that fit, work,
and last. Air Lift stands behind its products
with a 60-day money-back guarantee.
Customers can return products for a full
refund if they are not completely satisfied.
Air Lift also offers a lifetime warranty that
covers the entire contents of its suspension
Ai r Li ft s ai r suspensi on ki t s and
air compressors are available at major
automotive retailers across the country
as wel l as i nt ernat i onal l y. For more
information, contact Air Lift Company at
(800) 248-0892, or on the web at www.
Air Lift Leads The Market In Air Suspension Innovation
Company has set the standard for suspension safety and comfort for 65 years
Diamond Tread Dog Box
from Dee Zee Mfg.
Renegade XT
from Cross Tread
DiabloSport Trinity
from DiabloSport
Portable Refrigerator/Freezer
from Nautical Air
26 WWW. S P O RT S MA N S G E A R MA G . C O M
Super Protectant
from Prolong Protectants
Evolution Complete Brake Kit
from PowerStop
Electric Turkey Fryer
and Seafood Kettle
from Masterbuilt
Handsfree Car Kit w/ Adapter
from Wagan Tech
12V LED Spotlight
from Motor City Automotive
Hallmark Cutlery Bundle Pack
from Hallmark
Tail Decker
The Original Hitch-Haul

from Masterbuilt
Custom Tool Box
from K&W Manufacturing
Portable Searchlight
from Golight, Inc.
Wheel Simulator of Your Choice
from Jae Eagle
Motor Head Grill
from FABgrills
WWW. S P O RT S MA N S G E A R MA G . C O M 27
Tool Box
from Phoenix USA
Matrix Angle
from ATS Design
Vehicle Leveling Kit
from Lynx Corporation
from Firestone
4600 Series
from Bilstein
Fog Lights
from KC HiLites
28 WWW. S P O R T S MA N S G E A R MA G . C O M
Fishing News & Notes
A.R.E. Sponsors Four Professional Bass
Anglers In 2014 National Bassmaster
Tournament Series
Leading fiberglass truck cap and tonneau
cover manufacturer A.R.E. has partnered
wi t h four professi onal bass angl ers
participating in the Bass Anglers Sportsman
Societys (B.A.S.S.) 2014 Bassmaster Elite
Series, the premier national competition
for elite fishermen. The A.R.E. Pro Angler
Fishing Team members are John Crews,
Justin Lucas, Britt Myers and Brandon
The companys partnership with the
anglers includes providing customized
truck accessories for their Toyota Tundra
tow vehicles. Each pros premium A.R.E.
fiberglass Z Series truck cap, which is
engineered to provide the best fit and
finish to match the Tundras style, features
splashy graphics and bold colors to create a
distinctive, personalized brand image for the
team members.
Were proud to be supporting a team
of very talented anglers and look forward
to an exciting season of competition, said
Bryan Baker, director of marketing, A.R.E.
Pro anglers have valuable fishing tackle, as
well as other important gear, stowed in their
trucks. Our caps provide extra storage space
and keep their possessions secure and dry.
The first A.R.E. Pro Angler Fishing
Team member is John Crews. With years
of competitive bass fishing experience and
134 tournaments under his belt, this veteran
angler from Salem, Va, has had 17 Top 10
finishes in Bassmaster tournament events.
Justin Lucas of Guntersville, Ala., the
second team member, is a rookie to watch
on the 2014 trail, qualifying for Bassmasters
Elite Series with six Top 10 finishes in
his 12-tournament career. He is the third
rookie in Elite history to finish in the Top
12 in both of his first two Elite tournaments.
His engaging personality and social media
outreach make him a highly recognizable
member of the A.R.E. team.
Britt Myers, from Mount Holly, N.C., is
a Bassmaster Elite Series Top 100 Pro with
five Top 10 finishes in his career. He is also
owner of CS Motorsports, one of the largest
automotive styling centers in North Carolina,
where he combines his fishing expertise and
vehicle customization skills to create fully-
equipped trucks using A.R.E. products.
The fourth angler, Brandon Palaniuk of
Hayden, Idaho, has two first-place awards
and six Top 10 finishes in his 40-tournament
history. Palaniuk is a fan favorite who posts
frequent updates on
The A.R.E. Pro Angler Fishing Team
members are part of a 108-person field vying
for the bass worlds top recognition - Angler
of the Year. The tournament is broadcast on
The Bassmasters on ESPN2 and the Outdoor
Channel, as well as through regular, in-depth
updates on
A.R.E. began manufacturing aluminum
frame truck caps in 1969 and has become
a leading manufacturer of fiberglass truck
caps and hard tonneau covers. At its ISO-
9001:2008-certified manufacturing facilities,
A.R.E.s more than 700 employees create
the products that are sold through a network
30 WWW. S P O R T S MA N S G E A R MA G . C O M
Fishing News & Notes
of more than 650 independent authorized
dealers. For more information, visit

Bass Pro Shops offer Awesome Fishing
Bass Pro Shops are just plain great! They
have summer programs for kids and family
events. And their web site offers great fishing
videos, too! Check them out at http://www. and click on 1 Source New
& Tips. There is a video tab on the righthand
side of the page.
Also, they offer a great instructional on
filleting bass, crappie and perch. Check it
out here:
i ndex. php/ component / k2/ 232-general -
Take Me Fishing offers Valuable Boating
Safety Tips
Boating safely means having the right
equipment on board for all emergencies, big
and small.
Basic First Aid Maintain a first aid
kit stocked with basic supplies (gauze,
bandages, alcohol cleaning pads, aspirin,
Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) - The
U.S. Coast Guard and/or state laws require
you to have an approved PFD (also called
life jackets and life vests) when you are in
a boat, and that boat must carry one PFD
for each passenger on board. Certain types
of boats must also have a cushion or ring
that can be thrown to a person in the water.
Signaling Devices Keep day and
nighttime signaling devices on your boat
including a sound maker, horn or whistle,
distress flag, flares and/or a fog system.
Fire Extinguisher You must have a fire
extinguisher with you while youre on the
water. Hopefully youll never need it, but
its an essential item to keep close at hand
should a fire ignite in the engine, galley or
on the grill.
Boat Anchor To keep from running
aground in bad weather or as a result
of engine failure, every boat needs an
adequate anchor.
Tow Ropes & Dock Lines Make sure
you have an extra tow rope in case you or
another boater is stranded and needs a lift.
