Location and Role Centric Right Management Chapter 1: About agents from the real world and from

the digital side
“Playing with names” is a little dialog to discover who is here
Eh you! Whatʼs your name? Hello Sir... Happy to give you an answer but I have a question ... In which context are you asking? Heeeee? What do you mean? “context” You know... In my family, my son calls me “Dad” and my Wife “Pat” In Twitter... Thatʼs a robot that is a social Network and can be used as a microblogging platform... my name is @patrickostertag and I frequently post pictures in a blog called Posterous... here my name is “x0x04pat”. From my government point of view... my name is “Patrick Ostertag” Each together... we have roles and names and the name depends on the role... you know? So in which context are you asking? eeeehhh? I give you a little chart... Please donʼt hesitate to ask question...

Thank you!
Youʼre Welcome.
Patrick Ostertag December 2009 patrick.ostertag@me.com

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