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Paraphrasing 2013

Paraphrasing 2013

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Published by: Raquel Domingo on Aug 15, 2014
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Write a paraphrase of the following passages:

1. Learners do not learn alone but rather in cooperation with teachers, in the set of their peers and with the foundation
of their families feeling can make possible or impede their learning and their fundamental accomplishment in
school. Since social and emotional aspect play such a significant function, schools ought to be there to this facet of
the educational development for the advantage of all learner s.

2. A transformational leader goes beyond the transactional needs and responds to the moral development of the
follower and as such appeals to and also effectively influences the more general values of the follower. Impersonal
channels of communication may not facilitate such influencing since there is not much depth of interaction between
the leader and the follower through such channels. Communication channels such as e-mails may not help a leader
much in highlighting the importance of some values or in emphasizing collective identity.

B. Write a one-sentence summary of the following passage:

Students come into our courses with knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes gained in other courses and through daily
life. As students bring this knowledge to bear in our classrooms, it influences how they filter and interpret what they
are learning. If students’ prior knowledge is robust and accurate and activated at the appropriate time, it provides a
strong foundation for building new knowledge. However, when knowledge is inert, insufficient for the task, activated
inappropriately, or inaccurate, it can interfere with or impede new learning.

C. Paraphrase the following passage. Put the lead-in at the beginning, partly in the narrative and partly in parentheses.

Online social network sites may play a role different from that described in early literature on virtual communities.
Online interactions do not necessarily remove people from their offline world but may indeed be used to support
relationships and keep people in contact, even when life changes move them away from each other.

Source: The Benefits of Facebook ‘‘Friends:’’ Social Capital and College Students’ Use of Online Social Network
Sites by Nicole B. Ellison, Charles Steinfield and Cliff Lampe; Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication 12
(2007) 1143–1168, 2007

D. Write a one-sentence summary of the following passage. Put the lead-in at the end:

Understanding processes that underlie conflict management problems in dating couples on college campuses is
important to counseling professionals. Although all romantic couples occasionally quarrel and disagree, a number of
studies indicate that serious conflict management problems in dating relationships may spark psychological
distress, self-esteem difficulties, and academic problems.

Source: Associations Between Working Models of Attachment and Conflict Management Behavior in Romantic
Couples by Gary Creasey. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 2002, Vol. 49, No. 3, 365–375.

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