Dock lines also come in handy when you
need to tie up to someones pier.
Marine VHF Radio & Cell Phone Keep
a VHF radio on your boat at all times and
bring your cell phone along too.
For more information, please visit http://
32 WWW. S P O R T S MA N S G E A R MA G . C O M
Truck Review
2014 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 4X4
Fuel Economy: 16/21
Class: Small Pickup Trucks
Base Price: $27,785
he Toyota Tacoma, the best-selling
compact pickup truck in the U.S.
market since 2005, offers a sporty
new SR appearance package for 2014,
along with four levels of Entune audio. In
conjunction with the Entune upgrade, the
backup camera display has been moved from
the rear-view mirror to the Entune head unit
display. The Tacoma X-Runner sport truck is
discontinued for 2014.
Entune Audio leverages the users mobile
smartphone to provide a richer in-vehicle
experience with fully integrated access to
navigation, entertainment and information
services. The Entune Premium Audio and
Entune Premium JBL Audio systems
feature engaging mobile apps, including
Bing, iHeartRadio,,
OpenTable, Pandora, Yelp and Facebook
Places plus real-time traffic, weather, fuel
prices, sports and stocks. Access to Entune
services is subscription free.
The new SR Package, available for the
Tacoma PreRunner and 4x4 Access Cab
and Double Cab base grade models, lends
a sporty look with a color-keyed exterior
appearance upgrade, including overfenders,
door handles, bumpers, grille surround
and mirrors with turn signals, plus smoked
headlight lenses and a black finish 16-inch
Baja wheel style. Models with the V6 engine
also get fog lights with the SR package.
With a wide array of models and
options, the Toyota Tacoma has found great
success as a work truck or play truck, and
it continues to dominate a market segment
that has seen some competitors withdraw in
recent years. The Tacoma line offers a choice
between four-cylinder and V6 engines, and
2WD and 4WD drivetrains, along with
numerous cab and bed styles.
34 WWW. S P O R T S MA N S G E A R MA G . C O M
Car Reviews
2014 Toyota Avalon 4-Dr Limited
Fuel Economy: 21/31
Class: Mid Size Car
Base Price: $39,650
For 2014, all Avalon models now come
with a backup camera as standard equipment.
The system in Limited grade models also
features dynamic guidelines superimposed
on the display to indicate approximate
distances from objects in the cameras field
of view. All Avalon models also gain a three-
blink turn signal mode for more convenient
lane change maneuvers. The Limited grade
models add ambient lighting to the dash.
The 2014 Avalon is available as a V6 gas
model in XLE, XLE Premium, XLE Touring
and Limited model grades; the Avalon
Hybrid, rated at 40-mpg combined by the
EPA, comes in the top three grades.

The gas-powered Avalon features a
powerful, all-aluminum V6 engine mated
to a six-speed automatic transmission. The
3.5-liter, DOHC V6 features Dual VVT-i
(Variable Valve Timing with intelligence)
to provide ample torque across the engine
speed range. The engine produces 268
horsepower at 6,200 rpm and 248 lb.-ft. of
torque at 4,700 rpm. The Avalon V6 can
accelerate from zero to 60 mph in less
than seven seconds. Fuel efficiency is no
less impressive, with EPA-rated 25 mpg
combined (21 city/31 highway), or 24 mpg
combined with the 18-inch wheels.
The V6 Avalon offers three drive modes:
Eco, Normal and Sport. Eco Mode prioritizes
fuel efficiency by balancing driving
performance, air conditioning function and
fuel efficiency. Sport mode helps create a
more engaging driving experience by
adjusting throttle response and by increasing
the Electric Power Steering effort for a more
direct, responsive feel.
2014 Lexus LS460 4-DR Sedan
Fuel Economy: 16/24
Class: Mid Size Car
Base Price: $72,140
The 2014 Lexus LS flagship sedans,
descendants of the car that turned heritage
on its head more than 20 years ago, hold a
special place in the premium luxury category.
Distinctive design, made even more so in
36 WWW. S P O R T S MA N S G E A R MA G . C O M
Car Reviews
the LS redesign for 2013, envelops an
impeccable blend of performance, luxury
craftsmanship and technological innovation.
The first Lexus LS ushered in a new
era in luxury car performance by making a
powerful V8 engine standard at a time when
European premium luxury cars offered a V8
as an option. The V8 performance advantage
continues for the 2014 LS models, a contrast
to several competitors that have reverted
to standard six-cylinder engines in their
flagship sedans. Responsive power and swift,
nearly silent acceleration remain trademarks
of all LS models.
The 2014 Lexus LS line includes the
LS 460 in regular and long-wheelbase
versions with a 386 horsepower 4.6-liter
V8 (360 hp with all-wheel drive) and the
LS 600h L hybrid with 438 total system
horsepower from a 5-liter V8 paired with an
electric motor. The LS 600h L is available
exclusively with all-weather drive and is also
the best-equipped LS in standard form.
2014 Lexus GS450H 4-DR Sedan
Fuel Economy: 29/34
Class: Mid Size Car
Base Price: $59,600
The 2014 Lexus GS 450h presents
a striking dichotomy in performance and
efficiency. Its Lexus Hybrid Synergy
Drive system delivers 338 total system
horsepower for dazzling performance, yet
this dramatically styled, spacious sedan also
delivers EPA fuel economy ratings on par
with cars half its power: 29 mpg city, 34 mpg
highway and 31 mpg combined.
The fuel economy of the new-generation
GS 450h represents an impressive 35 percent
improvement over the previous generation
GS hybrid model, a testament to the brands
relentless pursuit of luxury hybrid leadership.
Lexus was the first luxury brand to introduce
a hybrid model nearly 10 years ago and
today offers five hybrids, the most of any
luxury car brand.
Driving a GS 450h, the driver will be
struck by the uncanny smoothness of the
powertrain. The Lexus Hybrid Drive system
teams the output of an Atkinson cycle
3.5-liter V6 engine with a water-cooled
permanent magnet electric motor through
a planetary-type continuously variable
transmission. Independently or in parallel
as needed, the gas engine and electric motor
drive the rear wheels. The high performance
nickel-metal hydride battery pack uses a
WWW. S P O R T S MA N S G E A R MA G . C O M 37
Car Reviews
stacked design to improve trunk space, which
is greater than even the gas-only models of the
previous generation GS.
