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Practicals for the skull

Part 1. individual cranial bones

Please work in groups:

• Recognize positions of all individual bones on skull
(using the colored skull)

• Observe structures of separated frontal bone, occipital
bone, temporal bone, maxillary bone & mandible; the
structures of the sphenoid and ethmoid bones can be
observed on the models or skull (showed by teachers)
Practicals for the skull
Part 2. Views of skull

• Observe structures in each aspects of the skull,
especially in internal & external aspects of the
cranial base (note the relationship between the
foramen lacerum and the carotid canal)
• Observe the temporomandibular joit
• Observe the structures of the orbits & bony nasal
cavity (some structures of the nasal cavity may be
• Pterygopalatine fossa (showed by teachers)
• Observe fontanelles of infant skull