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Danvers Housing Production Plan

Danvers Housing Production Plan

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Published by Salem News
The newly approved Housing Production Plan for the town of Danvers, Massachusetts.
The newly approved Housing Production Plan for the town of Danvers, Massachusetts.

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Published by: Salem News on Aug 14, 2014
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The Danvers Housing Authority (DHA) manages a total of 277 affordable housing units as
shown in the table below. There are 54 family units, of which 36 are federally funded, and 205
elderly/handicapped units, of which 40 are federally funded, and 18 units in group homes. The
program manager of the DHA indicated that there is very minimal turnover in public housing
units, only 2 family units (3.5%) and 28 elderly units (2%) in the past fiscal year. All units that
are on line are 100% occupied. Residents can qualify to live in these units if they earn less than
50% of AMI and pay 30% of their income towards rent. The Housing Authority gives preference
to Danvers residents, those who work in Danvers, disabled residents, and veterans.

The housing authority also administers 145 Section 8 mobile vouchers. There is little to no
annual turnover for vouchers, and wait time for a voucher is estimated to be 5 to 7 years; the
DHA utilizes the MASSNAHRO Centralized Section 8 waiting list for Massachusetts which
currently has 132,358 households waiting for a unit (Mansfield, 2013)

Table 40

Family units


Resident Wait List Time

1 to 3 years

Non-Resident Wait List Time

5 to 7 years

Elderly/disabled units


Resident Wait List Time

6 mos. to 2 years

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Non-Resident Wait List Time

1 to 2years

Group Home


Section 8 Mobile Vouchers


Wait Time

5 to 7 years

Centralized List


The elderly housing developments include Highland Manor, Hawkes Manor, Maple Street
School and Charter Street, Tapley Manor, and Perry Terrace. There are two congregate group
homes located on Collins Street and Poplar Street. All of the elderly developments are one floor
or two-story walk-up buildings, with the exception of Tapley Manor which has four floors and
an elevator. There are 197 applicants on the waitlist for federal elderly disabled units and 455
applicants on the state elderly disabled unit waitlist. Average wait time is at least five years for
a non-resident, and one to two years for a resident, depending on veterans’ status and mobility

The family housing developments include Rand Circle and Danversport School. There are also
scattered site housing units at Stone, Ash, and Fellows Streets. The average wait time for a
family unit is one to three years for residents, and five to seven years or more for a non-resident.
The wait list for two and three bedroom units at the state development has 207 applicants. The
federal waiting list, which includes two, three, and four bedroom units at Rand Circle, has 686
applicants. This long wait is attributed to the limited number of units as well as the tendency of
families to stay in their units once they move in, so there is minimal turnover and/or vacancy.
According to the program manager at the DHA, two bedroom units are the most frequently
requested and have the longest wait time. The DHA is also in the process of redeveloping a
home at 24 Cherry Street, received from the town through tax title foreclosure, into two
affordable family rental units. This property is further described in the planned affordable
rental section below.

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