Thanks to high system torque at all speeds,
and a zero-to-60 mph acceleration in just 5.6
seconds, the GS 450h will feel more like a
V8 to the driver. But it uses fuel like a four-
cylinder engine. Thats just one element in
its performance-oriented persona. Drivers
looking for more control and engagement
from a hybrid model will find it in the GS
450h, which comes equipped with Lexus
Drive Mode selector featuring five modes.
2014 Fiat 500L
Fuel Economy: 25/33
Class: Small Wagons
Base Price: $21,195
Expanding on the style, efficiency and
driving enjoyment that has made the Fiat 500
an icon for more than 55 years, the all-new
2014 Fiat 500L expands the Cinquecentos
appeal by offering 42 percent extra interior
space with comfortable seating for five,
engaging driving dynamics, a 160-horsepower
1.4-liter MultiAir Turbo engine and two fuel-
saving, six-speed transmission offerings, all
wrapped in contemporary Italian design.
Since the modern Fiat 500s global launch
in 2007, more than one million of these
efficient and city-friendly vehicles have been
sold in more than 110 countries worldwide.
And now with the all-new Fiat 500L, the
Cinquecento has grown up to accommodate
even more of lifes greatest experiences
and emotions all together: children, friends,
38 WWW. S P O R T S MA N S G E A R MA G . C O M
Car Reviews
journeys, music and community. The letter
L sums up the six dimensions of the Fiat
Leveraging, the FIAT brands approach
to its iconic Cinquecento design DNA
Large, meant as functionality and
space via its new small-wide vehicle
architecture with cab forward design
that enables this Cinquecento to offer:
Best-in-class interior volume
Best-in-class front head and shoulder
Best-in-class rear cargo space (with back
seats up)
Loft, a trendsetting environment with
segment-exclusive glass A- to D-pillars
and an available large dual-pane glass
sunroof (20.7 sq. ft. / 1.92 m2) for
panoramic views
Lifestyle, four unique models including
the Fiat 500L Trekking that blends rugged
styling and versatility for a Cinquecento
that complements customers with a highly
active lifestyle
Light, when lightness means human-
and eco-friendly technology
Paired with its tight European handling
and quick steering, the sixth dimension,
Li t er s, def i nes t he f uel - eff i ci ent
MultiAir Turbo engine in the all-new Fiat
500L, providing class-leading standard
horsepower per liter (117 hp/liter) with an
output of 160 horsepower and 184 lb.-ft. of
torque. For even more driver precision and
control, the Fiat 500L features a six-speed
manual transmission or six-speed Euro Twin
Clutch transmission
2015 Subaru WRX
Fuel Economy: 21/28
Class: Four-Door Sedan
Base Price: $28,495
Style and performance come together
seamlessly in the new fourth generation
WRX. No ot her car dr i ves l i ke i t
because no other car is built like it. With
its combination of aggressive design,
performance enhancing technologies and
a one-of-a-kind Symmetrical All-Wheel
Drive system at its core, pure power is
now in your control.
WWW. S P O R T S MA N S G E A R MA G . C O M 39
Car Reviews
The WRXs handling has been forged
in the brutal terrain of rally and has
now reached new heights of precision,
responsiveness and engagement. A new
chassis design, improved aerodynamics and
a quicker steering ratio has all contributed
to the impressive level of agility and
handling of this legend.
The new generation exterior styling
is designed to turn heads and quicken
heartbeats. This aggressive design not only
improves performance, but also practicality
and safety. The new design resulted in an
even lower centre of gravity for improved
control and the shifting of the A-frame
provides a bigger interior and more rounded
With 197kW of power and vehicle
dynami cs cont rol wi t h act i ve t orque
vectoring, the new WRX is the ultimate
performance car. Couple this with the
practicality offered by the larger interior,
added creature features and a 460l boot
capaci t y, and you have t he perfect
combination for everyday challenges.
The modern, refined and aggressive
design not only represents the ultimate
spor t s car but al so cont r i but es t o
more precise handling, improved fuel
consumption and the overall safety of the
new WRX.
2014 Hyundai Equus
Fuel Economy: 15/23
Class: Large Cars
Base Price: $61,000
Hyundai Mot or Ameri ca recent l y
introduced the redesigned 2014 Equus
premium luxury sedan with enhancements
to exterior and interior design, vehicle
dynami cs, mat eri al sel ect i on, dri ver
technology displays and advanced safety
features. Equus has been an impressive
success story for Hyundai; so far this year,
Equus is the number-one shopped premium
luxury sedan, well ahead of Mercedes-Benz
S-Class, BMW 7-Series, Audi A8, Lexus
LS, and Jaguar XJ according to industry
shopping analysis by Compete.
Standard Assurance Connected Care
& Blue Link safety, service and
infotainment telematics system
Larger, 7-inch TFT LCD cluster display
12.3-inch, fully-digital TFT LCD cluster
display (Ultimate)
Larger 9.2-inch upper center stack LCD
Climate control system offers three
distinct cabin temperature zones
Standard smart cruise control with stop/
start (from 0 mph)
Proximity smart key with both key fob and
card-key types
Dual 9.2-inch rear seat entertainment
Power door closure
Power lumbar for rear outboard seats
40 WWW. S P O R T S MA N S G E A R MA G . C O M
New Products
Abu Garcia Revo Beast
Raising the Bar on High-Performance
The Beast was born for throwing big baits.
Whether its a heavy schooling rig, large
swimbait or other big lure, the Abu Garcia
Revo Beast excels. Wrestling big fish from

heavy cover
i s i n i t s DNA.
Armed with a 22-pound
max drag and deeper spool
for extra line capacity, the all-new Abu
Garcia Revo Beast will change the way
anglers fish.
The reel is equipped with oversized,
ergonomic handles and EVA power knobs
to harness the muscle of this powerful reel.
Even the Beasts exterior is tough with its
Titanium-coated sideplates that provide
increased scratch resistance and sleek
An X-Crft i c al l oy body gi ves
the Beast a durable corrosion-resistant
framework to complement the lightweight,
well-balanced platform. The Beast is
equi pped wi t h t he Carbon Mat ri x
drag syst em for smoot h, consi st ent
drag pressure at any drag setting. The
Duragear brass main gear and D2
Gear Design extends gear life, and
maximizes performance when it matters
most. Even the line guide is Titanium
coated to reduce friction. The Infini II
spool design is among the smoothest in the
Whether cranking the depths on Lake
Amistad or flippin standing timber in
South Carolina, the Beast remains smooth
from cast to crank with seven stainless-
steel High Performance Corrosion Resistant
(HPCR) bearings plus one roller bearing
and 7.1-to-1 gear ratio, while the Infinii
brake adjusts for a variety of baits or wind
Tipping the scales at just 9.35 ounces, the
Beast has an MSRP of $349.95 and will be
unleashed in the fall 2014.
Full aluminum construction
Duragear brass gear system
Titanium coated aluminum
Oversize extended handle
Oversize EVA grips
Berkley Flicker Minnow
Tournament Tested and Designed by the
Anglers have trusted the Berkley Flicker
Shad since it was introduced. When it
comes to catching fish, beginners and
professionals still rely on them whenever
- and wherever fun or money is on the
line. Well, move over Flicker Shad and
make some room for the brand new Berkley
Flicker Minnow.
Berkley Pro anglers Keith Kavajecz and
Gary Parsons have been a part of the bait-
development process from the start, creating
the Flicker Minnow that
adheres to their demanding
st andards. Though t hese
ultra-competitive professional
angl ers woul d rat her keep
this bait to themselves, the time has
come to share the secret with anglers
Berkleys Flicker Minnows are
tournament proven. Utilizing
the same strict development
standards from the Flicker
Shad, t he Berkl ey t eam
created a line of minnow
baits that dive deeper with
maximum flash and action.
The baits body design and
impressive dive curve gets
anglers to the fish quicker.
My ha t i s of f t o
t he Ber kl ey t eam f or
interpreting Keith and my
thoughts to create this
new design, said Gary
Parsons. Ive never
seen a bait outperform
other baits like this one,
and overall the Flicker
Minnow is the most
productive crankbait Ive
ever fished!
C o n s t r u c t e d wi t h
increased internal weight
for bullet-like precision
cast i ng, t he Fl i cker
Minnow has a unique
swimming action and
flicker that mimics a
fleeing baitfish. The body i s mo r e
elongated than its cousin the Flicker Shad,
WWW. S P O R T S MA N S G E A R MA G . C O M 41
New Products
and is available in 12 pro-selected colors.
The larger bill with a steep pitch creates a
deeper retrieve than other baits.
The Size 7 (2.75 inches) Flicker
Minnow can be trolled in the
14- to 17-foot depth range,
dependi ng on l i ne
choice and speed, with
a dive curve that
i s unma t c he d
b y s i mi l a r
baits. The bai t i s
al so cast abl e,
especi al l y when
paired with Berkley
NanoFil. The Size 9
(3.5 inches) model can
easily reach the 18- to
23-foot zone (precision
t r ol l i ng at 100 back
with Trilene XT and
Fireline) when cranked
whi l e bot h si zes of t he
Flicker Minnow feature a big,
aggressive roll when retrieved
or trolled.
The Size 7 model has a
casting weight of 1/4 ounce
whi l e t he Si ze 9 Fl i cker
Minnow has a casting weight
of 1/ 3 ounce, wi t h bot h
models featuring an
internal rattle as
well as Mustad
Ultra-Point treble
hooks. The Flicker
Minnow is tank and
tourney tested, giving anglers
the confidence of knowing that the baits are
tuned with precision. MSRP is $5.95.
Colors: Black Silver
Chartreuse Pearl
Pearl White
Pink Lemonade
Prime Time
Purple Flash
Racy Shad
Slick Alewife
Slick Firetiger
Slick Green Pearl
Slick Mouse
Length: Size 7 2.75 inches
Size 9 3.5 inches
Weight: Size 7 1/4 ounce
Size 9 1/3 ounce
MSRP: $5.95
Pro-designed by Keith Kavajecz and
Gary Parsons
Maximum Flash
Unique Swimming Action
Larger Bill for deeper retrieve
New Berkley Ironsilk - Toughest
Monofilament in Its Class
Berkley introduces the all-new
No other monofilament fishing line stands
up to wear and tear like IRONSilk. This line
was built to be fished in the most abrasive
environments like around zebra mussels,
oyster beds, docks or rip rap.
IRONSilk is up to 33 percent more
abrasion resistant than other lines of the
same diameter. For anglers, this means
they can go to lines with smaller diameters
without sacrificing any abrasion-resistant
This opaque green line is tough as iron,
but smooth like silk. The unique, smooth
composition of IRONSilk allows it to flow
through rod guides 20 to 25 percent faster,
delivering anglers longer, smoother casts.
New IRONSilk has great UV resistance,
and does not get its revolutionary abrasion
resistance through a coating. It is a reinforced
polymer matrix, which means it has
structural toughness at the molecular level.
Anglers can choose a wide variety of sizes
from 6- to 20-pound test.
MSRP for a 300-yard filler spool of the
new Berkley IRONSilk is $9.95.
Tough as iron
Smooth as silk
Ultra-low memory
Sensitivity with shock strength
Maximum UV resistance
42 WWW. S P O R T S MA N S G E A R MA G . C O M
New Products
Pure Fishing, Inc. is a leading global
provider of fishing tackle, lures, rods
and reels with a portfolio of brands that
i ncl udes Abu Gar ci a, Al l St ar ,
Berkley, Chub, Fenwick, Gulp!,
Hardy & Greys, Hodgman, Johnson,
Mi t c h e l l , PENN, Pf l u e g e r ,
Sbile, SevenStrand, Shakespeare,
SpiderWire, Stren, Trilene and Ugly
Stik. Pure Fishing, Inc. operates in 22
countries with a dedicated workforce
conversant in 28 languages. Pure Fishing,
Inc. is a subsidiary of Jarden Corporation
and is part of the Jarden Outdoor Solutions
business segment, a leader in developing
outdoor and active lifestyle products.
Additional information can be found at
Air Lift Offers Two New Load Support
Kits for Redesigned 2014 Dodge Ram
Air Lift Company has engineered two
new load support solutions specifically
developed for the redesigned suspension
system on the 2014 Dodge Ram 2500 three-
quarter-ton pickup truck chassis to improve
ride quality, handling and safety when
towing and hauling heavy loads.
Air Lift adjustable air spring kits ensure
that weight is properly distributed to all four
tires to maximize vehicle stability, safety
and comfort. Working with the existing
suspension, air springs improve braking
and steering, eliminate squat and sway and
maintain ideal ride height.
For heavy duty or frequent use, Air Lifts
LoadLifter 5000 kit (#57289) features
durable, fully-adjustable air springs that
provide up to 5,000 pounds of leveling
For even greater ride support and
commercial duty use, Air Lifts LoadLifter
5000 ULTIMATE kit (#88289) provides
all the benefits of the LoadLifter 5000
with the addition of an exclusive shock-
absorbing internal jounce bumper to protect
vehicles with heavy loads and eliminate
jarring on rough roads. Both kits are easy
to install and are backed by Air Lifts
exclusive lifetime warranty on the air
springs, brackets, fittings and all mounting
For more information, please visit at
Reprogramming Your Toyota Truck for
Improved Efficiency: More Horsepower
and Better Mileage
New programmabl e engi ne t uners
provide Toyota truck owners options to
increase performance and save gas money.
Due to recent advancements in the field
of engine tuning, aftermarket programmable
tuners are now available that can improve
engine horsepower and torque for Toyota
trucks. Increases of over 25 horsepower
and 30 lb/ft are available, depending on
the application. At the same time, some
truck owners have reported increases in gas
mileage by double-digit percentages.
While the laws of physics have yet to
be defeated, modern tuner technology has
overcome the seemingly opposite goals of
spurring horsepower while reining in gas
consumption via operational efficiencies
that result from remapping the original
engine control parameters.
I used to have a full size truck with a big
engine that could really haul, but I bought
my 2010 Tacoma to get better fuel mileage,
says Trevor Benson of Chubbuck, Idaho.
However, with my new programmable
tuner, I have the best of both worlds. I can
get the fuel economy of a small pickup when
I keep my foot out of it, yet I also have
performance approaching that of a race car
when necessary.
Striving for more
Like many truckers, Toyota owners enjoy
customizing their vehicles. From bigger
wheels, knobby tires, hi-intensity lights and
electric winches to custom paint jobs, Toyota
owners do it all. But until recently they have
not been able to accomplish much in the
way of custom engine tuning, as the factory
engine control modules have remained
inaccessible to all but the dealer and well
equipped independent shops. As such,
owners remained hogtied in their attempt to
extract greater power and more mileage from
their motors.
Many reviewers complain that the four-
cylinder engines on compact trucks like the
Toyota Tacoma can feel sluggish, even with
an empty bed, so states a February 20, 2013,
story from U.S. News & World Report. The
story continued: Full-size pickup trucks
have bigger engines and can tow and haul
a lot more, but fueling a full-size truck is
simply the price you have to pay for all that
Yet, within a matter of months since the
above story appeared, manufacturers of
WWW. S P O R T S MA N S G E A R MA G . C O M 43
New Products
engine performance tunersalso known as
programmable gauge tunershave since
perfected tuners specifically for Toyota
4Runner, Tacoma, Sequoia, and Tundra truck
Consisting of a compact control panel,
these programmable tuners are easily
connected to the engines control module
with wire leads. They operate by monitoring
turbo boost pressure, engine RPMs, coolant
temperature, air flow, fuel rail pressure
and other operating considerations such
as vehicle load, and then balancing these
parameters by changing the electronic tuning
characteristics of the engine management
system to yield optimized performance.
Tuners provide multiple advantages
After installing these tuners, early-
adopting Toyota truck owners are reporting
positive results.
Since I hooked up the tuner, Ive got a
lot more torque, reports Benson. When
you floor it, it will push you back into the
seat. Even with my 33-inch wheels I can
still break loose the tires. I couldnt do that
I installed the Bully Dog tuner and it
feels like I added about 50 extra horses,
says Zac Rice of Pocatello, Idaho, owner
of a 2008 Tundra 5.7 liter truck. Like if I
get on it at a stoplight, it will chirp the tires.
The truck is powerful enough as stock, but
you add extra horsepower and it becomes a
Since 1998, American Falls, Idaho-
based Bully Dog Technologies has been
designing and refining industry-leading
gauge tuners for automotive and trucking
applications. The companys GT-T+ is
specifically designed to optimize Toyota
truck performance.
In most cases, tuners provide driver
feedback through a display screenwhich
can be permanently attached to the dash or
simply suction-cupped to the windshield.
With some models displaying over fifteen
vehicle parameters, drivers can conveniently
keep tabs on the measurements.
In the case of the Bully Dog tuner, a built
in driving coach provides advice on how
to improve fuel economy via a graphically-
displayed efficiency bar to fully exploit
one of the main advantages of installing a
tuner. According to, good
driving habits can increase economy by up
to 37%.
The tuner calculates mpg for you
instantly, and teaches you how to increase
i t , says Ri ce. Duri ng some l ong-
distance interstate driving I recently did,
my economy went up 6-8 mpg. I saved
about $250-300 on that trip. During regular
New Products
driving I average about $60 per-month
Feature rich
Todays programmable tuners have
advanced to the point where they even
provide vehicle safety alerts and allow users
to read and erase Diagnostic Trouble Codes
(DTCs). This way, owners can run their
own diagnostics check to find out what the
check engine light means and then erase
the codes themselveshelping to cut down
on expensive service calls to the dealer.
Before I got the tuner, I had a couple of
check-engine issues, which is a pain in the
butt, recalls Rice. Like when a fuel sensor
went out. It put me in the limp mode and
I had to go to the dealer and pay them. If I
had had the tuner, I could have just bought
the part at AutoZone and saved a lot of
Tuners usually include additional features
such as tuning options that allow changing
the RPM level at which your automatic
transmission will shift gears. Safety
warnings monitor engine, coolant, and
transmission temperatures. Even vehicle
security functions such as vehicle locking
and warning chimes can be adjusted.
Among the more optional features are
functions such as data logging for short
intervals. For example, a Christmas Tree
display can count down a drag-strip start,
and then record and store the elapsed time
and trap speed through the quarter-mile.
In the dirt
The i mpr ove d f unc t i ona l i t y of
programmable tuners even extends to off-
road capability.
I go four-wheeling in the mountains a
lot, and the Bully Dog tuner allows me to
disengage, or engage, some functions at
will, says Benson. If I get bogged down
in mud, I dont want to sit there and dig a
We recently had some flash floods in
Pocatello, and I was going through puddles
that no one else could, explains Rice. I
attribute that to the extra horsepower from
the tuner. Some of the crossings were like
mini rivers, and some trucks got stuck, but
not me.
Installation made simple
Aside from all the performance benefits,
the ease of installation for most tuners will
ensure their increasing acceptance by truck
I installed it myself, but it would be
easy for a non-mechanically inclined person
to put one in because there is an instruction
sheet which provides simple step-by-step
instructions, explains Benson. You dont
even need to wire it into your cars fuse box
if you dont want to.
Overall, its pretty amazing, says Rice
in summation. You just install a little
screen on your window and it saves you
money and adds horsepower.
For more information, please visit the
web site at
44 WWW. S P O R T S MA N S G E A R MA G . C O M
TRIMAX Adds RAZOR RP Hitch to the
Product Line
TRIMAX, A leading U.S. manufacturer
of high security locks for all applications
including, performance trucks, marine trailer
& tow, power sports, RVs and bicycles has
announced it has started to manufacture and
sell the adjustable hitch system called the
RAZOR RP patented by inventor/owner
Philip Wyers of Denver, Colorado.
The RAZOR RP is a unique easy care
design adjustable hitch system growing in
popularity in the towing world, which uses
the hitch in all towing applications.
TRIMAX has begun manufacturing the
100% solid aluminum hitch in its Centennial,
Colorado facility and sell the rugged hitch
with unmatched style & strength under Wyers
The RAZOR RP is a hitch for anyone
towing a trailer. It makes good sense to install
this hitch on all vehicles. The hitch comes
in 3 sizes and is fully adjustable in 1 inch
increments up & down. The unit is attached
easily and can be removed at any time said
TRIMAX President Philip Wyers.
Wyers added, The RAZOR RP is our
latest design that comes with dual hitch balls
and includes Pin & Clip for easy installation
in seconds.
TRIMAX has pioneered innovative
solutions throughout the automotive and
sports accessory markets, starting with the
development of the Worlds Toughest Locks
in 1987. Today, TRIMAX lock products are
used throughout the world.
Through value added engineering,
TRIMAX prides itself on its industry leading
patented designs that hold up to the highest
quality standards and stands behind every
product it sells.
For more information, please visit www.
WWW. S P O R T S MA N S G E A R MA G . C O M 45
New Products
48 WWW. S P O R T S MA N S G E A R MA G . C O M
he weather is warm and thoughts
begin to turn to summer vacation
plans, and with thatthe beach!
The Gulf Coast has many beautiful offerings,
one of which is award-winning Pensacola,
Florida, where there is so much more than a
Pensacola comes by the nickname The
City of Five Flags quite honestly, having
changed hands more than a dozen times in
some 450 years to include flags from Spain,
France, England, the Confederacy and the
Unites States. Each of these ownerships left
strong influences on the seaside community
that today are evident through architecture,
history, museums and culinary delights.
Downtown Pensacola is only a short drive
from the beach area and is absolutely worth
the time to meander through the revitalized
district. Park your car and stroll down the
sidewalks ducking in and out of eclectic
boutiques, cafes, art galleries and more! Over
130 new businesses have opened within the
last five years as part of the renaissance this
downtown has experienced. Wrought iron
balconies and street lamps offer a bit of a
New Orleans feel probably because both
have similar histories with multiple country
influences as part of their heritage.
Three dont miss activities in downtown
Joe Pattis Seafood Market is a Pensacola
icon having been there since the 1930s.
Ranked the third best seafood market in
the United States, this family-owned and
operated establishment offers a gigantic
assortment of fresh fish selections and a
unique gourmet market featuring fresh baked
breads, sushi and even gelato! Steamed
shrimp is a popular to-go item (of course
with a loaf of delicious garlic bread).
A quick (hour and a half) walking tour
of the historic district is full of fun facts
and great period-furnished homes from
Vacation in Pensacola Beach
By Becky J. Beall
WWW. S P O R T S MA N S G E A R MA G . C O M 49
the Colonial era to the Victorian age. On
this inexpensive guided Historic Pensacola
Village Tour, youll visit one of the oldest
churches in Florida and see first-hand some
living history examples of life in the old
The most exciting way to tour downtown
Pensacola is with Emerald Coast Tours
on bicycles or Segways! Nick and Rick
are extremely knowledgeable about the
history of the city and map out their tours
to encompass breathtaking views of the bay.
Their humor mixed with city facts provides
an awesome venue for family fun!
Sand and sun
Pensacola Beach features famous sugar-
white sand and emerald-green waters dotted
with sea oats and wildlife. The area is a little
less crowded than other popular vacation
destinations along the panhandle, yet they
still have all the amenities a family needs to
enjoy a relaxing beach vacation. There are
companies and areas that provide canoeing,
kayaking and paddleboarding, as well as boat
rentals and sailing opportunities. For more
information on all of these outdoor activities,
check out
50 WWW. S P O R T S MA N S G E A R MA G . C O M
Where to stay
Accommodations in Pensacola are much
like other similar areas in that they have
many great hotels along with condos for
those who like a little extra room to cook
in the unit, do their laundry and spread
out. For hotels, the Hilton Pensacola Beach
is spectacular! Rooms are spacious and
the hotels list of amenities is lengthy
including: Bonsai Sushi Bar, H2O Cajun-
Asian Grill, beach service, water sports,
spa/salon, two outdoor pools and one
indoor, whirlpool, childrens programs
(seasonal ), fi t ness cent er and more!
It is within walking distance to popular
restaurants, shopping and activities.
Portofino Island Resort is a lovely
choice for families looking to make their
home away from home in a roomy, luxury
condo. Not only are rooms larger than
normal condo units, but you will enjoy
al l t he ameni t i es of homewasher/
dryers, gourmet kitchens, lots of closet
space and beautiful views of the Gulf of
Mexico or the Santa Rosa Sound. Each
tower has its own pool and whirlpool
so no overcrowding issues! The resort
is Mediterranean style with gorgeous
architecture and tons of added amenities
such as the spa, fitness center and on-site
tennis courts!
Culinary delights
As with any beach town, there are
restaurants that are too good to miss and
Pensacola is no exception! Lunch favorites
Jacos Bayfront Bar & Grille (South
Palafox St) flatbread pizzas and small
plates with gorgeous views of the yachts
in the Palafox Marina and Plaza de Luna
Al Fresco fabulous food trucks in
downt own (at Pal afox and Mai n).
Choose f r om Caj un f ood, t acos,
barbeque, the Greenhouse or Gouda Stuff
Gourmet Melts (the classic grilled cheese
hits the lunch spot just right).
Dinner selections are plentiful including
these popular eateries:
H2O Celebrity Chef Dan Dunn throws
a Cajun-Asian spin on some seafood
favorites that are simply to die for!
Check it out inside the Hilton Pensacola
Red Fish Blue Fish a new restaurant
(across from the Hilton, sound-side) with
food as good as the ambiance. Eat under
the stars in their waterfront backyard and
enjoy local, fresh seafood with southern-
inspired ingredients. (HINT: Yum Fish
Dinner is the bomb!)
The Grand Marlin definitely a grand
choice! Watch the sunset and enjoy
the catch of the day at this fairly new
restaurant on Pensacola Beach Blvd at
the causeway.
The Fish House upscale dockside
dining (South Barracks St) at its best
f eat ur i ng pi ct ur es que vi ews and
i nnovat i ve r eci pes usi ng seaf ood
favorites and house-smoked steaks. Chef
Jim Shirley is one of the five Pensacola
Celebrity Chefs who presented their
culinary treats at the James Beard House
in New York City in March of 2013 for
the third consecutive year. The dish
to have is the Grits a Ya Ya a world-
famous southern dish of smoked Gouda
cheese grits smothered in a sauce of fresh
cream, sauted Gulf shrimp, spinach,
Portobello mushrooms, applewood-
smoked bacon, garlic and shallots!
When planning your summer beach
vacation, think about the Pensacola Beach
area. Loaded with arts and culture, lots of
adventure and beautiful beaches, you really
cant ask for more.
WWW. S P O R T S MA N S G E A R MA G . C O M 51
If you go
Emerald Coast Tours
5 W. Main Street, Pensacola
Hilton Pensacola Beach
12 Via De Luna Dr., Pensacola Beach,
FL 32561
Historic Pensacola Village Tour
205 E. Zaragosa Street, Pensacola
Joe Pattis Seafood Market
524 B. Street, Pensacola
Portofino Island Resort
10 Portofino Drive, Pensacola Beach
52 WWW. S P O R T S MA N S G E A R MA G . C O M
Industry News
Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross Team
Finishes Fifth and Sixth at Volkswagen
Rallycross D.C.
The Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross team
battled adversity all weekend at Volkswagen
Rallycross D.C. to bring home fifth and sixth
positions in the final on Sunday afternoon.
The third round in the Red Bull Global
Rallycross Championship began with both
Tanner Foust and Scott Speed suffering
mechanical issues, taking them out of
Saturdays heat races.
Hats off to our team. The Andretti crew
worked unbelievably hard and replaced
two engines on Saturday night and rebuilt
a gearbox, said Foust, driver of the No. 34
Rockstar Energy Drink Volkswagen. With
only one spare engine in the truck, the team
had to do some amazing work to get both
cars back up and running.
On Sunday, the cars were back on the
track, with Speed moving up from sixth
place to second in his semi-final, and Foust
winning the last chance qualifier to bring
both drivers into the final. Unfortunately,
there werent enough laps in the race to get
either driver to the podium, but Speed was
able to maintain his position at the top of the
driver championship standings.
To come in sixth and get those points is
good considering the weekend we faced with
mechanical issues, said Speed, driver of the
No. 77 7UP Volkswagen. The car still has a
lot of speed and well battle back in the next
In addition to the race, fans visiting
RFK Stadium were the first to see the
544-horsepower Beetle GRC racecar in its
public debut on Sunday. Both Volkswagen
Andretti Rallycross GRC Beetles will be
hitting the track later this year.
Vol kswagen Ral l ycross New York
will host the next round of the Red Bull
Rallycross Championship at Nassau Veterans
Memorial Coliseum, from July 19-20. NBC
will air the race live on Sunday, July 20 at 2
p.m. ET.
About Volkswagen of America, Inc.
Founded in 1955, Volkswagen of America,
Inc., an operating unit of Volkswagen Group
of America, Inc. (VWoA) is headquartered
in Herndon, Virginia. It is a subsidiary
of Volkswagen AG, headquartered in
Wolfsburg, Germany. VWoAs operations
in the United States include research and
development, parts and vehicle processing,
WWW. S P O R T S MA N S G E A R MA G . C O M 53
Industry News
parts distribution centers, sales, marketing
and service offices, financial service centers,
and its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility
in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Volkswagen
Group is one of the worlds largest producers
of passenger cars and Europes largest
automaker. VWoA sells the Beetle, Beetle
Convertible, Eos, Golf, Golf GTI, Jetta,
Jetta SportWagen, Passat, CC, Tiguan, and
Touareg vehicles through approximately 644
independent U.S. dealers.
About Andretti Autosport
Based in Indianapolis and led by racing
legend Michael Andretti, Andretti Autosport
boasts a wide racing portfolio rooted in
tradition and designed for success. Together
with Andretti Formula E and Volkswagen
Andretti Rallycross, Andretti Autosport
fields multiple entries in the Verizon IndyCar
Series, Indy Lights presented by Cooper
Tires and the Pro Mazda Championship
presented by Cooper Tires, along with entries
in the FIA Formula E Championship and
Global Rallycross. The company boasts three
IndyCar Series championships (2004, 2005,
2007 and 2012), two Indy Lights titles (2008
and 2009), one Pro Mazda championship
(2013), one USF2000 championship (2010)
and has twice captured victory at the famed
Indianapolis 500 (2005 and 2007). To share
in the Andretti story, please visit online at or AndrettiTV.
com and follow along on Twitter via @
All-New 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata
Fourth-Generation Roadster to Debut via
Simultaneous Global Events on Three
This fall, 25 years of storied MX-5
Miata history will turn the page to unveil
the beginning of its fourth chapter as the
next-generation roadster will be rumor no
more during simultaneous global events
in Japan, Spain and the United States.
Officially confirmed as a 2016 model, the
all-new MX-5 coyly made an initial debut
at this year s New York International
Auto Show in the form of an exposed
eagerly scribbled notes, snapped photos and
speculated on what the final product would
be. On September 3, 2014 speculation will
shift into revelation during an exclusive
event to be held in Monterey, Calif.
Were excited to make this official, to
announce that the newest member of the
MX-5 Miata family will be arriving
soon, said Jim OSullivan, president and
CEO, Mazda North American Operations
(MNAO). Along with our colleagues
around the world, we continue to celebrate
the MX-5s 25th anniversary and look
forward to sharing even more news in the
near future.
In addition to the global unveil of the
2016 MX-5 Miata, MNAO has partnered
wi t h t he ent husi ast - oper at ed event
eponymously known as Miatas at Mazda
Raceway, which will be held on September
5-7. The next-generation roadster will be
on display along with an array of heritage,
concept and motorsports MX-5s. MNAO
al so wi l l l ead consumer di scussi on
sessions covering history, motorsports,
R&D and design as well as coordinate
one of the largest gatherings of MX-5
Miatas in North America. Registration for
the annual event is free and open to the
public. For more information, visit www.
Audi set multiple U.S. sales records with
23.1% gain in June
Audi reported June 2014 sales of 16,867
vehicles, a 23.1% improvement that stands
as the brands 42nd consecutive month of
record monthly sales. The second quarter of
2014 also set a record with 49,121 vehicles
54 WWW. S P O R T S MA N S G E A R MA G . C O M
Industry News
sold. Audi sales year-to-date increased 13.6%
to 84,349 vehicles sold with the January
through June 2014 period now standing as the
best first-half sales in Audi U.S. history.
In just six months this year, Audi has sold
more vehicles in the U.S. than it did over a
full year as recently as 2009, said Mark Del
Rosso, Executive Vice President and Chief
Operating Officer, Audi of America. The
spring launch of the all-new A3 sedan is the
latest building block for this achievement
along with the continued success of our sport-
utility models and a strengthened presence in
the top premium segments. Underpinning all
of that is a steadfast commitment to elevate
the Audi brand through a sustainable business
Audi June sales improved throughout the
lineup when compared to year-earlier results.
The A3, A4, A6, A7, A8, Q5 and Q7 all posted
sales gains.
The all-new 2015 Audi A3 Sedan recorded
its strongest month with 2,452 vehicles sold in
June, its third full month in the U.S. market.
The Audi A-segment lineup will expand
again in late summer with the arrival of the
all-new as Audi A3 Cabriolet, A3 TDI, S3
performance sedan and the Audi Q3 crossover.
Audi sales momentum continued at the top
of the Audi lineup, as well. The Audi A6, Audi
A7, Audi A8, and Audi Q7 made up one-third
of total Audi sales with an increase of 16%
Audi A6 sales increased 15.8% to 2,191
vehicles sold for the month, while year-to-
date demand for the A6 increased 19.8% to
11,910 vehicles sold. Sales of the Audi A7
rose 12.3% in June to 686 vehicles sold, while
demand for the A7 increased 10.6% to 4,469
vehicles sold YTD.
June results were bolstered by sales of Audi
luxury SUVs, with the Audi Q5 crossover
posting a 15.2% gain on 4,025 units sold for
the month. Sales of the Audi Q7 increased
16.5% to 1,429 vehicles sold for the month.
Year-to-date sales for the Audi Q5 increased
8.8%, while YTD sales for the Audi Q7
increased 28.2%.
June 2014 was the 11th consecutive record
month for Audi Certified pre-owned vehicles
sales with an increase of 7.4%, to a total of
3,649 CPO vehicles sold. Year-to-date Audi
CPO finished June up 13.8%, achieving the
best second quarter and first half on record
for the brand.
LINE-X Sponsors Tuff Stuff Racing Team
LI NE- X Pr ot ect i ve Coat i ngs, t he
nations leading developer and provider of
high performance protective coatings, has
sponsored the Tuff Stuff Off Road Racing
Team and supported them in this months
2014 Tecate SCORE Baja 500 in Baja,
Mexico for the four day event. As part of
the sponsorship, LINE-X coated the roof,
fender flares, interior cab, rocker panels
and rear cab of the race truck with LINE-X
PREMIUM to enhance the quality and
durability of the race truck during the course
of the event to protect it from the various
high intensity elements that occurred.
LI NE- X enj oys showcasi ng t he
ruggedness of our product applications and
the LINE-X coated truck in the Baja 500
was a great opportunity for us to highlight
the durability of the bedliner in a truly rough
environment, said Kevin Heronimus, CEO
of LINE-X Protective Coatings. As with
all LINE-X spray-on coatings, the LINE-X
PREMIUM application on the truck is a top
quality bedliner that is dependable in the
most extreme conditions and will be ideal for
the remaining race schedule this summer.
LINE-X was chosen by the race team for
its ability to outperform any other protection
coating on the market. LINE-X managed
to protect the race truck from the extremely
harsh conditions of Baja California where
the truck was abused by all of the silt, rocks
and deep crevices that beat the truck up,
said Brett Maister, Managing Partner. The
use of LINE-X completely stopped this
from happening and allowed the truck to be
washed down and race ready in about one
day. The LINE-X coating is now officially
Baja tested and approved by the Tuff Stuff
Team and you cannot get any more extreme
than Baja California
LINE-X is honored to partner with the
Tuff Stuff Off Road Racing team to have
the opportunity to help enhance their race
vehicle to provide a more durable and
protected vehicle that can withstand the
wear and tear of the event. The truck had
the roof, fender flares, interior cab, rocker
panels and rear cab coated with LINE-X
PREMIUM as part of its preparation for
the Baja 500 and remaining racing season.
LINE-X PREMIUM is a high quality, fade,
rust and impact resistant bedliner coating
with an ultra-violet (UV) element to keep
the bedliner looking new with a long-lasting
luster, even in harsh environments.
For more information about LINE-X
products, applications and dealer locations,
visit LINE-X online at
For more information about the Tuff Stuff
Off Road Racing Team and Tuff Stuff
products, visit
LINE-X Protective Coatings (www.
LINE-X. com) is the nations leading
developer and provider of high performance
protective coatings offering scientifically
formulated polymers that permanently bond
to a wide range of surfaces for unmatched
durability. LINE-X has also expanded to
include a custom truck division with
Truck Gear by LINE-X (www.TruckGear.
com) offering private labeled accessories
from LINE-X and sold exclusively through
LINE-X franchises. LINE-X products are
utilized in automotive, commercial, light
industrial, heavy industrial, agricultural,
military, marine and custom applications.
Headquartered in Huntsville, Ala., with more
than 500 locations in 48 countries, it is the
goal of LINE-X to consistently produce the
highest quality and most reliable materials
available. Follow LINE-X on Twitter @
LineXprotects, become a fan on Facebook of
LINE-X Protective Coatings and check out
what LINE-X is doing on YouTube at: www.
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